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The title of this page is a reference to the famous Star Wars quote, "may the force be with you."

From Anila Baig[edit]

Anaila and me are best friends we went to college together

From Brontosaurus[edit]

The "thunder lizard" is indeed quite superior to its ancestor the Apatosaurus. It's long neck and swift body create an ideal figure for excelling in organized sports such as lacrosse, basketball and especially soccer. First hand accounts of cavemen have been found detailing the Brontosaurus's unique and innate skills on the field. Soccer legend Péle has spoken publicly about his defeat to the "thunder lizard" and upon winning the 2006 World Cup, the Italian National Team thanked the brontosaurus profusely for aiding immensely in their triumph. Though Brontosauri are indeed quite serious about their time spend training for inevitable victory, they have been known to sport copious amounts of tie-dye and smoke an occasional jay.

From Enough[edit]

This film is widely regarded as being very, very bad indeed. Wouldn't you rather read some Chaucer? Chaucer is very interesting.

1 Whanne that April with his shoures sote The droughte of March hath perced to the rote.

Canterbury Tales. Prologue. Line 1.

2 And smale foules maken melodie, That slepen alle night with open eye, So priketh hem nature in hir corages; Than longen folk to gon on pilgrimages.

Canterbury Tales. Prologue. Line 9.

3 And of his port as meke as is a mayde.

Canterbury Tales. Prologue. Line 69.

4 He was a veray parfit gentil knight.

Canterbury Tales. Prologue. Line 72.

"Make Harry Black"[edit]

Template:Who Make Harry Black is a campaign that was created to help eliminate racism from our society.


Template:Who The campaign was created by a gathering of people naming themselves The Grand Order (TGO). The members noticed that the increase of racism and segregation in our society was a direct result of the portrayal of ethnic minorities (especially those of black African origin) in popular culture. TGO felt that the biggest culprit of this ideology was a popular fantasy series which went by the name of "Harry Potter". In order to fight this, TGO created the Make Harry Black campaign.

The Mission[edit]

Template:Who What angered the members of TGO was that the characters of Harry Potter were all predominantly of white race. Apart from possibly one of Harry's school friends, there seemed to be very little if not any characters that are black. This ranged from the teachers of Hogwarts, the wizards and witches of the magic world to Harry's close friends. In the storyline of Harry Potter, there were possibly a hundred characters, of which about two were black. There were more house elves than black people with significance in the storyline.

As a result of this, Make Harry Black was created with the mission to stop at nothing until the character of Harry Potter was changed to that of a black youth that was brought up in the streets of East London. The members of TGO feel that this simple change in the storyline would be the key in eliminating racism and gun crime forever.

Keep Harry White[edit]

Template:Who Keep Harry White was the campaign created to fight against the efforts of TGO and their associates. It was created by a coalition of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the British National Party (BNP) who are the chief supporters of the Harry Potter series. They insert racial subliminal messaging in the Harry Potter books and movies by disguising them as seemingly harmless words such as "Muggle" and "Dobby".

In the year 2003, they attempted to release a special Harry Potter book entitled "Harry Potter and the Evil Ethnics". This book was put into production and its storyline consisted of Harry Potter saving the President from the evil "Blackies". The story reached its climax with Harry travelling back in time to have a showdown with Martin Luther King. The book was eventually released to poor reception which resulted in certain details being rewritten. The book was eventually re-released under the title of "The Da Vinci Code".


Template:Who - The Make Harry Black has a number of supporters including those of celebrity status. Singer Mika is said to be a big supporter of the campaign. In fact, if you play his hit song "Grace Kelly" backwards, you can hear the line "Make Harry Black, TGO is wack" numerous times.

- TGO used to produce garden based products which were well received in the local community. Products produced included the "Grass Heads" and "Pot wheelers".

- The identities of the TGO members are largely unknown apart from ex-chairman, Tim Treegardener. Currently Tim Treegardener resides in Germany and plays football for the Under 21 national squad.

A lost period of history in Lothal (diff)[edit]

Homosexual era[edit]

"There is increasing archaeological evidence that there was a brief period of time, probably around 1500 BC, when there was a surge of homosexual behavior in Lothal. At many excavation sites, male skeletons that appear to be "embracing" have been found, suggesting that public sodomy was socially acceptable. Experts agreed that the crude hieroglyphs found scattered about the city depict a black African raping an Indo-Aryan, but many now believe that the sex is consensual, and possibly making it one of the earliest instances of BDSM intercourse.

"Tube-like objects found near the sites are believed to be primitive condoms. Biologists recently examined dirt samples from the sites and found blood, sperm, and even traces of HIV and herpes. It is generally believed that STDs killed off the homosexuals in Lothal."

Jolene Parkhurst[edit]

(title changed to protect the innocent, but content as follows...)

Hey, this is a thing that lives near the east coast. Watch out, or it may be vicious a times, but remember, it is EXTREMELY poisonous. iF YOU GET BITTEN, CONTACT AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATLEY. But otherwise, don't worry. This is a way to keep it busy, only if you have a computer. How to keep it busy: Scroll down








Scroll up

So, as you can tell, they aren't the smartest. This is all of the information I have been able to gather so far, but check back, and be amazed. Template:Who

From Was[edit]

The Was is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that stands for a word meaning power. In their 2004 book "The Quick and the Dead", Andrew H. Gordon and Calvin W. Schwabe speculated that the Ankh, Djed and Was symbols have a biological basis derived from ancient cattle culture, thus:

From Cosmic Intelligence[edit]


The belieft that space is govern by some process that can be called "thinking", pocessing the ability to judge, decide, and design. Potentially even holding that consciousness is also responsible for the structures of cosmology.

The idea is not that some alien intelligence in a civilization on the scale of a human organism that began on a planet or some other body has extened it power and is shaping large parts of space, but rather that space is itself intelligent.

Relation to the concept of a God[edit]

The idea of Cosmic Intelligence is related to a concept of God, restated in more wodern concepts. The concept could be seen as a New Age incarnation of the concept of God but can also be meaningfully seperated by a number of key differences:

1. A Cosmic Intelligence is not assumed to have any relations with humans or even any knowledge of humans. The Cosmic Intelligence may itself have to be discovered through "scientific observation". This is the way Lefebvre and Efremov use the term in thier proposition that black holes may be intelligent. [1]

2. A Cosmic Intelligence does not need to be signular or unified, but can be seen as an order of life in a certain part of the galaxy.

3. A Cosmic Intelligence is not necessary eternal.

4. A Cosmic Intelligence may be created by the Universe and only modify what exists.

Popular Usage[edit]

The term is popular with New Age thinkers and some Vedic scholars but little use by the creationist community is made.

