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This is when the real part of the Lebesgue-Probability of an event is not equal to zero. If the probability of rolling a five on the Lebesgue Dice were 0.5+i, then the we expect on average after 10 rolls, five never to appear 5 times and the disappear through another dimension. No isomorphism has been found between Complex Probability and a standard group, and the Manning-McArdle Conjucture states that Complex-Probability does not lead to consistant answers unless the imaginary part is equal to some integer times the square root of 7.

Lir's request for snoyes' desysopping[edit]

If you're requesting your own de-adminship, you can do so private communication with a developer, should you wish to do so. If you're requesting de-adminship of someone else, you can do so here, but please first try to discuss the issue directly with the admin in question. Note that there are alternatives to removing sysop privileges: such as a "clarification" or "request" from Mr. Wales.

  • User:Snoyes unprotected DNA, which was undergoing mediation. Now the page has returned to an edit war state. I don't think sysop priviliges should be entrusted to somebody who can't even be bothered to ask on the talk page whether people think unprotection is a good idea. He didn't even bother to leave a note on the talk page, indicating that it had been unprotected! Lirath Q. Pynnor
    • This is ridiculous. I was going to unprotect it myself, but snoyes did it first. Perhaps I should be desysopped too. The article had gone virtually untouched for two weeks before he unprotected it, no doubt discouraging valid contributions in that time. After it was unprotected, it took another week for the edit warring to start again. You cannot place the blame for your poor etiquette and hostile style of expressing your opinion upon the person who enabled a forum for that expression. silsor 17:25, Jan 29, 2004 (UTC)
      • From email exchanges with Lir, it has become clear to me that the reason the edit war did not restart for a week is because Lir didn't notice it had been unprotected for a week. -- Cyan 18:23, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Protecting pages is considered harmful. Articles can not stay protected forever just because you can't control your edit warring. Snoyes did exactly the right thing unprotecting it. Angela. 17:35, Jan 29, 2004 (UTC)
      • While protected pages are considered harmful, so are edit wars. It is a question of which is more harmful at a particular time, which is a judgment call each sysop must make for him- or herself. -- Cyan 18:23, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Snoyes did nothing wrong. Optim 18:05, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Unprotecting a page while discussion is ongoing is not an abuse of sysop privilege. Unprotecting a page without consulting the disputants is not an abuse of sysop privilege. Unprotecting a page without leaving a note on the talk page is not an abuse of sysop privilege. I doubt anyone but you, Lir, thinks Snoyes's sysop privileges should be removed because of a judgment call made without consulting you and that you do not agree with. -- Cyan
    • Protecting a page is a technological last resort aimed at people who can't resolve their differences by discourse and consensus. As Angela pointed out, it is harmful as it makes 3rd party contributions impossible. The page was protected on the 6th of January. I unprotected it on the 22nd. The time it spent in a protected state was already way too long. Any reasonable group of persons should be able to agree not to edit an article for a set duration of time in order to resolve their differences. As a matter of fact, I'm going to have a look at the protection log to see whether there are any other articles that have been protected for too long. And no, I won't leave a notice on the talk page. --snoyes 18:30, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • I think Lir sort of has a point. Given that Lir hadn't come to an agreement on the talk page, more edit warring and protection was inevitable as soon as the page became unprotected. The lifted protection was actually the second recent protection of the article from Lir, who on de-protection the first time went right back to the objectionable changes that prompted the protection, and even after an agreement seemingly had been reached on the Talk page. Given that history, I think it was in a way premature for Snoyes to deprotect it again before the community has banned Lir. Now I suppose I am in danger of losing my adminship for protecting the page again, although I have made a recent edit to the page. Yes, I realize I could have asked someone else to do it for me. I just couldn't see anything truly wrong with doing it myself. I won't mind expanding on that if anyone wishes to nominate me for deadminning. 168... 18:32, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
