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Short Biography of Albert Einstein[edit]

Albert Johnson Einstein was born in Trenton, New York in 1854. During his childhood Albert Einstein lived through a bombing raid on the town of his Birth in Germany during which his father died and his mother soon died of radiation sickness that was a result. he went to school in england at drexel and graduated with high honors. Afterwards, at just the age of 36 in 1967 he invented the theory of relativitey which explains why exactly an equation works. He died in the bombimg of Hiroshima while designing a new type of space craft for a mission to mars in 1987.

Few argue that the Cold War had a profound effect on Einstein's childhood because he spent most of it in Soviet Russia. During this time he studied nuclear weapons and began to design a spacecraft that would later be used as a submarine to explore the beep water trenches of the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Einstein lead a profitable life, as the main founder of IBM and Disney. He will always be remembered as the man who invented deep dish pizza and who shot the sherif. Chuck Norris owes many of his skills to Einstein.

From Bullshit[edit]

This word has its origins to the late Bulle Shittosky(1874-1941) who commonly used a shortened version of his name to express discontent. It slowly seeped into everyday conversation and now is a commonly used word.

From Slow[edit]

From Wide Binary[edit]

Wide Binary is a mainstream alternative to traditional binary, but with the added bonus of affording 7 choices, instead of the more traditional two.

Wide Binary bits are either 0, 1 (to maintain compatibility with traditional binary), plus the new options K, , €, Denis and 'Flarflwe', which cannot be represented in a human-readable form.

The widebit, K, rose to popularity last year with news of its inclusion in the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.5 version of rm

Whilst the other wide pieces of binary have so-far failed to grab mainstream recognition, traces of Denis have been found in HTML pages online, and an RFC was put forward to develop a new bit-mapped display for PCs, to display Flarflwe with the use of circles.

Plenty (movie)[edit]

Huh? Its probably on IMDB.

Note: wikified for clarity; see also for an actual entry on a movie of that title

Axe of Nopolt[edit]

The Axe of Nopolt is a cultural object which attained great significance in Britain towards the end of Margaret Thatcher's premiership in the late 20th Century. Large crowds frequently gathered in major urban areas rallying round placards emblazoned with Nopolt and his axe. These gatherings were generally suppressed with considerable force by squads of Police armed with Batons and Riot shields. The chant was also a focus for significant Civil disobedience, leading to a number of high profile Prosecutions and Imprisonments.

Ultimately the, unrest over the Axe of Nopolt led to the downfall of Margaret Thatcher herself, held responsible by the Conservative Party for the Riots. Even now in British Politics any truly disastrous Policy (such as rail privatisation) is compared to Thatchers problems and MPs will readily acknowledge that they never again wish to hear the cry of "Nopolt Axe!".

Blackness Scale[edit]

The Blackness Scale was invented by S.M.Ransom during the summer of 2005. It is a means of not only telling how black one's skin is but also a way of detemining how black a person is by attitude. The scale works on a coordinate plane with the X-axis being skin tone, and the Y-axis being attitude. The scale is as follows.


The X-axis is (from 5,-5)are Where'd you go, get off my daughter, mahogany, beige, amarillo, yellow, tan, creme, pale & pasty, albino, and dry erase board.

I, S.M. Ransom have dealt with such critics before. I will add more as it develops. Please vote to save this article!

Redundant Array of Independent Coffee Makers (RAICM)[edit]

First conceived of by a group of technology professionals from Asbury College it was brought to reality when Rich Bowen actually implemented the design. The concept is similar to RAID technology, only applied to coffee makers.

The first RAICM was limited to only 6 coffee makers, but the experiment was successful and future RAICM's may include twice that number.

Further information can be found at:

From Third desk from the left in the second row from the back of Room 302, Bogstandard Junior School, Hamlet, Somerset[edit]

This is a classic example of a 1948 standard school desk. When last surveyed, in october 2004, it contained on its surface over 30 years' worth of graffiti and annotations. The large ink-stain in the supper right coner can be reliably dated to 1964, and to Hugh Bonsuera, who was infamous for using indelible inks. As can be noted, the inkwell itself has subsequently be stopped up (this was done in 1996 as a part of the Government-led drive towards illiteracy in schools, to ensure that the "working classes" simply claimed social benefits and dossed around the streets, in return for alwats voting the "right way" at elections, a proposal which foundered when it was realised that not educating them meant none of them knew what an election was or how to vote in one).

On the left side a series of pupils have assiduously recorded the names of the teachers for whom Room 302 has been homeroom.

  • Mr.Winter 1927-1935
  • Mr.Greggor 1935/6
  • Miss Fandren 1937-1948
  • Mr.Walker 1948-1954
  • Mr.Crighton 1954-1962
  • Mr.Kennedy 1962-1968
  • Mr.King 1968-1974
  • Mr.Presley 1975-1982
  • Miss Quimleigh 1983-1984
  • Mr.Fokker 1985-1986
  • Mr.Wilson 1986-1990
  • Mr.Heath 1990-1994
  • Mr.Callaghan 1994-1997
  • Mr.Major 1999-2003
  • Mr.Biggs 2004-

[During 1997-1999 the room was used for the exhibition of the Duchess of Grantham Prize, awarded to the school for academic indifference]

Two attempts have been made to burn the desk, the first in 1804 when rioting Somerset farmers saw it as a pagan idol and set it alioght in an attemtp to drive out the evil spirits. The second was in 1911 as a result of a German Zeppelin raid (the ZK-048) whuich dropped incendiary chickens onto the school roof.

(More to be added later regarding the sociology, anthroposophy and diacritics of the desk)

Note: Talk page read: "Created to meet the request of User Haeleth, on afd 22:27 2 November 2005 (UTC)" (unsigned comment by User:SockpuppetSamuelson)

From Westview Centre[edit]

The Westview Safeway is employed by a colourful cast of characters, who are both full-time and part-time workers and vary in levels of cynicism and education. The break room is rather small in proportion to the number of people working there, and is lacking in a television with cable. Another quirk of this store is the fact that employees are expected to bring their own utensils to eat their lunches; if it was not for a few kind souls that spend an hours worth of pay on plastic forks, they would be forced to eat their meals with their bare hands. The store is notorious throughout the city because in October of 2004 a bear made its way into the back room of the store and was an adorable little cub. It was later shot and killed. It is interesting to note that within the last few months the music inside the store has changed from adult-contemporary to top 40/adult contemporary, a move that has been met with a mix of elation and skepticism. One time an employee stole the comfortable break room furniture. The deli food is of questionable qualit

From E (mathematical constant)[edit]

The Mathematical constant e is the base of the natural logarithm function. Its value to the 2000000th decimal digit is:

e = 2.718281828459045235360287471352662497757247093699959574966 967627724076630353547594571382178525166427427466391932003059 921817413596629043572900334295260595630738132328627943490763 [etc., followed by the rest of the original article, the whole article was 1992 KB.]