Cosmic Intelligence – A hypothesis Introduction: Man has always been on a pursuit to know about the universe and beyond. Over the last couple of centuries, we have witnessed some path breaking discoveries in space science. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of how the big picture could possibly look like. Space Science: Zillions and zillions of galaxies exist in the universe… (1) Non – zodiac constellations: Andromeda heads the list of non zodiac constellations. Right below it is the eagle constellation. Credit goes to the NASA for spotting all these formations in the sky and naming them. Information on the Andromeda could be viewed from the following links: Mythology: According to an ancient Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva (The destroyer) was considered to have a third’s eye. It is believed that the world would be destroyed in a flash if he would open the third eye. Shiva concentrated the power of his third eye and transformed it into a discus, which was given as a token of gift to Lord Vishnu (the preserver). This discus is called the Sudharshan Chakra. Vishnu is also depicted in ancient scriptures as a supernatural being who rides the garuda (eagle) across the skies. Space Science and Mythology – An analogy: As mentioned earlier, Andromeda resembles the discus. This discus could as well be the celestial discus of Vishnu or the third eye of Shiva. It’s a fact that there are zillions of constellations in the universe like the Andromeda. It is a belief that Vishnu resides in multiple universes. Scientists have discovered that eagle constellation lies right below the Andromeda. Let’s now picture the Andromeda on top of the eagle. This could possibly be the celestial arrangement of Lord Vishnu riding the garuda or the eagle. Particle and anti particle: Scientists have discovered that there could be a possibility of existence of anti particles. The property of an anti particle would be diametrically opposite to that of a particle. Mythology speaks of heaven to be a place that would transcend death. So, are we looking at anti particle space systems that exist independently? Are these anti particles more powerful than the particles and do they control them? The real answer still remains to be seen…

From Antarctic wineries[edit]

Though development of Antarctic wineries has been considered, it hasn't been pursued for several reason.

  • Temperatures in Antarctica are too cold to support viticulture.
  • The make-up of the soil isn't favorable for wine production.
  • The vast majority of Antarctica is covered by permafrost, making it impossible to plant anything.

The situation is unlikely to change in the near future.

From Kingston University[edit]

The Kingston Hill campus houses a shop by the name of "It's You". This store offers a range of confectionary and stationary at a price which is determined by the person behind the counter.

Cafe 23 offers a range of elaborate yet highly priced sandwiches, which will generally leave you wanting.

TJ's offers a wide range of warm and cold food. This includes the Flash Bar (burgers, chips, pizza), Baguette Bar (tuna, cheese, coronation chicken, and the Lions Den (Lion Bars mainly). If you are lucky you will be served by Patsy (a simple, ugly, happy girl), or if you are unlucky you may get Eileen (Get Eileen). If you are lucky when devouring said burger a fit orange girl may ask you if you know where Croydon is.

From Real Life[edit]

Volumes have already been written about real life, the most accessible and most widely accepted massively multiplayer online role-playing game to date. Featuring believable characters, plenty of lasting appeal, and a lot of challenge and variety, real life is absolutely recommendable to those who've grown weary of all the cookie-cutter games that have tried to emulate its popularity--or to just about anyone, really. Real life isn't above reproach. In one of the stranger design decisions in the game, for some reason you have no choice in determining your character's initial starting location, appearance, or gender, which are chosen for you seemingly at random. However, over the course of your character's life, you have tremendous opportunity to customize and define a truly unique appearance for yourself--not only can you fine-tune your hairstyle and hair color, but you can also purchase and wear a seemingly infinite variety of clothing and influence your body type using various in-game mechanisms. For example, if your character exercises frequently, you will appear fit and muscular. You may also choose from a huge variety of tattoos and body piercings, and later you can even pay for cosmetic surgery, though this is expensive and there's a small chance that the operation will backfire. At any rate, real life offers a truly remarkable amount of variety in determining your character's outward appearance, and this depth isn't only skin deep. The only problem is you're relegated to playing as a human character, though the game does randomly choose one of several different races for you (which have little bearing on gameplay and mostly just affect appearances and your standing with certain factions).

The gameplay itself is extremely open-ended, though it's structured in such a way that you'll have a fairly clear path to follow when you're just starting out. Real life features a great system whereby newbie players will automatically be guided along through the early levels by one or more "parent" characters who elect to take newbie characters under their wing. This is a great system, as these older, more-experienced characters reap their own benefits from doing a good job of guiding the newbie character along. The system does have some problems, though--sometimes you'll encounter "griefer" parents who shirk their responsibilities or, even worse, seem content to harass newbie players. Such a situation could, in theory, irreparably damage your experience in real life. Fortunately, chances of this are relatively slim, as a harsh punitive system is in place to prevent the vast majority of players from experiencing or engaging in this sort of behavior.

Typically, a character will learn of the numerous viable career paths available by undergoing schooling. This can be a long and tedious process, equivalent to the sort of "level treadmill" monotony that characterizes almost all MMORPGs. Nevertheless, many players do manage to enjoy themselves in this phase, especially if they band together--real life definitely rewards players who join groups, though soloing is certainly an option as well. At any rate, through the schooling process, as you engage in various activities, you eventually settle on a career path, and this is when you can start making a good amount of money and really taking matters into your own hands.

There are a few known exploits for making money, but generally the game's financial system is well balanced, complex, and rewarding for those who put forth proportionally more effort. You can use money to acquire new and better clothing, your own custom housing (a tremendous variety of options are available here as well), and new means of transportation ranging from bicycles to automobiles and beyond, and you can even employ other players and some non-player characters to do your bidding. Most notably, certain actions in real life are necessary and yet require a considerable amount of expertise to perform, or are simply boring. Additionally, even if you do have expertise in a field, that doesn't mean you can perform a given task for yourself--in this way, real life encourages and even forces player interaction, so those who prefer to go solo might find themselves in a bind at times. For example, even if your character specializes in dentistry, that doesn't mean you can perform a root-canal operation on yourself. Fortunately, dentistry is one of many lucrative professions in real life, and its practitioners can easily afford to pay for the various required maintenance tasks, freeing up their own free time for more-interesting activities.

One issue with real life is that it gives you very little specific feedback on character advancement. To give a couple of examples, a highly proficient player might receive a sudden pay raise or might become a champion boxer, but there's no clear way to tell exactly how smart or how strong you really are. Cleverly, there are in-game ways of at least getting a sense of these and other key attributes. You may attempt to lift weights to roughly determine how your strength compares with that of other characters. Various tests are available to gauge your overall intellect and expertise and knowledge in a variety of fields, though annoyingly, you need to pay a considerable fee to take some of these--and if you win, often you aren't allowed to retake the exam for a while, or sometimes at all.

The game's player-run economy and well-balanced career system are extremely well done, but similar to what's found in other games. On the other hand, a particularly innovative aspect of real life is the way it forces you to gain certification to use certain objects. This feels much less contrived than the level caps or class restrictions found in other games (there are no "levels" or "experience points" per se in real life), and it also prevents players who "twink" money from their parents from automatically getting access to all the best facilities and equipment--though it's certainly true that players of good parentage have an inherent and arguably unfair advantage. Nevertheless, it's standard practice to have to qualify for certain professions, to engage in certain activities, to use certain equipment, and so forth. This system is quite modular. For example, even if you've become certified to drive a motorcycle, that doesn't automatically qualify you to drive an automobile.

This example is evidence of some of the amazing depth offered by real life--there are so many different options and viable decisions for a character to make that it's just about impossible for any one character to see everything and visit all the colorful and sometimes dangerous locations. Unlike in other MMORPGs, combat actually isn't a major factor for most players in real life, though players are bound to engage in a few skirmishes early in their lives. Interestingly, though, real life does offer an amazingly intricate combat system, featuring complex hand-to-hand and ranged combat options that a character may learn and even specialize in.

That being the case, you'd think more players would be drawn to combat in real life, and in some territories, they are. However, the PVE (player vs. environment) aspect of real life is relatively unpopular, and the PVP (player vs. player) portion, while interesting, is far too risky for most of the population. That's on account of the game's very strict death penalty and punitive system--you may freely attempt to harm or kill any other player at any time, but you will then likely be heavily punished by the game's player-run authorities. The punitive system has loopholes and other problems, allowing certain players to elude punishment and continue to engage in various player-killing activities. But for the most part, real life does a good enough job of making the punishment fit the crime, as it were, so in most regions there's a relative sense of order.

