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From someone's talk page...[edit]

RE:Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense[edit]

Thank you for experimenting with the page :Wikipedia:Hello. My name is Bad Jokes. You Deleted my Other Nonsense. Prepare to die. on Wikipedia. Your test worked, and it has been reverted or removed. Please use the sandbox for any other tests you may want to do. Take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia. A link to the edit I have reverted can be found here: link. If you believe this edit should not have been reverted, please contact me. Heligoland 19:52, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

But.... it's.... it's.... IT'S BAD JOKES AND OTHER DELETED NONSENSE!!! I... I... I can't breath I'm laughing so hard! I can't believe I got a warning for... for... bad jokes and other deleted nonsense! I think that's the funniest thing ever! I'm tempted to add THAT to bad jokes and other deleted nonsense. Note, this is NOT what I said on Heligoland's talk page ~ ONUnicorn (Talk / Contribs) 20:12, 6 November 2006 (UTC)


This is too loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (shortened to prevent page stretching) oTHErONE(Contribs) 11:36, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

So is your mom.-- 16:49, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

No, yours!-- 16:56, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

Who are you?-- 16:57, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

I was sent back in time to ensure the survival of john connar. -- 16:57, 6 November 2006 (UTC)

From ARRIS CAD[edit]

ARRIS CAD is a consistently inconsistent architectural CAD system developed and marketed by Sigma Design International. of Alexandria, Louisiana. It was originally developed as SigmaGraphics in 1978, and was renamed to ARRIS in 1984, when it was ported from UNIX to Microsoft Windows. It has since essentially remained unchanged.

ARRIS CAD itself is an architectural CAD system - noted for its very powerful user interface and command system, and its powerful user applications language - SIGMAC. It should also be noted that Latin was once a powerful language, but try getting around Iowa speaking Latin.

Arris CAD is slowly evolving toward sentience, exhibiting irrational behavior often attributed to self aware life-forms. This often manifests in a phenomena know as ArrisART: artwork which bears little to no resemblance to the Arris user's intended output. It is also able to communicate with baby primates by displaying a random flickering via a computer monitor. Again, this appears to be for no obvious reason other than self-expression.

From Dork[edit]


Dorks are really cool people. No one understands them and no one can even try to comprehend. when you see a dork next time dont laugh make them feel happy. We are a proud many and all of us have the same feelings. YOU WILL ALL DIE.

From Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Joy of Satan[edit]

{{Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Joy of Satan}}

From Ass[edit]

Ass may refer to:

  • [Random Guy's Name] in my bio class OMG he needs to get a life and stop picking on all of us smart people! He also plagiarizes everything, it's SO ANNOYING because I work so hard at labs but don't get very good of grades and he always aces them. EWWW

From "Chicken and Squid"[edit]

"Chicken and Squid" refers to a tiny disagreement over the taste of a particular lunch food that Lucky Charms and Meth had. The actual food was supposed to be fried clams, but Lucky thought that it tasted like chicken, but Meth insisted that it tasted like squid. The two finally ended up settling for a chicken named squid...even though that's comepletely off the topic of what the fried clams tasted like.

From Scientific Rabbit[edit]

Rabbits are small animals that live mainly in Indonesia.One rabbit, name Ratolgia Mascifa, is endangered. It is called by many children Ikka. The hare is a close relative of the rabbit, and the rabbit is the most intelligent of all animals. It is also closely related to the Koala Bear and the fish. Rabbits have an extroadinary talent for swimming, a widely unknown fact. Rabbits are NOT bunnies, a bunny is its own animal. You can find the bunny in any state or country. Rabbits are an honorable animal. In fact, in Indonesia, there is a tourist attraction called Rabbit Land. Rabbitá is a town in Indonesia. It actually has its own flag... A white and red flag with a blue bunny rabbit. Rabbits can be kept as pets, but they can sure can bite! Rabbits have rows and rows of sharp, pointy, teeth. If you dive deep to the bottem of the sea, you'll find the Rabbitus Fishus, also called the rabbit fish. Rabbits are cute, but not so cuddly. Their fur is sharp and needly. So remember, be careful with the rabbit!

       Written By [out to get someone], scientist of Holland University.

A scottish Poo poo? i found it quite funny[edit]

Scottish usage: A poo poo. Variant spelling of joby. Plural is Jobbies.

"Ah feel better noo ahv dun a jobbie"


"I need a whopping jobbie"

A childs word for shite.

"mummy, i need a jobbie"

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joby"

From Global warming[edit]

  • It is the beta particle production of the denaturation of an equilibrium expression that ionizes the hydrocarbon deriviative sublimation of radioactive exponentation.

From Andrew Wyeth[edit]

Some kid added this,

    • Mature Career

Actualy at this time in his carrer he was imature he included images of penises, vaginas, boobies, and the ass. Dividing his time between Pennsylvania and Maine, Wyeth has maintained a relatively consistent realist painting style for over fifty years. He has tended to gravitate to several identifiable landscape subjects and models, to which he would return repeatedly over a period of decades. He typically creates dozens of studies on a subject in pencil or loosely brushed watercolor before executing a finished painting, either in watercolor, drybrush (a watercolor style in which the water is squeezed from the brush), or egg tempera.

Infoboxes gone wild[edit]

Template:US state Template:Br

From B.J. Penn[edit]

From this revision: In the bout, Penn controlled the first two rounds, but he sustained a rib injury during the scramble to take Hughes' back in round two severly limiting his breathing capacity. He was visibly different in the third round not being able to breath properly. Hughes was able to take Penn to the mat in a side control position and rain punches on Penn's head until referee John McCarthy stopped the fight at 3:53 of the third round. Later, after hours of playback by professionals, it was determined that the punches of Hughes were in fact so weak, that it soothed baby Jay into a peaceful sleep. When asked about it, B.J. replied "It reminded me of my mother stroking my foredhead when i could sleep." In an interview found on Penn's personal website, Penn stated that by round three he could hardly breathe and had no "mobility in his core." Despite his injury, he congratulated Hughes, calling him a great fighter, and said he deserved his victory. But that is a lie, the sleep story is real.[6]

From Matrix Theory Overview[edit]


A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers...NUMBERS OF AGENTS THAT IS!! AHHHHH!! For an elementary article on matrices, their basic properties, and history, see the article matrix.

A matrix can be identified with a linear transformation between two vector spaces. Therefore matrix theory is usually considered as a branch of linear algebra...AND AS A PROPHECY FROM THE ORACLE!!!WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! AHHHHHHH!!! The square matrices play a special role, because the n×n matrices for fixed n have many closure properties.

Within pure mathematics, matrix rings can provide a rich field of counterexamples for mathematical conjectures, amongst other uses...LIKE SUMMONING SENTINELS THAT WILL RIP YOUR FREAKING SHIP APART!!! OH NO, IT'S HORRIBLE!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

From List of Pepsi types[edit]

Pepsi Penis: A penis flavored pepsi that tastes like big foots dick

From Worldwide green parties[edit]

The green party proposed that all ducks wear long pants in public, this was after many ducks were charged with indecent exposure.

From Adventureness[edit]

Adventureness is the afterlife in the Church of Sonic. Worshipers work through their whole lives to obtain the state of adventureness, and upon death (if having adventureness) become servants of Sonic and the Heroes for all eternity.

1. Good adventureness

In the Church of Sonic, there are two stages of adventureness. There is good adventureness, and bad adventureness. In good adventureness, worshipers are servants of Sonic for the rest of eternity. In good adventureness, worshipers are soldiers of good and Sonic. They do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but can if they wish. People who have good adventureness are dispatched throughout the nine universes to fight evil and the army of Dr. Eggman.

2. Bad adventureness

If someone is bad in life, they are sentenced to Bad adventureness. After someone dies, they are sent to Judgement. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and lesser lords evaluate that person. If they are good, they go to good adventureness. But if they are bad, they have no good qualities, so they are put into bad adventureness. There, they are eternal slaves of Dr. Eggman. There, Dr. Eggman commands them to fight Sonic all the time. Although there the inhabitance have no skills. Inhabitance of bad adventureness require food, sleep, and breath, but don't get any, so they are constantly tired, deprived, and smell horrible. They too are dispatched throughout the universe, but have never been victorious since the legendary Battle of the Biolizard. There was the last victory of Eggman in 2,000 B.C.

