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from User:Whstchy/Urban poet:

By Tirinz Smyife (street poet)

Born Terrence Smith in the western suburbs of Melbourne Australia in 1946. Terrence worked as a public servant with the department of urban planning from 1954 to 2001, retiring at the age of 55 to take up his true love or "URBAN POETRY"

Terrence has used a years in local government to help him on his dark journey to the very heart and soul of what it is to be a youth on bad streets of Melbourne.

I found you my leper lover.[edit]

I found you laying in the cold.
You looked so lovely, now not so old

I thought I saw you gaze at me,
But no, it was just your leprose

I found your ears right on the floor
I found your lips stuck to the door

Your right hand thumb, just flew right off
As did your nose, when you coughed

I found you, laying safe and sound
Except for the bits that were on the ground

Spank the monkey[edit]

Naughty boy, keeping me up at night.
You’re so rude as you stand straight up looking at me.
Naughty Naughty monkey.
Spank you, Spank you, Spank you.


Push, push push,
Tie it off and try again
Push Push.
Go to the pharmacy…… or the free clinic…..or maybe you could even try the local council
Push Push Push
I hate needles
Push Push Push
Glad I’m not a junky……..any more


I just can’t write
My mind has turned to Shite
I’ve got the block
Caused by my cock
And it’s stirrings late at night
Masturbation is my downfall
A toss, a pull, a wank
I need to pay my electric bills
But these deposits aren’t for banks.