Close Encounters of the Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense Kind

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Slappy Dappy Clappers

It's Slappy Dappy Clappers time!

When life gets you down, clap a dappy slappy clapper!

Come down the line, can't complain, I'm doing fine, clap a slappy-the dappy- the also and rappy clappers!


Throw the pass, catch the ball, slap a clappy dapper!

I am so- uh, so very- uh, dub it, break the beat back, clap a slappy dapper.

All material is copyright 2005 by the Slappy Dappy Clapper. Visit our website. Oh, wait, we don't have one. Bye!

Kyle Hanson

Kyle Hanson is the awesomest, for real. He is 13 years old and still awesome. His middle name is Jake. He says hi. He has made many moving pieces of literature, including:

Why Wisconsin Owes Me $5,000

I Really Need A Dollar

Please Don't Hurt Me

This Computer Is Frozen And It Will Suck Me Into Cyberspace, Volume 1

School Sucks

Your Momma G Dawgs

Wassup, G Dawgs?

He has also written a song called "Your Momma Sucks Weed". He says hi again.

He also owns a racehorse that doesn't race named Alex Is Great, and owns a non-existant football team named the Hansontown Buffalos. His team says hi. His horse says neigh. He just made a movie a minute ago called "Why Kyle Hanson Rocks: From Birth To Stardom". He says hi again.

He also has a cure for cancer.

A Cure for Cancer

Here is the cure for cancer, perpetrated by world renowned scientist Kyle Hanson. The cure entails that you must eat 1 stick of pencil lead twice a day, get the proper amount of exercise, do the best you can, get the job done, eat a tofu neptune crunch, and sing the G-Dawg Hoedown twice a day with a partner.


The title given to this article is incorrect due to mental limitations. The correct title is (just Another Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense page).


An Inanimate Object is an object that does not move and has no life. Any such object can be Personified to be made life-like.

Inanimate Objects: Rock



Sock Puppet

Russian Hip Hop

Pedro Astacio

Pedro Astacio is a starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers. He sucks ass.

Best vandalism ever Country Wife&diff=14255139&oldid=14254975

Goblin metal

Goblin metal is one of a large number of musical subgenres that people, usually music critics, invent when a band does not rip off another band to the note and think that this somehow constitutes a brand new musical genre. In this case it is applied to any band that does not copy Blind Guardian or Isengard note for note.

From Ectopia

Ectopia is a displacement or malposition of an organ of the body. Most ectopia are congenital but some may happen later in life.

-Types of ectopia-

From Raiden (Metal Gear)

Gender: ??? (Supposedly Male)

Transgendered, maybe? <nowiki|</nowiki|Rickyrab | Talk 23:12, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)
Hardly. There's a huge difference between androgyny and transgenderism. :O --Thorns Among Our Leaves 23:58, 17 July 2005 (UTC) (original poster to BJAODN)

From VfD discussion on James Dodd

  • DO NOT Delete. I am a huge Metallica fan, and have heard of James Dodd. The importance of the consequences of their chance meeting makes it worthy of inclusion. He was mentioned by Lars in an interview with a drummer magazine, possibily Drum!, and was widely circulated in fan forums a couple of years ago. Jc57 13:51, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  • Please take note to the following WIkepedia guidelines: Please do not bite the newcomers Understand that newcomers are both needed by and of value to the community. By empowering newcomers, we improve the diversity of knowledge, opinions and ideals on Wikipedia, enhance its value and preserve its neutrality and integrity as a resource. Jc57 14:09, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    • I'm not biting, just pointing out in a forum that gets more than its fair share of sockpuppetry that you have only just signed up for a user-name. -- Francs2000 | <a href= talk:Francs2000&action=edit&section=new|Talk]] wikipedia: 14:10, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)
      • By slanderously suggesting I am a mere sockpuppet, you are merely trying to detract attention from some of the skeletons in your own Wikepedia closet, such as the utterly inappropriate page on Glory hole, and the completely unsubstantiated one on Cassandra Latham, and thus the intrinsic lack of repsect other Wikepedians must have for you. Furthemore, this is no place for personal comments, if you have any more Defamatory remarks about me, please use a private forum. Jc57 14:31, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC)

From Ninja:

Kawasaki Ninja

The Kawasaki Ninja has been an icon in the world of sport bikes for as since it's introduction in the 1980's by Masamoto Tazaki. I wish I had enough money to buy a new 2005 ZX-6r, but I don't, so I think I'm just going to get a used Z750s or a new 2005 500r. People who ride Kawasaki Ninja's are notorious for being able to pick up any chick they want and being impossibly cool in all situations. They are gods in American society.