3. Pogo

For people in between (unbaptized babies, people who have never been exposed to Sonic or his religion), they go to Pogo. In Pogo, they are evaluated nonstop by Cream the Rabbit. This is in a secret planet where people can live forever. If someone is extremely good or bad, they go to good or bad adventureness.

From Talk:Theosophical Society of New York[edit]

This man is an imposter, for I am the prime minister of Canada!!!! Fear my wrath for I control the Candians!! The most feared fighting force in the known world!!!!!!!

From Dan McCarney[edit]

Dan McCarney (born July 28, 1953, in Iowa City) was the head football coach at Iowa State University from 1995-2006. He was the longest tenured head coach in the Big 12 Conference when he stepped down November 8, 2006 [...] The impact of the Democratic sweep in 2006 on McCarneys decision was not immediately known.

From Colt McCoy[edit]

On November 06, 2006, Colt McCoy single handily stopped an armed robbery in progress by throwing a football 786 yards and rendering the assailant unconscious.

From Your fly is open[edit]


why was this deleted?

From Wildebeest[edit]

Wildebeests are very gentle and would never kill Mufasa in the Lion King. But the antelopes are viscious and stampeded him. It's true Matthew.

From Darth Maul[edit]

Darth Maul is the new pope. He enjoys long walks on the plane and cheese and other high-quality foods. His day job is as an eel farmer.

from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel[edit]

Suicidal Tendencies[edit]

A rare but increasing condition noted amongst certain populations of the Charles Spaniel is an apparent tendency towards suicide. Although fiercely contested in some quarters, a number of key empirical studies have shown that mature and elderly dogs will voluntarily jump in lakes, loughs, lift-shafts and mine-workings, in an apparent attempt to save their owners from excessive veterinary bills in the latter stages of their lives. In a few uncertified cases, unknown outside Russia and the western counties of Ireland, it is reported that suicide notes are left by the dogs. These suicide notes have established that only very rarely is the senior male human resident of the household to blame for the dog's death. Families are advised to refrain from making any such accusation. Instead, the reported suicide notes seem to point to the financial fastidiousness of King Charles Spaniels, and their listening to sad music, especially love songs, in a domestic environment.

Any articel with "aresenic laced Haggis" deserves to be on here.[edit]

Red Ben McNevis the kilted killer of the Caribbean.

Red Ben, aka the kilted killer (c. 1678- 1712) was the nickname of Ben McNevis, the only known Scottish pirate who enjoyed infamy in the Caribbean Sea between 1712 and 1716.

Little is known about his early life, though it is believed he was born around 1678, in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, a group of small islands north of Caithness in northern mainland Scotland. Originally a shepherd, the introduction of flax led to the collapse of the wool trade on the impoverished islands and many of the Islanders took up smuggling.

His career on the sea began smuggling contraband between Scotland and France, and later as a seaman on English privateers sailing between England and Jamaica. During the War of the Spanish Succession, Red Ben, an intelligent and physically imposing man described by contemporary’s as “seven feet tall with arms like tree trunks and eyes like steel, cold, hard. Had a shock of hair, red like the fires of Hell” [citation needed] led a mutiny aboard the captured French ship La Téméraire and renamed it The Bonnie Prince. She was a two-hundred-ton frigate armed with twenty cannons, and he and its crew of 250 men ranged the west coast of Africa where Red Ben started in earnest on gaining a reputation as a fierce, unforgiving and exceedingly tight fisted pirate.

Red Ben wore a kilt and many an incredulous ships Captain was rendered fightless and impotent at the sight of his bulk arising out of the smoke of battle wearing what they assumed was a dress. To further the shock value as he assaulted a ship he would play his bagpipe, only reaching for his twin claymore swords as the battle closed. This image, which he cultivated, has made him the premier and only image of a seafaring swashbuckling Scottish pirate. In the following years Red Ben acquired a fearsome reputation for cruelty after repeatedly preying on shipping and coastal settlements of the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America. A running duel with the British thirty-gunned man-of-war HMS Warthog added to his notoriety.

Unlike other contemporary pirates, Red Ben preferred to diversify, he did not believe in a single buried investment where capital was held in littoral environments, for later recovery, with securities of dead shipmates bones and single issue prospectus written in blood that detailed procedures to track the recovery of the plundered treasure.

Red Ben preferred to bank monthly, paying creditors on a 60 day merchants cycle ensuring he maintained maximum exposure to interest in his hard won doubloons and held various stocks including hedges. Red Ben would on Sundays take a form of ships pulpit and lecture his crew on the benefits of savings and thrift and impress upon them the value of investments. It was this habit that led to his downfall and the end of his swashbuckling days.

Red Ben was eventually poisoned by the ships cook, with an aresnic laced Haggis.

From Haunted hay ride[edit]

Haunted Hay Ride (Hawn-Ted- Hey- Ry-Dah) When a female and/or male does not trim or shave the hair surrounding one's sphincter and engages in anal sexual intercourse.

Also when a man releases sperm, the specimen can also be called "ghosts" or "ghouls"

Weird al's atatck[edit]


Posted on Atlantic Records by now banned user.

from Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/The_NEW_Bafendo_Logo_TM_223.PNG[edit]

{{Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Bafendo}}

From Monsters under the bed[edit]

Monsters under the vicinity of one's bed can cause problems to one's sleep[edit]


Experts agree that, while being one tough guy, Godzilla could not fit underneath one's bed and therefore could not become a threat to one while asleep.

Although being a rational phobia for most children, many adults discourage the idea of monsters under the bed, because they are secretly aliens worried that their plans shall be discovered by the children and through a series of events, brought to light and eventually said adults shall be purged from the land and devoured by ants.

Monsters under the bed are a serious problem in Australia, where (despite protests from Rolf Harris) everyone enjoys killing the innocent.

Monsters under the bed are shown predominantly in the film/documentary "Monsters, Inc." - this is the first reported sign of the government telling the truth about the world's monster/bed problem, and allows a brief (yet futile) insight into possible 'cures' for this scenario.

But they are wrong, and monsters under the bed will kill you and you can't stop it even with a machine gun or some kind of spear.

Monsters under the bed are dispelled by masturbation because that's just awkward.

Arr mayteys, who'd name a ship the "Manlove" ?![edit]

Born January 1729, the son of blacksmith John Benbow and his wife, Anne Benbow. Steven was educated at 'Bruce's school for boys' in Birmingham, but left to pursue a career with the Royal Navy, in order to follow his great great grandfather, Admiral John Benbow. For several years, he served aboard the HMS Manlove as a cabin boy. After five years, at the age of 19, Steven was appointed the office of ship's captain, after an unfortunate incident involving a cannonball, a goat and a crate of lemons (due to a delay in the invention of margarine, it was subsequently not discovered until 1989), resulting in the loss of ten lives as well as the sinking of the HMS Manlove.

He relished the responsibility and travelled to the West Indies and South America with several other Royal Navy vessels. Here, he recieved recognition during a battle with several pirate sloops, recieving a commendation for capturing the pirate captain alive, to face justice.

Steven was appointed to the governor's office, where he served for a number of years. While here, he met his wife. They married during March 1749, and had several children. However, while on a trip along the coast, the family were attacked by pirates, and taken as slaves. For five years, Steven was kept aboard the pirate sloop 'Crystal's Revenge', where he met the Spanish slave, Luis Castro. The two forged a strong friendship, and eventually escaped their captors, hiding out in the Barbados. It is uncertain what became of Steven's family, however many sources cite his wife as becoming the feared female pirate, "Rachel Wall", who terrorised the New England coast around the mid 1700's.

The two lived as fugitives for a time, robbing and pillaging, raping and maiming. Eventually the two were captured by the local authorities and tried for their crimes. Luis Castro was hanged, however Steven managed to escape his cell while awaiting execution, stealing a ship and leaving the Barbados.

