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from Internet Troll


Some lesser known theories, common among the Internet subculture, are now classified as pathological science. The theories stated that a serious genetic mutation may have been responsible for the troll "affliction", supporting the claim that the person was born a troll. This hypothetical defect was referred to as the "troll defect". Supporters of this belief suspected the Y chromosome as the likely location of the defect, citing a belief that the majority of trolls are genetically male. Others argued environmental causes were to blame. Still others claimed a combination of environmental and genetic causes were at work. A "troll virus" was also hypothesised to exist. Yet others are known to take advantage of the discovery and classification of the troll, and subsequent explanation of it, and claim outrageous causes such as "alien anal probes" for irrelevant reasons such as amusement.

from Daisy (Nintendo character)

I always like your boyfriend Luigi Daisy by xxxxxx xxxx xxxx 2004 & 2005 1st time in my life when it came out in the 80,s and 90,s when I saw his older brother Mario and his girlfriend Peach also his friend Toad the 1st Nintendo Video game was Mario Bros part 1 and Mario Bros part 2 even Mario Bros Super Show on Family TV my brother acts like his older brother Mario and I act like your boyfriend Luigi when I was living the old street Rollingstone me and my brother were swimming acting and pretending like Luigi and Mario than 2nd Nintendo Video game was Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World in the early 90,s also Mario All Stars and Super Mario World on Family TV but than 3rd Nintendo 64 Video game was Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 was at Wal-Mart and Major Players in the early 00,s and 4th Nintendo Video 64 was Mario Tennis and Yoshi Story also 5th Nintendo Game Cube was Mario Party 4 and Luigi,s Mansion also Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Party 5 specking of Mario Golf 64 and Mario Golf Tour I,m not very good at golfing Daisy it,s hard for me to golf I dont know how to golf so sorry Daisy now I know that I like your boyfriend Luigi in the 80,s and 90,s also 00,s Daisy I like him as friend cause I,m an old Mario Fan of his. whenever I see him on commericals TV on VH1 and Spike TV I,m always watching commericals TV whenever Mario creates his video game on Nintendo Cube during the fall months that,s bestest memories in my life that I liked your boyfriend Luigi The End

And people say video games are difficult.

from Devil dog

Devil Dogs are the most mysterious canine myths known. A man named Leo Cannus wrote this:

Excerpt from "Hounds from Hell... A myth or not?"

One warm night in August I was out on my porch, breathing the fresh air and relaxing my muscles before I went to bed. Suddenly I heard a strange howling noise- something I had never heard before. It sounded like a cross between a coyotee wailing and a man screaming... the air grew thick and heavy and the warmth was chased out by an eerie cold. A pungent smell fell across the street as a dark figure on all fours ran swiftly by. I looked up just in time to see one of these "devil dogs" growling and spiting in my face, it was standing on the eavestrough . I turned pale in fright and did what any other sensible human would do- I screamed for help at the top of my lungs - lights all over the neighborhood turned on, and revealed my doom. A pack of hundreds of possesed dogs were closing in on the neighborhood, their eyes glittering with a strange red light. I leapt to my feet and tried to get into my house, but somehow, the door had managed to be locked. The vile creature that was on the eavestrough leapt for my throat but I quickly turned and his teeth and claws embedded in my back. I felt a strange grease flow into my veins, and was knocked unconcious. I woke up in intensive care, at the Redroad Hospital. The doctor said that the "grease" that entered my veins was a different type of slime that they had never seen before. The black chill of death is overs hadowing me now, I have but 2 years left to live. I believe in Devil Dogs... do you?

A scientist named Dr. Reuplos Richmand was digging in Asia for a dinosaur, or at least he thought that is what he was digging for, but he came across what may be the remains of one of these "devil dogs". Dr. Reuplos Richmand named the dog "Con Cattus" which means to him, a con on a cat. The reason for this name is because the Dog's ears are turned back on its head and its tail is longer than normal.

Dr. Richmand found "Con Cattus" in a cave in Asia, Pakistan. We believe that these dogs live off the flesh of humans and snakes, and that they do not drink water to survive... or at least that's the myth.