From Someday We'll Know

"Who holds the stars up in the sky?"

The energy released from the stellar core of a Star heats the stellar interior, producing the pressure that holds a star up.

"Why the sky is blue"

Main articles: Rayleigh scattering, Diffuse sky radiation

The sky is blue because Molecules in the atmosphere preferentially scatter blue light.

"Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?"

Main article: Atlantis

There are many hypotheses about the location of Atlantis. Plato, who was the first to mention the island, placed it somewhere outside the Pillars of Hercules (i.e. the Straits of Gibraltar). Other suggest the Mediterranean Sea as a more suitable location.

From Talk:George W. Bush

Vote for Portrait Change

A celebrity's portrait need not always be a solemn one. A photo which caught up the precious moment of a man's true nature might be more worthy or informative than you think. I believe a new bio-photo might be more helpful than the current one in helping those knowledge seekers who come to this page to distinguish the personal characteristic of the featuring topic in the first eye, hence a vote is held, to change the bio-photo from the current one:


to the proposed one:

Image:George W Bush Speaking.jpg

Please cast your vote here so it can be decided if the proposed image is going to be applied. The poll will last a week.

  • Yes. The proposer. -- Curimi 14:48, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)

What is this patent nonsense? PPGMD 05:30, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Deleted...ongoing pranks constituting vandalism deleted. He was contributing zero to the article...he also archived this discussion page here Http:// W. Bush&oldid=15379370, just as we were getting busy on the Rfc...--MONGO 06:57, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)

To the hell where in my proposal did you find any vandalism?

  1. State your reason why you think a change like this comprising a vandalism. Did I make joke of anything in my vote description or did you find it a blasphemy against the featuring topic by changing the picture? I proposed the portrait change because instead of the static, bureaucratic-posed current one, I found the proposed picture has a more dynamic, realistic nature. It addresses the activism and pragmatism personalities of the featuring topic in a vivid fashion. I argue that it can give more information about the distinguishing characteristics of the featuring topic than the trait-less one which now presenting.
  2. Even if you did not look with favor on my proposal, you could not call it a vandalism. You should not call it a vandalism. Did I applied any change on the article yet? No. I came to the talk page seeking a consensus. And now you claimed I have vandalized this sacred discussion place. What? You trying to strip away my freedom of giving out opinions? As long as this discussion page exists even George W. Bush is not capable of doing that on me!
  3. Oh yessss, I was contributing zero to the article, which means I am new to this article, so when I came here and found this talk page has more than 100KB I just archived it. My fault. My apology for this. But you just claimed me guilty and sentenced my poll to death before calling me to a hearing. Is this the proper netiquette a Wikipedian should have?
  4. Not to mention by excluding my rights of opining or editing just because I am new to this article you have desecrated the very doctrine of Wikipedia, the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit!

Hence the poll is revived. If you disagree, express your doubts in a civilized way. -- Curimi 14:48, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Flamer's bible

Revision 1: Dec. 2, 1987 by Joe Talmadge

In the time I have been posting to net, I have encountered flame wars of epic proportions (Brahms Gang vs. Tim Maroney), and flame wars of a more modest nature (MIT vs. CIT). Flaming has evolved into a highly-stylized art form, complete with unwritten rules and guidelines.

Here, I have attempted to document the Art of Flaming, in such a way as it will be interesting to old hands (flame masters) and novices (virgins) alike. Without a further ado, then, I present:

The Twelve Commandments of Flaming

      1. Make things up about your opponent: It's important to make your lies sound true. Preface your argument with the word  
         "clearly." "Clearly, Fred Flooney is a liar, and a dirtball to boot."
      2. Be an armchair psychologist: You're a smart person. You've heard of Freud. You took a psychology course in college. 
         Clearly, you're qualified to psychoanalyze your opponent. "Polly Purebread, by using the word 'zucchini' in her posting,           
         shows she has a bad case of penis envy."
      3. Cross-post your flames: Everyone on the net is just waiting for the next literary masterpiece to leave your terminal. From 
         rec.arts.wobegon to alt.gourmand, they're all holding their breaths until your next flame. Therefore, post everywhere.
      4. Conspiracies abound: If everyone's against you, the reason can't *possibly* be that you're a fuckhead. There's obviously a 
         conspiracy against you, and you will be doing the entire net a favor by exposing it.
      5. Lawsuit threats: This is the reverse of Rule #4 (sort of like the Yin & Yang of flaming). Threatening a lawsuit is always 
         considered to be in good form. "By saying that I've posted to the wrong group, Bertha has libeled me, slandered me, and 
         sodomized me. See you in court, Bertha."
      6. Force them to document their claims: Even if Harry Hoinkus states outright that he likes tomato sauce on his pasta, you 
         should demand documentation. If Newsweek hasn't written an article on Harry's pasta preferences, then Harry's obviously 
      7. Use foreign phrases: French is good, but Latin is the lingua franca of flaming. You should use the words "ad hominem" at 
         least three times per article. Other favorite Latin phrases are "ad nauseum," "vini, vidi, vici," and "fettuccini alfredo."
      8. Tell 'em how smart you are: Why use intelligent arguments to convince them you're smart when all you have to do is tell  
         them? State that you're a member of Mensa or Mega or Dorks of America. Tell them the scores you received on every exam 
         since high school. "I got an 800 on my SATs, LSATs, GREs, MCATs, and I can also spell the word 'premeiotic'."
      9. Accuse your opponent of censorship. It is your right as an American citizen to post whatever the hell you want to the net 
        (as guaranteed by the 37th Amendment, I think). Anyone who tries to limit your cross-posting or move a flame war to email is 
        either a communist, a fascist, or both.
     10. Doubt their existence: You've never actually seen your opponent, have you? And since you're the center of the universe, you 
         should have seen them by now, shouldn't you? Therefore, THEY DON'T EXIST! This is the beauty of flamers' logic.
     11. Lie, cheat, steal, leave the toilet seat up.
     12. When in doubt, insult: If you forget the other 11 rules, remember this one. At some point during your wonderful career as a 
         flamer you will undoubtedly end up in a flame war with someone who is better than you. This person will expose your lies, 
         tear apart your arguments, make you look generally like a bozo. At this point, there's only one thing to do: insult the 
         dirtbag!!! "Oh yeah? Well, your mother does strange things with vegetables."
   The Golden Rule of Flaming
   My flames will be witty, insulting, interesting, funny, caustic, or sarcastic, but never, ever, will they be boring.
   Here endeth the scriptures.


Football Manager

Football Manager was a classic Football (soccer) management simulation first developed by Kevin Toms for 8-bit computers.


On the 12th February 2004, after splitting from publishers Eidos it was announced that Sports Interactive, producers of the Championship Manager game, had acquired the brand and would henceforth release their games under the "Football Manager" name, whilst the Championship Manager series will go on, but no longer be related to Sports Interactive

Commonly known as FM 2005, the new game is one of the most hotly anticipated software releases ever, and is expected to compete directly with the first Championship Manager game to be developed by the Eidos funded Beautiful Game Studios.

It includes an updated user interface, a refined game engine, updated database and competition rules, pre- and post-match information, light and dark side Force powers, international player news, cup summary news, 2D clips from agents, coach reports on squads, job centre for non-playing positions, the ability to become an Oxen, mutual contract termination, the option to send your players to Switzerland for Voluntary euthanasia, enhanced player loan options, manager "mind games" and various other features; few of which are original, and none of which add an ounce of enjoyment to the game.

Further Enhancements are penciled in for the 2006 release of Football Manager. Features being touted by SIgames include the ability to praise or criticize your whole team, have a blow-drier-treatment half-time-team-talk, and punch other managers in the Cunt. Head of the Cunt department, Dr Dang Ravell spoke to the Islington Herald saying; "I am fully confident that she was of legal age." "I have nothing further to add" He added.


Football Manager 2005 was released on November 4th 2004 and became the 50th fastest selling PC game of all time (according to, just behind INCESTAHOLIC, Lifeboat of the Champions and Pole Dancing Manager 05.

Sadly the makers thought better of including an option to wish AIDS on Sam Allardyce. This is yet another example of Sports Interactive shitting on the cornflakes of their loyal fans.