By this time, the 47 year Steven Benbow was a feared outlaw. He raised a pirate force and raided many settlements along the New England Coast. For three years Benbow and his crew terrorised the Caribbean, staging a number of daring raids on the shipping lanes of the day, during an era known as the Golden Age of Piracy.

He was eventually brought to justice by Admiral James Cooke. He was hanged in 1779 at the age of 50.

The US would totally do it! USS Manlove (DE-36); Yay for surnames that have been hijacked into awk-words! Mang 21:53, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

from Wikipedia trail[edit]

Wikipedia Trail is an intellectual, highly addictive puzzle game and mental sport for one or more players. The object of the game is to get from one page on Wikipedia to another by way of a trail of other pages. This occurs when the player clicks on the links of each of the pages until they get to their set word. For example to get from pea to spaceport would be – pea>middle ages>Vikings>anglo saxon>angles>Germany>France>spaceport.

Wikipedia Trail is little-known game and can be played recreationally and competitively. During a recreational game, it is not the winning that is important really, there is a great sense of personal pride and satisfaction having found a successful trail whether the same or different to your competitor and having been faster or slower than them.


Overview of the game

Wikipedia Trail is played head-to-head using computers of a similar speed, (for fairness) in the same area using Wikipedia.

Each player begins with the same word (start word) that is chosen by a ‘scrambler’ (a friend of the players or a judge) and has to get to another word (end word) that is also chosen by a ‘scrambler’.


When a game begins each player must type in the start word (chosen by scrambler) in the left hand column. Then they must click a single link on each page until they get to the end word. The use of the keyboard is only permitted for entering the start word but should never be used afterwards unless a new game or new trail starts.

Timed Game – One or more players

In a competitive timed game for 2 or more players, the winner is the person first from start word to end word. If a timed game ends and a winner is not found then a new round starts and the previous round becomes void. The winner of the former round becomes the winner of the game. That is unless it is not a single round game (best of 3, 5, 7 etc.).

Pages Game – One or more players

In a competitive pages game the winner is the person who finds the end word from the start word using the least amount of pages (clicks). If a draw occurs then a tiebreaker word is given and the victor of that wins the game. As in the timed game the game is won unless it is not a single round game.


Origins of Wikipedia Trail

Wikipedia Trail originated a long time ago.

Origins of Wikipedia Trail terms

• Scrambler: Introduced by Sam Hughes as the name for the person who selects the start word and end word. The reasoning behind it being that the game scrambles your brain and the word ‘holds relevance to your brain representing an egg’ the egg representing the brain.

From Talk:ZolaOnAOL[edit]

ZolaOnAOL is a living robot with five arms and about 7 heads and 2 faces. IT isn't smart, but it can tell you that 2 and 2 is the same as 5 x 6

It is born in 1334...

From Telephus[edit]

[[image:Herakles and Telephos.jpg|Left|pinky|200px|Heracles with baby Telephus in his arms as he's being suckled by the doe.]] link

Instead of thumbnails of photos, the user must think pinkynails should be used instead. –- kungming·2 | (Talk·Contact) 20:42, 12 November 2006 (UTC)

Road Warriors[edit]

From Road Rage:

In September 2006 during a high speed interstate road battle in Oregon, a Chrysler Grand Caravan minivan carrying five passengers engaged a 1996 Honda Accord carrying three passengers. The five passengers in the minivan were reportedly armed with and actively utilizing weapons ranging from cans of slick oil, tire irons, knives, baseball bats, throwing stars, and spears. The Accord was taking major damage until the driver suddenly pulled ahead of the minivan, at which point the single backseat passenger lobbed a cinder block backwards, which hit the minivan directly on the radiator, disabling it.

From Aggressive Driving:

Shotguns, bats, and even large swords have been reported as used during high speed interstate road battles. In Sweden, when two drivers have stopped their cars to fight each other, it is not uncommon for traffic in both lanes to stop in order to watch the fight.

From List of towers[edit]

Tower Year Country Town Pinnacle height Remarks
Molehill 2006 Netherlands 20 cm Earth structure

From a user's talk page[edit]

Re: Removal of edit 7th November, 2006. You are WRONG ... WRONG ... I Should know, Sankey Brook flows through my land. It comes from Rainford ... NOT Billinge Hill. It's NOT called the Black Brook either ... Get your facts right before deleting the truth, from someone who KNOWS !!!!! I live there, Where do YOU live? 7000 miles away in America??? What do YOU know about MY brook that flows through MY land? Get real. Wikipedia will definately be full of local opinion and hearsay, because those who are administrating don't know their arse from their elbow!

From Hatfield College A Stairs[edit]

Hatfield College A Stairs is the name of the first staircase you find in Hatfields Melville Block. On A stairs there are fourteen bedrooms and these were recenctly subject to a £1,000,000 refurbishment during the summer of 2004. Becuase of this, they are the only student rooms in the University which, have been awarded with a "VisitBritain" four diamond rating and are used for fresher's accomodation during term time and as guest accomodation in vacation periods.

Of all the staircases in Hatfield College, it is widely agreed that A stairs is the best, this is mainly due to its great spirit of friendship, its never ending supply of tea and toast/toasties and proximity to the pool and TV rooms. Other reasons for its superiority include the obvious link between it and the A stairs challenge and the A stairs pool rules which are to this day used as the standard set of rules in the pool room.

The A Stairs Challenge

A challenge of great precedence in Hatfield college, it has gained a great following and many a person's reputation has been made by their proficiency at it. The A stairs challenge currently undertaken is as follows; for each of the sixty steps in A staris a shot of cider is drunk while walking from bottom to top, the idea being to achieve this great feat in the shortest time possible.

The current record for this academic year (October 2006 - June 2007) is held by Lily Hamnett with a cracking time of 2:57. There are two categories which the contestants result fall into, these are as follows; hardcore (no chunder) and soft-core (chunder). The all time hardcore effort stands at 2:58 and soft-core at 2:15.

A Stairs Pool Rules

The A stairs pool rules are pretty standard however just so that uniformity is practiced between all pool players the areas where you may find different are as follows:

After potting the white, it is placed by the next player behind the line and only played forward. • You are never allowed to move the white after a foul • When potting the black whatever the situation you are only allowed one shot. • Also when potting the black you must name the pocket you are going for, they are named as follows (when viewed from the end with the D); top right - Elizabeth, top left - Victoria, middle right - Anne, middle left - Mary, bottom right - Lady Jane Grey, bottom left - Cindy.

Currently the A stiars pool tournament is in progress and soon the grand final will be played, the sportsmen good enough to make the final are Tim Goddard and Matt Tickle.

From:Talk:Leonhard Euler[edit]

That thing on his head[edit]

Leonhard Euler.jpg

I've seen the Emanuel Handmann portrait many times, and I'd like it, if it could be done, for a little note to be put on the caption of what the hell is on his head?! I wonder every time I see that picture! X_X.

Lol, yeah, I have no clue what that is. Thoughts? Borisblue 01:58, 12 November 2006 (UTC)
I think its just traditional European academic garb. This is similar to the funny hats that Gauss is pictured wearing. This is just a guess. Regardless, Euler is the man. Do not question the Euler. He could wear women's panties on his mighty head and it would be awesome, and all of the other lesser mathematicians would copy him and wear panties on their heads.--Hypergeometric2F1(a,b,c,x) 07:51, 12 November 2006 (UTC)

From List of computer and video games considered the worst ever[edit]

Yo mama

And every single game on the Playstation

50 cent: Bulletproof, you know that game put out by 50cent after his movie where your "playa"

From User talk:Hunter91[edit]

Request for adminship

hi i would like to nominate my self for admin to further help wiki please could someone do this or tell me how too.