From Must Terd[edit]

Must Terd is two words that sound like Mustard, but indicate that someone must take a terd.

From Coca-Cola[edit]

On November 1 2005, a former Coca-Cola employee claimed that the drink contains high amounts of Hydrogen oxide. Hydrogen oxide is present in Acid rain and consuming large quantities of the substance causes severe damage or even death. Coca-Cola has urged consumers to stay calm, as they believe the quantities of hydrogen oxide in the drink are too small to pose a threat to an average user.

Not original: see Dihydrogen monoxide.

Suebee stalker[edit]

The Suebee Stalker is the nickname given to the unknown man who writes anonymous messages in on the sixth floor of the south tower of Thomas Jefferson Hall, a dormitory at the University of Missouri-Rolla. The history of the Suebee Stalker is an interesting story and goes something like this.

When he was in high school, there was this fat kid named Michael Farris. In band class he was being teased and proclaimed, "Slap me silly and call me Susan!" So everyone started calling him Susan, and over time that evolved into "Suebee."

They called him Suebee for years, and after that got old, the Suebee Stalker began writing the word Suebee on the chalkboards:

Michael eventually started noticing his name all over the school and said, "Who's this guy writing Suebee all over the place? He seems like a Suebee Stalker or something."

The name seemed catchy, so the Suebee Stalker took it and made a mark for himself:

He also used this mark to take credit for other random anonymous messages he wrote. Michael honestly thought he was being stalked and got pretty paranoid. It took him forever to realize who it was, as they were pretty good friends. Once he figured out the Suebee Stalker's true identity, he thought it was hilarious, and started leaving Suebee Stalker messages as well.

His legacy lives on, as there are still traces of "Suebee" messages scattered across the high school. Now he attends college, and has carried the tradition there.

From Dale Winton[edit]

The first paragraph is true, but the second... well...

He is not married to Nell McAndrew, contrary to popular belief, the "wedding" was part of a spoof documentary for BBC 3 called "Dale's Wedding" this is confirmed on Nell McAndrew's website, though remains a popular belief amongst many.

The reailty of the story is, he got married to his boyfriend(Robbie Williams) in texas, and are at the moment going for kids. Dale and Robbie are streaming all their money into an joint account owned by the "male experimental clinic" so that one day Dale could be planted with a womb and hopfully give birth.

From School dinner[edit]

Popular Foods for School Lunch/Dinner[edit]

  • Hamburger on a Boon
  • Chicken Nuggets (Actual amount of Chicken in Nuggets is Disputed)
  • Poopperooni Pizza
  • Peanut Butter & Smelly
  • French Flies
  • Milk
  • Chicken Pootty
  • Pees
  • Water Like Substance
  • Orange Drink
  • Spaghetti with Sudan III

Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors[edit]

In this version, ANYTHING can be used. In most tournaments, the use of Mr. T is illegal since T ALWAYS wins, no exceptions. When two or more players use Mr. T, they both win. Any number of players can play. Ultimate RPS is Rock Paper Scissors without discrimination. At least one judge should be present, since most matchups will not have a clear winner. Any bribery involving the judge will result in hanging.

This is just plain stupid. Someone posted on my talk page trying to defend its use in camps as a teaching aid for rhetorical skills. Davidizer13 22:23, 4 November 2005 (UTC)

This is, in a modified form, a great game to teach children to be creative and imaginative. It is also a good way to keep eight year olds occupied whenever you have spare time. A twist used to port the game to older boys, 10-11, involves the campers trying to come up with people or things that can beat Batman. The counselor has to explain why Batman would win. God or acts thereof, Natural disasters, Transformers, and respected members of the camp administration are off limits as they beat Batman by default. This may sound stupid to you, but that is only because you were deprived of, or conversely renounced and blocked memories of, the joys of being an adolescent at summer camp. 20:08, 7 December 2005 (UTC)


A Mugwin is a furry little ewok type character with a fondness for sausages. The plural for Mugwin is Mugwin. Mugwin sleep for twenty hours a day and have a life span of three hundred human years. Mugwin are solitary creatures and, if provoked, will come back and steal your biscuits and other foodstuffs in acts of passive-aggressive sabotage. Mugwin do not know the difference between psilocybin mushrooms and any other kind of food. Mugwin can see in the dark and has excellent hearing, being able to discern a Muse riff from over half a mile away. They don't like eggs. Mugwin invented beer, kebabs, and Courtney Cox. The musky smell of a mugwin has been proven to be irresistible to women and, as such, they have been hunted ruthlessly by Ralph Lauren. Thankfully, Ralph couldn't hit a barn with a blunderbuss at point blank range and at this time of writing the millionaire fashion magnate has only bagged two Mugwin successfully (and both of those were stupid Mugwin who wanted to score some free cologne.)

Mugwin are everywhere and growing in numbers. It is said that no city dweller is ever more than thirty feet away from a Mugwin at any one time.

Laugh now, but one day they'll be in charge.

From Terran Militia[edit]

The Terran militia is a group organised by robert kasper in freeberg IL the following is a list of statistics on this group. Active units: 12 Hand book - zombie survival guide by Mel brooks Mission - prepare for and combat the coming zombie threat Motto - animo exanimis aversabilis ab abeo

Members and rank

  • Master Sergeants-1 Robert Kasper
  • First Class Sergeants-0
  • Staff Sergeants-0
  • Sergeants-2 Grant Mitchell, Mark Benton
  • Corporals-4 Sam Weber, Andrew McDonald, Alex Rockwell, Steve Ketter,
  • Privates-5 Adam Grungier, Frank Soltys, Chris Andrews, Tom McDonald, Dan Eppel,


  • A squad Grant Mitchell, Alex Rockwell, Steve Ketter, Adam Grungier, Frank Soltys,
  • B squad Mark Benton, Sam Weber, Andrew McDonald, Chris Andrews, Tom McDonald,
  • Unclassified Dan Eppel,

artical by boatman666

Wow, i almost wish i'd thought of this "Zombie Patrol" first! --Quadraxis 16:40, 5 November 2005 (UTC)

From Pittsburgh Passion[edit]

The Pittsburgh Passion Women's Football team is the worst team in the worst team in WNFL.