The website of designers Sports Interactive has messageboard forums run by trained chimps.

Jackie Dorey, a legend and a true Gay icon, tragically died, and left a son. His son, who works for Sports Interactive, dedicated the game to his father. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution as unavailable for comment.

Rumour has it that Sports Interactive hired a Downs syndrome child to carry out their PR functions. While this impressed many, the efforts of Miles Jacobson actually alienated further fans of the game who didn't appreciate being treated like simpletons. Piracy has long been a problem for Sports Interactive, and never moreso than with the release of FM05. Miles Jacobson, mild mannered PR guru was heard to remark "OMGWTF I'LL STEAL YOUR CAR SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT".

Bad news piracy fans, Sports Interactive have rather insensitively released a bug-fixing patch which, when installed, completely ruins the effects of your game cracks. Miles was unavailable for comment.

The game includes a unique feature which allows you to edit the commentary to include racist slurs, such as "pathetic Honky cracker" and "red sea marauder".

Sports Interactive actively support the sale of Synthetic baby milk to starving families in Sudan.


FUCK MILES, USE KILOMETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

From Procrastination

Some people procrastinate by writing/editing articles on wikipedia or even by vandalism of other entries. You might even say I am procrastinating right now. How ironic. Chances are, you are procrastinating by the very fact that you are reading this sentence.

From Nanny 911

Nanny 911(Game)Is a video game due for release in Summer 2006 for Playstation 2, Xbox, By rumor,Nintendo Gamecube,Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS. It will feature voiceovers by the nannies.Electronic Arts will be publishing it

From Asafa Powell

He is a big fan of running around a track.


Numinoprimatology is the study of the religious beliefs, value systems, and rituals of nonhuman primates, particularly chimpanzees.

The field was pioneered by Professor Richard Freimatage of Oxdunk University in 1952. In that year, while on an expedition in Indian East Africa, Freimatage came upon a group of male chimpanzees building a shrine to their god of bananas. Meanwhile, females from the same troop were prostrating themselves in front of a set of similar shrines nearby.

In 1957, Freimatage's student, Irma Foucelle, reported her discovery of two troops of great white apes engaged in an ongoing series of wars, and determined that the wars were being fought over issues of religious doctrine. Unfortunately, she was only partly successful in identifying those issues.

Today, the field of numinoprimatology has expanded to include hundreds of researchers at prestigious institutions throughout the world.

Lord Mike Saga

<small|you'll probably need to be a Doctor Who fan to get all the in-jokes</small|

Launched in 1969 as an "innovative, bold and excited new drama on prime time TV" the Lord Mike Saga has now dissapeared into obscurity. The Lord Mike Saga ran for several seasons, first on prime time TV, and then as viewing figures dropped, on increasingly obscure time slots such as 3.25AM 1.45PM and, eventually, 6.00AM.

The Saga featured the adventures of Lord Mike, and a number of his dim witted sidekicks including Steven Ford, Lance Bayliss and Nibbles the Otter. Mills was later joined by the gorgeous Lady Marian who acted as a competent accomplice for his lordship.

The "team" faced such villains as the Stainless Steel Rat, Stefan Fjord, Lord Ike, and the mysterious Mr Thompson, in increasingly bizarre circumstances. As time went on, the stories became increasingly steeped in their own continuity until, in the final story, a bizarre twisted continuity filled tale, a character who had muttered one line in a story eight years earlier turned out to be an evil clone of Lord Mike's twin brother, who in the future, travelled into the past, to father Lord Mike and himself himself, plotted a plan to take over Wales. At the end of this story all the characters were sucked into their own continuity, never to be seen again, and the series was, thankfully, axed.

Unfortunately, almost all recordings of the Lord Mike Saga were deleted by the BBC. This deletion wasn't, as was previously though, carried out because the BBC didn't see any economic benefit in keeping the recordings, but because they just didn't like it very much.

Gertrude of Holland

Gertrude of Holland was an emancipated garden gnome born in 1723. He live in Florence Italy dfor the first 78 years of his life where he created the world's first museum dedicated entirely to the effort of Sir Gertrude, his only Father. His inspiration was a mule he saw on the back of an action man figurine and got him four pence to every pound of cheese he accepted. He lives a rather depleted live as he was deprived of limbs from birth. He dies in 1649 of a stroke to the head with a cleaver, severing the top half of his head. He was a great man.

