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From Bulldog bat[edit]

The bulldog bat is descended from the well-known species of dog. The point at which it diverged from the order Carnivora is unknown; however, Pleistocene fossils show the transitory stage, in which the bulldog began to develop recurved teeth and vestigal wings. The prominent facial features of the bulldog are still recognizable on the bulldog bat. However, the ears have modified and become more suitable for receiving ultrasonic echolocation, which is believed to have developed in a freak accident involving a botched larynx surgery. The evolutionary process from bulldog to bulldog bat still occurs today. It appears to be a spontaneous development; many pet owners have been taken aback by the sudden appearance of wings on their beloved canines.

From Sound[edit]

Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds.


From Friederike Mayrocker[edit]

You can delete this, hon, I'm getting an orgy from Friederike Mayrocker. Come on, delete this page, ya know ya want to!

From Chicken[edit]

Chickens can also be very dangerous at times and when angered they can pose a serious threat to one's life.

Chicken attacks are scary! Have you ever been chased by an angry chicken?--PhilosophyGirl 13:28, 2 Jan 2005 (UTC)

Anyone ever played one of the Legend of Zelda games? (Follow the link if you don't get it) --Matt Yeager 09:05, July 21, 2005 (UTC)

From WikiWiki[edit]

Alternatively, it is used to describe the smoking of marijuana, or more commonly, fake marijuana, soaked in embalming fluid.

From World economy[edit]

(Note: All exports, imports, debts and economic aid listed are between nations on Earth. There are currently no significant extraterrestrial imports or exports.)

From Adjustment[edit]

An adjustment is the application of specific scientific procedures for the sole purpose of safely correcting Subluxation

From Vauxhall Corsa[edit]

The Vauxhall Corsa was the successor to the Nova. Popularly driven by retired ladies and hairdressers, it featured one spoiler on top of the other, and a mickey-mouse exhaust which would spontaneously fall off, causing the owner to have no choice but to fit a cheaper, more loud and shiny one. Corsas can be seen in their natural habitat, on their roofs in a ditch surrounded by livestock and insurance assessors.

From Cream pie[edit]

A weapon of assault, chiefly used on public figures to get a point across, consisting of synthetic whipped cream on a plate; also, used extensively as a sight gag.

<I| Why was this deleted? It seems perfectly relevant. </i|

That is funny.

This is currently in the article: Some political activists have recently adopted the cream pie as a weapon of protest, to be thrown into the face of one's unsuspecting opponent. This is generally done in a very conspicuous, public manner, so that the opponent is seen (and perhaps filmed or photographed) looking ridiculous. This kind of protest is most common among college students, and although many regard the practice as silly and self-defeating, it has nevertheless caused much controversy. One team of such protesters, known as Al Pieda, operate primarily against right-wing public figures in the United States.

Seems relevant to me. And Al Pieda is real.

From Flugans[edit]

Flugans are creatures from space that come in many different shapes sizes and colors. When the flugans prepared to drive the penguins from their home of Antarctica, they decided that they should desguise themselves as tennis balls. This is why we must be EXTREMLEY CAREFUL with tennis balls. Mars flugans are shaped like coffee mugs.

From Synonym[edit]

"Synonym" is an antonym of an antonym of a synonym of an antonym of a synonym of "antonym".

Damn, never thought about it that way

From CamelCase GreenCheese[edit]

Green cheese comes from green cows ocated in green fields, occasionally green farmers harvets green milk; however, green cheese does not comes from green milk

From Wikipedia:Village Pump[edit]

Decipher the Code[edit]

archive to Wikipedia:Even more bad jokes and other deleted nonsense in a few days???

)| () ))) )') ))) ) )- )-( )- )-( (- )') (- ))) ))) () )' ), )| () )' )| (- )'

- (according to page history: User: 04:06 17 Jul 2003 (UTC))

Does it say "<font face="Wingdings"|All hail the new world order</font|"? כסיף Cyp 12:46 22 Jul 2003 (UTC)
Looks like "down with the new world order". Though for some reason, parts of it look like some sort of really mutated Japanese-style emoticon to me... --Codeman38 17:40, 1 Sep 2004 (UTC)
No, it says "<font face="Webdings"|Asg796-gasfsyroeTHaegrh</font|

From Wellington, New Zealand[edit]

Like any capital city, Bureaucracy and great Coffee are its major products (total area of coffee plantations: 0 square millimeters).