      • I don't see why someone who has repeatedly and after having been informed [later note:I was mistaken that this was done repeatedly or after having been informed - snoyes 19:42, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)], broken rule number 2 of Wikipedia:Protection policy has anything to say about my conduct in protecting/unprotecting pages. - snoyes 18:49, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
          • Hey, wait a minute! "Repeatedly"?! "after having been informed"?! If I'm reading "rule number 2" correctly (they aren't numbered) those assertions are patently false. I have never protected any page ever before I protected the DNA page this time.168... 19:29, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
            • Yes they are numbered. Number two states: "Do not protect a page you have edited recently, have been in a dispute with in the past, or where you are in some other way involved" This was the case with your protection of DNA. I made a mistake about you repeatedly having done this. (I misread the date on Mav's comment on your talk page.) For this I appologise. - snoyes 19:42, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
              • Weird: Somehow I didn't see the numbers the first time. At least I counted right. Thanks for the apology for the misstatement. You might have apologized too for interpreting my post as having been directed against you when it wasn't, not that it wouldn't be understandable if you were in a defensive state of mind at the time. 168... 20:49, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
        • I only said something about your conduct as a rhetorical device to say something about Lir and make an academic point about the system. I believe that since Lir is not likely to be banned anytime soon, what you did was the best thing to do and I am glad you did it. It has moved things along.168... 18:55, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Lirath Q. Pynnor has an edit war and wants someone else penalised for Lirath Q. Pynnor's own failure to follow normal practice? I don't think I'll support that. Lirath Q. Pynnor, please get the community involved instead of going on a one person crusade. Jamesday 18:35, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Oh waah! Somebody unprotected the page and made me get in an edit war! Just disregard anything either Lir or 168 has to say in this issue. - Hephaestos 19:39, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Pay close attention to what Hephaestos had to say on this issue. It's an excellent example of a valid point being drowned out by the inflammatory rudeness of its presentation. A post like that discourages anything but an emotional response. I'm glad that so many of us seem able to avoid making them most of the time. 168... 21:07, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
      • Excuse me if I respond to frivolous bull in kind. I'd rather be a little rude than invite the inevitable shitstorm that completely and justifiably removing this idiotic thread would entail. I tried "being nice" for over a year; obviously it hasn't worked. Another approach is called for. - Hephaestos 21:16, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
        • I would excuse you, if the post you just made were an apology and not an escalation of the rudeness. New approaches may be called for, but as you described it, yours strikes me as a tragically misguided one.168... 21:31, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
      • Hephaestos, I think it's important to recognize that 168's "Lir sort of has a point" post wasn't actually on the topic of desysoping snoyes. In other words, it's off-topic here. Anything 168 has to say on the pertinent topic may very will be worth reading. (For the record, I agree with most of the content of 168's original post. Also for the record, I think politeness is the worst approach, except for all the other ones.) -- Cyan 21:37, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
        • Thanks for the courteous words of moderation. Just for the record, I actually did have something to say on the pertinent topic, but only said it after my initial post. People can go find what I had to say if they're interested.168... 23:43, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)
    • Snoyes is a hard-working and fair-minded contributor and a worthy sysop. "If in doubt, always unprotect a page" is a good rule-of-thumb. After all, if an edit war restarts, there are plenty of sysops here who can come along and protect it again. It takes what? Three seconds? Support for Snoyes. Tannin 22:10, 29 Jan 2004 (UTC)