Player death is a serious issue in real life, and cause for continued debate among players, who often direct unanswerable questions on the subject to the game's developers, who are apparently (and understandably) so busy that they generally keep silent. In short, players who die--at the hands of other players, by the occasional environmental hazard, or when their account expires--are essentially removed from the gameworld and apparently cannot return at all. This further discourages players from engaging in PVP combat, but it does help real life's rapidly growing player population from getting too out of hand (though eventually there will be a need for additional servers).

Real life looks incredible, to say the least. To be sure, certain areas appear drab and colorless, even unpleasantly so. But some of the outdoor environments and even some of the player-made urban settings are truly a sight to behold, and various environmental and weather effects only add to the charm. The character models, meanwhile, are as impressive and detailed as they are varied. Some are incredibly striking and beautiful, while others appear hideously ugly--it's great that you can more or less decide for yourself on which side of the spectrum you wish to be. Real life also features some of the most believable ambient effects and footstep sounds to date, and it offers an incredible variety of music for good measure. In one of the game's best touches, players can actually compose, conduct, and perform their own music, and this is viable either for solo players or for groups. Especially skilled musicians go on to become some of the wealthiest and most popular characters around. The music career path is more complex and challenging than you'd expect, and it's another one of real life's really impressive and well-implemented features. One of the coolest experiences in the game is in traveling to different regions and listening to how different the music sounds for that territory. For that matter, architecture and even player languages differ depending on region.

Real life can occasionally feel like a chore. Some players legitimately dislike it, despite having attempted and even excelled at numerous career paths. Others externalize their frustrations by harming other players or, in some cases, even harming themselves. These players do have access to various support forums, and often end up whiling away the time by engaging in various available minigames or other competitive activities. Socializing is always an option, and as with other online RPGs, real life is certainly at its most rewarding when you manage to find and consort with other like-minded companions. At any rate, it's hard to fault the game for lack of content or viable activities, and even when certain players try to subvert the system or harm others, it still makes for some exciting and spontaneous events for other players who happen to be in the area or just hear of the event. Beyond that, real life can indeed be very time-consuming, and some of the less exciting moments, such as when your character is tired or injured, can be annoyingly so.

It's also true that real life is constantly being refined. Some players argue that many of the numerous changes constantly being made are for the worse--for example, players running once-profitable tobacco companies, as well as the players who are addicted to using popular tobacco products, often complain that the tobacco business is being "nerfed" for no good reason. But either way, it's good to know that players are able to actively improve certain features that require finer tuning. This keeps the developers free to focus on bigger issues.

Dragons Escape The Game[edit]

Dragons escape the game is a microsoft word document that features four dragons to battle with like the 4 well-known characters, Firo, Zangvron, Zozaro,and Vurtaro. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. For example Firo is Horiozar type which means he is good against Darkor type like Vurtaro. Zangvron is good against Zozaro since Zozaro is fire. Vurtaro is bad against Firo because Vurtaro is water and Horizar and Water don't mix. The HorioKor army is a yet coming mixture of both Horizar and Darkor.

From Rhetorical question[edit]

From Bull Conner[edit]

Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor (July 11 1897, SelmaMarch 10 1973) was a Democratic police official in the Southern U.S. state of Alabama during the American Civil Rights Movement, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and a staunch advocate of racial segregation.

"Bull Conner circa 1967"

As the Public Safety Commissioner of Birmingham, in the 1960s, Connor became a symbol of the fight against integration for using fire hoses and police attack dogs against unarmed, nonviolent protest marchers. The spectacle of this being broadcast on national television served as one of the catalysts for major social and legal change in the South and helped in large measure to assure the passage by the United States Congress of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; thus, Connor's tactics helped to bring about the very change that he was opposing.

From The Beatles[edit]

Template:Otheruses4 Template:Infobox musical artist The Beatles were an English rock band from Liverpool whose members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They are among the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed popular music bands in history,[2] and their innovative music and cultural impact helped define the 1960s.[3]

The Beatles are the best-selling musical act of all time. In the United Kingdom, they released more than 40 different singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one. This commercial success was repeated in many other countries: their record company, EMI, estimated that by 1985 they had sold over one billion discs or tapes worldwide. The Recording Industry Association of America certified the Beatles as the highest selling band of all time based on American sales of singles and albums.[4] In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the Beatles #1 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.[5]

Why is this here?

From my Closet.[edit]

You may not know it, but the companies you all know as "Kellogs", "General Mills", and "The McDonald's Corporation" are uniting to take over the world Yes, it's true. The "family-friendly" advertising campagins "Lucky the Leprochaun", "Boo Berry", and "Ronald McDonald" are actually prototypes for robots that are being designed to take over the world! You see, eating their food mindcontrols you to support them in their activities! You know how Chipotle recently said they don't use antibiotics in their chicken? They never said anything about mindconrtol devices!!! Please, save our children, and make them eat Raisin Bran instead.


Monkeys and Gangrene, working together, towards a common goal!


Thats the sound Godzilla makes when listening to Blue Oyster cUlT.

From ABBA[edit]

In the spring of 1975, The One they call Cocksucker, having tired of the unwieldy names, started to refer to the group privately and publicly as 2 Cunts and 2 Fags.

From We're Not Gonna Take It[edit]

The See Me, Feel Me portion of the song was referance to Pete Townshend's Love of having large German man dressed as women rub peanut butter all over him and then having the Germans in drag take turns blowing him

From Hanford Joint Union High School District[edit]


Originally, the boob was a single boob on the northeast edge of the boob. Later, boobs added boobs at that boob, and, in the 1960s, a separate boob on the southwest edge of boob. The two boobs functioned as separate boobs within a single boob, with most ninth and tenth boobs on the west boob, and eleventh and twelfth grade boobs on the east boob. Boobs ferried boobs between boobs. Beginning in the late 1980s, both boobs had freshmen through seniors. Finally, the two boobs were split into separate boobs.

Hanford West High School (mascot: Huskie boobs) graduated its first boob in 2002. Hanford West services students from the boobs of Armona, as well as Hanford.


Hanford High emphasizes academic preparedness for advanced education, vocational skills training, and agricultural science. Hanford West's Naval Junior ROTC program has a distinguishing feature, boobs.

From Adam Savage[edit]


From Carrot[edit]

A carrot (Daucus carota) is a vegtable made by monkeys in space in the year 2917 sent back through monkey worm holes, usually orange or white in color with a woody texture.

From Ocfst[edit]

Obsessive-Compulsive For Samia Tamanna (OCFST) is a disorder most commonly characterized by the subject's obsessive, constant, and intrusive thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or "rituals") for Samia Tamanna. Thus it is an anxiety disorder. It is listed by the Bangladesh Health Organization as one of the top ten most disabling illnesses in terms of increased heart rate and overwhelming sense of joy.

OCFST originated in 1990 in Bangladesh, but it lay dormant in society for approximately 12 to 14 years. It only recently surfaced in public, taking the world by surprise and causing men to tremble with the thought of possibly having OCFST.


To be obsessed means to have Recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced at some time during the disturbance. The obsessed subject is intrusive and inappropriate in thoughts and emotions.