From Burger King[edit]

  • Today, the current spokesperson per se is the King. He has cereal killer esque persona. He waits for you to wake up and he might try to push you off of a building, but he's only kidding. He also carries sandwiches to give to his victims.***

The speedied Brent and bekah hisayasu[edit]

Hello, all of you with nothing better to do...

Welcome to my "I'm the luckest guy in the world". Yes that is right i am the luckiest guy in the world. So you may ask, "why sir, are you the luckiest guy in the world?" well here is your answer...

see, I am the homely guy on the letf, and the sweet thing to my left is my fiance'... He he he...

Except i don't believe in luck, God has blessed...

Someone got annoyed @ his neighbors...[edit]

Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder)is a man with a passion for annoying others around him. He is famous for cruising up and down Wabansia Ave in his rather old Mercedes Benz, which as of the date this article was published had 90,000 miles on it - 88,000 of which were driven up and down on wabansia passing Mazzone South.

Some say he is the most annoying person alive. Others believe that there is something wrong with him and feel bad and talk to him.

He was born in the year 1969 in a small town called Lake Boca Vista Di Bano el Gordo Pollo. He led a very boring childhood - he did not participate in sports, he had no friends, he did not go to school as he was home schooled but his parents forgot to teach to him. Absolutely NOTHING happened in his life until the great year 2004, when his cousin Ollie married Anthony. He then had somebody to talk to and because Anthony had a great big group of friends of family - this was a great opportunity for Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) to meet new people to annoy and possibly meet some dudes to have sex with.

Once he was brought around Anthony's family and friends, he was mostly rejected and not accepted. This however did not stop Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) from coming around. Although never invited to any social functions and gatherings, he mysteriously shows up and annoys everyone. He will often interject rather amusing conversations with his one or two liners that are not funny, inappropriate and quite frankly stupid. He will then follow such nonsense with his glazed stare that has been rumored to kill a baby racoon that was rummaging through a garbage can in search of food. It has been said that Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) has taken the look known as akward second and turned it into the akward 5 minutes.

He is mostly hated by the Birdman, for Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) had frequented the Birdman's house and made rather rude comments about the proximity of Birdman's to a factory. He engaged in sexual intercourse with Birdman and did not extend a reach a around to him. And worst of all, he played Sopranos Pinball without first taking off his clothes.

Another who is known to dislike Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) is Don Assman of the Don Sheepdawg famiglia. It is a known fact that Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) enjoys resting his shoulder on DOn Assman's shoulder while he is palying in high stakes poker games.

Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) now spends his days driving up and down Wabansia Avenue in his Mercedes Benz with 90,000 miles. When his car is being repaired, which is more often than not becuase it is so old and quite frankly a piece of junk, Paul will ride his bike up and down Wabansia at which times he is know as the Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The Bike Intruder). At other desperate times he has resorted to renting a car in order to drive Wabansia Ave and is then known as Paul the X Mile Budget Rent A Car Intruder). (note insert the number of miles on the rental car for the X).

Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) is also known to spend most of his time when not crusing Wabansia Ave in the hot tub with Zuch Dog the Room Lamp. It has been said that while in the hot tub with Zuch Dog the Room Lamp, Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) thinks about the Birdman and Benzo Bentley Lorezno the 4 Door Whore having anal sex in a hot tub in Indiana, who are thinking about Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder) and Zuch DOg the Room Lamp having sex in their hot tub, while Ollie is making polish mistakes and rubbing velveeta cheese all over her body.

To learn more about Paul (Anthony & Ollie's Cousin The 90,000 Mile Benz Intruder)please read the article "The Most Annoying Man Alive" or hang out on Wabansia Ave.

From Honey[edit]

Typical Honey Analysis
Source: Sugar Alliance

Also From Honey (same vandal)[edit]

Honey looks like it and taste it like Vomit.

Idlewells Shopping Centre[edit]

Used be called something else and was a concrete prefab monstrosity although i liked the little pyramid building that led to the underground car park. Also it's most proberly named after the little river that runs underneath it (you can see it if you walk through the allyway next to the bank and news agent near the sundial and keep going towards the supermarket carpark, it on the left where the fence is).

Groovy. Just point me to the food court. Thanks. - Lucky 6.9 07:34, 6 November 2005 (UTC)

Geoffrey Camanzo[edit]

Born in 1936, Geoffrey Camanzo, more commonly known as Geoff, is most famous for defeating all of the Japanese Kamikaze air-bombers in Pearl Harbor in 1941. He completed this feat using only one M-16 and easily destroyed the Japanese in under 16 minutes. He co-wrote the cirtically acclaimed "The Anime Encyclopedia" with long time friend Mao ZeDong. He holds the world record in many categories including, under-water wrestling (a sport he created in his sleep), llama racing, and fetus abortion. He was the first person to perform an abortion using only his left fist. He was the charter member of the HUAC, famous for Communist hunting during the 1950's in the United States. He also just bought the United Nations.

Geoffrey also has a very long nose, much like Pinocchio.

Wikiproject Hot Chicks[edit]

See Wikipedia:BJAODN/WikiProject hot chicks












(Ark of the Covenant)

Eric Troolin[edit]

Eric Troolin is one of the most influential artists of the 21st century currently typing this sentence.

From the Reference desk[edit]

If all the surface bacteria on your skin jumped up and down, how long would it take you to change direction? alteripse 18:39, 7 November 2005 (UTC)

May I BJAODN this question? Please?? :-) --HappyCamper 01:44, 8 November 2005 (UTC)
No, you may not. No matter how stupid the idea might seem to some, considering how long it takes educated people to figure it out, it is at least a useful mental excercise. The notion of conservation of energy appears to be a tricky one. DirkvdM 10:38, 8 November 2005 (UTC)

From Ruby on Rails[edit]

Rails' guiding principles include "Don't Repeat Yourself," "Convention Over Configuration" and "Don't Repeat Yourself".