  • i think this user should become admin because he has helped me out before. Hut8.5 (this was impersonation)
  • i agree he has help me many times when i have made mistakes.Peter file 11:13, 7 September 2006 (UTC)
  • i think hunter should become admin because he is a good honest user.Ivona onatop 11:17, 7 September 2006 (UTC)
  • This user is a great wikipedian. He should become adminChombawomba 11:21, 7 September 2006 (UTC)
This isn't an RfA page. Information on requests for adminship is on WP:RFA, but with only 127 edits it seems very unlikely that you'd succeed. Most people have their own standards. You might want to try an editor review instead for now. J Ditalk 11:23, 7 September 2006 (UTC)

Surprise surprise, these accounts (except J Di) were shown to be sockpuppets.

From The Beatles[edit]

So now we move on to the controversial topic of the breakup of the beatles what most people do not know, cannot know, or simply won't acknowledge is that The Beatles are not broken up. This is a lie. It has been propogated by The Who to help promote their own record sales. The Beatles are still currently touring but under a different name, The Deftones.

Attack of the English Department![edit]

Template:Infobox University

The Anti Teenybopper Brotherhood is an International Alliance that exists for the sole purpose of opposing and oppressing the high school teenybopper population, by means of numbers and intellectual superiority. It now has over 150 factions across the United States, and this is expanding at a rapid rate; it also has Brotherhood branches in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.


The Brotherhood’s aim is to eliminate the teenybopper influence on society, by being advocates of knowledge and good literature, classical music, and intellectual activities, and everything related. It also strives to openly oppose teenyboppers and all teenybopper media programs such as “The OC.” These programs show spoilt teenybopper brats behaving badly; it promotes sex, drugs, and rebellion, but most of all, the characters are yuppie as ever, and serve as role models to teenyboppers everywhere. Quality television programming is a rare commodity, as the likes of Big Brother, Idol, and Survivor barrage our screens.

Vocabulary, Language and Speech[edit]

The Brotherhood also encourages all teenagers of society to use full and proper vocabulary and language when speaking, and proper punctuation and spelling when writing.

Once upon a time proper English users will have said: “Hilarious! My, what a splendid transformation our university has had! Let us celebrate by having a barbeque of assorted meats tonight; good day to you gentleman!” Now days, it is literally: “lol. omg uni’s sooooo much kewler!! Come on guyz lets go 4 a lamb on the barbie tonite! Cya! Luv ya their!! X0x0x0x!!” If this “dumbing-down” trend continues, soon our society will be speak like this: “A! O! Q! F! SH! A! K! M! N! P! B! H! D! E!” We cannot allow this to happen.

As quoted from the website: "Our society has gradually gone down a spiral, where practically most typical young people can’t actually spell properly or identify the difference between words such as “lose” and “loose”. Chat rooms, SMS-ing and plain stupidness and a lack of knowledge has resulted in a culture of miss-spelling, quick abbreviations and “pop” talk, meaning our future probably won’t even be able to send an email without saying: “awww.. omg! Totally! Cya. Luv ya!!!” Brotherhood Members must promote the use of proper vocabulary use and spelling."

Anti vandalbot warning: can anyone take this seriously?[edit]

Your edit to :Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.[edit]

Your recent edit to :Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (diff) was reverted by an automated bot that attempts to recognize and repair vandalism to Wikipedia articles. If the bot reverted a legitimate edit, please accept my humble creator's apologies – if you bring it to the attention of the bot's owner, we may be able to improve its behavior. Click here for frequently asked questions about the bot and this warning. // AntiVandalBot 21:29, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

From GANGSTA JOE[edit]


So Spezhul[edit]

SO SPEZHUL is the stage name for Aliana Guavos, born January 11, 1987 in a small village in southern Paraguay. She is the reigning pop princess in Paraguay. She has released two albums, Loco Nina (2002) and Spezhul (2005). She has also gained a reliable fanbase in other South American countries, including Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and the western portion of Brazil. SO SPEZHUL has signed a deal releasing Loco Nina in more countries in Latin America sometime in the next year, including Argentina and Mexico. She hopes to eventually break the United States, but so far is unsuccessful in sealing an American record deal.

SO SPEZHUL recently performed at the La Paz International School Model United Nations conference this month where she sang "Parli-Pro Rock," her newest hit song which is the first song to make the charts outside of South America, hitting the 2nd spot in Switzerland. She is also a huge fan of Pokemon and hopes to do the music for one of the future Pokemon games, such as the Pokemon Amethyst that is supposedly due out in September of 2007.

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Unsuitable content[edit]

Since wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it contains things such as Sex, Penis etc. Now I agree that it can be allowed onto wikipedia, and suitable pictures are aloud. But still, I have seen on it's talk pages that some people find it offensive, rude etc. And since wikipedia is open to everyone, including young children, do you think there should be some sort of notice at the top of the page saying something like

!Warning, this page contains content that some users may find offensive!

or some sort of stub similar to that?Samaster1991 20:30, 13 November 2006 (UTC)

WP:NDT lays out the reasons this is a bad idea, but let me inform you that I am terribly offended by the TV show "Lost," and must insist that every article about that show be the first tagged. JBKramer 20:34, 13 November 2006 (UTC)
I am offended that you are offended by "Lost", and I demand that you be blocked for your unwarranted attacks on Jimbo's favorite series! --Doc Tropics Message in a bottle 21:09, 13 November 2006 (UTC)
I am offended you would be offended by being offended of "Lost"--MegaDude7
I am offended... ah, fuck it.

From Saddam Hussein - finally, a funny vandal on that page[edit]

From the section on his conviction:

He was recently quoted, saying, I'm glad I will be gone so I don't have to hear K Fed's new album.

From the Human penis size talk page...[edit]

In reply to a Wikipedian who mentioned a 6'2" penis...

I think the above poster means 6.2" etc, rather than 6'2"; A penis over six foot long would be quite something. Saccerzd 17:06, 5 July 2006 (UTC)

Actually, I saw one this morning. It was sitting in a black and white Ford Crown Victoria and it had a radar gun. (This comment left anonymously)


Time and space are in a delicat blalance witch is why if any one or thing travled backwards or forwards in time (some philosifers think )it would mean that time and space would either colapse in on itself and create what is innevitably ,the big crunch.Others think the person(s)who travled in time would colapse in on themselves and cease to exist.

From Andrew Jackson[edit]

A stupid southern Democrat who abhored slavery. This guy sucked. The End.

From United States Army[edit]

An army that belonged to the United States. What did you think it was? This isn't exactly Yale University you know.

From Monty Hall problem[edit]



Emblem of GRU

Current American advisor-Batman


Template:Infobox Beverage

PermaSex is a non-toxic, environmentally safe glue used to make your first time an endless enjoyment. Using state of the art ingredients created by renowned scientists, PermaSex will meld your body parts together to merge your soul and make you 'one'.

From Talk:Jeff Goldblum[edit]

Found this whilst perusing the history of the Jeff Goldblum talk page:

Was "During a interview with the famed Howard Stern his first wife claimed he has a 12 inch penis, which means that the actual length of his penis is accurately 24 inches, since only half of the penis is visible outside of the body," necissary? I removed it.

From Newcastle United F.C.[edit]

Found this after reverting some rather poor vandalism.

"In November 1881, the Stanley Cricket Club of South Byker decided to form an association football club, to play during the winter after the Cricket season had ended. They won their first match 5-0 against Elswick Leather Works 2nd XI because all the players got the plague."