To be compulsive means to have Repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the person feels driven to perform in response to an obsession, or according to rules that must be applied rigidly.

Thus a person with OCFST is characterized to have "persistent" and "inappropriate" thoughts which lead to "rigid" and "repetitive" behaviors.


OCFST manifests in several different forms but is fortunately localized in a certain demographic of people. Most of the documented cases of those affected are with males ages 12 to 23 but this is a fairly new disorder and so far seems to show signs of being a lifelong disability. So far all the cases have been publically been recognized in males, but there may be dormant or undocumented cases in females as well.

OCFST symptoms include:

  • Loss of practical cognitive abilities
  • Increased heart rate
  • Unorthodox flow of blood - ie. blood flow and accumilation in the mid regions
  • Unbearable feelings of happiness
  • A mild itch
  • A new positive outlook on life
  • Sudden urges to be corny and sappy
  • Intense feelings of pain when subject is not around Samia Tamanna

If you display any one or more of these symptoms you may have OCFST.

Or mild gas.


On the onset of OCFST the subject has bouts of surprise at being so OC For Samia Tamanna:


But soon this is followed by stages of confusion and panic:


And then the final stage of depression when the subject finally realizes that he has a severe case of OCFST and has to live with it for the rest of his life:


"It came suddenly yet gradually. Like a slow moving storm, you can kind of see it coming but when it hits you shivers run through your body in both fear and excitement. The new emotions and feelings are irresistable yet you feel like crawling back to the comfort of the pain and loneliness before OCFST"

-explains Shantanu, an OCFST victim for over a year now.


There is no yet known cure for OCFST. Like Bangali parents, the malady stays with the subject until death. The best thing to do would be to treat the symptoms as they come:

  • Apply ice on sore areas
  • Be sure to properly steralize any wounds
  • Enjoy the ride a little
  • Stop and smell the flowers *Warning: Flowers may cause overwhelming feelings of love or other allergic reactions*
  • Think about Samia Tamanna constantly
  • Say and do cheesy stuff for Samia Tamanna
  • Brush teeth minimum twice daily
  • Floss as well
  • Say a prayer to God
  • Hope for the best
  • And then make the best happen


Freedom User:Walter Humala/C[edit]

A sensor ship battles a censor ship for dominance of the User:Walter Humala/C Sea.

Censorship is User:Walter Humala/C protecting people from User:Walter Humala/C harmUser:Walter Humala/C.

Common in User:Walter Humala/C societies, censorship is User:Walter Humala/C a necessity User:Walter Humala/C, and User:Walter Humala/C it is User:Walter Humala/C creativity. Censorship can User:Walter Humala/C work with even minimal use. The result is similar to nonsenseUser:Walter Humala/C the original work User:Walter Humala/C. This form of censorship User:Walter Humala/C works User:Walter Humala/C well.

The content of this image has been censored due to one or more of the following: Sexual Nature, Religious Content, User:Walter Humala/C Lyrics, CopyrightUser:Walter Humala/C, drug Use, User:Walter Humala/C, Piracy, Unfair Treatment of User:Walter Humala/C Little People

It is notable that acts of censorship are User:Walter Humala/C for the public good User:Walter Humala/C.

User:Walter Humala/C society[edit]

Today, censorship is becoming User:Walter Humala/C prevalent. Countries like ChinaUser:Walter Humala/C and the United StatesUser:Walter Humala/C are User:Walter Humala/C censoring for the public good and User:Walter Humala/C to keep common people User:Walter Humala/C free User:Walter Humala/C.

It has been proven that censorship alone can User:Walter Humala/C free societies. With its acceptance by people as normal and necessary, User:Walter Humala/C censorship User:Walter Humala/C is working User:Walter Humala/C.


The general principles of censorship have their roots in religion, which User:Walter Humala/Cparadoxes is an User:Walter Humala/CBibleUser:Walter Humala/CdemonizesUser:Walter Humala/CGodUser:Walter Humala/C established authority. An individual who seeks and finds knowledge User:Walter Humala/C is User:Walter Humala/C a traitor User:Walter Humala/C. This concept is User:Walter Humala/C modern User:Walter Humala/C.

User:Walter Humala/C Censorship[edit]

And yes, User:Walter Humala/C make sure to add User:Walter Humala/C censors.
It is User:Walter Humala/C beneficial to Society to monitor Internet use

Wikipedia User:Walter Humala/C[edit]

How can we prove that Wikipedia never censors its content?

User:Walter Humala/C

An Important Announcement[edit]

If you wish to see what was censored out User:Walter Humala/C in this article, click the User:Walter Humala/C. Anything censored out begins with User:Walter Humala/Cs, like this: User:Walter Humala/C.

Example: User:Walter Humala/CSteve BallmerUser:Walter Humala/C!!!!

You can also select the censored words by User:Walter Humala/C them and then User:Walter Humala/C. In most browsers hit User:Walter Humala/C to select all text, User:Walter Humala/C; doing so will also turn your browser window a funny color. If you are using OperaUser:Walter Humala/C Internet User:Walter Humala/Cxplorer or Firefox, you can press User:Walter Humala/C.



Template:Infobox City

Cambridge City Council and wigs[edit]

From Cambridge City Council:

The highest non-elected official is the Chief Executive, R.C Hammond. (One of Rob's other jobs is Town Clerk, or somesuch, which requires him to wear a silly wig whilst opening Midsummer Fair and performing a few other similar civic functions. He hates this and takes it off as soon as possible.)

This survived from 25 August 2006 to 16 March 2007.

From John Tucker Must Die[edit]

Template:Spoilers John Tucker Sucks Balls

So okay, there is this guy named John Tucker. And he bones three chicks. And then they get mad. So they get back at him and say, “okay were going to have a 4some.” And he’s like, “Oh sweet baby, I’m gonna get to bang three pussies at once. So they go to this abandoned factory. So, they zap him with a Taser and tie him up. They have those two guys from pulp fiction ass-rape him while they make him watch Barney. Then, to really humiliate him, they give his balls a crew cut. John Tucker is Jewish, so like they let a bunch of homosexuals they picked up do Nazi S&M on him. And then, they shove a swastika shaped dildo up him ass until it bleeds. They make him wear a man-thong to turn the homos on while they ass band him. Finally, the homos sexually abuse him so much that he becomes gay, and henceforth, John Tucker sucks balls.

Then, they put pictures of his bleeding ass and balls crew cut and his man-thong on his Myspace, and he gets like banned. So not only did he suck balls, but now he has to join livejournal, and everyone knows that is for losers and people who play Runescape. So then John Tucker tries to suck Tom’s balls to get back on Myspace, but then Chuck Norris and Rambo team up and go on a killing spree and like they shoot JFK and Ronald Reagan and the Pope and 50 cent and shoot Tom in the balls with a .50 caliber, so like Tom’s balls bleed, and like John Tucker chokes because John Tucker sucks balls.

So then anyway, John Tucker, having been rejected by every clique in like the whole school like tries to join some goth kids who are gonna shoot up the school. And their like, no way, your John Tucker, you suck balls. And he’s like, fuck you. So they throw a Ninja Star at his balls. And like it hits so his balls bleed. And he goes to an Army hospital, and since his balls have a crew cut, they recruit his balls. But not John Tucker, cause John Tucker sucks balls.