Do you believe in Devil Dogs?

from Salvino D'Amarte

He did not invent the eye glasses. Salvino, and along with Alessandro Spina of Florence, were framed by people of Florence as the inventors. watch for your source information!!!!!

try: Books, Banks, Buttons by Chiara Frugoni!!!

"Framed." Get it?

from Marshall Scholarship

Anyone who complains that Education is too expensive should try ignorance;However , thanks to Scholarship awarding bodies. Every seed sown in a life will not bear fruits in the recipient without the sower being reachly blessed.


Apparently, someone missed out on a scholarship due to slight spelling and syntax errors...

from Yu Jin

One of the most powerful warriors of all time. Killed over 240 top ranking generals and won every battle he fought in. He refuesed to duel anyone but attack them from the rear. Cao Cao was his man slave. Finally Died after contracted Aid by one of his Man servents

from Danny Fenton

Danny fenton is not an avarage looking kid he's an superhero or i'll say a ghost or phatom he useses his powers to capture ghost who are out of the ghost zone and his friends tucker and sam help him fight evil he is a half ghost and half human his dad and mom built a machine that leads to the human zone to the ghost zone his parents thought they had failed danny went in to check witch caused him to be half ghost

from Mudbutt

Mudbutt is the medical condition characterized by explosive diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by leakage.

It was first discovered by Dr. Daniel Thompson in Germany in the 1990s.

There is currently no known cure but it can be treated by eating a diet high in fiber.

from Triad

i know this sounds crazy but i know a member triads, a few nights ago i was with some friends in a park in a country(that cannot be named)an old friend of mine(who cannot be named for my own safety) is a member of the triads who was telling me all this scary shit that really frightened me about how the triads are worked on some genetics injections to make them stronger and faster,he told me they injected a large needle in the back of his head which was some kind of steroid,he also said the genetics injections leave you with black blood at first i didnt belive him then he took out his pocket knife and stabed himself in the stomach it bleed black blood i mean it was full on black it freaked me out big time ok but thats not such a big deal i know about something big and deadly im talking about some project with nuclear warheads,and wierd explosives in space he told me about how they would blow up the earth about wierd shit that had to do with A.S.I.O. and the F.B.I. he also told me if i told anyone he would kill me and my family and friends so if the feds are reading this dont fuck with the triads i dont wont to die!

from June 2004

                Tuesday June 1,2004

Craft-Mom/Dad keepsake handprint card

                Wednesday June 2,2004

Family outing to Boomers or sea world

                Thursday june 3,2004

game Guess what I am?

                Friday june 4,2004

craft creative open ended art

                Saturday june 5,2004

book Green eggs and ham

Looks like someone has this confused with their organiser.. Grunt 19:03, 2004 Jun 4 (UTC)

From Robert White

I am willing to under go th e whole body transplant,please write to me at [email protected] I am of 40 years of age and in good health.I would like to be transplanted to a female body only

Liar. Nice try though. =P

From Ronald Reagan

Near the end of his life, Reagan addressed himself as "Gadmar the All Seeing". This chagrined both family and the onsight medical staff.

Deleted from "Freshball"

Freshball is an aardvark king owned by Bart. His romance is not going to happen. Not with sleeping, eating or rolling. His rival, Fardi, the armadillo lizard king is tough on Freshball when fighting true justice nature. Being in romance doesn't mean they got more problems on Natasha, the aardvark queen and his daughter, Calka.

From Computer virus - Nature of viruses

While viruses can be harsh. So can ex-wives.


From Free drinks

It is an anecdotal fact that you can tolerate more alcohol in a free drinks setting than at any other time.

From Talk:June 2004


Umm.. right. Grunt 15:47, 2004 Jun 8 (UTC)

From Wikipedia:Vandalism

Not all vandalism necessarily contains false information. For example, I could say that (name removed) is a jerk. While that very well may be true, writing such would be very irrellivent for an encyclopaedia to contain despite how much of a jerk she might be. I mean, if you only knew this girl with her black soul, you would understand. I mean, do you know how awful it is when a girlfriend isn't willing to allow you to get close to you emotionally, and she just tells you to go away even though you're supposed to be on intimate terms with her? Oh my gosh, now that I think about it, what was I thinking dating her for seven months? Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind? How could I have ever been so blind? And when they tell you about a year after you broke up that they didn't even like you in all of those seven months— let me tell you, that is enough to want to crash your car into a utility pole on Oberon Street. And then when you finally find that other blessed someone, they act like a jerk for no apparent reason and cause you both to leave eary from a common friend's birthday party. Anyway, I'm rambling. Vandalism does not necessarily have to be false information.