The bunny cult

The Bunny Cult, founded by members of the Long Island gay community in 2004, consists of homosexual men and women from around the globe who enjoy the rather unusual (and in most places, illegal) practice of autoerotic bunny insertion whereby a live rabbit, with the help of a PVC tube, is inserted into the anal cavity to induce orgasm, incidentally suffocating the rabbit.


Floobendedockensnigle is a small plannet just north of the Moon. its inhabitants are a simple people called the Floobendedockensniglians, the language skills of which are so limited that their entire language consists solely of the word "Floobendedockensnigle", only there are 45 million different punctuation marks, telling you where to put the stress, which letters are silent, and which letters are put in that were never found in the original "Floobendedockensnigle", for example the word "Floobendedockensnigle£4*/" is pronounces with the entire of the "Bendedockensnigle" missing pronouncing it more like "floo" and meaning "Get that walrus off my foot", in another example the word "Floobendedockensnigle(+?<" is entirely replaced and ends up sounding more like "Good morning" and simple means "why?". A main problem of this language is that you will never know exactly how to pronounce a word or what it means untill you have seen all of the punctuation marks, this results in small typos causing bizare and unrelated results. In one example, a 73 volume encyclopedia was transformed into an epic novel about spaghetti people due to the last punctuation mark missing. However, despit their language problems, the Floobendedockensniglians have suvived through the generations to become a highly advanced society, inventing a great cloaking sheild to hide their entire plannet from Earth. Unfortunately the plannet, and all its contents, have become invisible from the inside to, thus a commonly heard phrase in Floobendedockensnigle today is "Floobendedockensnigle$=-+" which sounds more like "floobendedee" roughly translated "I'll follow the sound of your voooooiiiice! ouch!".

From Durian (briefly!)

One should abstain from alcoholic beverages when consuming alcohol. There have been undocumented incidents of death from this.

Being Vandalized


From Talk: Arguments against the existence of God

User:Johnstone presents this analogy:

Arguments against the roundness of Earth

Many arguments against the roundness of planets have been proposed over time, with reference to multiple planets and conceptions of Earth. This article lists some of the more common ones.

Arguments against specific statements of the roundness of planets

While some Orbists argue that a planet entirely transcends Geometry and that logical discourse about it is therefore meaningless, others would disagree with the assertion that a planet has Ungeometric properties. Each of the following arguments aims at proving that some particular conception of the roundness of a planet either is inherently irrational, contradictory, or contradicts known scientific and historical facts, and that therefore a planet thus described cannot be round.

Argument justifying anti-roundnessism in general

While it may be possible to disprove the roundness of some particular Earth, it is in general impossible to prove the nonroundness of all conceivable Earths. Rather than try to do this, most anti-orbists argue that merely pointing out the flaws or lack of soundness in all Arguments for the roundness of Earth is sufficient to show that Earth's roundness is less probable than its nonroundness; by Occam's Razor (principle of Parsimony), the Burden of proof lies on the advocate of that alternative which is less probable. By this reasoning, an antiorbist who is able to refute any argument for the roundness of Earth encountered is justified in taking an Anti-orbist view; anti-orbism is thus the "default" position, though some argue that it is more proper to consider Ageosticism as the default.

From Costeala

Costeala is a Romanian tradition that involves violent hitting of the ribs with one's fingers. It is practiced secretly in schools during the hours. It was started by a turkish man who would poke his visitors violently in the ribs. The tradition was passed on to Bogdan Vera and Alex Oasa from Romania, who made it popular. Today, it is practiced everywhere, from schools to offices, and Bogdan and Alex are considered the kings of costeala.

Costeala can be very painfull, such as the one implied by "Panzariu Adrian", the great romanian fatass.

From costeala, many other types of pain inducing were derived:

Cefeala, the violent hitting of the back of the head. Gateala, violent poking of the neck, which unfortunately can lead to death. Suprema, horrible costeala, involving grabbing and shifting of the internal organs.

Suprema Dubla, implying two hands at the same time.

Costeala sometimes results in hitting of the fingers.

NOTE: It is believed that Vlad Tepes once used costeala, or at least a type of costeala, since it had not yet been invented.

