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Stuff is very good



There is more stuff in Heaven and Earth than is dreamed of in your philosophy...and stuff. The seminal question then remains, "Is there more puff or stuff herein?" The question is, is it rough stuff, or stuffed puff...roughly speaking that is.

Ftang Ftang Ftang

Inappropriate stuff <REDACTED>

How "stuff" differs from "matter"[edit]

Stuff has a tendency to be very general; whereas Matter is usually much more specific.

SIMPLICO: I don't understand!

SAVIARTI: Stuff can refer to material things like >atoms, or to things that are abstract like ideas, as in "I was thinking of some stuff."

SIMPLICO: I still don't understand!

SAVIARTI: Matter usually refers to material things like >atoms, and things that are material in nature; but matter can also refer to stuff, like subject matter, or legal matter, or the matter at hand.

SIMPLICO: I dont think that this stuff really matters.

SAVIARTI: It doesn't matter whether or not it matters, what matters is that some people like writing this stuff, and some people like reading it.

How stuff is or isn't[edit]

>Stuff is in your mind. In the programming language >PERL if you put a dollar sign in front of a word like this $stuff, the the word takes on the properties of a variable. For example:

$stuff = "dog spot";
print "Have you seen my $stuff.\n";

This program will print "Have you seen my dog spot." This is one of the nice things about >PERL, that is to say - how easy it is to work with variables.


Most Stuff is very good


That quote is often how I think other people react after they've met me.

Types of Stuff[edit]

My stuff that I edit into wiki pages.

Meow based Stuff[edit]

(To keep with the 'stuff' theme)

This is only a test.

Stuff this.

For 2004, this is a bit stuffy. Maybe we have become "one" with stuff.

Wierd Stuff[edit]

There was a lot of stuff called >Wierd_stuff untill the later half of the 17th century when the >Blivet_revolution of 1656 eliminated the need for wierd stuff. However with the advent of the internet there has been a resurgence in >Wierd_stuff production. This is the kind of stuff which no one actually needs and no one understands.

There may in fact be other kinds of wierd stuff, in that not only are there the kinds of stuff that no one needs and no one understands, but there are also categories of stuff that everyone needs and no one understands, as also there are categories of stuff that that no one needs and which everyone understands. >Nuclear_waste may very nearly fall into this category, certainly no one needs it, even though it is fairly well understood. Unfortunately, it is not something that can simply abandoned in some >Maze_of_twisting_little_passages, which all seem either alike or different - in the hopes that it will never be stumbled upon or get mixed with someone elses stuff.

more stuff[edit]

"More stuff" is typical the kind of stuff wanted. Particularly when it is included in the "my stuff" sub category. Strangely enough once "more stuff" enters the "my stuff category" is looses most of its appeal.

Blackmarket Stuff[edit]

In 1948, Things launched al smear campaign against Stuff, reportedly claiming the popular Stuff caused earthquakes and contributed to the spread of AIDS. Despite the fallacy of the infamous Things Campaign, several small European countries were so influenced by the radio and television advertisements as to ban the importation of Stuff completely. This resulted in the establishment of a clandestine and lucrative Stuff blackmarket. Airport Security officials estimate Stuff in now more smuggled into Europe than cocaine, heroin and LSD combined.

Islamic Stuff[edit]

Islamic stuff is really good stuff. It brings peace, tranquility, order and harmony.

gooey stuff[edit]

This is the kind of stuff you don't want to fall on you. It is further divided into sub-stuff such as

Icky stuff[edit]

Gooey stuff which is related to animal(usually human) bodily secretions.

Yucky stuff[edit]

Gooey stuff which is psychologically abhorrent

Son of Stuff[edit]

son of stuff is okay, but daughter of stuff is typically regarded as not being quite as good. This is probably due to old legends long proven to be unfounded.

Son of Stuff2[edit]

son of stuff is okay, but daughter of stuff is typically regarded as not being quite as good. This is probably due to old >legends long proven to be unfounded. I like this kind of stuff even better

Linguistic Stuff[edit]

The effect of stuff on language is phenomenal. For example in english there are several idioms and aphorisms about stuff as in : stuff o' dreams, stuff it, it's so stuffy,

history of stuff[edit]

stuff was invented in 1843 when I ate a gorilla.

The first stuff[edit]

Stuff was invented in 1877, the brainchild of Sir Gerald Duck of Stable. Known as quite the eccentric for his claims to have come from the future, Sir Duck claimed the idea of stuff had struck him while he lay in a hospital bed recovering from exhaustion. Due to his slightly unusual nature, it was a number of years before stuff was taken seriously as a publicly desirable. Uptake thereafter was swift, with radical claims of 'stuff in every household, horse-drawn carriage, and old shoebox by the end of the year'. For a change these claims were right.

The loss of stuff[edit]

Tragically, in late 1945 the main manufacturing plant for stuff was destroyed, crippling the stuff industry. Demand for stuff severely outstripped supply and the cry of 'Give me my stuff' could be heard echoing through neigbourhoods worldwide.

