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This is a hoax preserved because people found it amusing/interesting. But the information here is made up. -- ">The Raven's Apprentice ( ">PokéNav| ">Trainer Card) 07:29, 30 June 2007 (UTC)

Pokemon: Flynon Version[edit]

Pokemon Flynon Version is an exclusive game only available to the members of the Nintendo Staff or any members of the out of game organization, Team Flynon.

Obtaining Data[edit]

To start this game you will only have the option to record game. You must link a GBA or DS game cartridge with your ">Pokemon Flynon Version.

The Beggining[edit]

When you start this game whichever prof. that is in the game that you uploaded data from will visit you and say that you have just completed a great task...you have become a pokemon master. Then you will see a video of some of the task that you completed in the game the data came from. Then it will ask you to enter your Team Flynon Username and Password. Once you have entered them you will have a game that is entirely based around adventures in Team Flynon.

Starting Your Adventure[edit]

You start out in you room in Team Flynon HQ. You will hear a noise and you must go outside. You'll see that Team Flynon's Base has begun to move to a different area. You must go to the leader of Team Flynon(which happens to be me) and ask him what is going on. He will tell you that there are new quests in a different area and that Team Flynon needs more money to be able to stay up and running. He'll tell you to go back to your room and wait. You must go back to your room and wait for the Ship to stop. This is where the cool part comes in.

During Your Journey[edit]

"Movie Adventures"[edit]

As soon as the ship lands you will be booted off and you will be in Trengarde Town. This is the Town where Team Flynon's Main Land HQ is. You can go into the Main Building But it is not required. If you go from the exit to the Sky HQ and go west about 50 steps, south until you see the purple path, then go to the end of the purple path you will see a small house.

When you enter there will be an elderly couple inside. The Husband says that he is afraid to go outside because he's had bad experience with pokemon.The Wife says that she used to travel the regions of pokemon when she was younger. Then she says that she collects number cards. She will ask you if you have ever seen any unusual #'s. Then if you've ever noticed the number at the very end of the credits in pokemon movie, tell her the # of any movie. She will say that the # is a legendary # and that you are very special. Then she will tell you to go down a certain coloured path to go on a special adventure. Depending on what # you entered, it will send you on that special movie quest.



">National Pokédex
">Rayquaza - Rayquay-Z (#585) - ">Rayqauze-X
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">Rayquaza
Evolves into Rayquaze-X
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Flysnake Pokémon
">Type ">Dragon /  ">Flying
Height 256 ft 8 in (  ">m)
Weight 2956.7  ">lb (1344  ">kg)
">Ability Weather Lock / Fixation

Most Legendary[edit]

In Japan currently ">Rayquaza is the most popular Legendary Pokemon. Why, because of the fact that he is the first Legendary Pokemon to have more than 1 stage.(not counting Manaphy because Phieon does not evolve into Manaphy)Rayquaza now has 2 evolution stages,Rayquay-Z and Rayquaze-X. These pokemon also have there very own special attack,Dracio Beam.

Dracio Beam[edit]

Dracio Beam is the most powerful and popular attack in the pokemon world. There are some pretty good reasons why to:

  1. It is the only move Mew is not cappable of learning.
  2. Just for being the strongest move ever makes it pretty popular.
  3. The attack does 255 Damage and has a 95% accuracy.
  4. It is the most powerful Dragon-Type Move ever.
  5. Only 2 pokemon can learn this attack (Rayquay-Z and Rayquaze-X)

The Legend[edit]

A pokemon of the sky,water, and earth collided in a massive battle. Sky was victorious. Its confidence created a great sphere in which something similar roames waiting for something to interfere with it's peace.



">National Pokédex
">Rayquay-Z - Rayquaze-X (#586) - ">Magnetomic
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from <a href="/w/index.php?title=Rayquay-Z&action=edit" class="new--> ">Rayquay-Z
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species FlySerpent Pokémon
">Type ">Dragon /  ">Flying
Height 265 ft 6 in (  ">m)
Weight 3659.4  ">lb (1663.4  ">kg)
">Ability Weather Lock / Weather Cloak


">Rayquaze-X is a pokemon very similar with it's former stage, Rayquay-Z. Rayquaze-X is the only pokemon in the entire world that no trainer has obtained and is not yet obtainable with a GameShark.