Transient Flex is the makeshift parabola described by the repetition of two or more tones. They are best described in terms of Houston's Paranelium, a tiny part of the cochlea which aligns hair cells on the basis of their approximate era.

As such, the Teddy Boy hairs are demoted to the 50s quadrant, the hairies to the 60s and so forth until mutrant wielder VII instigates a sharp, vast and bulbous revenge on the duchy of Winchy Vitriol!

Ancient city of Rome[edit]

Ancient Rome was a great and powerful civilisation. They even had central heating 2000 years ago. Unfortunately, like Germany between the world wars, it was too easy for someone to become dictator. Someone did, and then it all went to shit. (Insert Details Here)


Danielle Giusto

This agent of the Catholic Church has been considered the most devout soul in the Washington, DC area. A native of Long Island, she is just a bit of terrific. Starting from birth, she felt a calling to be a lion tamer. She trained with ferocious dogs and bigger-than-average cats. However, during her first experience with a lion she was viciously mauled. This led Danielle to pursue music instead. She was enrolled in the American University in Washington, DC. After her first voice rehearsal she came upon a misterious burning bush. She prostrated herself, and started reciting the Lord's Prayer. But, it turned out that the dry bush just caught on fire, as it was a hot day. As she was just about to stand up, she heard deep male voices speaking a language she could not recognize. Peering over the charred bush, she saw a group of Neo-Nazis. The curious girl followed them as they walked down a winding path. They entered a dark warehouse behind American University. The leader of the group started yelling fanatically. From his tone, she could tell something was about to happen. She saw them lead in two small children, whom they meant to sacrafice to Baal. She swung from the rafters, where she had hidden, and with one arm grabbed the children. Her knowledge of karate allowed her to defeat the ten fascists. She chose not to tell of her explopits for modesty is a virtue.

Later Life

Currently a Freshman, she passes her days studying too much and listening to show tunes. She dabbles in esoteric philosophy, and researches obscure diseases. Her other accomplishments include being voted "best dressed" at Catholic World Youth Day in Toronto.

Births on February 23[edit]

1959 - Thomas Kummer-Hardt, chica lover & expert

Dennis Kucinich[edit]

It is therefore unsurprising that Kucinich has attracted many followers who could stand to learn the meaning of the word "shower."


Tiberius died on March 16, 2001. It is most likely that Tiberius died a natural death, but popular notion has it that Caligula and his guard Macro smothered Tiberius with a nice pink fluffy pillow with hearts on it.

Stannord Kessvit[edit]

Stannord Kessvit, the emperor of Uranian Antarctica, was born on the planet of Uranus on 26th December 1956. In 1980, he travelled to planet Earth with his army of Uranians and they succeeded in taking over most of Antarctica, where they established an empire.

The Uranian-Antarctican Empire continues to this present day. Emperor Kessvit has proved himself to be an extremely able administrator and he has made several reforms that ultimately improved the living standard of Antarctican penguins. He has also formed a Uranian-Antarctican army, consisting of 15 000 Uranian troops, 7 843 orcas, 21 640 seals, and 78 620 penguins,

WARNING: The Uranian-Antarctican Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises the Wikipedia staff to have the good sense to refrain from deleting this entry. The empire is scarcely known by humans and this is part of an awareness campaign undertaken by the Imperial Government. War may be declared on all foreign powers who try to impede our awareness campaign.

- Cheokla Parbutin, Uranian, Minister of Foreign Affairs - Guaidan Yuanjin, Orca, Rear Admiral

From Punch and Judy: Featuring, as it does, a deformed, child-murdering, wife-beating psychopath who performs appalling acts of violence and cruelty upon all those around him without repercussion, it is greatly enjoyed by small children.

From Culture Wars: The Baby boomers were entering midlife, now fully transformed from Hippie to Yuppie and beyond to a bunch of parents firmly intent on denying the young the same mind-expanding drugs the Boom had in its youth in a pitiless, Scrooge-like, moralistic campaign.

Did someone's parents find his stash? ---No-One Jones)

Emperor of the United States[edit]

From the Votes for deletion:

  • Imperial Brazilian War, Shawn Beasley, Mauro Ixcamey, Michael Kuklinski -- created by a madman. <KF| 14:14, 6 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Deleted by the instant nonsense deletion shortcut. The user is warned on his talk page, I will block the IP if he continues. andy 14:18, 6 Feb 2004 (UTC)
      • Already done →Raul654 16:04, Feb 6, 2004 (UTC)

Later in that day, he emails me:

From: AntmanMike <****@*********|
To: Raul654 <**********|
Subject: ban
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 06:22:45 -0800 (PST)
Why did you ban me for creating 'nonsense' articles? Do you have any proof that I was not emperor of the US? No? I didn't think so.

→Raul654 19:27, Feb 12, 2004 (UTC)

From an anon's talk page, after being warned about vandalism: I will explain, my girlfriend dumped me, so releave my anger i vandelize Wiki, I must say sorry I dont normally do this.