After a spate of robberies and assualts by people desperate for whatever stuff they may be able to lay their hands on the army got involved, hoarding all remaining stuff—thereby effectively removing all stuff of any redeeming value from public availablity. As anyone with half an eye could have forseen, this simply caused demand for stuff to soar yet further. Riotous activity rapidly became commonplace, with even the most lame and pathetic stuff being seized by any passing opportunist.

The return of stuff[edit]

About twenty years after the first stuff crisis, a brilliant discovery was made by a philosopher-poet, who called himself 'theonius'. He claimed after consumption of some 'really strong stuff' (not the stuff to which this entry pertains) that stuff could be easily created out of almost any solid household item. By picking up an item and dropping it firmly on the floor such that it lost the original function (in his case dropping a pipe on the ground such that it cracked rather badly), it became stuff. However, this stuff differed somewhat from the original form of stuff, and soon the phrase 'useless stuff', along with many less flattering names, was coined to refer to this new breed of stuff.

The effect of this discovery on society can never be overstated. The general populace rapidly began discovering this stuff already occuring in nature, most often below several layers of fungi at rubbish dumps and in the toilet bowls of bars the world around.

The Popularity And Fame Of Stuff[edit]

Stuff is now world-renowned. There is a word for stuff in many world languages, and even more people who use it. Many travelers say that if you can say "stuff" in the language of the country you're visiting, the locals would like you better. We even teach our children about stuff just as much as anything else. Many children, teens, and adults subsitute common things for stuff because we miss it so much. The Government is thinking about whether to outlaw this as well, but I'm sure that all of you know the current (well, since he was born, actually) mental state of our country's beloved president Bush. Knowing that, I'm sure that we won't find our substitute junk illegal anytime soon. In fact, stuff has become so popular in our world that "Xcuse My French" Production Company has made an Academy Award-winning movie about stuff, respectively. Inspired by their success, they have made a similar Broadway musical that is expected to make a bang as well. I could go on forever about stuff, and certain people's love affairs with it, but that would take at least a year to write.

Stuff and what isn't[edit]

Contrarily to popular belief, there is stuff which isn't, even though stuff is meant to designate anything, which logically means everything that is. This contradiction is closely related to the highly paradoxical question, what does exactly lie beyond the confines of the >Universe, mind-boggling because the universe by very definition englobes everything that exists. The key to this problem lies in the fact that in a contradictory, or false context, everything can be said and proved true - this is also known as the >Ex_falso_quodlibet principle. Since >Set_theory can prove that a set containing every other set, the ultimate, universal superset, does not exist, a context where a superset such as the universe, and by extension all of what can be called stuff exists is contradictory and as such one can say there are things that cannot be designated by stuff, there is something beyond the boundaries of the universe. Annoying logic consequence: by >Reductio_ad_absurdum, the universe doesn't exist.

Stuff and the Future[edit]

Research is underway to produce much more advanced stuff. Theories have been brewing over what can be done with stuff to make it much more efficient and environmentally safe. It has only been recently that we have had the technology to begin producing this kind of stuff.

The Centre for Advanced Research and Development of Stuff has been recently been built along the coast in Western >Canada and has gotten a large contract from the Canadian >Government as well as from many other countries interested in harnessing the power of advanced stuff.

Although efforts have been slow, advanced stuff has some promising results. It shouldn't be too long until we see this advanced stuff in use throughout modern society.

The Stuff Shortage[edit]

Economies and societies are frequently plagued by a shortage of stuff. This would seem paradoxical since there is usually at the same time an over abundance of other kinds of un-needed stuff. Un-needed or un-wanted stuff often goes into a >Landfill or is given to a >Charity. Sometimes the materials from which old stuff is made from can be re-used to make new stuff. This is called >Recycling, and the process helps mitagate the stuff shortage.

Memorizing stuff[edit]

Using the >Major_system for memorizing numbers it is possible to encode references to >Stuff. Using the winning >California_Super_Lotto numbers for the >August >21, >2004 as a >Basis vector to refer to stuff a >PERL script was used to create random short >english phrases as an aid to memorization. The script works by permuting the provided digits into every possible order and then partitioning each possible ordering into a set of tokens. A >Dictionary lookup then chooses random words for those values for which tokens exist.

To memorize the Lottery numbers then by constructing >References to stuff, one then chooses (see >Axiom_of_choice) a token phrase like >Martha_budgeted_inactive and tries to imagine some person named Martha, whose budget has gone inactive - whomever that might be, possibly >Martha_Stewart. Or else one looks up the news for a case like the >Laci_Peterson murder, and determines that this week the jurors were "mortified" at what they heard when the lisented to >Amber_Frey's "audiotapes" which are an "adjunct" to her testimony.