We might use that principle in Wikipedia too...

From Template:Pokerefs[edit]

From Marco Polo[edit]

Marco Polo was born in Massachusets in 3003!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marco discovered the watermelon.His room wascovered with ponys!!!!! Ohh, how much he loved ponys. He also loved this boy named Pat Frasher. Marco Polo died in 1254. In a pony acictent!!!!!!!!!!!

from Mandatory detention in Australia[edit]

i like cheese and monkies

What time do we have dinner ? im having dinner soon i think.....
Fear me you lords and lady preachers
I descend upon your earth from the skies
I command your very souls you unbelievers
Bring before me what is mine
The seven seas of Rhye
Can you hear me you peers and privy councillors
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you'll be mine
At the seven seas of Rhye
Sister I live and lie for you
Mister do and I'll die
You are mine I possess you
Belong to you forever
Storm the master marathon I'll fly through
By flash and thunder fire I'll survive
I'll survive I'll survive
Then I'll defy the laws of nature
And come out alive
Begone with you you shod and shady senators
Give out the good, leave out the bad evil cries
I challenge the mighty titan and his troubadours
And with a smile
I'll take you to the seven seas of Rhye
yay go seven seas of rhye!!! thnks mike 4 addin the lyrics to this beautiful site :D:D:D im a happy chap!!!!!!!!

From Undergarment[edit]

In the future underwear will be abolished and replaced by foil lining. This will be used to guard from a new kind of weaponry design by Dr Fred McDougal of the University of Arizona which will emit STD's. Beware!!!

From Bill Clinton[edit]

Bill Clinton made his fortune by farming cheese in Texas. He bought one hundred acres of land from a one armed mexican shepard. He then started Parmesean Farm which was guarded by rabid forest giraffes. He then sold the farm to Michael Jackson for 8 magic beans.Clinton&diff=0&oldid=27843445 | Clinton&diff=0&oldid=27843445]

From Max McKinney[edit]

Basically he is the coolest person on earth. He wrote the sequal to the Bible, Jesus's Revenge when he was 11 years old. He married the Greek goddess Aphrodite when he was 15. He is currently holding the positions of Coolest person on earth, Best Person on Earth in the general category. He also runs the Best Webpage on earth, He won 32 gold medals in the 2011 Summer and Winter Olympics. Hellza Yeah.

Early Life-

He was born in a small city called NâĦÍßşťξ on the tenth moon of Jupiter. He was an outcast as he grew up because he was was cooler and smarter then all the other kids and all he ever wanted was acceptance while all the other kids ever wanted was for him to like them. Were they to realize what each other was thinking there would have been a joyous celebration and all would have a cake to remember the day they met the coolest kid in the universe.

Later Life-

When Max was 5 he discovered the cure for the common cold, and gave all the technology to god in exchange for a lolly pop. With no more research to do he went into the movie bussiness. He starred in, directed, and producted his first movie at 3 years of age. The movie, The Bible, was a huge hit and later had a book written after it and a sequal in book form also written by Max.

After Death -

Max McKinney died at the age of 302 in 3015. Directly after his death he climbed the stairway to heaven in record time finishing at an amazing -3:71. After he got to heaven he hung out with some of his homies for about three million years untill he got bored of eternal bliss and went to scope out Hell. He kicked the crap out of satin at a tété et tété game of halo and hence became the new devil. He quickly sold to himself so he could play the guitar better then anyone ever.

After After Death -

With his new skill at the guitar he went on tour with Queen and sold more albums then any other single man ever could ever. In the year 2793 he finally got tired of playing the guitar and lay himself once again to rest on April fourty-second.

From Pig in the pocket[edit]

To understand the concept of having a pig in the pocket, one must delve into the inner workings of just what a pig in the pocket is. A pigtail is a commonly used electrical device whereby lights and whatnot are plugged in. It's quite useful for an electrician to carry an abundant supply of pigtails on his person, and naturally the pockets are a prime locale to store them.

First coined in late 2003, the pig in the pocket phenomenon has gained massive momentum thanks to one spunky Welsh electrican who inundated local airwaves with his spirited infomercials demonstrating his PocketPig invention. While the PocketPig was a massive failure, his famous catchphrase "GOT A PIG IN THE POCKET?" inspired countless copycats and imitators.

As of mid-2005, the phrase has also taken on the double-meaning of transporting pork products on one's person.

posted on the main BJAODN page[edit]

Come to Switzerland, try our møøse!! They are being very nice. Our Møøse are nice und clean!!! Yøu vill find yøurselves very pleased vith øur møøse pøpulation!!! And øur pretty scenery!!

From the Reference Desk[edit]

I'm in big trouble. My laborador retriever just withdrew all the money in my bank account so she could start a NASCAR team. What am I going to do?

British diplomatic peace proposes also political struggle between Toho Kai and Kodoha groups in 1942[edit]

Text of the article with the above title, a prime example of incomprehensible translation:

This if refer about one suppose British attempt to British government to propose peace agreement at Japan during febrary 1942,when theirs recent losses your possesions of Malaya and Singapur,also theirs treated to stopped the Japanese menace over your most important possesion, Australia.

At same time such secret diplomatic movement,also was to public knowledge,this provoqued one political confrontation between the most important rigth-wing movements in period,the "Tohokai" and the official movement in government,the Kodoha party.such figth was represent the most serious confrontation against official policies in overseas for part of one party in oposition in country.

The Falling of Singapur and Dutch Indies poses grave consequences at British Empire in Far East,along the loss of Prince of Wales and Repulse (Gross of "Z Force")and abandon of Malay,England receiving some extreme heavy blow in your Empire,and was putting in extreme danger at Australia.

British seeing the direct Japanese menace against Australian soil when by secret diplomatic channels during febrary 16,1942 secret peace proposes in separate with Japan. between the points England if formally compromised to reconoited the autority of Empire of Sunrise over northern China,also conducted to United States at analogue conditions at change of petitioned of return to British sovereing over Malaca and Singapur.