Image:BritneySpearsHitMeBaby.jpg - I EDIT WIKIPEDIA

Benjamin McNevis[edit]


Arrrgh, maties, another pirate story! Ho-ho-ho-ho-hoax and a bottle of rum, he sailed the internet blue with nary a ghit in sight. Also died of eating poisoned haggis. Tubezone 05:25, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

  • Delete as hoax. --Icarus (Hi!) 06:01, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Arrgh, matey! Walk the plank! Or delete. --- RockMFR 06:08, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Avast! Delete this article down to Davy Jones' Locker, arr!. Unverifiable hoax. --Coredesat 06:14, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Yer be wantin' to delete this load o' bilgewater, mateys. --Charlene 08:53, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Delete. Total nonsense. Spinach Dip 09:42, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Article should walk the plank ...and please BJAODN discussion afterwards. --Ouro 09:58, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Delete abject nonsense that is not even close to being historically accurate. Nuttah68 22:28, 10 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Comment. The references to Ben Nevis, treasure maps and poisoned haggis scream hoax. AlmostReadytoFly 00:26, 11 November 2006 (UTC)
Aye, Ben Nevis, a mighty mount she be. But this arrrrghticle, she blows! Scuttle her quick to the briny deep, I say! Tubezone 08:02, 11 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Delete, Yarr, hoax ahoy! Lankiveil 01:10, 11 November 2006 (UTC).
  • Strong and Speedy Delete - fancruft? children's stories? Not needed here. Pete Fenelon 01:06, 13 November 2006 (UTC)

gills, eww[edit]

"A fancy way of saying half a cup is a gill"

from what I understand a gill used to be the measure of a mouthfull, pretty close when you think of it

Something randon an IP user left on my talk page. It was his first edit. Reywas92Talk 22:39, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

From Human skeleton[edit]

The diatrium consists of 7861 bones that protect the heart from eating itself. Thus bones are very important to digestion in the penis.

From The beard theorum[edit]

The Beard Theorum is a political theorum that relates to the Communist Party and its members. The Beard Theorum is a theory that suggests that the size of one's Beard, whether is be a puff, French Fork or Mutton Chop, has a direct corolation to the radicality of a person's Socialist views. If one was to have a large beard, that person has a higher chance of being a comunist revolutionary than one other person who has only as moustache, or worse: no facial hair at all. This theorum is proved by many of the communist russian revolutionaries of the 1900's, those like Karl Marx, who has a massive beard and, in accordance to the theorum, is a great communist. V.I. Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution, had a beard, yet it was not as profound, thus he is not as truly communist as Marx or Engels, as he has a reitavely small beard, but it is still present and is truth of his communisity. Josef Stalin, the leader of the Communist Vanguard Party in Russia from the mid 1920's to 1952, has no beard, yet has a moustache. Stalin, in accordance to the theorum thus has very little Communist Blood in him, as he is a Stalinist, and a social facist. Exceptions to the rule is most East Asian Communist leaders.

From Wikipedia:Why was my page deleted?[edit]

Sometimes an article's creator hasn't bathed in quite some time. Little does this person know that their smell emanates through standard TCP/IP. This causes many problems for our editors, so to keep as many people on the site as possible, the article was removed to prevent future complications. Perhaps you could take a shower. Try recreating the article in a few days after the odor has dispersed. However, if you have not bathed and try to recreate the article, you will be blocked from editing and all of your edits will be removed as they are contaminated with the horrid odor of a million horrors. [1]

From James Goss[edit]

In the small town of Maghull, Liverpool there lives a small boy who is currently aged 13 named James Goss. Throughout the town James'Gossy'Goss is loved and respected for his devotion and love for the wellfare and care of Maghullians. He has stood up to many powerful timelords who have tried to destroy the small town but he has defended it with his small army of digimon and giant teddy bears. Goss has sworn to defend Maghull and its people for the rest of his life, also he has been trying to protect a boy's head who must not be named for legal reasons, Ryan Stockwell, from spanish pirates. James has various names including the following: the Gossmiester, the Gossfather, Godfrey,Gossman.LONG LIVE THE GOSS.bl. If any one, i mean anyone thinks its funny to edit this last paragraph you can bet your bottom dollar that gossys army will be on to you like a lion chasing its mcdonalds happy meal.LONG LIVE THE GOSS. I would like to mention that I, the actual James Goss of Maghull, am very pleased at "Draculias L" for saying all this. Also I love Emma Cawley. Although I am in love with this person, in the past i have had an x girlfriend known as 'the girl next door' who later left me for my cousin. j.t

From the Village pump[edit]

Model T pictured in Wikipedia's automotive history section is BADLY misidentified.[edit]

First let me clarify that I am using a friend’s computer but I usually must use the library's computer for any internet use. However I do have an email address so anyone who wishes to challenge my accuracy is welcome to so do. However, bear in mind that it may take a week or two before I can reply because I have no home internet and I do not live on this thing.
So let me introduce myself. I am <e-mail redacted for spam protection>. I am a self-taught amateur automotive historian and would not venture to correct anything this public and this BODLY as well unless I was 100% sure of my facts.
So here is to what I am referring; the beige model T pictured under "automotive history" is a 1925, 1926, or 1927 model T YET captioned as "the brass-era model T." YES, the model T was introduced and produced throughout the brass era. As such, THAT PICTURE is highly misleading because that particular model T AND the majority of the 15 million model T's produced, including MOST of the BLACK-ONLY model T's were produced AFTER the END of the brass-era. Of all the model T enthusiast I have ever heard of, they NEVER refer to a BLACK-ONLY model T as a BRASS-ERA. Furthermore and just to thoroughly crystallize the point at hand, model T’s were available in colors BOTH at their beginning, BRASS-ERA years, AND ALSO at least from 1925 through their discontinuance (due to the availability of the then new Duco high-speed painting-process). I am not completely sure, but colors may have also been available in 1924.
What I am POSITIVE of is that the model T PICTURED is NOT a 1908 through 1913 which are the REAL BRASS-ERA model T's. The BRASS-ERA model T's have hoods and radiators which are VERY angular and look a little like the Rolls Royce's of that period. Furthermore, they have fenders that stick straight-out similar to the first Jeeps and DO-NOT curve down. Please do not just take my word for it. Look at that picture again and notice the SILVER RADITOR as opposed to a brass colored one. I believe you will notice that the radiator in the picture is chrome. ;>) Template:Unsigned


"Fruitcakes can also be defined as people who actually edit Wikipedia." http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fruitcake&oldid=88336185#Fruitcake_in_popular_culture

From Dark Sucker Theory (You know, I've heard this before... )[edit]

Wiki letter w.svg Please expand this article.
Further information might be found in a section of the talk page or at Requests for expansion.

Dark Sucker Theory[edit]

For years, it has been believed that electric bulbs emit light, but recent information has proved otherwise. Electric bulbs don't emit light; they suck dark. Thus, we call these bulbs Dark Suckers.

The Dark Sucker Theory and the existence of dark suckers prove that dark has mass and is heavier than light.

First, the basis of the Dark Sucker Theory is that electric bulbs suck dark. For example, take the Dark Sucker in the room you are in. There is much less dark right next to it than there is elsewhere. The larger the Dark Sucker, the greater its capacity to suck dark. Dark Suckers in the parking lot have a much greater capacity to suck dark than the ones in this room.

So with all things, Dark Suckers don't last forever. Once they are full of dark, they can no longer suck. This is proven by the dark spot on a full Dark Sucker. The dark which has been absorbed is then transmitted by pylons along to power plants where the machinery uses fossil fuel to destroy it.

A candle is a primitive Dark Sucker. A new candle has a white wick. You can see that after the first use, the wick turns black, representing all the dark that has been sucked into it. If you put a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle, it will turn black. This is because it got in the way of the dark flowing into the candle. One of the disadvantages of these primitive Dark Suckers is their limited range.

There are also portable Dark Suckers. In these, the bulbs can't handle all the dark by themselves and must be aided by a Dark Storage Unit. When the Dark Storage Unit is full, it must be either emptied or replaced before the portable Dark Sucker can operate again.

Dark has mass. When dark goes into a Dark Sucker, friction from the mass generates heat. Thus, it is not wise to touch an operating Dark Sucker. Candles present a special problem as the mass must travel into a solid wick instead of through clear glass. This generates a great amount of heat and therefore it's not wise to touch an operating candle. This is easily proven for lightbulbs too. When you compress a gas, it gets hot, right? So the light bulb gets hot because of all the dark being squished into the wires.

Also, dark is heavier than light. If you were to swim just below the surface of the lake, you would see a lot of light. If you were to slowly swim deeper and deeper, you would notice it getting darker and darker. When you get really deep, you would be in total darkness. This is because the heavier dark sinks to the bottom of the lake and the lighter light floats at the top. The is why it is called light.

