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National Hang a Picture Day[edit]

Celebrate February 7 in the United States, National Hang a Picture Day is a cornerstone of the American Tradition.

Began in 1874 by Mark Twain, it has enjoyed a reputation as one of the ass-kickenest holidays in existence.

Traditional Festivities Include:

Some families attend a traditional midnight mass as well, but most folks are just too damn housed to drive.

From Csv[edit]

Most programs work ok if data is not enclosed in double quotes, but you must make sure that you have no stray comma's.

But what about stray apostrophes? ;-) --Codeman38

Recursive Dumb Ass[edit]

If you want to be a dumb ass, you can do so recursively. This makes you a recursive dumbass.

Nude birdwatching[edit]

Nude birdwatching is the practice of ornithology while nude. Many nudists enjoy birding in the buff.

Banno's Aliens[edit]

Banno's Aliens is the name of a group of aliens that live inside Matthew Bannisters head, they came to live in his head a few years ago when he was listening to Chorley FM, the aliens have made Banno act in a very strange way, he has started to preform the so called Wacky Banno Dance to people, he has even set up Wacky Banno Dancing Lessons, It is really enjoyable according to Wacky Banno! The aliens sometimes have to leave his head in order to refuel Banno with knowledge, they gather the knowledge from other people and can leave them brain dead, the best way to repel them is by spraying them with deodrant and setting them alight.

From Greenie Bus[edit]

Little is known about the mysterious UCRC shuttles. A thorough search of the Greenie website reveals its designated route, but no hint of what the acronym may stand for. A general consensus has been reached among some CWRU students that these busses are in fact the University Circle Raptor Control, a service which circles the University Circle area, keeping pedestrians and Greenie riders alike safe from dangerous birds of prey. They often seem to either preceed or follow other types of Greenie busses, presumably making sure it will not become a target for predatory bird activity. It has also been speculated that the UCRC busses may be clearing the area of predators which might interfere with the campus RFC_1149 network.

(UCRC stands for Urban Child Research Center; the shuttle connects the UCRC with the main CWRU campus.)

From Electronic Goods[edit]

Electronic goods are when goods are sent through a fiber optic cable, say for instance, a cupcake. The "cupcake" is placed on one end of the fiber optic cable, and the other party onm the other end receives the cupcake, which they then export it back to the other side.

For my deletion of Brittany Dawne[edit]

This replaced my user page immediately after enforcing the VfD vote:

You will pay for spurning the Almighty Brittany Dawne.

Sic Semper Ignoramus, thus ever to ignorance.

From Iceland[edit]

National motto: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing

From User:[edit]

Famous circumcised men also comprise a varied cross-section of important persons in history, culture, or simply, modern celebrities, including: Bryan Adams, Canadian singer Muhammad Ali, African-American boxer Woody Allen, American film impresario The Allman Brothers, American singers Prince Andrew, English royal Kofi Annan, UN secretary general Yassir Arafat, ....

A case of misreading on my part Dmn 16:23, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

From Speedo[edit]

Males who wear speedos are generally considered to be sissy boys.

From Main Page, In The News[edit]

Santa Claus

  • Santa Claus' elves go on strike at the North Pole, they threaten that if talks don't resume by noon EST, they will become elf-employed.

From Switch (BDSM)[edit]

The thing you hit the butt with. bang.

There is water on Mars[edit]

Water on mars.jpg

Georg Sand (1814-1844)[edit]

from Wikipedia:Sandbox Inventor of the "Sandkasten", late to be exported to the USA as the sandbox. Sand was born under a bad sign and did not live to see the universal success of his invention. He died in poverty from a stroke on Christmas Ever 1844. He left 12 children and a widow of a somewhat dark complexion. See also Black Widow.

From Korea Train Express[edit]

Now that's what I call a Seoul Train.

From CPGM[edit]

The Coalition to Prevent Gratuitous Misuse (CPGM) was organized in 1901 to protest the (then) common misuse of the word weight to mean mass. The movement gained momentum (defined as the vector product of its velocity and mass) when SI was officially adopted in place of metric system, which no longer carried its weight. This movement captured the imagination of the mass of scientists througout the world, although the general public remained unmoved, since a body at rest tends to remain at rest (see Newton's Laws).

From Imperial Republic[edit]

The Imperial Republic (Also commonly known as the period of American History between 1861 and 1961)was established by Emperor Abraham Lincoln in the year 1861. The Imperial Republic saw its first test in that same year, when half of the nation left the 'Union' and drug the Republic into a 4 year long war that ended in 1865. In the same year, Emperor Lincoln was assassinated by John W. Booth, and noted actor and southern patriot. Although the murder of Emperor Lincoln was successful, the Imperial Republic remained intact and over time all of the states that left the Union returned.