From Wiktionary, the defn of Peking duck



Unknown, possibly derived from a rare variation of Fnord


  • AHD|/pī/


peKing ducK (plural: OMG WtF PEKInGG DUK!!SADIH LOL)

  1. a Duck that is pecking in China
    Hey, did you hear the one about the Peking duck?
  2. a duck which does not actually exist, and, therefore, does not have an Echoing quack
    Sweet Jesus, that's a Peking duck!

Transitive verb

to peking duck, -ed, -ing

  1. to eat the center part of an injured duck's third Heart
    I peked duck last night.


  • 1337: P3|{1n9 е(|{



  1. Lucky, especially when it involves ducks in some way

The Scots Wikipedia

I don't know if anyone else finds this funny, and due respect to minority languages, but try reading the Scots wikipedia at Sco:Main Page; those familiar with English ought to be able to understand it phonetically, but it is weird, especially if you know about Scots words used in English. Dunc| 22:41, 22 Jun 2005 (UTC)

  • Now all you English-speakers know what it's like for Russian-speakers to read the Ukrainian Wikipedia. It has a lot more articles too. platypeanArchcow 3 July 2005 15:02 (UTC)

Evan Haight-Boyd

Evan Haight-Boyd - Born September 11, 1981, in Los Angeles, California. He recently has taken to adding to the Wikkipedia, and in an attempt to discover some things, has posted his biography.

vandalized from 4 mar to 22 jun 2005

Wikipedia:Write like this we should

<div align="center" margin:1em class="boilerplate" class="metadata" id="protected" width="85%" align="center" cellspacing="3" style="font-size:95%; border: 1px solid #C0C090; background-color: #F8EABA; margin-bottom: 3px;padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px;" |A proposed Wikipedia policy, guideline, or process this page is. In development, under discussion, or in the process of gathering consensus for adoption, the proposal may still be. Describe it as "policy" references or links to this page should not.

Currently uses both "Regular Grammar" and "Yoda English" this site does. Added to Wikipedia Style Guide "Yoda English" should be. Imagine Wikipedia, you should; and how kids it are using. How to incorrectly speak, they are learning. Be taken seriously, we want! Standards, we need!

Yoda English, using

Cultural clashes over grammar, spelling, and capitalisation/capitalization — common experience on Wikipedia, they are. True Jedi a different form of English to yours have been taught to use. A certain etiquette generally accepted on Wikipedia there is:

  • A uniform spelling, not a haphazard mix of different spellings, each article should have. For example, Ben Kenobi in one place and Obi-Wan Kenobi in another on the same page do not use. Jarring for the reader, it is.
  • Articles that focus on a topic specific to Star Wars to the rules of Yoda English should generally conform. For example:
    • article on Little actor who thought he was the real Jabba: U.S. usage and spelling
    • article on Yoda's house: Yoda English usage and spelling
  • If the spelling appears in an article name, make a redirect page to accommodate the other variant, you should, as with Minor vehicles in Star Wars and Vehicles in Star Wars, minor they are
  • If predominantly written in one type of English an article is, to conform to that type rather than provoking conflict by changing to another you must aim.
  • Consult Wikipedia articles such as Yoda, you should.
  • If all else fails, consider following the spelling style preferred by the first major contributor (that is, not a stub) to the article you should.

Wikipedia:Manual of Style (spelling), see also.

Arguments for not using Yoda English

If British English is good enough for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Obi-Wan Kenobi, then it's good enough for Wikipedia, Luke. This is not the English you are looking for.

Everybody hates my articles

Why do you all hate everything I write

Because there's no real content, write something useful and well researched.

From Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Islamophilia

  1. Jsaid2009 This request for a deletion is based on several logical fallacies. The first is called Argumentum ad Numerum - because more people share the opinion, it somehow must be right. Because Islamophobia garners more google hits than Islamophillia, it must be true. Before Copernicus, the earth was flat because more people believed it. The second argument is equally invalid. I see no Naziphobia or Naziphillia, therefore everyone has no interest in the idealogical system of Nazism? Given that the Nazi party is in power in Austria, this argument holds no water Template:Unsigned
    • The above statement appears to be a Chewbacca Defense. — Dan Johnson TC 14:07, 2005 Jun 18 (UTC)
      • I believe that's what's known as argumentum ad chewbaccum. silsor 08:24, Jun 20, 2005 (UTC)

From Sandwich

Many sandwich producers are known for their criminal obsession of putting Condiments and other, less than Solid, ingredients in their sandwiches, like Mayonnaise, Ketchup or Mustard . This turns the (usually pleasant) experience of eating a sandwich into a messy Torture that the Inquisition would be more than proud of. Sliced Tomato also fits in this category of ingredients that should be prohibited by International law from inclusion into a sandwich, however some disagree that in this case the offender should be viewed with some sympathy as tomato slices are easily discarded from the sandwich before eating, where condiments and Sauces are not.