From Wikipedia_talk:Sandbox

Jesus Says, Top Notch

Hey all, Jesus here. I posted my press release about making my own movie in the sandbox and I got several questions in my prayer inbox. This place is top notch and I've decided to address them here.

Why are you dissatisfied with "The Passion of the Christ"? The answer is quite simple. I gave Mel Gibson too much dramatic license. I don't like to criticize a member of the flock, but that close-up of the nails being pounded into My palms – that was just bad. Bad as in bad taste and bad as in historically inaccurate; everybody who's anybody knows the wrists were the target of the nails. Plus, the scourging scene is so violent, you could put it in Fangoria.

More answered later.

Hey all, it's Jesus again

Just here to say that the first twenty-five pages of "The Jesus Project" will soon be published online for a limited time! Get them while they're still fresh!

Also included will be pictures of me and Tom at work on the test video for our treatment, inspirational drawings of some of the scenery, and explanations behind each scene.

One thing that needs to be made clear is that this film is not free from dramatic license. My heist story and some gags by my friend, writer Richard al-Iblis, will be incorporated into the script. You should be able to spot fact from fiction easily.

Soon to be available at "THE JESUS PROJECT"

From Pheasant Kings

The first royal pheasant king was Earl the Great, who lived in the late 10 PH.C. He was from the house of Feather, a very respected pheasant royal family. He was heired by his son, Earl the Conqueror who successfully wiped out the pigeons and their lands in south Wessex. Earl the conqueror was the first pheasant to use the Vultite Chicken in battle. Earl married Terlene the fair maiden of Crows. They had 98 little pheasants. The eldest was Earl the Wise. He was a famous philosopher and during his reign, the great pheasants economy drastically rose and the pheasants were then the biggest empire in the time. The next king was Earl the Mighty. During Earl the Wises rule, a nomadic bluebirdish tribe called the blobs were uprising and threatened the pheasants sovereignty. So, under the rule Earl the Mighty, the pheasant army consisting of 130000 troops, went into the blobish camps and successfully slaughtered every bluebird in sight. The reason for the huge victory was the pheasants technological advances. These pheasants had such advanced technology that 88788968688795464529459492 bluebirds were killed. The next royal pheasant king was Earl the Cowardly. He would not have become king, only Earl the Mighty’s other son, Earl the Insane, die as an infant. A very sad event happened during the reign of Earl the Cowardly. The Humanic Empire, had just started to become a major threat. Earl the Cowardly was well… cowardly. He was not very confident in the uprising pheasant empire. The Humans saw the weakness and struck. The humans completely wiped out the pheasant, but rumor has it that that one pheasant peasant escaped and told distant pheasant kingdoms. The humans ruled 234 pleasant years, but on Pheasantmas eve, the distant pheasant kingdoms crept up slowly to the Humanic kingdom and… did NOTHING! No just kidding, the pheasant took it by force and drove every human (that was still alive) out of the continent.

From Satan will be restored

Satan Restored, Once again history and the recording of history lead us down a path of utter folly. Which and not strangely enough are the very ideas represented by the concept of "SATAN". Reviewing the history of satan and the development of. It becomes apparent the truth of the whole of mankind and our purpose here is "GOD" seeks to know itself through the agency of becoming things. When these "GOD" thoughts become things and then destroy, hinder or in other manner detract from "GODS" original idea they become "SATAN". For the idea of God has exclusive protection from being imperfect or not knowing anything. After all "GOD" is perefect right??????? SATAN is nothing more then our idea of "GODS" scapegoat on "it`S" journey to know it`self. Relax my friend "GOD" does what you tell it as we are it. Be generous and kind as "GOD" creates for you/with you what you believe. The blocks and obstacles are nothing more then shadows. Shadows to the silent dweller in your heart banish the shadows and let the silent dweller come forth. Be "GOD" claim your divine power and remember to love others for perhaps they may not as of yet have your knowledge. See them as perfect and whole, while you stand next to the silent dweller in your heart.Take care as to what you allow yourself to think for what you think with conviction becomes real here on the material plane. Now you know and your on your way. Does this "restore" Satan? How can an idea truly basic need restoration? Clarification perhaps. I cannot as per the rules of this Great resource advertise commercialy. You can however contact me xxx_xxxx[email protected] subject SATAN Peace and success to you my friends