From Antiquities Act[edit]

it is good to protect thijngs that arre old. that is why we have the antiquities act. to proetct things that are old. like my granbdmother. the other week, she forgot where she put her keys and burned down her house. that is why it is good that we have the antiquities preservation act. this concludes my report.

From an earlier version of Anti-intellectualism[edit]

Describe the new page here.

OK, you have the right idea. For the first time "bomiser" you have to be as general as possible so you can find out what they want the most. Almost, alladin's magic lamp of the internet. You have to make it possible that they find exactly what they are looking for, if they are willing to look hard enough for it. But each new "level" of discovery costs a little more. Just like being a porn addict, and I am only because I love my wife and I self destruct everytime I try to cheat on her. We just aren't right for each other, and I don't ever want to betray her trust in me. You see, i'm like Bomis: open, free, wild, INNOVATIVE, and I learn from experience. The best way to get experience is by "Brain Fucking" with other people. YOU have to be the computer. (Scientific Method) Find a trend, then make a hypothesis, then test it , but most importantly, follow your instincts. People are basically at this point of evolution just very complicated animals. We haven't reached the computer "stage", because people are afraid of BOMIS (change). Just gimmie a chance to work with your company. Man, I'm out of work, out of school, and my relationship is on the ROCKS, man. Don't make me waste this big limitless brain (step one of being the computer, the brain is LIMITLESS, it is the only perfect thing that HUMANS have. But "realists" fail to recognize imagination, spirit, drive, DESTINY (or god, whatever. In short, they sell themselves short, but only because they are afraid to fail. I don't want to be the king of BOMIS, dude. I just want to exploit the hell out of weak people for some cash, because that is the only way they are going to learn, if they ever do. What do you have to lose?

From Crab[edit]

A crab is a Person with a Sour Disposition. A crab generally Complains a great deal.

I've put this back in the article. What was wrong with it? It's a very common use of the term in England. Angela
It's common in the US, too. PhilosophyGirl
Wikipedia is not a dictionary. - Montréalais 07:09, 29 Aug 2003 (UTC)
Use Wiktionary for this article!

From Punch and Judy:[edit]

Note: Included here owing to its tone. This was not actually deleted from the article, as I couldn't think of any more accurate (or better) way of putting it.

Featuring, as it does, a deformed, child-murdering, wife-beating psychopath, who performs appalling acts of violence and cruelty upon all those around him and escapes scot-free, it is greatly enjoyed by small children.

From Brett's Desease[edit]

Brett's desease occurs as early as 5 years of age all the way to full grown adults. The desease is cause by an abundance of skateboarding skill, and a incredible talent in mini-ramp competition. This desease is very rare, and in not curable. Symptoms of the desease are:

        -bruised shins
        -tattered shoes
        -scars and scabs
        -pains in knees and ankles
        -In rare cases broken bones and immobilization

If you or somebody you know has been diagnosed with this desease, please seek help immediatly and contact your nearest physician.

Is looking behind you in long, dark highways while wearing pink reflective sunglasses a symptom?

From Alex's Desease[edit]

Alex's desease occurs when a singular individual engages in a personal relationship with a girl named [deleted]. Uppon disengagement, the subject will display severe signs of denial and dissaproval of the truth. Alex's desease is a disgusting, sinister, vile, sickening, wretched sickness, and anyone who has it must be immediatly burned and buried.

From madrigal[edit]

Composers of English madrigals

. . .

From Reasonable man[edit]

A (wo)man of common sense to understand the question in relation to the specific idea that encompass the need for a decision. The term "reasonable" denotes a need for "reason" as to be "able", that is to be able to reason as a transport of logical conclusions of law and prescription of justice in lue of circumstances. In the context of law and the concept of laws, the decision of brought from the conclusions derived from the evidence. This could be considered only a reletive term in regard to common law or basic law as it is understood by layman, who in the end are the jurors who must be of the mind of the reasonable man or woman. Most would expect to be "reasonable" but do not take the definition to heart, as they decide in their hearts " what if ".