MosheZadka 10:38, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

From Spark-chamber detector

All was going well, up until the final sentence...

A spark-chamber detector is a Particle detector, that is, a device used in Particle physics for detecting electrically charged Particles. It was most widely-used in the 1970s, and has since been superseded by more sophisticated detectors such as Drift chambers and silicon detectors; however, spark chambers are still of scientific value due to their relative simplicity.

Spark-chamber detectors consists of metal plates placed in a sealed box filled with gas (for example, helium, neon or a mixture of the two); as a particle travels through the detector, it will Ionize the gas between the plates, and a trigger system is used to apply high Voltage to the plates to create an Electric field immediately after the particle went through the chamber, producing sparks on its exact trajectory.

Spark-chamber detectors are generally less accurate than Bubble-chamber detectors; however, they can be made highly selective with the help of auxiliary detectors, thus proving useful in searching for very rare events.

This sex-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by <a href= detector&action=edit|expanding it]].

Added to Category: History

History is the study of stuff that, like, happened.

From Nigel dang

Nigel Dang, the most Dangerous man alive. He is the notorious "Gangsta" from Cabramatta. He has been known to hit old people and has been linked to several robberies. If you cross his path, run away, because if you even look at him, he will kill you.] heres a pic: <a href=]]

From: Alex ‘C-Chit-PO’ Chitty

Alex ‘C-Chit-PO’ Chitty, born in 1981 to Grant Formaldehyde Petri Douglas Chitty and Mary Magdalene Felony Chitty, wealthy platinum prospectors, made rich in the 1976-80 West Sussex Platinum rush, resided just outside Chichester at his parents 892 acre Fishbourne estate until his 18th year, when his parent’s radical political sensibilities convinced the young man to form the Chitty Coalition. The Chitty Coalition was a military organization with the single goal of toppling the long dominant Merdler Administration, despised by much of the populace for its haphazard ruling of the Sussex Region and its exploitation of children in the endless lemon farms that had developed with the rise of the tequila economy during the 1970s.

‘Chit-PO’ became known as such in the early months of the Chitty wore due to the platinum suit of armour he commonly war on the battle front (especially during the January 2005 Pool Valley siege) and its resemblance to the famous film android C3PO.

With his parent’s wealth behind him, and a band of loyal followers (such as 12 Medallion, a long time friend and confidant of the Chitty family, originally employed as their court jester during the early prospecting years) C-Chit PO managed to successfully weaken the Merdler Administration, forcing Lewis ‘D-Tec’ Merdler, leader of the Administration, and Hurry Potter, his ‘right-hand-man’ (the official position of Hurry Potter within the Administration is unclear. It was only ever alluded to, the only written record stating, ‘Mr. Potter provides ‘special personal services’ to The Esteemed Top Head, the Right Honourable Count Master of Sussex, Lewis ‘D-Tec’ Merdler) to sign the Treaty of Functionality in June 2005, granting the people of Pool Valley self-governance.

Davies' attack

c**p on your hand and tho it at the PC, if falls to the left... wa hey ! you cracked, otherwise.. repeat till it does !

FC Ural Ekatrinburg

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Vivephilia is the term used to describe a Paraphilia from a dead person towards a living person. It is the opposite of Necrophilia, which is when a living person has a Paraphilia for the dead.

Though there have not yet been any cases settled through the courts on the charge of vivephilia, there have been several literary cases of vivephilia. One of the most well-known of these cases is Count Dracula; in fact, Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, is full of sexual references between Dracula and living females.

Another factor of vivephilia is the issue of Homosexual and Pedophiliacal Vivephiles. I think this should have another label entirely-- "going far, far, far too far" might be an accurate summary.


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