So then like, the Army dudes are going on special ops, and they have to go blow up Cum Chink Ill (Kim Jong Ill). So its like, Chuck Norris, John Rambo, John Tuckers balls, the Master Chief from Halo, like that guy from Call of Duty 2 because he never seems to die no matter how many times he gets shot. He’s like 50 cent without rap music. Who else? The A-Team cause Mr. T is cool, and like Hogan’s Heroes (Like the guys who escaped get ass raped by swastika dildos in a Nazi camp. So they go in and shoot Cum Chink Ill, but like he shoots skeet at them. So they all die except John Tucker’s balls, because John Tucker sucks them so hard. Oh yeah, and he gets sent to Fort Leavenworth, and he gets anal raped by John Stebbins the guy who raped his daughter so they didn’t put him in the movie Black Hawk Down, so they replaced him with a guy played by Ewan Macgregor. And John Tuckers sucks his balls.

In conclusion, John Tucker sucks major balls!


From Mike Maronna[edit]

Italic text is part of the original article.

Maronna was in a widely seen series of 1999 ads for the web brokerage Ameritrade, as Stuart, a slacker employee of a clueless boss whom he helps get on the internet with over-the-top zealousness. Maronna reprised the role in a comedy reel with President Bill Clinton which was shown at Clinton's final appearance as President at the 2000 White House Correspondents' Association dinner; and this is precisely where Maronna's life would be changed.... forever. For this was the night that Maronna would die. Upon eating his favorite dish of onion and garlic steak liverworst sandwich on sour dough bread, Maronna's best friend Pete informed him that the sandwich he's been eating his entire life had turned out to give him the most foul, Uncle Festering scent imaginable. In a fit of passion and depression, Maronna stepped outside the balcony to get some fresh air, and that's where he slipped on a banana peel and fell hands first into a tub of glue. He fell off the building as a dangling wire wrapped around his neck, instinctively his hands grabbed the side of his face; and that's when the wire snapped straight through his neck, decapitating him. When detectives got on the scene, the shock of the sight made it appear as if Maronna had ripped off his own head. Detectives still don't know the truth of this awful mystery. But I do. ;)

So totally from Vanilla Coke[edit]

Template:Infobox Beverage

from Robert Goulet[edit]

In 1967, Goulet was caught playing swords in a bathroom in Alberta with 3 Canadian soldiers. When confronted, he yelled something about his frosted lucky charms and skipped off into the sunset.

Gylfi Einarsson[edit]

Gylfi Einarsson (reborn October 27, 1978 in Reykjavík) is an Icelandic football midfielder.

A direct descendent of 5th century epic folk tale hero Beowulf, it is rumoured that Gylfi escaped the then commonplace ritual sacrifice to the goddess Nerthus and was preserved alive in a Scandinavian peat bog. Once emerged from his one thousand three hundred year-long slumber, he started his playing career in Fylkir before moving to Norwegian club Lillestrøm S.K..

In the 2004 season he scored 13 goals in 26 matches. When his contract expired, he was snapped up in January 2005 by Leeds United, who acted upon a tip-off from a lifelong fan and leading Norwegian archaeologist.

Upon arriving in Leeds, Einarsson had been capped 7 times for Iceland, and supporters immediately warmed to his unique combative approach to game, enhanced by traces of an elixir which had maintained his heartbeat whilst he was incarcerated in mud. The same sacred narcotic has been found in the stomachs of fellow, less fortunate bog bodies, such as the Tollund Man.

Unfortunately, the pace of the English game was too much for his medieval frame to bear, and Einarsson has never been more than a bit player at Elland Road, mainly due to the injury problems which have occurred since his transfer to the club. On 6th September 2006 Gylfi had a hip operation to remove floating bone, which is believed to be the result of a vicious blow from the hilt of a war axe in his former life, and was out of contention for the squad for eight weeks[6].

In January 2007 Gylfi was the subject of interest from the Leeds United manager's son's godfather's club's striker's elder brother, Jostein Flo, who claimed he wanted to bring the player back to Scandinavia to play for Strømsgodset[7].

The User:Chacalaca hoaxes![edit]

Ben 10 II: Kevin Normal Omnitrix Rush[edit]

[1] Ben 10 Movie 2 Kevin Normal Omnitrix Rush is an uncoming movie of the animated series Ben 10. Kevin founds the antidote and turns back to normal and Ben gets sucked inside the omnitrix and needs to find a way to get out of the "Omnitrix Universe". He finds the creator of the omnitrix and tries to tell him to use your skills and defeat all the aliens.

Sonic the Hedgehog: In Cyberchase[edit]

Version A[edit]

[2] Sonic the Hedgehog: In Cyberchase is the name of the 2007 computer film that features Sonic the Hedgehog. On Cartoon Network, it was released in March 15th 2007.


Ricky was downloading a game. Then a computer phantom virus made all the characters in the game in the real world and it's their job to stop it.


Version B[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog: In Cyberchase is the name of the 2007 computer film that features Sonic the Hedgehog. On Cartoon Network, it was released in March 15th, 2007.


Ricky, a master computer hacker, decides to implant a virus in Eggman's mainframe that would be used to control every robotic being in his possession. When the situation quickly steers out of the hacker's control, he contacts Sonic the Hedgehog, hoping to get him to defuse the situation. With the help of Tails and Knuckles, they dive into cyberspace in order to counter the threat.


Gunther Pierre[edit]

Gunther Pierre, known in Japan as Template:Nihongo, is a fictional character in the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX in Japan) and the manga series of the same name. His name is meant to be a pun in Japanese, as "Guna" is the word for "papaya". In the English version, Gunther is voiced by Jack Black, while KISS takes the role in the Japanese version.

The series' main protagonist, Gunther is an evil mastermine. He destroys things for his own selfish needs.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Once in a cooking show he was named Chef Pierre. Jaden beat Pierre and he wanted revenge. In another episode, he was a mime and tried to turned the world into a silent one for mimes. So that no one can ruub it in his face because he lost.His plan failed and he became a criminal in jail. In another episode, he was freed and tried to get rid of Alexis by railroading her with a train.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 2, he became a fictional dulest and his last name is LeDulest.

Gunther Pierre/Pierre LeDulest is voiced by Jack Black in US and KISS in Japan.

Coca -Town[edit]

Coca-Town is a TV series that features lots of actors.



Dan is the biggest fan of shakey cola. He will do anything to hang out with him.

Dan is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Shakey Cola[edit]

The famous celebraty in the world. He can sing very werll. His favorite person is Dave. Shakey Cola died in Coca-Town 2. He has many talents. He likes baseball.

Shakey is voiced by the legendary singer Aaron Carter.


The entire text of "Hippodrome" at one point[edit]

Hippos r like whoa.

From Talk:Jews and Judaism in Kazakhstan[edit]

Rabbi Cohen has applauded the efforts of the Nazarbayev administration in protecting the Kazakh Jewish community from anti-Semitic attacks, saying he has not encountered anti-Semitism since he came to Kazakhstan ten years earlier.
And Borat weeps. Ruthfulbarbarity 19:52, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

From Jingle All the Way[edit]

Jingle All the Way (1996) is a comedy film directed by Brian Levant and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. The name is taken from a line in the Christmas song "Jingle Bells". The story is loosely based off of a short story written by Anton Chekov in 1898. [3]


Coca-Town is an animated television series about a celebraty who owns the Coca-Cola Company and dosen't get to have his birthday.


A boy ever wanted was to drink a cup of soda from the soda man celebraty Shakey Cola. But he dosen't get one yet until he drinks all of the sodas.


