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From Mandelbrot set[edit]

Mandelbrot set

Sample generated image

Scientific classification
Genus: Amygdalartos
Species: benedictus
Binomial nomenclature
Amygdalartos benedictus

The Mandelbrot set (Amygdalartos benedictus, a close relative of the logistic map, A. logisticus) is a fractal.

From Truncated dodecahedron[edit]

Truncated Dodecahedron
Truncated Dodecahedron

Colourful Truncated Dodecahedron

Scientific classification

Truncated Dodecahedrons are mathematical concepts in the order Archimedea, commonly known for eating triangles and decagons.

The typical Truncated Dodecahedron measures about 20 triangles (12 decagons), not including any little bits left over, after trying to glue one together out of paper or cardboard.

Truncated Dodecahedrons have developed the canonical coordinates (0, ±1/τ, ±(2+τ)), (±(2+τ), 0, ±1/τ), (±1/τ, ±(2+τ), 0), and (±1/τ, ±τ, ±2τ), (±2τ, ±1/τ, ±τ), (±τ, ±2τ, ±1/τ), and (±τ, ±2, ±τ2), (±τ2, ±τ, ±2), (±2, ±τ2, ±τ), where τ = (1+√5)/2 is the golden mean, a trace element they get from feeding off pentagons occasionally.

Colourful Truncated Dodecahedron[edit]

The typical and best looking representative of the group is the Colourful Truncated Dodecahedron, a mathematical thing containing a wide spectrum of colours.

Its natural habitat is on top of maps used for testing the Four-color theorem, where it unsuccessfully attempts to camouflage itself, despite the fact that it has many more than four colours.

When attacked, it attempts to scare the attacker away, by flashing its colours brightly.

Other Truncated Dodecahedrons[edit]

The Monochrome Truncated Dodecahedrons have no colour at all, and live naturally in various mathematical structures around the multiverse. Some have adapted to life in human cities by growing stripes and hiding on zebra-crossings. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to get trodden on, and the city-dwelling Monochrome Truncated Dodecahedrons are in danger of extinction. Therefore PETMTD (People for the Ethical Treatment of Monochrome Truncated Dodecahedrons) have urged the goverment to double federal funding to save them.

Similar mathematical concepts[edit]

  • Truncated Dodecahedrons are believed to have evolved from a hybrid of dodecahedrons and Spheres.