Such conversations was provoqued in Japan one decisive figth between the most important rigth-wing Cliques in country;was possibly were the last political thinking figth against movement in government service in period,before at Coral Sea,Midway andGuadalcanal military defeats.

The ultranationalists and opened fascists grouping Toho kai led by Nakano Seigo,(appareing poses some political influence in time,also poses certain Japanese Navy support) stayed anxious to approved such conversations with British for making stabilization policy of recent conquests in Southeast Asia,also feared prevent any more sacrifices of own people,presured to Civil Government for stopped the great ambition poses the Imperial State Major in ampled such other hand stay the Imperial Way Faction, party were represent the militarists interests,led by proper own Prime Minster of Japan General Hideki Tojo,poses totally diffrent poitn of seeing over question.

Theirs opined why the rapid sucesses obtain in recent campaings in Southeast Asia in very short time,permit grown more hopes conquest plans,also Tojo affirmed,can possibly conquest more vasts spaces before at U.S. responses and are sufficent weak for content at your enemies of Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Proper Own prime minister Tojo at final inclined for last opinion and rejected such mentioned peace proposes and guiving autorization at your ambitious strategists the political figth between mentioned leaders,continuing until june 1943,when Nakano Seigo conmmited suicide in October 27,1943.

When Japan rejected such peace proposes,loss the possibly unique oportunity to mantain in Southeast Asian under Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere Alliance,for long time,also reinforce your recent conquest and yor post in land probably United States,was reconoited "de facto",these new temporary "status quo"for sometimes,for less stayed reinforzed for realizing adequate counterofensive.

The Japanese militarist caste, your civil partners,along Japanese subjects was drunken with rapid victories.the proper spech of General Tojo,during febrary 16,1942,translated your great hegemonical dreams.

And it goes without saying that all your base are belong to us and somebody set up us the bomb, as well.

Baby food[edit]

A disambiguation notice from the top of Baby food:

For babies as food, see Cannibalism.


From James[edit]

Image:James has no face!!!!-.JPG James is a person on Pokemon. He has blue hair, or maybe it's purple. He owns this big disgusting thing named Wheezing that spits out icky sludge and this giant dead fish named Victory Bell that trys to eat him.

James has tons of shrines for him up all over the internet. He has a goofy voice that sounds like my Pap imitating his voice. His friend Jessie has this red hair that comes off for a few feet and curls very cartoon-like. They like each other.

James also lost his face the day he went to an Ebay auction. I feel sorry for him. The end.

From: BJAODN[edit]

From BJAODN[edit]

From BJAODN[edit]

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ad infinitum.

From the McDonalds page[edit]

  • McGreasy. Introduced in (2005), this popular menu item was heralded for its "high flavour cotnent", but criticised by dieticians for its unhealthy content. Was quickly discontinued following the death of Michael Moore.

From "Clown"[edit]

A clown today is one of various household appliances that are attempting to form unions so that they can malfunction often, sleep late,and recieve high quality insurance.

Symbolist manifesto[edit]

the symbolist manifesto is a very confusing article about symbolism which is a very confusing art form especially in russia and europe down with grishinism (hairy john cleese

From God[edit]

The Biblical God's full name is usually given as Ronald God, and he is usually characterized as being married to Thomas the Nun, an 80-year-old holy woman. Together they are said by some manuscripts to have one son, Zeke, but some scholars argue that Zeke God is intended as a symbolic character rather than a concrete personage.

From Mallpunk[edit]

Let's get one thing clear right now: this article is not a GUIDE on how to actually become a mall punk, that is, DO NOT FOLLOW THIS GUIDE AND BECOME A MALL PUNK. There are several reasons for this, the first being that mall punks are absolutely fucking lame. Second, if you actually follow a guide to become a certain image, especially the mall punk image, you are even lamer than Jeff. Besides, everyone knows that to be cool these days, you have to be scream-o. Third, like I said, this article is intended for entertainment purposes only; it has no educational value whatsoever.

Tools of the Trade This section is devoted to the things you will need to have on your body before you head over to your local mall. Some of these items may be purchased at the mall once you arrive or at a drugstore that is on the way to the mall, but all items, with some exceptions, are crucial to the desired look.

Cranium Accessories 1) Stiff Hair Gel- I'm talking spiky and offensive! It's your duty as a mall punk to disgust and annoy fellow mall mates with your wild and crazy hairdo. Under no circumstances should you attend the mall without an ounce of gel in your hair. Other considerations for offensive hair are beeswax, pomade, glue, egg whites, semen, or bird shit. As long is it is large and in charge, the people will be whispering about how weird and dangerous you are. Isn't that the goal of being a mall punk anyway?

2) Colored Hair Spray- Colored hair spray is a great addition to your head wardrobe and adds life to your spiky hairdo. There are many brands of hair spray, but the most cost effective brand I found was Punky Colour. It was about three dollars and one can covered one head. This is one of the products you can find at your local drugstore. A good idea, if you have a buddy going out punking with you, is to buy two different colors and share the bottles. This way, you can intensify the offensiveness with two colors! Two shades are better than one, just make sure that they clash. Everybody in the mall knows that if you use complementary colors, you're just a tool of the man! Under no circumstances should you actually dye your hair. Your parents will be upset, and they won't drive you to the mall anymore. Don't piss off the person that has the ability to ground you. Besides, hair dye is much too permanent for the budding young mall punk who should jump from trend to trend like a little frog jumps from lily pad to lily pad.

Torso Accessories This section allows for a little more originality than the last section. While every mall punk worth his or her salt absolutely has to have spiky, colored hair, they can use their imagination for the torso area.

1) Jacket- The jacket can be anything from a green Hess jacket (like my friend Aaron had) to a tan fishing jacket with lots of pockets to a sleeveless denim jacket. It really doesn't matter what the jacket is, unless of course it is leather. Leather jackets go against everything that the mall punk stands for: ANARCHY IN THE SHOPPING MALL! The important thing to remember about the jacket is what things you put ON the jacket. If you want to look lean and mean in your punk apparel, you must add patches. The patches can be homemade or actual band patches. Here's how to make your own: Directions for Patch Making Punkers (This is called DIY! An important part of your punk cred!) 1) Find an old pair of blue jeans. 2) Find an old pair of scissors. 3) Find an old permanent marker. 4) Take old scissors and cut old blue-jeans into patch sized tid-bits. 5) Use old permanent marker to write band names and draw band logos. 6) YOU JUST MADE YOUR FIRST PATCH! Now, that you've got patches, you have to put them on your desired jacket! The preferred method of patch placement is the use of safety pins (danger pins as they're called in the dark, mall punk underworld). Fuck that iron-on bullshit. Mall punks don't even own ironsâ₦their parents do.