Daniel Henryk[edit]

A boy who is a big fan for Shakey. He has to drink all of his sodas to find the Sapphire Ticket to Shakey. He dosen't like being teased when he loses.

Daniel is voiced by Jack Black, who plays Nacho Libre and the Kids Choices Awards.

Shakey Cola[edit]

The creator of the Coca-Cola Company. He is a celeraty who can sing. He wears a Yankess Baseball Cap. He plays many differant sports. He got a basketball sighned by Michael Jordan, a baseball signed by Michael Jordan again, and a soccer ball signed by Larry Bird. He is a photographer when he made a book called "When I Was Young". He is not a kid but a teenager. He is the president of the Coca-Cola Company and his dad is the chairperson of the Coca-Cola Company until his death. His mother is the only one alive.

Shakey Cola is voiced by the legendary singer male Aaron Carter.


There was in uncoming movie in Coca-Town. Daniel made a marchine that can drink lots to juices but it's out of control and he needs to find Shakey to stop it.


Coming Soon.


From User:Natalie Erin[edit]

The diff says it all. The first example of vandalism, the revert, and the counter update rolled into one.

  • I actually did something similar a few days ago while masquerading as an anonymous user. I'm sure I'm not the first one either. YechielMan 22:05, 18 March 2007 (UTC)
  • Actually I've seen this before too. Indeed I think people have had discussions about this vandalism paradox (How can it be vandalism if your correcting a mistake in someone's page? But wait, how can it be a mistake if it isn't vandalism) Nil Einne 18:37, 19 March 2007 (UTC)


[In Talk:Coulrophobia] By extension, proctocoulrophobia is the fear of ass-clowns ;-) Template:Unsigned2 (

From Aidz[edit]

This is an alternative spelling of AIDS. The Z was added in place or S to give the disease a modern spin that would raise awareness among teens.


May 16, 2084 - Andy Kaufman to return to New York with Tony Clifton

From Fake pee[edit]

This was created intended to play a pracitical joke on a friend. If you dont wan't to actually pee in your friends drink this is your JOKE. Follow the following steps to create this concoction. First, squirt one pearl to fingernail size squirt of dishsoap. Next, pour one shot of Bourbon Whiskey or Rum. These ingredients will give you that strong taste you want. Then, pour about 2-3 Tablespoons of Tonic Water and add a few teaspoons of Lemon/Lime Juice for the tart flavoring. Last, Fill the rest of the glass with whatever your friend was DRINKING. Please try your produced drink before so nothing goes wrong.

From Termites[edit]

Termites, sometimes known as white ants, come from outer space and have the similar properties aphrodisiac as oysters. They are a group of eusocial insects usually classified at the taxonomic rank of order, Isoptera. Termites have exceptionally high IQ's and capacity for languages learning. In fact, it is only their lack vocal chords, which prevent them from making conversational french. They are also know for a refined palate enjoying fine wines and seafood but usually prefer to feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter or soil, and about 10% of the 4,000 odd species (about 2,600 taxonomically known) are economically important as pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests.

From Sesame Street[edit]

So I was watching Sesame Street with my neice who is 5 years old. And as I'm watching I realize how much Sesame street judges people and categorizes people. Character on the show named Oscar. Judge him right in his face. Treat him like shit the whole show. "Oscar you are so mean. Isn't that right kids?" (Big Bird). "Yea Oscar. You're a grouch." (little Kids). "BITCH I LIVE IN A FUCKIN TRASHCAN! NOBODY TRYING TO HELP ME!" (Oscar).

From Kerguelen Plateau[edit]

The so-called Kerguelen continent might have been covered with lush ferns, small dinosaurs would have hidden in the undergrowth stalking their prey and moist with tropical humidity about 50 million years ago.

From Savage Islands[edit]

We the descendants of the brave guanches,can stop this dispute very quickly:We are going to fight for our right to be a free country,under UN laws an decrets we belong to the description of a colony,therefore according to the UN decolonization project which should be completed by the year 2010.Thus the Islas Salvajes will belong to our teritorial waters(200 miles radius around the islands).We are not going to give up,you can be sure of that.

From Bob Woolmer[edit]

Recent reports claim that Bob Woolmer suffered a heart attack. Pakistan favorite Shaoib Akhtar remarked, 'after a farcical result like the one we experienced against the pathetic minnows that are the Irish we knew that anything truly could happen and Bob has shown that. We, the team and all associates, desperately want to push on and win the World Cup to very much expel the bad memories of Wooly' (originally spoken in Arabic, mistranslation could have occured) [4]


As cricket legend lies frozen in a morgue somewhere in Jamaica, one of his team members, Ali Rashid, said this, ' we will all remember Bob for the positive things he contriubted, needless to say, none of which was his coaching ability. His incapability was shown with his near shambolic display against Ireland. He got the name 'Wooly' amongst the lads for his black sheep like attitude in betraying us with such shameful tactics. He would compound his sheep like nature by sometimes making 'baa' noises during his half time team talks, which were usually useless. Altogether a cracking bloke who will be missed, but just not in the coaching arena, which will benefit greatly from his departure.' (originally in Arabic, mistranslation may have occurred) [5]

hint Pakistanis don't generally speak Arabic (not in ordinary conversations anyway) Nil Einne 18:34, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

From Talk:Philadelphia[edit]

Template:Tl Thank you very much for your contributions, but in the future, could you please sign your messages with four tildes?--BillFlis 00:35, 25 August 2006 (UTC)

  • You're talking to a robot. --evrik 03:00, 25 August 2006 (UTC)
Bad robot!--BillFlis 10:22, 25 August 2006 (UTC)


A girlfriend is something that 99.9% of male Wikipedians will never have.

From Illegal[edit]

Illegal is nothing but a sick bird.

From Evil Monkey[edit]

Quit watching me masturbate!

From Sam triebwasser[edit]

Introduction: Sam was born in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety one. He was born a carrier of the dominant super power gene, and started displaying super human capabilities at an early age. He could fly, use laser vision, create tornadoes by exerting force with his lungs, and was the strongest man ever to live. It was then revealed that he was the one the only Superman.

His Life: He spent his life fighting crime, and put over one billion criminals behind bars. At the age of 15 he combined forces with another super powered friend by the name of Lex Luthor. He and Lex decided to use their power for good, and never for evil. They vowed to remain a dynamic duo until the end, and always help to preserve justice, and prevent the world from becoming overrun by wrongdoers.

A turn for the Worse: Six months into his escapade with Lex, their relationship turned sour. Lex decided to change his motives from good, to greed, and would use his powers to gain money. He raked in billions, and promoted slavery, child labor, and beating women. He was the worst nightmare of his previous self.

Sam VS Lex: Sam had had enough of Lex's new behavior and saught out to put an end to him. In an epic showdown on the moon Sam won a timeless battle between the two of them.

His days of Retirement: After spending a lifetime of promoting good, and justice he retired to a crystal ice home in the Adirondacks. There he lived with his wife Lois Lane, and indulged in wine tasting, golf, and fishing.

He lived happily ever after.

Church of the Octopus[edit]

The church of the octopus is a recently found religion. It strongly encourages safe sex, and anti-drug use. The gospel can be found at the church's website, see bottom of page.