<a href=]]

From [The Cockstrider of Netheril is a curious beast which resembles a dinosaur and the human male genitalia. It is green, and bounces pleasantly with a smile on its face. The exact origins of the Cockstrider have not been discovered quite yet. Rumor has it that the Cockstrider is in cahoots with the Tanuki, another strange creature.

The Cockstrider is indigenous to The Smart Marks Forums community, located on the internet at

History of perpetual motion - Subpage, click for content.

From AtheOS:[edit]

In 2002, Kurt posted an update to his website stating that he had just sold all his belongings (except the webserver) so that he could buy a small personal airplane. He posted photos of himself test-flying his new airplane. Very shortly after, Kurt mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. What is the logical deduction? When Kurt fatally crashed into a barn, perhaps he was thinking about what kind of package management system to use for AtheOS, instead of where he was flying. In any case, the the AtheOS project died. After waiting about a year (why?), a few dedicated former AtheOS patch-writers got together and continued development under/as the Syllable operating system code-fork.

Civil Libertarians[edit]

From the Civil Libertarians page, deleted speedily on 14th February 2004:

"See Oxymoron"

Reptilian humanoid[edit]

From Reptilian humanoid:

Stewart Swerdlow, a former mind-controlled slave of the Montauk project at Montauk point in New York City, claims that reptilian humanoids were the first major toolmaking species to exist on this planet, and that the leaders of the human world bear a combination of the DNA of the reptilian humanoid beings and humans. He says that all humans on this planet have reptilian DNA, but that some have a far greater percentage of it than others. This gives them the ability to shapeshift, he says. Having worked with the CIA for more than 25 years before finally escaping, he claims to have received extensive information about these reptilian beings and other races which have been involved in the history of earth.

Swerdlow says that at Montauk he saw reptilian beings, and that they 'seemed to pop in and out of physical reality'.

Cathy O'Brien, a documented former mind-controlled slave of Project Monarch/MKULTRA, claims that she saw people shapeshift into reptilian beings. Among them were George Bush and Miguel de la Madrid. She rationalised this as perhaps being a holographic effect used to further instill her mind control.

Silly Vandalism[edit]

Vandalism found on a user page: Alex, the guy who put up that penis pic, sucks. Period. Well, double period since there was a period at the end of that sentence. And now, for more periods....

Paul Saelee a.k.a booda[edit]

paul saelee isnt a rapper yet but soon to be. he's a young emcee right now. He's a mien kid. Straight from seattle but moved to california. From then he started making his flows more mature and started saying his flows and made one song. He is only 13 right now turning 14 and this is what he says " im still young right now but give me 2 or 3 more years and my flows and my songs will be tight." And this is the flow he said to me.

Just cause im yougin right now, give me 3 years and my flows will burst and make peoples faces amaze like wow, i spit my flows and people still ask me how, But just give me time, this right now is just a simple rhyme, but me spittin rhymes in every line is how i do, and when i spit my flows and tell facts, every word will be true, so dont hate this flow cause ima tell yall that im asian, but my flows will be seious and i wont be playin, and to me i dont want no discriminatin, But just now ima finish let yall read, Like i told you im 13 im just a little seed waiting to grow, and when i grow enough youll see my improved flows, and now im out, and let you read this and see who i am and what im about..

The Fatal Weakening of Tsarism in Russia[edit]

The fall of the Romanov Dynasty was directly linked to the decline in popularity of the Cabbage. Without the Cabbage, the Russians could not live and the Tsars created a "Cabbage Factory" using the new industrial techniques created by the huge swell of population into the cities. This however didn't increase demand, so a series of "Cabbage Propoganda" was created. Much like new "Lynx" deoderant ad's, the advertisements claimed Cabbage gave you super human powers such as attracting women.


Note as longtime use of Corset do soften cartilage by the chest, what do problems by breathing (nausea, breathless), if you go out of the corset. (I'm not certain what was intended here. I can't make any sense of the text.)

Dennis Kucinich[edit]

Most people just feel sorry for him.