3) Homemade or Dead Kennedy's T-Shirt - To tell you the truth, I haven't seen may mall punks with homemade t-shirts. I was the only asshole who did that lame shit. Can you guess what my shirt said? If you guessed, "The Man á The Legend â," then you would be wrong but if you guessed, "PUNX NOT DEAD," then you would be correct! Anyhow, the real deal would be the Dead Kennedy's t-shirt. This is actually just a generalization for any t-shirt purchased at Hot Topic or from some sort of "punk rock" mail order catalogue. All with your parents money, of course.

4) Backpack - If you choose to wear a backpack, make sure it's missing a strap, the zippers do not work, and there is a huge hole in it somewhere. Don't worry, you'll keep it together with safety pins. You'll also want to write every band name you can think of in white-out, even if you don't like them. Don't forget to wear it at every show!

Lower Extremities Accessories 1) Pants Cut Into Shorts - Preferably Dickies, but any style of jeans or pants will suffice. Just remember to leave the strands hanging off. You're not going to be a capitalist tool and buy shorts from shorts makers. You're going to make your own shorts from pants makers. Stick a patch on there if you're feeling really "punk." Fight the system!

2) Studded Belt - Every self-respecting mall punk has one of these bad boys. Remember, one or two of the spikes must be missing to give it that authentic punk feel. This gives the impression that you didn't just buy this at a store in the mall, you've had this belt your whole life. If you did just buy this at a store in the mall, then take off a couple spikes to preserve your authenticity. Hot Topic sells these studded belts. Make sure to shop there at least once a week while telling all your friends how you wouldn't be caught dead within thirty feet of the place unless it was to smash it in a fit of RIGHTOUS ANARCHY!

3) Wallet Chain - The wallet chain not only functions as an attractive addition to your punk persona, but as a weapon as well. Whenever those "crazy rap kids" are making fun of your hairdo, you can whip this out, hit 'em, and run! Don't get caught or you could get strangled by your own weapon, you fucking pussy. Oh, and about that wallet attached to the chain. Make sure to write an anarchy sign on it with a Sharpie, or if it's black leather just carve that shit in it with a knife. It's even more punk that way. Store clerks will cringe in horror at how punk your money is (especially if you write anti-American slogans, like "This will be the death of you." on the bills).

4) Shoes - If you don't wear Vans, you're not a mall punk. Vans puts on the Warped Tour, and there's nothing more punk than that. You might be able to get by wearing some Converse All Stars, but people may mistake you for emo. FUCK THE SYSTEM!

CD's To Own Here's a list of bands you must claim to own at LEAST one album from. They are in no particular order. - NOFX - Rancid - Dead Kennedys - Operation Ivy - Any band on Fat Wreck Chords (namely No Use For A Name and Lagwagon) - Any band on Drive Thru Records, but especially Midtown and New Found Glory - Black Flag (to show you've got roots [this requires that you know who Henry Rollins is, you poser fuck]) - Green Day (Dookie or earlier) - Many, many compilations with at least 30 songs each (This will allow you to name drop and keep up with any conversation you start. This will let you hear at least one shitty song by every shitty band in existence.) - Any band on this year's Vans Warped Tour - Pennywise - A "Before You Were Punk" CD (but you must hate Vagrant records) - Screeching Weasel - Gutter "The Worst Band In Existence" Mouth

How to Act Once You Get To the Mall Ok, now you have everything you need to be a mall punk. Here are some anecdotes (stories, for you dumb shits) from my days as a mall punk that may help you in figuring out what to do once you get to the mall.

First thing's first, you have to try your hardest to annoy everyone around you. You can accomplish this in several ways such as doing a pointless dance every few feet, sliding off the edge of those rectangular bench things that have plants in the middle, or saying "Good Morrow" to every passing person with your hands clasped in front of you like you're fucking punk rock Friar Tuck. Remember, this shit isn't silly, it's punk rock.

Here's an example of what not to do because under no circumstances are you to get kicked out of the mall. It was a special day in the mall when various small businesses were allowed to set up stands to sell items and give out free balloons. Of course we picked up some balloons to make our voices all high pitched because helium voices are totally punk rock. So there we are, holding our punk rock balloons and engaging in some pleasurable small talk, when our friend Hosein (not Saddam) throws a tooth pick at my balloon, popping it and making a loud noise. Inbred mall security showed up to kick us out because we were disturbing the other mall goers or some shit like that. Anyway, the point is, balloons are no longer punk rock because they get you kicked out of the mall.

Radio is not punk, dude.

A great way to get a few laughs that aren't directed at your ridiculous outfit is to bring along some fake dog crap and lay it out at random store entrances. First they will be flabbergasted, then they will be disgusted, then they will see an asshole sitting nearby laughing and realized they've been duped by the forces of pure anarchy. FIGHT THE SYSTEM!


Remember, these rules don't mean anything if you can't get a ride to the mall

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/SPUI[edit]

Requests for adminship/SPUI has the following meanings:

From Chicken[edit]

I eat chicken poop for dinner because it is part of my medicine i need to take for my disease

From Dog[edit]

The dog in the future

Dogs as we know them today are land animals but they are quickly turning in to beasts of the air, developing wings and their own means of flying,This is being practiced all across the world and a new breed of dog called Canis Aviensis which in English is called Birddog.These dogs have wings two sets to be precise, one set growing where the ears usualy are and another growing from their hips which holds their body in place while flying. The tail of these Birddogs have grown a paddle like lump which is used as a kind a kind of rudder to guide them threw the air. they have also been spotted nesting in big packs of other Birddogs which is has been kept from their primative times, like their ancestors the wolves.they usually take nest in Japanes maple trees because of their big leaves, which protect these flying dogs from weathering. these Japaness Maples probly provide shelter much like the kenells used by their unfortunate relatives.We have heard from FatherChristams that he has found these amazing beast of the air, and has started introducing a strain of Huskies to this breed of dog because of their ability to pull sledges and better for an arctic climate and of course magnificent blue eyes which shimmer in the frosty christmas sky.Also can be used as a torch to find your way around in the dark. We have had a recent qouate from Saint Nick himself "These beautiful creatures maybe taking the place of my raindeers apart from being more obident they are less dangerous and more streamline.I am breeding my new found friends with Huskies because of their neon blue eyes which will guide me through the snow." So it looks like it's good bye red noses, hello neon blue eyes.

