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As well as me being a user and contributor to Wikipedia, I sometimes enjoy to make bad jokes for the fun of it. Below are most, if not all, of mine.

From Talk:Coriolanus (play)[edit]

Is it me or does "coriolanus" sound like it means "runka"? --User:MichTheWeird 28 June 2005 20:46 (UTC)

From wp:[edit]

Cats (musical)[edit]

See this page.

From Wikipedia:Votes for deletion[edit]

This article is about votes for deletion. For the fictional organization mentioned in A Series of Unfortunate Events, see V.F.D..

From Coriolanus (play)[edit]

The tragedy revolves around Caius Martius Coriolanus, a brilliant Roman general whom, having been banished from Rome, possibly because of his extremely awful name that sounds liek it might mean "runka", ultimately leads an assault on that same city. Only the pleadings of his mother stop him from sacking Rome, a change of heart which leads to his destruction.

From Richard's macaroni and cheese[edit]

You do not want to know.

From SpongeBob SquarePants[edit]

this page


From Talk:Fawful[edit]

Who else is tihnkign that this should be moved to the article of "Duncvis"?

From Wikipedia:Sandbox[edit]

All your Fonzie are belong to us.

From Whole grain[edit]

Whole grain never made any sense to me. I mean, what health benefits could you get out of consuming the entire seed of something? Sounds to me like some hocus-pocus or something, not unlike when they said that milk helps burn fat, which is completely illogical considering the amount of fat milk has in it.

If you ask me, the health people are probably going crazy. If anything, this whole grain thing would most likely have to be a hoax of some crazy sort.

But ah, what is a brain compared to a fit body these days? People are considered great when they have an excessive amount of money, power, and/or have such an excellent body from eating hardly any calories, hardly any carbs, and exercising until they collapse on the ground from running completely out of calories and carbs. But how come the third way to be considered great is looked at that way? One word: obesity.

Oh, how I pine for the days when news was news, not a health column that had to say "obesity" in almost every other article. This epidemic abuse of a previously respected word made millions worry about their weight too much and some result in practically starving themselves. Another commonly abused word is "epidemic", which leaves me at the phrases "obesity epidemic", "epidemic of obesity", and pretty much every other way to paraphrase that that you can think of.

But how is this image supposed to be achieved with McDonald's stuffing Big Macs in your mouth every day as you drive home from work? This is where exercising, dairy, and whole grains come in, right? But who really has the time for that other than people like that guy in the Fitness Made Simple commercials?

And now back to the subject of whole grain and how they get it to be the miracle food. Of course, all us Americans sick and fed up of an overload of health news would absolutely love to know, wouldn't we?

Now only if we new. I guess we will all have to take deep breaths, wait for the health news to calm down, wait for "obesity" and "epidemic" to get removed from the dictionary (they're already both close to expletive status anyway), and hope to find out what it is that makes whole grain do everything it allegedly does.

Another from Archie Bunker[edit]

"I'm a nut."

From Fawful[edit]

See this page.

From All in the Family[edit]


To some of us, All In The Family seemed to not make a lot of sense. There had to be more going on in the Bunker household for everything to make sense. Here are some theories:

  • Archie Bunker used to listen to Edith complain all the time about him early in their marriage. So, one day, he got her hypnotized to think he is the greatest thing on the face of the earth. (see Gerakobittsu complex) They both tried hard to hide what had happened, but it was subtly obvious.
  • Edith is actually an android developed by the extremely intelligent mole people living underneath the Bunker house, and Gloria was adopted at a very young age and never took any notice to Edith's tolerance level of Archie.
  • "Archie", "Edith", and "Gloria" are all actors testing Meathead to see how long until he realizes that everything that has been happening is a test to see how well he thinks.
  • Archie and Edith are ferrets in human clothing. (This is quite odd, but it may be so. It would likely explain Edith's sqeeky voice, though.)
  • It's all just a TV show! This is perhaps the most likely theory to be what was intended.
  • The least (or perhaps most) likely theory, all of the above.

From Arielle[edit]

No drawing can properly picture Arielle's cuteness, but I am leaving this here for now.

Arielle is the cutest ferret ever. If you disagree, then please upload a picture of your ferret and post it on the talk page.

Arielle's favorite activities include chewing on objects (particularly part of one of those backpacks that lets Big Brother see the blue-filtered items you are carrying around), playing with Azrael (my other ferret), licking up the water in the bathtub, and sleeping. Aww.

Ar13ll3's l33t c00tn3ss also pwns j00.

From Duncvis[edit]

See this page.

Another from George W. Bush[edit]

You really scare me.

From Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga[edit]

Mario & Luigi has also achieved a small cult following among some people, most notably the great Mich the Weird.

From List of shock sites[edit]


MrMichaelButler.com shows girls with really awful "perfection" hair and makeup jobs....

From Prank flash[edit]

He is you. Not."

From Zigzagoon[edit]

Zigzagoon also appears as a Pok├ędoll alongside an Azurill doll in the Japanese version of the Hoenn episode "A Three Team Scheme!". This was edited out for the American version, ruining the marketing effect of Team Rocket showing them (on a table) off to Giovanni, or at least I am led to believe. They should have kept the dolls there.

From List of haunted locations[edit]

  • Franklin Castle - Mansion in Cleveland, Ohio. This one is commonly thought to be a favorite of wine-os, as those are the most likely ghosts in there.

From Template:Pokerefs[edit]

From James[edit]

James lost his face. He also probably also lost Victory Bell along with it.

James is a person on Pokemon. He has blue hair, or maybe it's purple. He owns this big disgusting thing named Wheezing that spits out icky sludge and this giant dead fish named Victory Bell that trys to eat him.

James has tons of shrines for him up all over the internet. He has a goofy voice that sounds like my pap imitating his voice. His friend Jessie has this red hair that comes off for a few feet and curls very cartoon-like. They like each other.

James also lost his face the day he went to an Ebay auction. I feel sorry for him. The end.

From Cipher Pol[edit]

See this page.