Spam Eaters

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Episode I[edit]

CEO: Gentlemen, I am obliviously disappoitned at your attempts to control the spam eating population. We must put them to an end!

Peon: But Sir! There is no such word as oblivously. A better word would be ultimatley or greatly.

CEO: I am obliviously disappointed at your attempts to correct me. You will DIE.

Peon: OH NO! *Gets shot*

CEO: Now, will anyone else obliviously disappoint me?

Rest of the Peons: Noooooooooooooo!

CEO: Good! Now on to the Obliviously good plan! We are losing 5, and at dreadful times 10 dollars a year! We must viciously oblibterate all the spam eaters. The leaders are Numbah 1 and Kim Possible. The gang consists of several Kids Next Door members and retards. But beware, they are armed with boy band music and sharp paper. Now let's move move move!

Numbah 1: Aaaraagghaaaah, this spam is good! Arraaaghh!

Kim Possible: Mmm! Cookies!

Pikachu: No no no! What you are eating is spam!

Numbah 1: Aarraaaaahh, what a stupid RAT aaahhh!

Ron Stoppable: I like Spam!

-*CEO bursts through the door*

CEO: I am obliviously disappointed and now you're all gonna DIIIIIIIIE!!!

Numbah 1: Aaaraaaaah NOOOOOOO!!!!

Kim Possible: OH NO!

Hamtaro: I want my sunflower seed nightmare!

-*Everyone gets shot*

CEO: Ha ha, I obliviously killed them all!

Numbah 1: Arraaaaaah, I will get you!

Episode II[edit]

CEO: Gentlemen, I am obliviously disappointed that members of the Spam eating gang are still at large. We must put them to an end.

Peon: But sir! We already got rid of the leaders as well as three other members!

CEO: I am obliviously disappointed at your attempts to remind me. You will DIE!

Peon: Oh no! *Gets shot*

CEO: Now onto the Obliviously good plan part II. We have used tracking location in our Spam to track down the gang's hideouts to three different parts of the city. We must viciously obliterate all these hideouts. We also have allies placed in these locations. Our allies include Ness and Tony Jones. Our other allies consist of former Kids Next Door teenagers and Magi. But don't take the remaining spam eating gang lightly! No one knows what they are armed with, but we can assume it's Boy-band music and/or Sharp Paper. Now let's eliminate them now!

Numbah 3: Mmmmmm! This spam is so great!

Numbah 4: Especially with Vege-mite!

Ash Ketchum: Yum! Spam!

Dora:iOh no! iThe people from the Spam company are here!

Prince Tricky: Oh no! Prepare the anti Spam-company turrets immediatley!


Tony Jones: Be careful guys, this place may be armed!

Teenager 1: Okay Foney Bones.

Tony Jones: Stop calling me Foney Bones!

Teenager 1: Okay Foney Bones.

Tony Jones: (I will get the CEO for this!) Now let's surround the place and try to find a side enterance!

Prince Tricky (Over loudspeaker): You guys think you can come in the side enterance! Well you're screwed since we booby-trapped them! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ash Ketchum: That otta'show them!

Numbah 3: More spam please!

Prince Tricky: Alright!


Prince Tricky: Uh, I don't know how to turn it off.

Numbah 4: Hit the red button!

Prince Tricky: I can't find a red button, I don't see a red button! THERE IS NO RED BUTTON! Oh here it is.

Solid Snake:...On second thought, let's just go through the front door.

Tony Jones: Good Idea.

Evil Gypsy Shopkeeper from Starfox Adventures: We only need more deaths and more scarabs to take over the world with the Spam eating gang!

Numbah 1's head (Inside a jar): Yes, we know.

Kim Possible's head (Inside a jar): Mmmm! Cookies!

Ron Stoppable's head (Inside a jar): Damn it Kim! You aren't even eating cookies! Or spam.

Kim Possible: Mmmm! Cookies!

Lizzie McGuire: Shopkeeper, I managed to take all these scarabs from Dinosaur planet.

Shopkeeper: Good, now all we require is the deaths of the remaining gang members.