Umm...So you're a satan worshipper?:(

This Just In

Recently, in Victoria BC, the toilets seats had all gone missing out of the police station. They tried to start an investigation, but they had nothing to go on.

Space Madness

Space Madness is well known within the confines of the Hollywood medical community as a recognised syndrome affecting the crew of long haul space missions.

Those affected with the space madness can become irrational, unpredictable, selfish , short sighted and generally foolish, mostly with the overall outcome of drama, suspense and/or comedy.

This is just one of many well known Hollywood diseases, such as inability to eat in resturants, coughing leading to death and getting drunk after only one drink.

Some fine text book examples of the disease can be seen in such films as Armageddon where actor Steve Buscemi goes space mad. He later found his way to Fargo, and ended up in a wood chipper, but that's another story. Another classic example is shown by Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy in an episode of that name.

From "Urmogolohid"

This is sad, really:

The Urmogolohidic gland is placed between the legs of the river gloccomonodic ecctasiminic monkey. No living soul has ever seen the urmog, as the more popular states of nonsy ponsy says! EAT arguments and then Jump like a cow on acid, you blomo you!

Red Link

Archived article

From Give Us A Clue

Give Us a Clue is a televised version of Charades hosted by Michael Aspel with two teams, one captained by Lionel Blair and .....

.... The most highly skilled of all was Lionel Blair. I can still remember how the tears of frustration welled up in his eyes during their Italian tour at not being allowed the use of his mouth to finish off two gentlemen of Verona.

Cheat! This is from I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Another example I can think of, from the top of my head, is "Few who were there to witness it can forget the look on Una Stubbs' face as Lionel Blair tried to pull off Twelve Angry Men. Ashley Pomeroy 21:41, 24 Nov 2004 (UTC)

From Dan Ravicher

He's a lawyer type, male, about this tall.

Phillippe Phloppe

Phillippe Phloppe (1215-1302) was the French inventor of the backless sandal.

Phloppe was born in the small French hamlet of Chue, in the region of Piedmont in Southern France nestled under the pyrenees. His father was a cobbler. Having served his apprenticeship, he moved to Sleeveiesse, where Napoleon is said to have kept his armies. His father had often compained that sandals with rear support, of the style that the Roman Army had conquered most of Europe on cost too much labour to construct particularly for the most important market of British holidaymakers who turned up in the region and discovered that their more traditional forms footwear acquired the odour of some of the local cheeses, and thus required cheap additional modes of transport.

Phloppe designed a version of the sandal without a back support, that was strong and sturdy, if a little difficult to run in, but did make an annoying tip-tap noise. One advantage of the lack of back support was that they could easily be removed for swimming. Phloppe's sandal was an immediate success, propelling him to fame and fortune. The sandal was further developed with the addition of a thong.

Fans of this type of footwear are said to include Formula One driver Michael Schumacher.

From Anticipations

Time Is Near

  Theres no way to explain only one notion and that is  
  Expanding in a way no other could think of or heard of                EXPANDING       

Zero-sum fallacy

The fallacy exists insomuch as life can be ascribed to all of the following:

If the Zero-sum fallacy can be understood, then this is one in many "ways" (which for the purposes of this encyclopedic entry can be defined as "you looking at it") it can be understood. What "I" (the cause of what you can "see") present "here" (which for the purposes of your assesment, understanding & associative capacity is defined as: ""), i s "the explanation" (which is proportional to the inverse of "Laugther"), that I, by my own assesment & associative capacity have produced - these letters and symbols which you can "see" (past participle of "you looking at it"). In this here-to-fore-defined (one) "way", "understanding" the zero-sum fallacy is limited to the amount of Energy (=mc^2) which was usurped in "understanding" it.