From Big Mac[edit]

Big Mac, a constable with a large Big Mac for a sandwich, was right hand man for the notorious Mayor McCheese, aka the Boss Tweed for the new millenium. While technically sherriff of McDonaldland, Big Mac may have been the most evil police official since the days of Bull Connor. Sadly he was killed in the line of duty since a bunch of thugs killed him with the dubious excuse that he looked like a rip off of a Puffenstuff character.

We miss McCheese and Big Mac, from their wonderful despotism to their giant burger heads.

-This is a common misconception; Mac was actually killed in the Great Food Riots of 2003 when a half-starved Cookie Monster mistook him for a giant oatmeal cookie sandwich with chocolate filling and he was, in fact, eaten-

From One plus one[edit]

<i|(should that whole article be considered a bad joke?)</i|

A Chinese joke: What is "1+1"? Answer: 王 (Wang).

From The Saga of Eric the Red[edit]

the saga of eric. begin in 1004 when eric was death. Lief was his son and he try to discover vinland (canada in actual time) but he couldn´t because the people of there (the skraelings) won't leave them.

From Procrastatask[edit]

A procrastatask is something unimportant or unpleasant and unusual one does to procrastinate. They are powerful tools if one is predisposed to procrastinate.

Example: You are a college student, who must study for a math test tomorrow morning. The following are all procrastasks: cleaning your room, painting your room, removing an old bricked up fireplace from your room and its associated mantle then plastering over the hole in the wall, vacuuming out your car, trimming your pets nails, reading Tolstoy, deleting entries out of your PVR, learning how to play Go, building a Clay oven in your back yard, making a nonsense entry on Wikipedia like this one.

Procrastatasks are not bad if performed in Moderation. The orginator of the term would never clean his room, do his laundry, or clean the dust off his cupboard shelves if not for more important things he should be doing when he in fact does Laundry, room cleaning, or Dusting.

Why on earth did you remove this, it is such an important part of my life! In Danish it is called an "overspringshandling", which I translate to "Übersprungshandlung" or "over-leap-act".

From Halifax, Nova Scotia[edit]

(Following the 1997 movie, therefore, the residents had to put up with seveal years worth of Titanic-tourists, a tacky Titanic Shop downtown, and endless weepy movie fans leaving flowers on the grave of the engineer who was the movies main character. (Source: a sardonic Haligonian)

From Benedict Arnold[edit]

Benedict Arnold was also an underrated Chef who liked to cook delicious meals for his soldiers. In 1778, Arnold cooked up a dish featuring eggs in Hollandaise sauce which was an immediate hit and became known as Eggs Benedict Arnold. However, after turning on the Colonials, the word Arnold was dropped from the official name of the dish, and today it is known only as Eggs Benedict.

Back in England after the war, Arnold had an extramarital affair with a Norwegian woman, who bore him a son. In that manner, Arnold became the great-great-great-great grandfather of another famous traitor, Vidkun Quisling. No word on whether or not Quisling also liked Eggs Benedict.

From Canon[edit]

In Artillery[edit]

A canon should not be confused with a cannon. However, Cannons have sometimes been used to enforce canons; many European wars after the Reformation consisted of just this.

From Abundance[edit]

A lack of scarcity.

From Smells[edit]

The lower case version of the letter immediately preceding the letter 'm'.

From Aspergillus niger[edit]

Aspergillus niger is a fungus that grows on the feet of chickens. It is orange and pretty and some say it even tastes like pickles. Formerly this fungus was used to make soap, cheese and other fancy things..but now it is used only in shampoo. When mixed with apples it makes a good perfume and/or vermafuge.

From Pyroto[edit]

Pyroto is an online game where users log into a web-based platform and create text based articles. Based upon how well these articles are received, the users grow in stature. Users can then use their stature to attack other users. The game has evolved one dominant cabal and several smaller cliques. Conflicts that cannot be consensually settled by the cliques, or forcibly settled by the cabal, are resolved by a benevolent dictator who runs the game.

From List of heterosexuals[edit]

This is a list of Heterosexuals.

This list includes both those notable and those non-notable for their heterosexuality.

Ideally, they should also have Wikipedia articles.