To Obtain[edit]

To obtain Rayquaze-X you must first get a Rayquay-Z which you obtain by getting your Rayquaza's happiness level to about 80% then give it a moon stone and go to either Mt. Bleak or Mt. Lichen. Then defeat a pokemon at least lvl 75. Then your Rayquaza will evolve into Rayquay-Z. Then to get Rayquaze-X you must get a Rayquay-Z with 80% happiness and is lvl 50 or lower. Then you must make your Rayquay-Z get pokerus. Before it looses the pokerus it must obtain lvl 100. Then it will evolve into Rayquaze-X.



">National Pokédex
">Rayquaze-X - Magnetomic (#587) - ">Manetec
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Electric Cat Pokémon
">Type ">Ground /  ">Electric
Height 1 ft 8 in (  ">m)
Weight 16.7lb  ">lb (Expression error: Unrecognised word "lb"  ">kg)
">Ability Elecsorb/ Pick-Up

To Obtain[edit]

To obtain ">Magnetomic you must first complete the whole base story of Pokemon Flynon Version. Then once you have completed your KhopheDex you must visit Prof. Lilley. She will give you a quest which requires you to go to Mt. Bleak and catch a ">Chimceen that is holding the item Light Sphere. You must return to Prof. Lilley and give her the light sphere. Once you give it to her you must go and visit the mission board. A new mission will be displayed called Strange Voltage. You will be sent off to investigate a strange disturbance in Mt. Flash. when you arrive a bunch of Team Rocket Grunts will be there. You must sneak around and not be seen by anyone. Once you reach the end you will go into a room. Magnetomic will be being held hostage by Giovvani. You must defeat him. After you do that, Team Rocket will leave and Magnetomic will escape from the case it is in and will run of. You have to go through the door to your right and you will have to find Magnetomic hidding in the Forest 5 times. After you do this he will grow to the size of a Rayquaze-X(which it's size has never officially been comfirmed) and will attack. He will be lvl 75 and will know Thunder,Zap Cannon, Volt Tackle, and Flash Cannon. He is actually fairly easy to catch. It only took me about 15 Ultra Balls.(the next time I caught him I user only 4 Quick Balls.)

In the Anime[edit]

In the pokemon show anime Magnetomic will show up in the first episode similar to the way Ash saw ">Ho-Oh except Ash and Tom see him when they are in the Fast Tram and they see a yellow streak but then Magnetomic stops, stares at Ash for a second, then quickly runs off.

The Anime:Pokemon-Quest For Destiny[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

Ash=The same person who the show has centered around since it began.

Tom=Ash's New next door neighboor.(Ash moves away from his mother to Twinleaf Town at the Conclusion of Pokemon-Diamond & Pearl.)

Prof. Lilley=The Pokemon Proffesor of the Khophe Region.

Misty=The Gym Leader of the Curuleun Gym who rejoins Ash's quest in the Conclusion of Pokemon-Diamond & Pearl.

May=Ash's friend who joined his quest when he arrived in the Hoenn Region.

Richie=Ash's friend who seems to keep bumping into Ash about half way through the Sinnoh Region.

The First Episode[edit]

The Episode starts as Ash wakes up in his new home in TwinLeaf Town. Ash gets out of bed and goes downstairs to watch TV. He sits down for a little while and then gets up and leaves his house. He walks next door. He knocks on the door and a young man with dark brown hair opens the door and greets Ash.

This is Ash's friend Tom. Ash and Tom get in a conversation and Ash starts to tell Tom about all of the Journeys he's taken and all the people he's met. Then toward the end of the episode Tom's door slams open and May is standing there. She yells "Team Flynon! They've finally arrived!" That's whan Ash and Tom get up and run outside. They look into the sky and Team Flynon's Flying base is right over TwinLeaf Town.

Ash's 1st Khophe Pokemon[edit]

Ash's first Khophe Pokemon is Emberoach which is the fire-bug that is one of three pokemon all trainers are able to start out in the Khophe region. (The other two are Ellily(which is a grass elephant) and Hydropard.(which is a Water Leopard)

In the Game[edit]

The Khophe Starters[edit]

There are three pokemon you can start out with in the Khophe Region which were mentioned earlier.


<th style="background-color: #ffd5ff;|Evolves into

">National Pokédex
<">Hydrion - Emberoach (#???) - Emberak
Japanese name ???
Evolves from None
Generation Fifth
Species Flame Spider Pokémon
">Type Bug / Fire
Height 1 ft 3 in ( ">m)
Weight 1.6  ">lb (0.7  ">kg)
">Ability Crawl/ Lock On

The Fire pokemon only known to be owned by Ash Ketchum who trains it all the way to a Fiyracnid.