Robert Yates (NASCAR Team Owner)[edit]

Robert Yates is attributed this quote. However I am not sure if he is a NASCAR team owner, a Judge from New York, or someone else. Hopefully someone out in Wiki land can fix this.

Gosh, no need to be so darn specific.--D-Day 15:37, 12 November 2005 (UTC)

From Hînceşti[edit]

|This version] reads: "Hînceşti is a Town without a University in the part of Moldova not included within Transnistria. It is not among the largest towns of Moldova."

From Nancy Drew[edit]

Nancy Drew is actually 91 years old as of now, surprisingly she has not shown any signs of aging. This now means that Nancy Drew has somehow managed to find Eternal Youth, which still hasn't been discovered. She has oftentimes been asked by Acme to catch the world renouned thief Carmen Sandiego, yet surprisingly she has denied every offer to help put Carmen Sandieigo into custody. Currently Nancy Drew still looks like she is 16 years old and is still solving mysteries but is refusing to give any names or locations pertaining to her Eternal Youth. It's known that she's had relationships with one of the Hardy Boys, who have also shown signs of Eternal Youth. However it is unknown which one of the Hardy Boys she is currently dating.

from Acrobaldgenic Seizure[edit]

An extremely rare form of seizure caused by extremes of temperature at the frontal lobe of the brain, often due to a lack of hair cover on the victims head. During an attack the victim suffers symptoms similar to that seen during an epileptic fit, but is likely to remain in a semi-conscious state until the seizure has ended.

Precursors to Acrobaldgenic seizures are often experienced as sharp pains throughout the frontal cranium, visual impairment and sensory disfunction.

Medical treatment can be given to directly combat the effects during and immediately after a seizure, however preventative measures are often prescribed to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. These measures typically aim to reduce the changes in temperature within the frontal lobe by insulating the head.

Max Darby[edit]

Maxwell Darby, also known as the "Whispering Death" killed like fifty-billion Koreans in the Great War. Sadaam's chemicals made him freakishly large, enabling him to dual-wield chainsaws, which was his weapon of choice.

After killing Koreans for a decade, Maxwell invented the taco which is now enjoyed by people that aren't Mexican everywhere.

Don Quixote mistook Maxwell Darby for a windmill because of his size and chainsaw wielding arms, and was owned. Out to revenge, Don Quixote later mistook a windmill for Maxwell. It owned him as well.

Later in Maxwell Darby's life, he became the communist leader of Moldova, his motherland. There is where he invented the wheel and a tasty recipe for scalloped potatoes. He also released killer wallabies he trained to do his biddings to put the Moldolvans in the kitchen where they belonged.

In 2089, after the war with the alien robot master, Maxwell Darby died of massive robot diarrhea and Tuberculosis.

The internationalism in deleting gas station articles[edit]

Racetrac Gas Station in Miami Gardens[edit]

Its obvious --JAranda | watz sup 02:45, 14 November 2005 (UTC) ...

  • Keep, counters systemic bias introduced by Commonwealth Wikipedians writing about "petrol stations". Um, I don't even need to vote, do I? — Haeleth Talk 14:15, 14 November 2005 (UTC)

Puddy Tat Twouble[edit]

The Declaration of Independance An explanation of why tweety is breaking away from the puddy tatt. All birds are created equally. God gave all birds certain rights. They have the right to live, the right to freedom, and the right to persue happiness. the govenments job is to protect those rights. If the government wont protect human rights, birds have the right amd the duty to overthrow the government so that it is protected. A government can only work if the birds agree to be governed. A list of wrongs committed by Big Bird against the cat. Big Bird wouldn't listen to the bird's complaints. Big Bird wouldn't allow the birds a voice in the government. The Big Bird sent troops in times of peace and made the birds feed and house the cats. The Big Bird made the birds pay a variety of taxes without their agreement to those taxes. The Big Bird made the prisoners go to Florida to be tried in court so they wouldn't get a fair trial. At the same time if a cat official got in trouble, he would get a trial in Florida getting him out of trouble. Big Bird cut off all trade to the cats. The Big Bird wouldn't allow cats to move west past their homeland. The Big Bird captured cat merchants at sea and forced them to fight against their own men. The birds are declaring they are free and independant animals. The cats are now free of Florida's rule. The cats are a new nation of states. They will fight for their freedom if need be. I thought I saw a pussycat. I did! I did see a pussy cat!

From User:Jpgordon[edit]

Hi everyone! My name's Dan Andujar. I live in Australia. You Americans have five hours to reply to this message. We are planning to send a nuclear warhead to Hong Kong. If you have a better deal you can make than the damned chinese, then call me; 904 230 1402. hurry up.

you better hurry, i'm not kidding. you have 4 hours and 37 minutes left to reply.

you may call Mr. Eric Ochoa at 904 230 4322 for more info on the prices and shipment address.

if you refuse to make the deal, please call me as soon as you can.

Battery life[edit]

Battery life is the life of a Battery, it lives an average of 98 years, and it dies, then goes to heven.

Sometimes, when they are bad, they go to battery hell! This is only for bad batteries though.

From Andrewkeith's Request for adminship[edit]

Requests for adminship/Andrewkeith |action=edit}} Vote here (0/0/0) ending 14:56 {{{Ending}}} (UTC)

Andrewkeith – {{{Description}}}

Candidate, please indicate acceptance of the nomination here:


  1. I support this wiki. He really knows the inner workings of the wikipedia bureaucracy. He also has a PhD in Physics, which could probably help a lot with the Physics and science pages.