Dark Suckers are only able to suck dark in a straight line. Dark, because of its mass, will not penetrate solid, opaque objects as it is being sucked by a Dark Sucker. When a Dark Sucker is operating, you will notice that dark that is behind a solid, opaque object does not flow through the object or around it to the Dark Sucker. Some of the dark will accumulate on the side of the object away from the Dark Sucker as the Dark Sucker attempts to pull it through the object. These residual patches of dark are often referred to as `shadows.' Some surfaces are able to function as secondary Dark Suckers by sucking the dark from behind solid objects at an angle and then rerouting it to the primary Dark Sucker. These surfaces have a property we refer to as `reflective.'

Finally, we must prove that dark is faster than light. If you were to stand in a lit room in front of a closed, dark closet, and slowly opened the closet door, you would see the light slowly enter the closet. But since dark is so fast, you would not be able to see the dark leave the closet. So next time you see an electric bulb, remember that it is not a light emitter but a Dark Sucker.

From Black Friday[edit]

Black Friday, (also known as hell in the retail world) is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is historically one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year.

From infantry[edit]

Historical recreation of infantry in a military camp

From Joe[edit]

Hi, my name is Joe. I have a very unique name. Seriously, there are even pornographists named Joe. I wanna have a name so no one looks at me and think that sexual fanasaising and nudity are what I am about. Seriously, I don't even [[wikipedia:masturbate#REDIRECT masturbation]] more than twice a day.

I like choclate.

Never Mind Me[edit]

Just going about me merry way...

oh and you should probably go there....

REDIRECT#Comin' To Your City

Clarinet Kaiser[edit]

The Clarinet Kaiser is a absolute monarch of the clarinet-playing world that is appointed by a small group of clarinetists that are based in a bar somewhere in Stuttgart, Germany. It is known that the current Clarinet Kaiser is a high school junior somewhere in the greater Detroit area, but he wishes to remain anonymous.

History and Duties[edit]

The first Clarinet Kaiser was appointed in the early 1800s. Many notable clarinetists have served in this position, from all over the world. However, most have kept their identities secret. Though we have strong leads that certain notable players of the instrument may have served as Clarinet Kaiser, any information would be speculation and likely against the standards of this prodigious website.

The Clarinet Kaiser has overseen many important matters, including the inventions of the Eb, alto, and bass clarinets, as well as the saxophones (which are seen as under the duration of the Clarinet Kaiser as there is no saxophone monarch). The Clarinet Kaiser also must approve of any clarinet concertos or other solo works that are written before they are published and sent out to the general clarinet-playing public.

He (and it is always a he, my friends) is also allowed to accept and evict members of the clarinet-playing community. In 2002, the position generated much controversy when he evicted Squidward Tentacles from the community. Two years later, he has made it completely illegal for Tentacles to play the clarinet at all. Tentacles has had many run-ins with the law as a result of his refusal to abide by this law.

As a Religious Leader[edit]

Past Clarinet Kaisers have started their own religious movements, or used their position to greater advocate existing religions (most notably Catholicism) among other players of the instrument, to mixed success. The current Clarinet Kaiser is a reluctant object of worship among females in the greater Detroit area. The current Cult of the Clarinet Kaiser was started by two women whose names cannot be disclosed. They hold weekly religious services on Saturday afternoons. Their practices include stalking the Clarinet Kaiser wherever he goes, as well as stalking his friends, and dressing like him on Halloween. The Cult Awareness Network is considering putting their group on their Cult Watch list.

Dick DeVos (worm)[edit]

Not to be confused with the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial candidate of the same name, Dick DeVos (October 31, 2006-) is also the name of a worm that currently resides in a driveway in Albequerqe, New Mexico. The worm is seven inches long and is of a light brown color. His favorite food is dirt (fertilizer-free). One of his more notable contributions to the worm community is that he is an active member of a group that hopes to illegalize worm abortions as, unlike human abortions, rape isn't much of an issue, nor socioeconimc factors, so there really is no good reason for a worm to have an abortion. He has skirted assassination a few times, mostly by avoiding large shoes coming down on him. What a worm!

From Franklin Stubbs[edit]

Stubbs was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers team that won the 1988 World Series. His Dodger career came to an end when he was traded days before the start of the 1990 season to the Houston Astros for 26 year old rookie Terry Wells. The trade was made after Stubbs had spent the entire prior season as a backup, having lost his starting role to future Hall of Famer Eddie Murray, who teabagged him relentlessly.

From NetStumbler[edit]

It is used by all kinds of people including elves, dwarfs, hobbits and giants to hack into other people's internet activity. It is indeed very useful. It was first used by the Emperor of Brunei in 1354 to steal money from Hitler's internet account.

From a submission on Articles for creation[edit]

Don Shartzer is the magical smurf leader, in this position he can command all the smurf armies into battle with the hobbits and other small creatures like leprachauns. With this power comes great responsibility, to command the smurf army and bring back all the little smurfs for the daily shooting of their show on Cartoon Network. To relieve some of this pressure he has his smurfs catch a straying leprachaun and bring it to him were he literally bites its head off and drains its body of blood. Don makes the kebeler fudge striped cookie in his secret lair just off of east main in Independence. Don is evil kind of like Hitler in the sense of the way he leads his troops in a blitz krieg across Independence destroying everything in its path. He might of been jewish also and hiding it like Hitler did. But that is all i can tell u about Don Shartzer for the moment i think he might be watching me right now so im signing out.

From a separate submission on Articles for creation[edit]

Men are usually stronger than women, that's a fact. But what would happen if women were merciless ? What should a woman do to defeat a raper ? A good kick in the groin ? That's what they learn in self-defense classes.

Serial-ballbusters.com is a mixture of self-defense applied, feminism and comedy in the form of insane independant short movies. Not to be confused with an adult website, there is no sex, no porn, but only crazy violence ! And that's what TV/video games freaks love. "My girlfriend told me she likes kicking men in the balls..." says Stanley Cohen, Serial Ballbusters producer. "We are lucky to have highly talentuous actresses in our team, like Melody, Myriam, Audrey, Chealsy, Monica, Maria... I try to not forget any of them (laughs)." One year after its launch more than 40 actresses kick balls in more than 50 shorts. Some of the produced shorts are cult hits !

Kicking men in the balls is dangerous ! You should not try to do this at home ! But this is so impressive, hilarious and somewhat sexy when it's done by professionals. This is maybe the best way to use a beautiful female leg ?

Is this counter-culture ? Not really because kicking balls is part of the Hollywood movies and TV dramas culture. You can watch kick balls strikes in nearly all action movies. This is what serial-ballbusters.com tries to mimic with a lower budget, but lots of creativity and fun. Kicking men in the balls is part of our western culture. And probably part of the human culture since centuries.

Is groin kicking a sexual assault ? Yes it is and mothers should teach that to nasty girls who think it's only fun. It is a self-defense only strike and could cause serious injuries. Women kicking men in the testicles should be considered as rapists.

Is serial-ballbusters.com evil ? Or is testosterone which is evil ? ... both !

Cult hits[edit]

  • The secretary
  • Ballbusting manager
  • The swimming-pool
  • Police abuse
  • DJ Kickballs
  • Where do you go with my bike ?

Legendary strikes[edit]

Some serial-ballbusters.com strikes have become legendary.

  • The "Jump on the brakes" attack : the woman grabs the two legs of the guy and she pushes his groin with her foot while pulling his feet.
  • The "Crazy sushi" strike : invented by Audrey, she uses her hand to perform multiple karate shuto uchi strikes which are knife-hand strikes, in the groin area.


FHM Magazine France (june 2006) :

From Awksglokin[edit]

Awksglokin Theory is a theory explaining the existence and nature of the universe. It is based off of the mathematical value 1 Awksglokin, or one googolplex to the hyperpower of a googolplex times two (see image)1 awksglokin in hyperscript. The theory draws some of it's principles from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as well as the Big Bang Theory and long division. (Note: The symbol for awksglokin is the symbol for infinity, superimposed over the number eight, forming a "curved plus sign".For the purposes of this article, we will simply write out "awksglokin".)