Sausage[edit] tweaked the introduction on Sausage:

Sausage is a ground turtle shell product, usually Spiced, often smoked, pickled or boiled, and sometimes packed in emu skins.


Cowardess, A Famous Company That Made The COW


User:VeryVeripee on Shining Path:

During this era, Shining Path used tactics that included conscription of children, forced labor, executions by stoning and throat-slitting (ostensibly to save bullets), destruction of the electricity infrastructure, indiscrimate bombings, shooting JFK from the grassy knoll, starting the Reichstag fire, kidnapping the Lindbergh baby, plucking the heart of their enemies out in front of their families and yelling "Yaigh!" like Howard Dean the liberal who is probably a communist secretly then lighting the heart on fire and eating it then spitting it out and laughing at the dead persons family before killing them to and targeted assassinations of political opponents.

on Joseph Stalin:

Famines, deportations, prison and Labor camp mortality, people getting the flu, people getting cancer (which was Stalin's fault), old people getting really old and dying of old age and political purges resulted in deaths of millions.

Mind Control, and why it could be helpful for some[edit]

From User:Titansolaris on Mind control:

Mind Control motivations

The necessicity of mind control is self explanatory. It is to control the mind. Analyzing the relative words Mind and Control is important. A mind is structured of diverse and distinct information. Some formal information structures are coined as parameters. These parameters could be anything from ethical values ( see Ethics ) to a memory value ( sound, feeling, etc... ). These values are normally complement and relative to their opposing values, e.g. Good vs Bad, or Smart vs Stupid. These values seem to be used by our awareness to make decisions. E.G. It is bad to kill, thus one shall not kill. This is an example on which one would base a decision upon a certain value. Those values are basically Yes or No, if looked upon from the root point of view.

If in some case, values would be induced throught unseeming messages, such as movies , culture, music or even political doctrines, these values, if not analyzed would then become Embedded mental values. They would serve of base to make further decisions, when a situation is present and where an action need to be made ( See Branch to action ). If you have been experiancing unexplicable actions, it is most probable case of embedded mental values at Runtime.

How to avoid Mind Control

It is important to understand that to be obsolete against any form of mind control, you must question incomming information. You must ask yourself if this advantages you or not. Is it Garbage information or not ? In the case the information received is garbage, it is in your Choice to ignore that given information or not. If you ignore it, the values of the information will not be apart of your Embedded mental values.

Pedantry disputes on the page on pedantry disputes[edit]

  • 11:03, 3 Mar 2004 Tannin deleted "Wikipedia:Pedantry dispute" (per vfd)
  • 03:35, 26 Feb 2004 . . Tannin ({Vfd})
  • 03:08, 26 Feb 2004 . . Pakaran (move a pp down)
  • 03:07, 26 Feb 2004 . . Pakaran (the later word means "focus" or "central point" and is pronounced "sent-or" to avoid ambiguity in which word is meant.)
  • 03:06, 26 Feb 2004 . . Pakaran (multiple spellings of certain words)
  • 17:33, 4 Jan 2004 . . Angela (missing bracket)
  • 00:32, 17 Dec 2003 . . Pigsonthewing (remove excessive italics (to make easier to read))
  • 23:50, 16 Dec 2003 . . (correcting punctuation and grammar, removeing a tautology)
  • 23:45, 16 Dec 2003 . . (correction: schoolmasterlike | schoolmaster-like)
  • 23:39, 16 Dec 2003 . . MyRedDice (add Naming pedantry, see also)
  • 19:37, 12 Dec 2003 . . Cimon avaro (correct thinko, exerted -| extended)
  • 18:45, 12 Dec 2003 . . Wiwaxia (Being pedantic here . . . scoolmasterlike -| schoolmasterlike)
  • 08:28, 12 Dec 2003 . . Cimon avaro (Okay, I done now, for the time being, edit freely...)
  • 08:08, 12 Dec 2003 . . Cimon avaro (Intermediate save, please do not edit until I have finished. (use the talk page for this article instead))

The Odd Couple[edit]

The Odd Couple was a 1695 Play[ by Neil Simon.

(Later changed to 1965)

Best one-line vandalism[edit]

Found in Wikipedia:Find or fix a stub: "A sub-stub is a poopy llama doused in molasses."