(sidenote: for the purposes of this explanation, "Laughter" = repetive expulsions of gas at frequencies between 3.4Hz-11.3Hz in the range of [0-57db], such that this sound is "summoned" when a "humanoid (in reference)" manifests "code of conduct" / "prescribed law" / etc. that is alien to the living human being that exhibits "laugther".)

I'd like to add that derpdiederp is derping.

We shall overcome tyranny!

From Wikipedia:Votes for Deletion/Freedom of Expression

Vanity. Pure and simple. TheCustomOfLife 22:11, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

I think your mistaken. It can't be vanity if its not done out of self interest, considering the article is not on myself. Its an attempt to expand the horizons. If this is a free encyclopedia, we should not have policing of the material as long as its not purporting to be something other than it is and as long as it is factual.

I can write an article on my Wikipedia friend Owen Blacker here, but it would still be vanity. See Mr. Nomura's vote for deletion topic; some student wrote it for him but it's still a vanity entry. With that issue aside, the person still has to be notable, and Mary Sues and Bobbie Jos and Danny Rosenblatts are not. TheCustomOfLife 22:20, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

There is no clear definition for what constitutes notability. Indeed, I would have no objections if you wrote an article on Owen Blacker. As long as it does not interfere with the obtaining of truthful information, it should be allowed.

A regular high-school student, with no other merits to his name other than the fact that he went to a closed-down school and has ADD, is simply not notable. I don't think anyone would fight that reasoning, either. Also, if you want to sign your name, do four tildes (four of ~). TheCustomOfLife 22:35, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

That's a completely subjective position. It has factual information and it does no harm. There is not reason to expend the effort to delete it. I will join you in protecting the encycolpedia's integrity, but this is no threat. We should remove it from the deletion list.

We'll see what other people have to say on the issue, but I really don't see it surviving. I don't have anything against you or Danny, but he's just not famous enough. TheCustomOfLife 22:44, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

We'll see what the general opinion is. I hope that they support the freedom to post factual information over a tyrannical stranghold on what they believe is unnotable.

Hi there, newcomer. Please have a look around our information pages, including Welcome, newcomers and the FAQ. — Please don't think of this as a "tyrannical stronghold". We are not here to battle against you or your opinions; it's just that the community at large has pretty much come to the consensus that there is no point in including pages on people who are not notable. Yes, you are right, it's a subjective classification - we vote on the borderline cases on a case-by-case basis and thus ensure that the majority is happy. — Notice also that disallowing this entry does not make Wikipedia any less "free". You see, the content is free in the sense that anyone is free to take it and make their own encyclopedia fork from it. If you think including factual information on any individual whatsoever would be nice, we welcome you to start a new project to collect this kind of information. On Wikipedia, as I said, we have consensus not to do this. We would end up with a lot of articles the contents of which are relevant or interesting to only a very very small amount of people, and are extremely hard to verify due to a lack of reliable references. — I hope you understand this, and I'm sure you will find things you know a lot about that you can write about in Wikipedia. Honestly, we do accept a lot of obscure things that you don't normally find in a paper encyclopedia. — Timwi 23:01, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete, not notable. —Stormie 23:12, Jun 22, 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. Joyous 23:13, Jun 22, 2004 (UTC)
  • Hear, hear and well-said. Dan, yours is what we call a "vanity page." If you wish to contribute to this site, by all means feel free to do so within the boundaries. It's free to sign up and you can talk about yourself on your very own user page. BTW, this isn't a tyranny at all. In fact, it's the closest thing to a pure democracy as you're likely to find anywhere. I'm voting to delete your article, but encouraging you to sign up as a user. - Lucky 6.9 23:16, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)
I have to agree...delete. Ilyanep 23:24, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Preserve this page, if you do nothing else. If factual information is being restricted, it is tyranny. The majority may support it, but it is still tyranny. The weakness of democracy is that the majority don't always have the correct point of view. Regardless, it is the best system we have and we must work within it. Vote to preserve this page. This is more than about an individual- it is about the very freedom we hold dear. Where will they stop next? Will any information the majority, or a minority of self-styled police, find uncomfortable also be restricted? The Internet is the last refuge for free information in our society and must be protected. A stand must be here before it goes to far. Join me in voting to preserve this article