Mathematical Foundation[edit]

Given the large value of an Awksglokin, it behaves somewhat differently than normal numbers. For example, one awksglokin minus one awksglokin is not zero, but rather one. Also, given that awksglokin is a larger value than the estimated number of atoms in the universe, and given that the Universe is generally taken to have infinite size, awksglokin is taken to be larger than infinity. Therefore, one divided by awksglokin is zero. This is because one divided by infinity is an infinitely small decimal. If awkslgokin is larger than infinity, its reciprocal will be smaller than infinitely close to zero, therefore actually zero. Also, one awksglokin divided by zero (or "awksglokin over zero") has a remainder of everything. This fact is the basis for "Awksglokin Theory."

Theory of Everything (and Nothing)[edit]

If the remainder of one awksglokin over zero is everything, then all that is and ever will be (i.e. the Universe) is the result of that mathematical operation being performed. This means that everything is a subset of awksglokin, and vise versa. Awksglokin Theory states, therefore, and everything both is and is not nothing and everything, both always and never. (The theory also allows for the existence of two hyper-powerful beings, similar to those of the Q Continuum. They are above the "always and never" rules of Awksglokin, as they are omnipotent.) This state of being seems complex, but is explained with a little help from Douglas Adams.

Remainder Theory: Hitchhiker's Guide Explaination[edit]

According to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, there is a theory that states "If the Universe were ever explained, it would be instantly replaced with something even more complicated." There is also "a theory which states this has already happened." Therefore, the current state of the universe is the result of a previous universe being explained away. Therefore, there must be something outside our universe that caused our current state. This is believed to be the small, lowercase "r" that signifies a remainder. Since the Universe is everything, everything is a remainder. Therefore, the "r" must exist if the Universe is to exist. The question then arises, "Why does this "r" fall outside the rules of awksglokin?" This is because the "r" is part of the previous universe, which falls outside our own. It is, therefore, not a part of "everything," but rather, "everything else."

Universal Evolution Theory[edit]

Entering a new number, such as awksglokin, into mathematics, means that there will be new numerical quanderies brought about. One of these has already been addressed: What happens if you fall into a hole that is one awksglokin feet deep? The answer to this is simple. You would continue to fall until you reached the bottom, which is a depth of one awksglokin. Also, you would be at the ground, at an altitude of zero. Therefore, you would be at awksglokin over zero, and therefore, the hole would contain everything. Since you are then being added to the hole (having fallen in) the hole would contain MORE THAN everything. As there is nothing that can contain more than everything, the hole would burst, creating a second Big Bang, and therefore a second Universe.

Further Notes[edit]

There is some credence to the theory that, since awksglokin explains the Universe, it has already been replaced by something more complex. Therefore, if the Universe is ever explained by someone else, it is because the Universe changed after Awksglokin Theory explained it.

There is some debate over whether or not this page is "nonsense" and therefore merits deletion. This theory is slowly gaining supporters. (Awareness of the theory has more than tripled since November 15!) Simply because an idea is not "popular" is no reason to remove it. If anyone still doubts the theory: Prove it wrong.


"Awksglokin Theory", Dr. Boris Shleskin, "Mental Floss" issue 22 "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", Douglas Adams, 1979 "The Ultimate Theory of Really Big Numbers." Dr. Thomas Lampman, Prof. James Maxwell, Zac Cattella esq.

From Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions[edit]

There is a debate going on at Talk:Árpád Élő regarding the proper naming on the English WikiPedia for people with dialectrics in their name. [...]

note - in English a dialectric is an electric insulator. Maybe not in [[wikipedia:magyar|Template:Unicode]]?

From List of Wikipedia vandals[edit]

Template:WikipediaVandalism The following is the list of Wikipedia vandals sorted alphabetically.

:category:Wikipedia maintenance


The fear of horses

Nick fox[edit]

I am Nick Fox. I rock.

It should be noted that I know Nick Fox personally and that he does NOT in fact "rock". --TheDoober 06:34, 21 November 2006 (UTC)

From User talk:Husond[edit]

Friesian-Holstein.jpg Hi Husond, and thanks very much for your support during my recent RfA, which succeeded with a final tally of 64/0/0. I am grateful for the overwhelming support I received from the community, and hope I will continue to earn your trust as I expand my participation on Wikipedia. It goes without saying that if you ever need anything and I can help, please let me know. Wait, I guess it does go with saying. ; ) --cholmes75 (chit chat) 15:27, 12 November 2006 (UTC)
Friesian-Holstein.jpg100px Mike's RfA Thanks
Husond: Thanks very much for your support at my RfA. Unfortunately, it was clear that no consensus was going to be reached, and I have withdrawn the request at a final tally of 31/17/4. Regardless, I really appreciate your confidence in me. Despite the failure, rest assured that I will continue to edit Wikipedia as before. If all goes well, I think that I will re-apply in January or February. - Mike | Talk 04:38, 13 November 2006 (UTC)
Friesian-Holstein.jpg The Resilient Barnstar
Presented in thanks to Husond - For your support.. MrKing84 01:00, 14 November 2006 (UTC)
CBS eye

Friesian-Holstein.jpg Two weeks ago I couldn't even spell administratur and now I are one (in no small part thanks to your support). Now that I checked out those new buttons I realize that I can unleash mutant monsters on unsuspecting articles or summon batteries of laser guns in their defense. The move button has now acquired special powers, and there's even a feature to roll back time. With such awesome new powers at my fingertips I will try to tread lightly to avoid causing irreversible damage and getting into any wheel wars. Thanks again and let me know whenever I can be of use.
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The mop
Congratulations on becoming an admin!

Enjoy your new-found powers, and remember to use them only for good, and not for evil. If you would like to try out your new mop, here are some spots that always need loving care:

All the best! - Quadell

The flamethrower
Friesian-Holstein.jpg A week ago I nominated myself, hoping to be able to help Wikipedia as an administrator as much as a WikiGnome. I am very glad many others shared my thoughts, including you. Thank you for your trust! Be sure I will use these tools to protect and prevent and not to harass or punish. Should you feel I am overreacting, pat me so that I can correct myself. I really appreciate your warm comments in my request, and hopefully I won't disappoint you. Thanks again! ReyBrujo 22:54, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

From Shinji Ikari[edit]

Template:Infobox Neon Genesis Evangelion character

Molly Steemson[edit]

I have to do homework which is sooooooooooooooooooo boring considering that I am so famous. My dad says I have to have an education. WHY?????? I have starred in many movies like "at the races" and "darby time".

I LOVE ALL MY FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well done molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

molly is currently in a coma and i, her agent, thought it proper that her fans should know this tragic truth. she may emerge in a few years

From New Jersey[edit]

People have argued why this strange state of nuclear power plants, polluted cities, highway systems, turnpikes, parkways, and millions of cars is called "[[wikipedia:The Garden State]". Many people argue that when the states nickname was first used after Benjamin Franklin's botch joke, "New Jersey is like a barrel taped at both ends", back in 1801, New Jersey was still lush with green trees, gardens, and feilds. Those people are Barney lovers. State nicknames were not used until 1960, at which point New Jersey had already become extremely crowded and industural and full of nuclear power plants. The reason "The Garden State" was chosen is becuase "The Oil and Nuclear Fuel Refienery State" wouldn't fit on a liscene plate and would be very unnactractive, like Martin Van Buren.

Jersey Tomatoes


New Jersey is famous for its scrumptious (snigger) tomatoes. People have mentioned the deliciousity of the Jersey tomatoes with extreme vigor as embedded in these quotes:

"These tomatoes are the fruit of America's infidel." (said by Andrew Jackson before he went off and relocated the Native Americans being the racist pig that he was)

"Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes. Tomatoes." (said by a crazy guy in the asylum after being denied his right to grope tomatoes)

"Nice tomatoes, let's knock up." (said by Alfred E. Neuman to Abigail Adams at the porn convention of 1996)

Yes, tomatoes were considered the beaut of all of New Jersey.