">National Pokédex
- Ellilly (#???) - ">Grafant
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into ">Grafant- ">Eleplant
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Flower Elephant Pokémon
">Type ">Ground /  ">Grass
Height 2ft 3 in (  ">m)
Weight 14.9  ">lb (6.8  ">kg)
">Ability Trample/ Rock Head

So far, no one in the Khophe region has obtained a Elilly except the 7th Gym Leader is rumored to have one before Ash arrives in the Khophe region.



">National Pokédex
">Eleplant - Hydropard (#???) - ">Hydreena
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into ">Hydreena- ">Hydrion
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Water Leopard Pokémon
">Type ">Water /  ">Ground
Height 2 ft 2 in (  ">m)
Weight 20.3  ">lb (9.2  ">kg)
">Ability Absorb/ Drought

Misty Obtains this pokemon about half way through the season and the 3rd Gym Leader also has this pokemon.

Some G5 Pokemon[edit]



">National Pokédex
- Taipaird (#???) -
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into ">Machenia
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Little Tapir Pokémon
">Type ">Ground
Height 2 ft 11 in (  ">m)
Weight 100  ">lb (45.5  ">kg)
">Ability Pick-Up

Taipaird are often found in jungles, always near a supply of food buried underground. their prehensile trunks may be small, but they are very useful.



">National Pokédex
- Machenia (#???) -
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from <a href="/w/index.php?title=Taipaird&action=edit" class="new--> ">Taipaird
Evolves into '
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Trunk Pokémon
">Type ">Ground
Height 4 ft 11 in (  ">m)
Weight 220  ">lb (100  ">kg)
">Ability Pick-Up/Sturdy

Machenia are adept at tracking because of their sensitive trunk and long neck and legs. their blade-like hair is used to clear brush in their path.



">National Pokédex
- Dentodon (#???) -
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from <a href="/w/index.php?title=Machenia&action=edit" class="new--> ">Machenia
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Massive Pokémon
">Type ">Ground /  ">Ice
Height 6 ft 3 in (  ">m)
Weight 500  ">lb (227.3  ">kg)
">Ability Pick-Up/Sturdy/Intimidate

Dentodon are easilly enraged and are prone to charging at almost anything. they apply destructive force to almost every task, even tracking.



">National Pokédex
??? - Pum (#???) -
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Pumpkin Pokémon
">Type ">Ground /  ">Normal
Height 1 ft 3 in (  ">m)
Weight 5.4  ">lb (2.5  ">kg)
">Ability Scare

Pum is usually fould sitting in the woods in a dark area. It likes to scream very loud anyone who comes through the forest it is in.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from <a href="/w/index.php?title=Pum&action=edit" class="new--> ">Pum
Evolves into Punpiken
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Scarecrow Pokémon
">Type ">Dark /  ">ground
Height 2 ft 4 in (  ">m)
Weight 45  ">lb (20.5  ">kg)
">Ability Scare

Like it's Former stage, Punik likes to scare weary travelers in it's woods home.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from <a href="/w/index.php?title=Punik&action=edit" class="new--> ">Punik
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Scarecrow Pokémon
">Type ">Dark /  ">Ground
Height 5 ft 3in (  ">m)
Weight 50  ">lb (22.7  ">kg)
">Ability Scare

Unlike his former stages many farmers use this pokemon from keeping the pidgey and Murkrow away from anything that there are eating.



">National Pokédex
- Tsarphosa (#???) -
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species King Spider Pokémon
">Type ">Bug /  ">Dark
Height 3 ft 7 in (  ">m)
Weight 90  ">lb (40.9  ">kg)

Tsaraphosa live in large burrows lined with their silk. even though they live on the ground, they are adept in trees and often hunt for prey in the forest canopy.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">Mewtwo
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Cyborg Pokémon
">Type ">Dark /  ">Psychic
Height 4 ft 6 in (  ">m)
Weight 125  ">lb (56.8  ">kg)
">Ability Levitate/Rend

Cyboreon is a Mewtwo experiment gone wrong. You must first bring a Mewtwo holding the Metal Coat to a Team Rocket Base Then Level it up.It will then evolve into Cyboreon.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Blazer Pokémon
">Type ">Fire /  ">Ground
Height 1 ft 5 in (  ">m)
Weight 45  ">lb (20.5  ">kg)
">Ability Blaze

Often found trying to blend in with it's prey,Buizel,Blazet is very stealthy.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into Ursaring
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Cub Pokemon Pokémon
">Type ">Dark /  ">Ground
Height 3 ft 5 in (  ">m)
Weight 50  ">lb (22.7  ">kg)
">Ability Pick-Up

Glizlare loves to spend most of its times around Combee/Vespiquen nest waiting for them to carry out more and more honey for it.