I was going to hold my tongue, but please get a grip. TheCustomOfLife 23:29, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Let's try this again, Dan. You do not warrant an encyclopedia article. Neither do I, for that matter. Therefore, my contributions have been on general topics. So too are the contributions by each and every person to cast a vote here. So in short, do I have a page under my real name? Of course not. Personal information is on my user page. It's only fair to warn you of the possibility of this conversation showing up on the very popular "Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense" page. To be blunt, you're going to look rather foolish. Take a breath, count backwards from fifty and consider the advice we've all given you. - Lucky 6.9 23:43, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

As I've said before, this is not an article on myself. It is nota personal article. If I look foolish in defending my freedom, than so be it. I will not abandon my principles: that it should be permissible for me to place factual information at times and places of my choosing so long as it does not obstruct others.

  • This is the final time I'm going to be nice about this. If you don't think that this is a personal article, let's review it: An inhabitant of Aberdeen township; born 1987 in Long Island. Daniel subsequently attended the New School High School, later known as the Atlantic School and now defunct. He busies his time with computer-related activities and with the visitation of extremist websites. Sounds personal to me. If you want to start a user page and contribute to this site, go ahead. If not, your acts are very much obstructing others. Are you understanding what I'm trying to tell you? Just don't write about yourself. - Lucky 6.9 00:14, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete: "Freedom" does not mean license, as Benjamin Franklin observed. The vandal cries out that he is being censored when the cops are called, too. Encyclopedias differ from phone books, personal web pages, and commerce, even though those things might contain facts. This encyclopedia permits more than most (because of its format: it can allow more topics of ephemeral import

ance, as it is constantly updated and needn't fear being obsolete the day it's published), but that is not anarchy. In a state of total freedom, life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. Geogre 00:19, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)

How are my actions obstructing others? Perhaps we will be doomed to censorship. The last bastion of free communication, the Internet, is about to be lost. The misguided tyranny of the majority may have its way. Will not a champion for freedom arise and answer the call?

  • OK, we've all had a laugh, and now it's time to end this. Kid, you're an idiot. You're half brain-dead, and that's the good half. You've been welcome until now to create a user page and type away about Danny Rosen-bleeding heart until hell freezes over. Instead, you plead "freedom" and "censorship" in the most agonizingly melodramatic way possible while all this time laughing your hiney off at the stupidity you've wrought. Will not a champion for freedom arise and answer the call? You sound like a Dudley Do-Right cartoon. Do you have any friends, Danny? I mean, outside the ones you watch on Cartoon Network, that is. Consider getting a life outside of "extremist websites" and spending less time with a copy of Maxim and a bottle of Jergens in the freaking bathroom. - Lucky 6.9 00:36, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • This little SOB has been going under the user name of "Colinrorr." He blanked the discussion on this page and turned "Danny Rosenblatt" into a redirect to Freedom of Expression. I hope that I've redone it properly. What's the matter, Dan-dan? Do we gots to call the WAHHHH-mbulance? - Lucky 6.9 01:06, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC) .

Colinrorr, you do not have the right to clear text on public pages when you do not like what has been said. TheCustomOfLife 01:12, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)

This page was moved from Danny Rosenblatt to Freedom of Expression; moving VFD page to match. -- Grunt 01:14, 2004 Jun 23 (UTC)

"Colinrorr" has been warned that his behavior is unacceptable. If he tries it again, open fire. -- Cyrius| 01:16, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)

VFD tag is being removed repeatedly from this page by Colinrorr. -- Grunt 01:17, 2004 Jun 23 (UTC)

  • Delete, as not notable. Encourage user to create a userpage (; —siroxo 01:24, Jun 23, 2004 (UTC)
  • And we close today's discussion with a zinger! - Lucky 6.9 01:28, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete, nonfamous.--Jerzy(t) 01:31, 2004 Jun 23 (UTC)
  • Delete. This is not a question of "free speech" or any other noble abstract moral term, it's simply a question of following the rules. Wikipedia is not anarchy. Wyllium 14:50, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Eventually, this was followed by the line in the deletion log notable in itself:

  • 01:21, 23 Jun 2004 Guanaco deleted "Freedom of Expression"...