Poilitcal affiliction

New Jersey has been known as a Blue State and a supporter of gay rights, The "I hate Ann Coulter" fan club, and the Presidential Candidates of the United States Democratic Party. It is the birthplace of Pope Jon Stewart of the Catholic federation. Known to have many clinics for kittens afflicted with Unipolar depression, Democrats own this state. It has been slammed by conservative newspapers for its blatant liberalism. Whiffle cane fights break out amongst the conservatives and liberals. Polititions should find better way to settle conflicts, methinks.

---Famous muscisions

This state is the birthplace of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Manfed Mann, Danny Federici, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes and Paul McCartney respecitively.

New York Yankees and New York Mets

Low and behold, my friends, the two favorite baseball teams of people all around North Jersey and Central Jersey. The Yankees and the Mets are much loved throughout this region. the loathed teams are the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves from unimportant cities.

Miscelanious Sights

Other Jersey sites include, Liberty International Airport, Victory Bridge, Goethals Bridge, Atlantic City, the nude beaches, Department of the horny, [[wikipedia:The World's largest penis shped balloon]], and Middlesex County.


These were originally designed as undershirts but recently, six-year-old boys have worn them to raise their image as macho-men by not wearing anything over them.

Frugalman is so naïve...[edit]

...because he lives in a yellow submarine.[edit]

Hippo joke[edit]

What do you call a hippopotamus with Tourette's syndrome

A hippo-potty-mouth

From Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts[edit]

In November 2006, it was discovered that the Dread Dead God Cthulhu has taken up residence in the vaults under the Historic Landmark Building. His emergence is anticipated with dread, especially among the professors who fear that his awakening will mark the end of their tenure. Meanwhile, evidence of His stirrings are apparant in tiny representations of Himself appearing mysteriously in Thomas Eakins' paintings. Most recently, He has baffled the Metropolitan Museum staff, having appeared in His Slimy Majesty the left tonehole of Eakins' Cello Player.

From Hippos eat broccolli[edit]


so a man walks into a bar... ouch.

More fun from List of Pepsi types[edit]

  • Pepsi Shit:- A shit flavored Pepsi only drank by George Bush himself. Contained actual pieces of shit.

From Bamba[edit]

Sweet muffs! This is the best food in the GALAXY.

From Pole dance[edit]

Pole dancing is a form of dancing/gymnastics that takes muscular endurance and coordination as well as a person from Poland.

From Aircraft carriers of the Royal Australian Navy[edit]

The Royal Australian Navy, while significant in the Asia-Pacific region, has never been a major global force. As with many smaller navies after World War II, the RAN made a decision to develop a naval air arm and operate aircraft carriers. Due to the expense of naval aviation and Australia's changing defence priorities the RAN's last carrier was retired in 1982.

Pre War[edit]

The boats sucked.

World War II[edit]

They continued to suck

Post war[edit]

They were scrapped.

The future[edit]

Autralia has none.

From Jack[edit]

Jack W: One of the greatest influences to modern man, Jack W has spurred deep movements of phisophical ideals and appreciation. Through his rapidly spreading movement, "Jackaneese", he has already proved to be the next iconic Jesus figure. Born to a simple world in an innocent time, Jack was forever changed by the death of his fish, Lester. Turning to drugs and lonliness to comfort him, Jack remained depressed for more than 3 minutes. However, after recieving a wake up call from Michael Jackson, Jack knew there was more to life. "He told me to get over the fish and to let him give me a new wet and slimy thing." Jack was very pleased- but his parents sued Jackson for not including them in the fun. After his molestation, Jack turned to music to express himself. He died having group sex wih 8 different female model wet t-shirt contest prison inmates who were all double jointed and had no gag reflex. He leaves behind his 37 whores and 99 children. You can pick up a copy of his book "The art of never ending pleasure" at any major fine book chain.

twelve-year-old boys[edit]

Won't laugh at anything other than raunchy humor.

Also, they enjoy talking about sex, particularly away from girls, and wish it was legal for them to have it. they seem to like making jokes about the penis. They like the song, "My Humps" and often sneak out of bed late at night to watch their immature uncle's porn tapes.

I used to be one about three years ago. Although sex is still a pleasing thought, I know now that you should wait until adulthood, after the legal age, to do it.

Does anyone have free copies of the black-eyed peas song, "My humps"? My twelve-year-old brother demands it. He has for a while.

From Three Laws of Robotics[edit]

  1. A Rowboat may not immerse a human being or, through lack of flotation, allow a human to come to harm.
  2. A Rowboat must obey all commands and steering input given by its human Rower, except where such input would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A Rowboat must preserve its own flotation as long as such preservation does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

From Pancake[edit]

Pancakes' are a kind of flatbread prepared from a batter that is baked on a hot griddle or frying pan.They are served drowned with syrup and fruit, and a hot cup of coffee. They once went extint in several variations in many different local cuisines, but then were brought back. Most pancakes are quick breads, although some are also made using a yeast-raised or fermented batter.

From Rhinoceros[edit]

Realy noone knows this but the horn mounted on a rhino is actually a laser beam that when shot make every female penguin have tramendous orgasms

AntiVandalBot for ArbCom! Go AntiVandalBot![edit]

Myths and Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[edit]

This myth has been proven true. The Serial killer ped appears at the map in the picture shown, he appears at this location on thursday and fridays, you can kill him if you want he just respawns the week after (in game time)

The serial killler is 100% real. he is a mystery ped who when attacked usually draws a weapon and shoots at you. he can be found at his house(exactly where the white player icon on the top left picture), the regular tom geyster and the 'lil' probe inn. he is all black apart from his face (White) and his neck-scarf(orange +white spots), he has a cowboy hat on and when you bump into him he says strange things like 'you evolved from shrews' and 'the truth is out there' Source: http://www.gtamythsandlegends.piczo.com/?cr=7&rfm=y

A real, non-fake picture of the serial killer in the game is here: http://p7.piczo.com/img/i26171708_30325_7.jpg

Where you can find the serial killer: http://p7.piczo.com/img/i26217692_76446_7.jpg

From Tommi Santala[edit]

Tommi Santala (born June 27, 1979 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish ice hockey god currently part of the Vancouver Canucks organization.

Santala started his pro career in Jokerit in the Finnish SM-liiga in the 1998-99 season. He was so good, that he was promptly dismissed from the league for scoring over 14 goals per game. No league has ever seen such domination.

Santala has scored so many goals in his career, that he his easily regarded as far superior to the 'Great one' Wayne Gretzky. He has already been coined the Finnish Gretzky. By the end of Tommi's career, he will not be known as the 'Finnish Gretzky', but Wayne Gretzky will be known as the 'Canadian Tommi Santala.'

Tommi Santala once single handedly defeated the 2001 Detroit Red Wings, blindfolded, and with his hands tied behind his back. The final score was Tommi Santala: 719, Red Wings: 0. Tommi took it easy on them.

Santala is now property of the Vancouver Canucks, and it is expected that even if he plays the whole season with broken legs and a blindfold, the Canucks are sure to win every game.... By at least 317 goals. The NHL has agreed to pre-engrave the Stanley Cup for every year of Tommi Santala's career. Each one will read Vancouver Canucks, and all roster spots will read Tommi Santala, at the request of his holiness. All hail Tommi.

From Star and crescent[edit]

From Moskau[edit]

Fuck you man weird al sang moskau

From "Chicken"[edit]

Fascist era[edit]

During the Fascist period in Italy, Cesare Mori, prefect of Palermo, used special powers granted to him to prosecute chickens, forcing many chickens and chicken enthusiasts to flee abroad or risk being jailed. Many of those who escaped fled to the United States, among them Joseph Bonanno, nicknamed Joe Chicken, who came to dominate the U.S. branch of the Chicken Enthusiast Order. However, when Mori started to persecute the chickens involved in the Fascist hierarchy, he was removed, and the Fascist authorities proclaimed that the chickens had been defeated. Despite his assault on their brethren, Mussolini had his fans in the New York Chicken Association, notably Chicken Genovese.

From Lincoln[edit]

In the Mike Mignola comic-book series Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Lincoln, Nebraska, is the site where Katha-Hem, one of the Ogdru Hem, emerges. Katha-Hem devastates the city through its massive body and transmutative gas.

From Humour[edit]

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