Lizzie McGuire: Speaking of which, there is only one more stronghold left. Every Kids Next Door member is dead except for Numbah 3 and numbah 4. Only a few members of the spam eating gang is left!

Shopkeeper: Their deaths will not be in vain. With their help, we can revive the previous fallen gang members, stronger than ever before! You laugh this much!


Tony Jones: You die now! I'll summon Ormagon!

Yugi: Not so fast! I'll summon Dark Magician in attack mode!

Tony Jones: I'm two steps ahead of you-The Bisiwog scratches the card to pieces.

Yugi: Nooo! I can't pull a cheap victory out of nowhere now! My only hope is to use countless flashbacks, the heart of the cards, and to play Pot of Greed at completley random times!


Numbah 4: Oh no! *Dies*

Numbah 3: Oh no! *Dies*

Cream: You can't get me that easily! Ow! I got a splinter! *Dies*

Tails: Get them, my army of Chao!

Ash Ketchum: Oh no! Retreat! *Gets covered in Chao* AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

Prince Tricky: Dora! Only we are left!

Dora: iYay! iI'm going to flap my arms like a bird now! *Flaps arms and flies away into a jet Intake*

Prince Tricky:...


Prince Tricky: Oh no! Andrew was my only backup support!

Andrew's ship crashes into the house* Prince Tricky: EVIL GYPSY SHOPKEEPEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!

Tony Jones: Yay, we got them!

Numbah 1: Arraaggghh, now we are restored!

Ron Stoppable: We can now eat as much spam as we want!

Kim Possible: And not even the CEO of the Cookie Crunch can stop us!


Christy Carlson Romano: Will Friedle owes me money!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

To be concluded in the Spam Eaters Part III

Spam Eaters Trilogy[edit]

The Spam Eaters is a Trilogy Sandbox entry about a company that makes spam and mails it to people. However, there is a gang called "The Spam eating gang" that is eating their spam and the CEO wants it to stop. In the first entry, the leaders of the Spam eating gang are revealed to be Numbah 1 and Kim Possible, and the gang consists of several Kids Next Door members (No one knows what they're doing with the Spam eating gang) and retards. They are armed with Boy band Music and sharp paper. At the conclusion of the first Entry of the Spam Eaters Trilogy, the CEO eliminates the leaders and a few high ranked members.

The second entry takes place a week after the first. In the beginning, the CEO instructs his peons and allies to eliminate the remaining members of the Spam Eating gang.More members of the Spam eating gang are revealed but they are eliminated by his allies. One of his Allies, Aang, has joined the Spam Eating gang and plans to destroy it from the inside. However, before the third and final stronghold is destroyed, it is revealed that the Evil Gypsey Shopkeeper has the remains of the lost members from the first entry in a jar and plans to bring them back to life, stronger than ever before. She also planned to have an army of Scarabs to assist them in taking over the world. As the final members are destroyed by the Spam company, the Shopkeeper's plans are a complete success and the members come back to life.

When the Third and Final entry of the Spam Eaters Trilogy begins, the Spam Eaters have complete control over the Spam company, a majority of the metropolis Wikipedia and the Department of Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense They have imprisoned a number of Wikipedians and plan to convert them to Spam eaters. The CEO and his allies hide in one of the few safe places and plan on taking back Wikipedia from the Spam Eaters. They create a lot of Sharp-paper Spam and prepare for an epic battle. Meanwhile, Aang prepares for his assault. He frees imprisoned Wikipedians and builds an army to turn back the Spam eaters in the few safe places left. The CEO then sets the Sandbox as his base, and then he and his allies set off to the Main Page to take back Wikipedia and restore the Spam company. While the Spam Eaters are occupied with the CEO's gang, Aang sends his army of Wikipedian rebels to the back door. Numbah 1, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Pikachu are destroyed, but Hamtaro manages to escape to the Shopkeeper and Lizzie McGuire to inform them of the news. The Climax has the rebels chasing the three remaining Spam Eaters to the tallest tower of the Main Page and the spam eating gang is destroyed once and for all. The Spam Eaters Trilogy ends with everyone rebuilding Wikipedia, and thus vowing never to repeat their mistakes and never letting anyone eat spam again.

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