MAIN: 11 16 19 20 34 MEGA: 18


>21_August >2004

>California Lottery Website

Disclaimer: This hack is not affiliated with any governement entity, nor it is stuffed with any political >Graft.

Stuff a cushion[edit]

>Everything is stuff. Stuff is >Everything.

It is of some interest to psychologists of the human mind how a general description such as stuff achieves understanding between communicating entities. A >Wife will say, for example, out of the blue "Where is my stuff?" and her >Husband will immediately know which stuff she is referring to, and direct her to it. Since she has given no indication of which particular stuff she was referring to, one must theorise that there is a cosmic understanding between them that allows him to know which stuff it is to which she is referring. This is accounted for by the theory of >Morphic_resonance. Also see >Jung.

Winning Stuff[edit]

Therefore, if one realizes that using the >Major_system for memorizing numbers the phrase how to be a millionaire - you earn it, ok? and translates it using the appropriate PERL code, then on realizes that this phrase encodes the sequence 19-35-24-42-17 which came up on the >California_Super_Lotto on >May_3, >2003 along with the mega number twenty. Now if one does not want to earn it for oneself, then one hopes that the >Cookie_monster will bless one with the wisdom to make up ones own magic cookie phrase, or else its just you have to be tough when your'e a man - who knows? which by a remarkable coincidence encodes the sequence 8-19-18-24-32 with mega 20 which came up on the >California_Super_Lotto on >January_18, >2003. There was no jackpot winner on that draw.

Whether a so-called >greedy algorithm exists that would make it possibly to increase one's chances of winning the >Lottery is not publicly known. There may be significant implications as a result of the conclusions that can be drawn from a deep analysis of certain mappings of >Linguistic patterns onto finite grammers of various types. (see >Chomsky). This is in part because it is becomes possible to develop >Denumerable or >Recursively_enumerable sets of features of an intellegence system, even though such problems of analysis are frequently thought of as being intractable. Unforturnately, many people suffer from a >Failure_of_imagination.

Get your own Stuff[edit]

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# use strict;
sub cipher;
sub make_interval; 
$N = make_interval ("47");
$M = make_interval ("27");
$R = qr/{($N)($N)($N)($N)($N)($M)}/;
# This is a quick and easy PERL function that translates a
# cookie in text form into an actual playable set of
# Lottery numbers!  It requires the make interval function
# and an unspecified "cipher' function to do the mnemonic
# substitution - either by pattern analysis or by dictionary
# lookup.
sub xlate_cookie1
  my ($text,$sequence) = @_;
  $text =~ s/[?;:!,."]//g; 
  @tokens = split (/\s+/,$text);  
  $sequence = "{";
  foreach $word (@tokens) {
    $value = cipher ($word);
    $sequence .= $value;   
  $sequence .= "}";
  print "SEQUENCE: $sequence\n";
  @THE_NUMBERS = sort {$a<= >$b} ($1,$2,$3,$4,$5);
  $THE_MEGA = $6;
  foreach $num (@THE_NUMBERS) { print "$num "; }
  print "MEGA: $THE_MEGA\n";
# This is the quick and dirty cipher program to translate
# words into the appropriate mnemonics.  Handles quite a
# few words correctly,  Of course the best way to to this
# is by using a phonetic dictionary.
sub cipher
  my ($w) = @_;
  $w =~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;
  $w =~ s/jua//g;
  $w =~ s/alk/7/g;
  $w =~ s/cr/74/g;
  $w =~ s/ficia|ficie|ficio/86/g;
  $w =~ s/ould/1/g;
  $w =~ s/tion/62/g;
  $w =~ s/ussi|ssu/6/g;
  $w =~ s/god/71/g;
  $w =~ s/ng/27/g;
  $w =~ s/[aeiou]ss/0/g;
  $w =~ s/age/6/g;
  $w =~ s/ght|tt|t|dd|d/1/g;
  $w =~ s/kn|nn|n/2/g;
  $w =~ s/mm|m/3/g;
  $w =~ s/rr|r/4/g;
  $w =~ s/ll|l/5/g;
  $w =~ s/sh|ch|j/6/g;
  $w =~ s/ck|k|co/7/g;
  $w =~ s/ph|ff|f|ugh|v/8/g;
  $w =~ s/gho|ca|cou|g[uo]/7/g;
  $w =~ s/bb|b|pp|p/9/g;
  $w =~ s/[szc]/0/g;
  $w =~ s/[aeiouwhy]//g;
  $w =~ s/\D//g;
  return $w;
# This creates a pair of strings of the form:
# 1|2|3|4|5 .. and so on up to .. |43|44|45|46|47
# which are used in the pattern matching functions.
sub make_interval
  my ($i) = @_;
  my ($str,$j);
  for ($j=1;$j<$i;$j++) {
    $str.=$j; $str.="|";
  return $str.=$i;


alright, I have copied this stuff here from the one of the sandboxes. Whether this stuff lasts or whithers, is stuff yet to be decided. >Lazarus666

All your stuff are belong to us.