More nonsense...

From: "Al-Awda" <[email protected]>

Hi. I'm using the same IP address as colinrorr and I found that I'm now blocked from editing. I certainly promise he won't be vandalizing again. Anything you could do to help remedy my difficulties would be appreciated. Thankyou

from Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines A long time ago all the space marines were united under the emperor. They were recruited from man kinds greatest warriors, all were genetically enhanced to super human levels, all were trained in the art of war, and all were given the finest equipment. They space marines stood with the emperor and fought with him side by side in the name humanity and the emporium. Than came the apocalyptic civil war know as the Horus Heresy and fully half the space marines renounced their allegiance to the emperor but this was no mere rebellion the traitor marines had fallen under the diabolic influence of the gods of chaos. They were defeated by the emperor and driven back to gaping wound in reality know as the eye of terror.

In the "name humanity and the emporium," huh? Talk about your gaping wound in reality! This actually appears to be a reference to "chaos space marines" in the warhammer 20000 game/universe, so it is not really random nonsense (despite appearances)

From Talk:Emma Watson

dear emma

if i have something i can say is you are a great actress be pround to your self do not for get god in any you coz he help you time of crisis just take care always bye

boy from philippines

"Cat and mouse" game of

. A cat and mouse game, so named may be a game to a cat but sadly not to the mouse. The cat (nasty scratchy furry creatures)have a tendancy to eat mice, clothes and all once they catch them. They will however "play" with the mouse prior to the rather dastardly devouring process untill they become bored, tired or too hungry to want to perservere with the playing process and instead make a carefully calculated desision to consume said mouse much to said mouses annoyance. In order for the mouse to become alive once more it must endure a prolonged ordeal known as reincarnation which is regarded by many mice as uncool and most inconvenient. Many mice alive today do not actually believe in riencarnation and so this may not apply to them so these mices may well die durring the cat and mouse game and stay dead! Tsk, tsk, tsk. The game itself generally begins with the cat rolling the unfortunate mouse into a small ball and then unceramoniously tossing the mouse in the air and then cleverly catching it in its mouth while being carefull not to bite it to hard or its game over! It will sometimes disable the mouse forcing the poor wee thing to limp and when it dosent limp fast enough to provide any kind of challenge to the cat, it gets kicked by the cat rather like a soccer ball. In rare instances it has been known for other cats to join in this kicking game which often ends much to the mouses delight when one of the stupid cats accidently kicks the mouse into a mouse hole! In order for the game to continue the mouse must venture out of its hole again and for some yet to be investigated reason many seem somewhat reluctant to do this.This reluctance may well be due to the fact that cats tend to smell funny.

Yeti sighting

Inside the United States Botanic Garden secretly hiding a Yeti. Tiny humans in the background are offered as bait.
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Because of the requirement for the final set to be won by two clear games, it is theoretically possible for a match to go on indefinitely, until one of the participants dies (thus forfeiting the match). However, this is very rare. Out of the approx. 6.5 trillion matches that have been played since the invention of the sport, only a piffling number (about fifteen thousand) have gone on for 25 years or more. It is estimated that on average, every man, woman and child on planet Earth is involved in 3.8 tennis matches at any given time, however this statistic is seriously skewed by the relatively high number of matches played by men rather than women. Women cannot play tennis properly, as reflected in the lower prize money offered to them in major tennis competitions such as Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, French Open, Dubai Classic and Indianapolis 500.

New World Order

Not to be confused with New Order World, a short-lived North of England theme park based on the adventures of the wacky Manchester-based indie dance quartet. Although a ride based on their 1983 album Power, Corruption & Lies was awarded a prestigious engineering award by the Prestigious Engineers Society for the Awarding of Prestigious Engineering Awards (PESAPEA), the park was nevertheless forced to close after animatronic models of the group, their manager Rob Gretton, and Factory Records co-founder Alan Erasmus, ran rampage and gunned down a group of tourists just like in the movie Westworld, which was directed by the illegally tall Michael Crichton.