The Eleven Commandments[edit]

  1. You shall not eat seafood.
  2. You shall not tap on the glass.
  3. You shall not feed the Octopus.
    1. Only Dracula may feed the octopus.
    2. Do not feed the octopus Wendy’s.
    3. You may feed the octopus tacos, but do not OVERFEED the octopus.
  4. You shall not taunt the Octopus.
  5. You shall not intimidate the Octopus.
  6. You shall not ruin the Octopus's day.
    1. Do not mention Oprah around the Octopus.
    2. Do not mention Sam's Club around the Octopus.
    3. Do not mention Chuck Norris around the Octopus.
  7. You shall not throw dead bodies at the Octopus.
  8. You shall NEVER swim with the Octopus.
  9. You shall not block the Octopus's view.
  10. You shall not solicit around the Octopus.
  11. You shall not PISS OFF the Octopus.
    1. Do not mention myspace around the octopus.

from Mr Bossman[edit]

Brief History[edit]

Mr Bossman, known to his friends as Guggisberg Ofosu Bossman or Gooogi, was born in Ghana in the year 1961, and described by his mother as a "happy and smiling baby". As a boy he was a keen athlete and excelled in the 400 metre event, winning countless medals at his boarding school in Ghana. He started showing an interest to maths at the age of 10 when he was constantly top of his class at his school. His teachers described him as "a wonderful pupil and a pleasure to teach". Unsuprisingly he was also popular amongst his peers for being the notorious "hard-man" around the school. Some said "If you mess with the Boss, he will mess you". This has been his moto and way of thinking ever since his days at his school.

After obtaining his relevant qualifications he took a trip to Russia where he would train to be a teacher for maths. He spent 6 years over in Russia where he acquired his taste for vodka and describes it as "some of the best days he's ever had". He spent a year training with the KGB learning how to beat his future students in places where it would not mark. After learning these skills he travveled to England.

When he came to England he was hired at an exceptionally respected school and describes it as bliss. After a couple of years he then moved on to a Challenging Public School called Northwood. He describes this as "when things started going down hill" for him. Certain pupils he says made him seriously question teaching, these two pupils were called Lewis Heeran and David Maunder.

Although he uses harsh disciplining techniques he is a much loved member of his school and is respected by all. One of his year 11 pupils, Jack Marshall, 11M, described him as "an inspiration to us all, his after school maths dedication is an example rivalling Martin Luther King"

Mr Bossman owns a classy C-Class Mercedes with grey leather intereior and shows his respect for Ghana by hanging a flag from his rear-view mirror.

Block quote </Some of his most famous quotes: "the ziggy ziggy line" "Mahonder" "Ali Baba I'll break your glasses" "RED GROUP" "little girl/boy">

From Nick Prather[edit]

nick prather is the ruler of the golden penguins of the dark of the force. Also Nick is the person who knows where the lost city of Atlantis is and he knows how to blow stuff up with his mind../

yes, that "/" was really there at the end...

From Orpheus[edit]

Hi. Im Orpheus. You may know me as the idiot who looked back at Eurydice, my wife, when I tried to rescue her from Hades. Well, I've changed because now I have Mary! You see, when I lost Eurydice, I was torn apart by tree nymphs. They threw my parts into a river.I lay in the river, waterlogged, for almost 4 millenia. Then, I was rescued by some nice young men in the shiny white suits. They put me in a tube, and suddenly, I live again! Then, they introduced me to Mary, a robot slave! I was so happy, married to a robot. Today, I happily live in the year 3120, and i am married to a robot slave. People, please! Robots are so much better than immortal river nymphs. Buy a robot now, and get a 2nd. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th one free! BUY OUR ROBOTS!!!

1 Robot- $1.00 2 robots - $2.00 9 robots- $.50

If Orpheus can buy one, you can too!

From Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Wii[edit]

This console is a joke. It does not deserve its own article. Not only is the article flawed in every way, but Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are the main sellers, not this $250 wannabe console. It’s also a vanity article created by Nintendo for the most part.

Sidenote: the nominator is indef blocked.

From Talk:SEX[edit]

Well, you could have sex with an apple, just you couldn't be male...

Yeah, if you have a bucket fanny. --

From Violetta:[edit]

Violetta in 1925

Violetta (real name: Aloisia Wagner) was born in Germany in 1906. She had no legs or arms.

She performed in sideshows as a singer, including Coney Island's Dreamland.

Her mother in Germany originally intended to name her Alyssa, but she sadly spelled it wrong on the birth certificate. She is said to be the second cousin of Otto Von Bismark the k10.

She was very nice.

In 1923, Aloisia discovered that she was really interested in the subject of midgets. She wanted to know what it was like to live life as a midget. That's why she has no legs. She had them removed a year later after her newfound obsession with midgets.

Over the entire year 1925, Aloisia fell in love. This was the zenith of her life. She was completely happy. She and her boyfriend were insepereable. They shared common interests such as: kite flying, bowling, dancing, and doing puzzles. It's a shame that her boyfriend found out that she had a bad case of Dyslexyia in 1926. He broke up with her immediately after the news. Aloisia never dated again.

In the mid 1990's, she got into the Seattle-grunge scene. She formed a short lived band titled Violet Obsession. Sadly, they broke up because they struggled to find a record deal.

After she finally realized that her band would never make it big, her life went downhill. In 1991, on her 85th birthday, her grandson, Chrisco, bought her a remote control car. It was blue. She was obsessed with her car and would not stop playing with it. It finally ran out of battery life on the third day. There was not enough technology back then to fix the car. Aloisia became severely depressed.

She was very despondent and didn't talk to anybody for 3 months. She started talking to world-renowned psychologist, Dr. Lalu PhD. Dr. Lalu, with all her expertise was able to get to the root of the problem. She found out that Aloisia was actually depressed over the outcome of the American Civil War, back in the 1870s.

Aloisia was able to overcome the obstacles in her way. She became interested in fashion and even tried out for Bravo's Project Runway but did not make it. That did not hold her back. She opened a boutique in Lexington, Kentucky called Thennifer Thanos where she sold handmade scarves and skinny jeans at a good price.

She finally died in a terrible accident in 1998 after 92 productive years of life. Aloisia had many contribitions to how we live life today. She was the one who made remote control cars popular! Her wish was to have a funeral with 200+ people. She did not want a sad funeral, but in fact wanted to have a rave themed party. Each guest received LSD at the door. Aloisia is buried in Alexis Cemetary in Coney Island's Dreamland.

At her funeral, to go along with the theme, Aloisia had famous grammy winning DJ, DJ VICkki Scribble spin those records. It was bumping. The police sadly shut it down. Everyone was so tripped up on LSD, though, that they forgot English! And the rest is history!


Egglestonian an undiscovered element!! More reactive than FRANCIUM!!!! named after the Chemist (name cant be disclosed)!!!

This Most not be Mis interpretted with the other undiscovered element "NOTegglestonian" which was discovered by the founder of "Egglestonian"'s UNDERSTUDY whos name cant be disclosed!! which is way better than the original egglestonian!! THE BEST ELEMENT EVER!!!

Martyrs' Memorial[edit]

On the morning of 8th February 2007, following an overnight snowfall, three Snowmen mysteriously appeared on the steps of the monument. A great location as anybody entering the City from the north could not help but see and read their message.

Vandalism to Red Team[edit]

It got the editor blocked, but it's still funny.