Middle French[edit]

"Between left and right french"

Akna Montes[edit]

Akna montes is a very nice place in my opinion. i dont know why but i know that aliens have taken me there and i reallly love how them taking me there has changed my life. they are such sweeties, i dont care what everyone else says about them because i like them. and i cant wait for the day that they take me again. i wish they could have left me with them instead of taking me home. these days the world is soooooo cruel and people are crazy. they will believe anything and just because you dream something doesnt mean it is real. hi, i am doctor freeman and i am here to help those who need mental help. my number is (xxx) xxx- xxxx. (number deleted) give me a call if you need some counceling. one more thing before i go. i love the akna montes. they are so very pretty. you see i became a doctor because i understand mental problems because i once had them myself until other doctors gave me a new brain. do you know what i mean? i dont really know what i mean. i see everything through happy eyes. i have to go. thank you for asking for my bedroom. bye!

            ~ me ~

p.s. e-mail me if you can because i really need some friends i dont have any. and dont tell anyone but noone ever lets me operate on them because they dont think that i am really a doctor. but i say that if you are a mental doctor you can operate. dont you agree? i do. thank you for being sooooo agreeable. by the way, i am twenty five for all you hot guys who want a date. i date anyone from mental disorder to smarty arty so it is really easy to get in my book. you know my number.

Orlando Innamorato[edit]

(Revision as of 00:21, 11 Mar 2004)

A lesser attraction located in Orlando, Florida. It gained fame as one of the first amusement parks in the United States, and was known throughout the country for its recreation of the authentic Italian experience. However, the unveiling of nearby Disneyworld meant the beginning of the end for Innamorato, and it eventually closed its doors forever in 1972.


3 sysops simultaneously block the same user

07:17, Mar 11, 2004, Raul654 blocked (expires 07:17, Mar 12, 2004) (contribs) (unblock) (Bird)
07:17, Mar 11, 2004, Meelar blocked (expires 07:17, Mar 12, 2004) (contribs) (unblock) (vandal)
07:17, Mar 11, 2004, Maximus Rex blocked (expires 07:17, Mar 12, 2004) (contribs) (unblock) (vandalism)

Super Bowl XXXVIII[edit]

New England Quarterback Janet Jackson was named Most Valuable Player.

(ed: This Pats fan will keep Tom Brady, thank you very much.)

List of unpopulated professions[edit]

Um, what's wrong with Marine Astronomer? King Charles II, who founded the Royal Observatory Greenwich in 1675 instructed the first Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed, "to apply himself with the most exact care and diligence to the rectifying of the tables of the motions of the heavens, and the places of the fixed stars, so as to find out the so much desired longitude of places for the perfecting of the art of navigation."

Maxwell Montes[edit]

Maxwell Montes, the Maxwell mountain of Venus, watched serenely as the first fiery tips of morning lanced over the horizon, the terminator softly brightened the morning sky, and gentle breezes wafted sulfuric acid over rocky crests softened by thousands of years of leaching...

The entry exists as much as the gentle, lovely mornings on Venus...

Penis Envy[edit]

Sigmund Freud believed that all daughters unconsciously want to sleep with their fathers, in what he called the Electra complex, which he believed to be the female counterpart to the Oedipus complex in males.

Freud also believed that, as part of the Electra complex, women have unconscious penis envy, the tragic desire to possess the same sexual organ as men.

That's true though, even if the word 'tragic' suggests satire. Freud really was that crazy.--Sweet-indigo 10:49, 17 September 2005 (UTC)

That's not actually true. The Electra complex was a creation of Jungs, not Freuds and Freud would probably roll in his grave to have it attributed to him. He and Jung did not get a long at all.

April 19[edit]


North End[edit]

Attacking mexicans, who like to barrage people with burritos, and spoons. The only way to keep them away is the IRS


"Other producers include India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and other Caribbean islands such as St. Vincent." Mkweise 19:03, 8 Mar 2004 (UTC)


"According to my history professor(85% chance of accuracy): "

From Electrical Resistance[edit]

You are retartded. I think that is okay, how about you? whats wrong with this page it should give you answers! dont go to this site its bad!!!!!LEAVE NOW!