Upon the death of Emperor Lincoln, Andrew Johnson was proclaimed Emperor of the Imperial Republic and served 4 years.

Emperor U. S. Grant ruled from 3/4/1869 till 3/3/1877 when he was succeded by Emperor Rutherford B. Hayes.

Emperor Hayes was succeded by Emperor Garfield, who was succeded by Emperor Chester A. Arthur.

Emperor Arthur was succeded by Emperor Grover Cleveland, who was then Replaced by Emperor Benjamin Harrison. Upon the end of the term of Emperor Harrison, Emperor Cleveland returned to the thrown for 4 more years until he was eventually succeded by Emperor William McKinley who saw the Republic threw a war with Spain.

Emperor McKinley was assassinated while in office in New York, and was replaced by Emperor Theodore Roosevelt who began to modernize the Imperial Republic. Emperor Roosevelt saw the Imperial Republic threw the begining of the 20th Century, and established a Colonial Base to support the Imperial Republic. The Fleet was also modernized and went on a tour of the world during his Reign as monarch.

In 1909, Emperor William H. Taft began his rather short and uneventful term, but was quickly replaced by Emperor Woodrow Wilson who saw the Imperial Republic threw World War 1.

Emperor Warren G. Harding, Emperor Calvin Coolidge and Emperor Herbert Hoover all sat on the thrown until 1932, when a 2nd Roosevelt gained power.

Emperor Franklin D. Roosevelt saw the Imperial Republic threw a Great Depression, a Second World War with Japan, Germany and Italy. He transformed a Republican Nation into a reformed one. He died of a Brain Hemorage in 1944, and was replaced by Emperor Harry S. Truman who saw the Imperial Republic threw a military conflict in Korea until the end of his term in 1953

In 1953 Emperor Dwight D. Eisenhower was proclaimed Emperor of the I mperial Republic and was the last Emperor to be seated on the thrown. The Emperor saw the nation into a period of peace and wealth the nation had never seen before. The Imperial Republic was a leading World Power and was rolled into a Cold War with the Soviet Union.

The Empire was dissolved on January1st, 1961 shortly after its 100th birthday.

April Fools, 2004 - Wikipedia[edit]

The Free Kingdom of Wikipedia is a secessionist entity, and aspirant nation, located in St. Petersburg, Floridia. While it possesses very little physical territory -- limited to nine servers at a co-location facility -- it has attracted immigrants from all over the world, and cultural conflicts resulting from this are a major social problem. The capital is located at En, which has a certain degree of special status; in particular particularly naive immigrants tend to arrive there. Also, the King's residance is in En, which gives it certain political advantages.

...See this revision for the entire entry...

Suncrest, Washington[edit]

We join our Wikipedia friends as a young man named "CoolDude" decides to write a page on his hometown.

  • (cur) (last) . . 21:40, 31 Mar 2004 . . CoolDude (About Suncrest Washington)
Suncrest, Washington, wich is were I live, is located just outside of Spokane, Washington. Suncrest is located in Stevens County and is home to the Nine Mile Falls School District.
(I will gather more facts and some pictures for this article later.)
Article Originally By: --CoolDude 21:40, 31 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Mark Richards makes a good faith attempt to fix up the article.

  • (cur) (last) . . 21:40, 31 Mar 2004 . . Mark Richards
Suncrest, Washington is located just outside of Spokane. Suncrest is located in Stevens County and is home to the Nine Mile Falls School District.
This article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.
  • (cur) (last) . . 21:43, 31 Mar 2004 . . CoolDude (Reverted, please don't vandalise.)


  • (cur) (last) . . 21:44, 31 Mar 2004 . . Mark Richards (Thanks cooldude, I don't think that this is Vandalism - why don't you check out some of the 'how-tos's?)
  • (cur) (last) . . 21:46, 31 Mar 2004 . . CoolDude (please leave)
  • (cur) (last) . . m 21:47, 31 Mar 2004 . . CoolDude (fixed link)
  • (cur) (last) . . 21:49, 31 Mar 2004 . . Mark Richards (Revert odd style and attibution)
  • (cur) (last) . . 21:54, 31 Mar 2004 . . CoolDude (reverted again, i am reporting this to an admin)
  • (cur) (last) . . 22:00, 31 Mar 2004 . . Mark Richards (Can someone have a word with CollDude? Thanks,)
  • (cur) (last) . . 22:04, 31 Mar 2004 . . CoolDude (LEAVE THIS PAGE ALONE, I AM LOOSING MY PATIENTS! >:()
  • (cur) (last) . . m 22:09, 31 Mar 2004 . . ChrisO (Reverted edits by CoolDude to last version by Mark Richards)
  • (cur) (last) . . 15:16, 1 Apr 2004 . . CoolDude (Reverted vandalic changes by ChrisO)
  • (cur) (last) . . m 15:18, 1 Apr 2004 . . Secretlondon (Reverted edits by CoolDude to last version by ChrisO)
  • (cur) (last) . . 15:20, 1 Apr 2004 . . CoolDude (Fixed Vandalisim)
  • (cur) (last) . . m 15:22, 1 Apr 2004 . . Secretlondon (Reverted edits by CoolDude to last version by Secretlondon)
  • (cur) (last) . . 15:24, 1 Apr 2004 . . CoolDude (Okay, I really don't appriciate people changing my content, please leave this page alone. I am now requesting that my version of this page be protected to stop the vandalisim.)
  • (cur) (last) . . m 15:26, 1 Apr 2004 . . Secretlondon (Reverted edits by CoolDude to last version by Secretlondon)
  • (cur) (last) . . 15:28, 1 Apr 2004 . . CoolDude (Please leave my page alone, again i am requesting that it be protected from editing with the current version being my version.)