Shadow Lugia[edit]

Shadow Lugia
Japanese name ???
">Evolves from <a href="/w/index.php?title=Lugiet&action=edit" class="new--> ">Lugiet
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Silver Dragon Pokémon
">Type ">Dark /  ">Flying
Height 50 ft 5 in (  ">m)
Weight 5000.673  ">lb (2273  ">kg)
">Ability Flight

To Obtain

The only current ways to obtain Shadow lugia is to either trade it over from Colloseum, Naranja,Orange,Perla, and some confirmation of Iron, Steel, and Titanium.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Balloon Pokémon
">Type ">Flying /  ">Grass
Height 1 ft 2 in (  ">m)
Weight 0.9  ">lb (0.4  ">kg)
">Ability Float

This pokemon likes to hang out with many pokemon like itself(Like Jumpluff, Drifloon, and Hoppip).


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">None
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Legendary Pokémon
">Type ">Ice /  ">Ground
Height 9 ft 26 in (  ">m)
Weight 250  ">lb (113.6  ">kg)
">Ability Crash

As the Fourth Legendary Dog, Sounee is a very strong pokemon. Unlike Regigigas, you do not have to obtain Suicune, Raiku, and Entei.


Japanese name ???
">Evolves from ">Paras
Evolves into None
">Generation ">Fifth
Species Host Pokémon
">Type ">Ground /  ">Dark
Height 3 ft 1 in (  ">m)
Weight 55  ">lb (25  ">kg)
">Ability Bug-Stuck

Khophe Areas(Not Full List)[edit]

There are many areas in the Khope Region(K-5G) that you can explore throughout the quests of Pokemon Flynon Version.(G=Gym PC=Pokemon Center PM=PokeMart POI=Points of Interest)

Trengarde City[edit]

Trengarde Town is where Team Flynon's Main non-sky based HQ is. This is where you start out your adventure in the Khophe Region.(G,PM,P)

Ciinimi Town[edit]

A very small, rural town in the middle of nowhere. Your home(which is secret info to people in team flynon so do not share it with anyone without permission) is in this Town. This Town also has the Bank that you can store your money in to save up.(G,PC,PM,POI)

Birchlem Town[edit]

Birchlem Town has mainly no perpose in the game other than a few meaningless extras, the berry hunter, and the move tuttor(1st)(PC,PS=PokeStall,POI

Elavoon Village[edit]

Here is where a lot of events are started because this Village hold the entrance for both Mt. Bleak and Mt. Lichen. Also, this is where Team Earth(Magma and Aqua made an alliance) has there main base. This is also where the place where you can sign up for any additional Teams(Usually used to go undercover for Team Flynon.)(Gx2,PC,PM,POI

Lillyach Town[edit]

This town is Just a huge Gym Lodge made into a town.(You avoid this the first time through)(Gx4,PC,PM,POI)

Teams of Khophe Region[edit]

There are five Teams that are in the Khophe region. Team Earth,Flynon,Galactic,Rocket, and Snaggem. All of these teams have a large roll in the Pokemon Flynon Version Game.

Team Earth[edit]

Team Earth is the team made by an alliance of Team Magma and Team Aqua. This team has one of the largest rolls in the Pokemon Flynon Version Story.

Team Flynon[edit]

The Team entirely based on keeping Peace in the world. Often mistaked for a team bent on expanding the atmosphere(like in pokemon Iron,Steel, and Titanium) team flynon is actually(like stated before) are the protectors of peace. Team Flynon has the biggest roll in the Pokemon Flynon Version game.

Team Galactic[edit]

Unike is Pokemon D/P, Team Galactic work along with Team Flynon to protect peace for about half of your quest through the Khophe region.Team Galactic has a fairly large roll in the Pokemon Flynon Version Story.

Team Rocket[edit]

Having the Smallest roll in the game, Team Rocket is referenced by The Leader of Team Snaggem as his inspiration of Creating Team Snaggem. Also, there is one point in the game when Giovanni makes an appearance when you do the right movie event.

Team Snaggem[edit]

Inspired by Team Rocket, Team Snaggem is bent on turning pokemon evil to control the World. Like in pokemon colloseum, you are able to catchand purrify pokemon used by team snaggem members.