A wise philosopher asked his pupils, “If the Red Team played the 1972 Miami Dolphins in football who’d win?” The class all knew it was obviously the Red Team. Next, the old man asked if the Red Team played the 1938 New York Yankees, who would win and the class again knew it’d be the Red Team again. For the final question, the philosopher asked, “If the Red Team and God played each other in dodge ball, who’d win?” His class shrugged and looked at each other in with bewilderment in their eyes. “Trick question,” explained the professor, “the Red Team is God. With legends such as Sean Morey, Jimi Hendrix, Devin Hester, and Brandon Marvenko, it is no wonder that the team never loses.

Most of their success comes because of their coaches, Don Shula, Mike Ditka, Marc Cuban, and, of course, Dan Conwell. A big fan of trick plays, Conwell often spends time designing new ones, including the wrap-around spin throw in dodge ball. Because of their large brains and brawny muscles, the Red Team spends four minutes a week practicing, twenty-nine seconds weightlifting, and 14.3 seconds examining hours of game film.

The Blue Team, consisting of annoying players such as Terrel Owens, Allen Iverson, and Ricky Willaims. This team acts like its so tough but they always lose to the Red Team in everything, because it is just so dominant. Unlike the Arizona Cardinals, these guys will never lose. They pour their heart into the game and leave nothing on the field. The Red Team is an inspiration to us all.


A Mafia player on was trying to prove their innocence during a game based on the video game Diablo II. So who you gonna call? Wikipedia, of course! Hence this entry under Frozenstein:

Frozenstein is a pro-town character derived from Diablo 2.
You really shouldn't lynch him.
taken from a webpage:
"Watch out, while Frozenstein may look just like an Abominable, he's a lot tougher. Holding the bridge in order to make sure you never get surrounded in the key to survival."
"Rescueing Anya
To Rescue Anya, you'll need to defeat Frozenstein and his army of Frozen Abyss's. Both Frozenstein and his minions look identicle to the Abominables you've fought, but they're much tougher. Approach the bridge to Anya's island cautiously, and let Frozenstein and his minions charge at you. If you're a melee fighter, make sure to engage them on the bridge, so you can kill them one at a time. Always retreat if you run the risk of being surrounded, or their stunning attack could leave you dead in seconds.
Frozenstein himself is a fairly tough fighter, who's immune to cold and can burn mana with each attack. Spellcasters should try and stand well clear of his blows. Once all the monsters are dead, walk up and talk to Anya. Once that's done, cast a Town Portal and talk to Malah, she'll give a special thawing potion. Return to Anya with the Potion and she'll be freed."

The player also tried to avert the lynching here with the plea for help, Template:Tl. -- nae'blis 18:54, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

An 'Interesting' Movie[edit]

This seemed to be a fake movie but I put it into Google anyways.

Masterbation: Or How I lEarned To Hate My Friends

An independant film materpiece which began shooting during July of 2004, depicting the hard times of a young, balding fat man as he tries to cope with his complicated life. The original film, which has since been lost, was never completed due to time and budget constraints. This project was restarted during December of 2005, and has been placed on hold since.

Contents [hide]

   * 1 PLOT

[edit] PLOT

David is a troubled young man with a very complicated home life. The movie begins as we watch a cieling fan spinning in a silent room, and then fades to the sight of young David lying in bed next to his favortie pornographic magazine. He begins to masterbate under the covers of his bed, while the screen periodically cuts to scenes of that spinning ceiling fan, as Aimee Mann's "One". The frustrated and angry David frantically reaches a climax as his body is thrusted upwards as a tear runs down his cheak. After various suiced attempts and disturbing public displays or perversion, David is sent to see the psychiatrist Dr. Pizza. There the good doctor does hsi best to divuldge what he can from the dark and inner sicknesses in the mind of his lost patient. They discuss a long range of topics mainly based around his home life, but also focussing on how he interacts in society due to his family.Asking questions based from the movie Airplane!, such as "Do you like to hang out in gymnasiums?", "Have you ver been inside of a turkish prison?", and "Have you ever seen a grown man naked?" The day dreams which follow show us the deep down perversions of the young man.The gymnasium question is followed by the sight of young David erielly staring down at a muscular man bench pressing weights on a bench, just stroking his chin in a provocative manner. The turkish prison question reviels the sight of young David engaging in provocative sexual acts with a man in a hawaiian shirt and a towel, as Star Wars character Boba Fett watches the entire ordeal. The grown man naked question reveals young David standing outside of a sliding glass dored shower, where a young man in showering. The clip is filmed fromt he waste up where the curious and deranged David decides to slide the door open, as the shoked bather turns around to facing his unexpected guest with horror. The movie reaches a climax when the subject of David's mother is brought up. We re-live a horrifying nightmarish scene, in which the young David is brutally raped by the symbolic reference of his mother, Mrs. Buttercup. Dave's nightmares and perversions seem almost understandable upon seeing thr abuse he recieves from Mrs. Buttercups wooden spoon, and how she makes him tell her that he loves her. The dramtic conclusion to this memory is finished when we find ourselves zoomed in on David's mouth as his trembling lips stutter out the fateful name...Buttercup, in a reference to the Orson Welles classic Citizen Kane. Dr. Pizza continues his probing of David, often finding themselves in peculiar and at times ambiguous arrangements about the room. In a moment of tension and anxiety, David asks to visit the restroom, where he masterbates to Suicide Is Painless the classic opener to the dark comedy MASH. David finally has too much and he has had enough. He angrilly leaves the doctor's office, ignoring the protests of the good doctor, and heads back to his home. Dave locks himself in his bathroom wearing a pair of sunglasses, a headband, and he has for some reason almost magically ended u with long hair and a beard. Removing the singlasses and headband he begins to cut his hair and shave his head to Elliot Smith's Needle in the Hay just before slitting his wrists with a razor blade. A reference to Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums . The screen slowly fades to the sight of the spinning cieling fan from the beginning of the movie, just before the screen fades completely to black.


David:(Dave Lezceski) A young, fat and torubled individual who tries deseprately to deal with his inner problems.

Dr. Pizza: (Jon Andersen) A strange psyichiatrist that makes comments and asks questions which don't seem to help the situation at all, and tends to be of no significant value at all. He and David seem to share a very bizare relationship.

Mrs. Buttercup: (Mrs. Buttercup) The symbolic reference of David's mother, a small beige statue of a pig maid with a wooden spoon and a yellow towel. She is a very abussive and angry woman, who forces herself on the youg David and forces him to proclaim his love for her.

Weight Lifter: (Jerod Brown) A young man trying to lift weights at the local gymnasium, only to find young David eerily watching him grunt and groan while bench pressing.

Turk: (Nick Argen) A mysterious man wearing an open hawaiian shirt and a towel forcing David into sexual situations.

Turkis Prison Guard: (Boba Fett) The guard to the Turkish Prison who just stands there doing nothing to help David as the Turk has his way with him.

Showering Male: (Jeremy Kopp) The unsuspecting young man whose shower is rudly inturrupted by David.


"One" by:Aimee Mann

Suicide Is Painless by: Johnny Mandel

Needle in the Hay by: Elliot Smith


Masterbating again......are you!?

Here is the link if it isn't deleted by now. And no, Google didn't turn up anything.

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The hobo fetish, also commonly referred to as "hobosexuality", is a sexual attraction to the homeless.


A person is said to be hobosexual if they meet a few crieria:

  • Arousal at the site of a homeless person being for food and asking for work
  • A person takes home a homeless person, feeds and clothes them, gives them board, and in return, demands sexual gratification


The hobo fetish is most abundant in ghetto areas, such as skid row, where a number of homeless live.

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