User talk:Acegikmo1[edit]

(Best typo ever)

I have decided to stay. After raping up a few loose ends I will take a week long vacation in early April

You say toMAYto, I say toMAHto[edit]

Visit Talk:Jebtsundamba to see two Wikipedians and 9 incarnations battling it out to decide the right page name for a 17th century Mongolian lama.

Alignment (role-playing games)[edit]

The Canonical system derived from Dungeons & Dragons creates a 3<sup|1</sup|/<sub|2</sub| dimensional grid, one of which measures a continuum between good and Evil, and the other between Law and Chaos, and the therd wich between the grid with alignments on it and the grid with no alignments on it. Those characters that fall on one of the..........

From the deleted "Joke Article"[edit]

A joke article is an article created by a user to demonstrate wittiness. It may be about a hopelessly trivial topic. It may include misleading or inappropriate links. These articles are an important part of Wikipedia, because Wikipedia tends to be far too useful and objective.

(ed. note: check what they link to)

From the Staryu and Starmie articles[edit]

Staryu is a water Pokemon. It has star boomarang, watergun and waterblast, slash attack, and tackling attack, and tackling and tackle.

Starmie is a really active Pokemon. It is a "water sidekic pokemon." It has watergun, starfreeze, tackle attack, starback, starburst, and recover.

Note: around half those "attacks" aren't in the video games at all, and I'm not sure WHAT to make of "tackling and tackle"...

From Queen (band)[edit]

The Hot Space album's opus, "Under Prussia", co-written by and performed with David Bowie, was a critically-acclaimed historical account of Austro-Hungary's foreign relations in the 18th and 19th centuries. The song was a hit, but the change in direction never really caught on with the band's guitar rock fan base.

From Nude wikipedia editing[edit]

NEWSFLASH: Some people like to edit Wikipedia while being Nude. What a shame!

I sometimes do. :) Rickyrab 18:19, 15 Oct 2004 (UTC)

I never do! -- 06:42, 14 November 2005 (UTC)

Markus Koepke[edit]

Markus is a talented genius, though throughout his 15 years of life, has yet to accomplish anything. Although this may seem unimpresive, it doesnt really matter because he's so cool. Yes, his coolness may seem overwelming at first but you will get used to it in his godly presence. Now for a little about him, he is 6 foot 5(yeah, hes tall), has unusually spiky brown hair, has grey blue eyes and ohh yeah a goatee(yes, he does seem godly doesnt he?).

Air Texas[edit]

Air Texas is an airline based at Houston airport. Flying to 40 destinations including Warsaw, Pakistan, Lesotho, and British Indian Ocean Territory, Air Texas is the 9th largest carrier in the world.

Air Texas was founded by Barbara Bush, who holds a 55% stake in the company and personally interviews all employees. A scandal erupted in 1996 when Barbara sacked all the women employees capable of Menstruation.

In 1998, an Air Texas plane was intercepted by North Korean Migs and forced to land in Pyongyang Airport. There the passengers, mainly Americans, British and Saudi Arabians were imprisoned on spying charges. After intervention by Nelson Mandela, the cast of Friends and the government of Equilateral Guinea, the hostages were released to the Chinese. The Air Texas plane was then used by the North Koreans as the Presidential Palace until it was destroyed by the Syrian Secret Service after North Korea refused to supply the Syrians with missiles capable of hitting the Azores Islands.


Air Texas is the only American carrier whose planes are armed with Depth charges to attack Russian Nuclear submarines. These were installed at the insistence of Liza Minelle and Dame Judi Dench.

All Air Texas jets are named after the illegitimate sons and daughters of King William IV

Pranab Number[edit]

From the deleted Pranab number:

Given N guys, and M ladies, the Pranab number P(N,M) is the minimum number of condoms needed so that all N guys can have sex safely with the M ladies.

List of cities in Niue[edit]

List of cities in Niue None, the entire population of the island is 12-1500 people, not enough for even one city

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