The Adventures of

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Oral contract

an oral contract to me would be that of the same as verbal yet if the party in which makes the agreement and then reposses the property then there should be no breach intended on the opposing party if they fulfilled there obligation to the contract and the other party didnt then the party whom broke the agreement shall be the one in breach and it should go no furthur then that

A lawyer is born.

From Bitch Slap

Poster Fiona A regales us with some community theatre! Mike H 02:25, Jun 26, 2004 (UTC)

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Heavy metal umlaut from Template:Feature

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Mötörhëäd's fïrst älbüm slëëvë

Ä Heavy_metal_umlaut ïs än Umlaut övër sömë öf thë lëttërs ïn thë nämës öf ä hëävÿ mëtäl bänd — älthöügh thë nämës wïll thën söünd vërÿ sïllÿ tö pëöplë whö üsë längüägës ïn whïch ümläüts ärë cömmön, süch äs spëäkërs öf Gërmän, Türkïsh, änd Swëdïsh. Thë üsë öf ümläüts ïs öftën ïn cöncërt wïth üsïng Bläcklëttër tÿpë (ör mörë öftën Psëüdö-Bläcklëttër) ïn thë bänd lögö, tö gïvë ït ä mörë göthïc fëël. Mänÿ bänds hävë täkën tö üsïng dïäcrïtïcs, öftën grätüïtöüslÿ, ïn thëïr nämës. Thë örïgïnäl üsë äppëärs tö hävë bëën bÿ thë Blue_Öÿster_Cult ïn 1971. Motörhead änd Mötley_Crüe thën föllöwëd. Spööf bänd Spinal_Tap pärödïëd thë ïdëä stïll fürthër ïn 1982 bÿ püttïng thë ümläüt övër thë lëttër "n", whïch döës nöt bëlöng tö änÿ ständärd chäräctër sët.

Rëcëntlÿ fëätürëd: Grëëk mÿthölögÿBïllböärdHïstörÿ öf cömpütïng härdwärë

From Goods and Services Tax

(Re the Harmonized Sales Tax) It was originally intended to name this tax the "Blended Sales Tax", but the name was quickly changed when the government realized that a "BS Tax" would be an endless source of jokes.

From Lucky OS

Lucky OS is a java applet designed for running a virtual operating system. It was created in June 2004 by Lucky 69 software. The first version of Lucky OS was released on the 25 th of June 2004. Lucky OS needs three things to run. A operating system kernel compiled to bytecode, a intruction set refrenence file, which must be written in Javatron-04 compiled in to J2XPE bytecode, a virtual hardware refrence core which must include bytecode-encoded a disk image for the operating system applications. This can be up to 4GB big.

Operating Systems that run under Lucky OS

The first operating system to run on Lucky OS was ejos (Extensible Java Operating System, also written by Lucky 69 software). It consiteted of a virtual 800x600 graphic display (being output on the webpage), using the VESA2jdraw java bean. General purpose operating systems such as Linux are too complex too port, but gnu/Hurd and ReactOS was ported, providing for the first time the ability to run Win32 applications in Java. By writing extentions to the virtual hardware reference and writing custom drivers, it is posible to fully exploit both the capabillities of Java and the Operating system.

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Keith Mills

Keith Mills was born in a farming village 2 clicks north of the viet congs stronghold during the vietnam conflict, born to a family of pig farmers he invested the 2 dollars a month he earned into setting up his own reward card scheme promoting peace amongst americans and the vietnamese. It failed so he set up nectar got rich and now sits smugly in a bigger house than you. the end.


Chloracne, commonly referred to as sphyrna mokarran occurs in the skin when large amounts of liquid chlorine is used to treat common acne, or acne vulgaris. The buildup of chlorine in the skin combined with the pustules common to the human body causes visible tumors in the hands used to divide the fingers. The breakdown of the lymph nodes creates an increase in terror in the Balkan States, where the President has been visiting recently to create tension between the Jesuit Soadians and the Macedonian Cranians of the area. The peace of the world is being toward the French and German societies of the late 1900's.

See what happens when you eat too much chocolate?

Or raw cocaine?