CoolDude gets fed up and lists his page on Votes for Deletion. Note especially the comment where he tells everyone he is not CoolDude WHILE HE IS LOGGED IN and SIGNS THE POST WITH HIS NAME.

VfD: Suncrest, Washington[edit]

Template:VfD-Suncrest Washington

(NOT PART OF THREAD — go ahead and revert to non-MediaWiki version if necessary. [ alerante | “” 22:49, 6 Apr 2004 (UTC) ])

James H. Billington[edit]

"He is the hotshot librarian of Congress"


From "See Also": Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime controversy

George Washington[edit]

"At the age of twelve he went streaking through the white house and had his mouth washed out, hence the name Wahington [sic]."

From Rock, when it was the main page's featured article:

On the Lighter Side[edit]

Legend also has it, that in the time of early primitive man, before paper or scissors were invented, the play was always rock, thus inevitably a tie. It is theorized that this is partly why mankind stayed in the stone age for so long a time, since the primary purpose Rock Paper Scissor is done for decision making of who is to perform some type of work or undesirable task, even unto this day. With the tie always occurring, and many tasks not being accomplished as a result, technological advancements throughout the early ages were very slow in coming. Later in history however, paper was finally invented by the Egyptians, and now another choice was available, and though this did help for a short while in ending the continual tying dilemma, it didn’t take long for even the slow ones to catch on to the fact that paper always beat rock, and was the only logical play. Fortunately, with the invention of paper, a means to cut it to a proper size was a new and essential requirement, and it didn’t take very long before scissors were invented, and they were quickly included in the mix with rock and paper. This missing piece of the game was instrumental the decision making processes of early man, and from that point forward, much progress was made, progressing mankind to where he is now, do quit simply to rapid decision making and many chores large and small finally being accomplished without excuse.

Steven wallace[edit]

Vanity article about some teen. While listed on vfd it was vandalised by User:Philwelch.

Start of vandalised version

Steven wallace, born 1988 in the state of Kansas, is notable only for a vanity article posted on Wikipedia claiming that he is "one of the world's greatest philosophers and worst comedians of our time." He does not capitalize his last name. His words of foolishness and poor humor have inspired many a student at Blue Valley High School to suicide. He is currently in peaceful protest of the final season of Friends. As long as he can remember he has been against the series ending but that opposition began to take for when he achieved puberty and began to lust after Jennifer Love Hewitt. Wallace has been planning a revolution ever since which is expected to errupt anywhere between April 11, 2004, and Canada Day.

Steven Wallace's desperate grasp for publicity floundered on April 10, 2004, when the main vehicle for his publicity, his Wikipedia article, was vandalized. Ironically, his photograph was left, because the vandal in question couldn't do anything to make it more ridiculous.

Some Famous Quotes and Sayings by Steven Wallace

  • "Heaven is just one big porn movie."
  • "How can Bush be opposed to both penis enlargement and terrorism? If the entire country is several hundred pounds of pure penis who is going to attack us?"
  • "Styrophome cups are unmarked for people who can't afford markers."
  • "KHAAAAN...!"

End of vandalised version

Wikipedia liars club[edit]

The '''Wikipedia Liars Club''' are those members of the m:Wikipedia Social Club (despite various efforts to assert that m:Wikipedia is not a social club it has been made abundantly clear that it is, in fact, ruled by one) who disregard every effort to reach the truth in a matter in order to control Wikipedia's decisions.

While many m:liars operate freely at Wikipedia, usually pushing agendas to promote w:Zionism and w:string theory and wp:w:neoclassical economics .......

(Zionism, string theory, and neoclassical economics .... Hmmm .... I daresay I'll understand the connection one day.)

From Steve Silverman[edit]

Silverman is also a relentless self-promoter and enjoys adding entries about himself to Wikipedia.

John F. Kennedy assassination[edit]

The Fifty-sixth president of the Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge was assassinated on June 16, 1981 at one o'clock.