  1. Delist this nomination. The only edits Andrewkeith has made is creating the RFA, and that means zero experience I'm afraid. In general you will need in the order of one or two months of experience and in the order of a thousand edits to stand a chance of being made a sysop. Sjakkalle (Check!) 14:56, 15 November 2005 (UTC)



Questions for the candidate
A few generic questions to provide guidance for voters:

1. What sysop chores, if any, would you anticipate helping with? (Please read the page about administrators and the administrators' reading list.)
A. I would do what any other admin would do: make wikipedia kick more ass than it already does.
2. Of your articles or contributions to Wikipedia, are there any about which you are particularly pleased, and why?
A. Dude. Wikipedia. freaking owns.
3. Have you been in any conflicts over editing in the past or do you feel other users have caused you stress? How have you dealt with it and how will you deal with it in the future?
A.Andrevan called me a vandalizing wikier. I resent that. My edits are purely good, and he's a butt.

From User talk:[edit]

First edit:


Second edit:

Keep vandalizing wikipedia as it enhances our websites development and gives people around the world to communicate throughly together. If you would like to experiment, call me on...

From Hardcore Punk[edit]

Amongst all fans of hardcore punk music, 1995 is considered a crucial year. 1995 brought a breath of fresh air to a scene choking on the dust of what was and hoping for a breeze of what could be. This new wind was THE ONE FUNK CREW. These bold pioneers realized that rebuilding the punk scene required a new foundation, a new sensation, a cure for what ailed everyone. The medicine prescribed for the dying beast: funk metal. Cutting guitar work with vibrating bass lines. With the soundtrack expanded, THE ONE FUNK CREW was able to barnstorm the workshop circuit at music festivals across the land. The message was simple: freak the sluts and mosh. This message took hold fast and within a few short years, THE ONE FUNK CREW had cleared the scene of mind numbing political pot luck dinners allowing the barrage of fireworks and bad language from the next pioneers, NINE SHOCKS TERROR.

From Flatulence[edit]

A flatulence is also an emergency vehicle that transports patients to the hospital after being run over by a steamroller.

From Rew[edit]

Rew is the biggest hacker to ever surface in the internet community. He hacked the Pentagon and made most of the computers explode with a virus that killed people. Rew is the most feared name on the internet, when he enters a chatroom everyone leaves, just because they fear him that much. Rew went to Phrack magazine personally and kicked all of their asses in. Rew is also known for being the most attractive guy on the internet. Why a man with such good looks and amazing wit would waste his time being the world's most infamous computer hacker, no one knows.. He was quoted saying "It only takes me five minutes to hack anything, that's all, seriously". Rew was once seen on a security tape bitch slapping Steve Case and then shitting on his lawn.

Rew is also the owner of the popular website The website is known to only be visited by the most elite hackers on the internet, which only use IRC because AIM is for noobs. They use IRC to hack into his website and get into an encrypted chatroom that you need to have super amazing hacking skills to even see. This chatroom is filled with hot bitches, from real life modeling agencies. Also Hillary Duff is known to visit there frequently, only to get cyber sex from Rew.

Rew has a barrel chest, that bullets bounce off of.

This one time, cops tried to bust into his house (not because of hacking because no one in the world can trace him, he is uncatchable). But it was for a routine neighborhood checkup. Well Rew through a tooth pick at one of the cops it and it exploded his head on impact. The other cop was a lady, so he took her out to dinner, grabbed one of her boobs (he had sex with her too) then ran out on the bill, which was really expensive.

Rew can throw a frisbee into the sun.

Rew once traveled to krypton and punched superman's mom in the overies.

Rew once guest started on "Family Matters". But it never aired because he ended up having sex with the girl who played "Laura" and the original actress for the role of "Hariet". Before they switched the actress and acted like no one ever knew. Oh and the reason they got a new person to play Hariet is because Rew killed the original one after having butt sex with her.

Rew doesn't get speeding tickets, in fact, he issues speeding tickets to police officers.

Rew did all of the voiceover work for The Land Before Time.

Rew once went head-to-head against Nitro on American Gladiators. While Nitro dominated in Power Ball and The Wall, Rew beat him in Hang Tough and ultimately won after an amazing performance in the Eliminator.

He's also a hottie.

From Fake spanish[edit]

Many young spanish students make up words when they dont know the owrd for example when a kid dosent know who to say i like to drive a lotus. They say i el likeo to el driveo a el lotuso. All the words have el infront of them and an o at the end. Fake spanish is a good thing even though spanish teacher hate it. sources google by el scotto

From Talk:Fake spanish[edit]

This is a really good article i learned alot----scott

i love this article it is very educational scottie!!!!!!-----emily rosen

im a spanish teacher and i leanred alot from this article i will try to teach my kids not to do this.----Sra coasta

ok it was pretty much the best thing ever it was awsome thanks alot for the good article-----sam

i really loved how you added your facts i like it alot ----katie J

From Wikipedia:Village pump (news)[edit]

High Quality Equipment[edit]

Quality assured and the most competitive Manufacturers of Material handling Equipments

  • And this is news, how?--Rayc 17:22, 12 November 2005 (UTC)
Well, it's news in a "spam" sort of way. :)--Sean |Black 22:39, 12 November 2005 (UTC)
This is the worst attempt to spam i've ever seen, at least give us a URL for this amazing product! Martin 23:04, 12 November 2005 (UTC)

From Straßenpizza[edit]

Straßenpizza is German slang expressing the end result of dialing the big white porcelain Telephone, driving the big white Porcelain Bus, yawning in Technicolor, laughing at the ground, and Whiteying. When one has a name derived from the Bible, it is very common to Straßenpizza produzieren.

From "WikiVandal"[edit]

a "WikiVandal" is someone who goes into Wikipedia and edits articles in a purposefully destructive manner.

Phrase Coined by a bored University of Washington student who decided to try editing The Pope's article to say "Being gay is totally awesome. it is not a sin. people who think it is are SO taking what my dad said WAY too literally." however, this is not a new concept. people have been malevolently altering articles to say things of this nature on a near-endless basis, and are the bane of wikipedia. most are immature children with nothing better to do, or drunken college students who are bored out of their booze-addled skull.

From "Dallas Gerber"[edit]

Dallas Gerber attends The Ohio State University. He is the result of a carnal love between Bill Brasky and a footlong turkey sub from Subway. He currently resides in the third circle of Hell with his friends Richard Nixon and Attila the Hun. Dallas claims Attila isn't such a bad guy. Hitler attempted to befriend Dallas but decided Dallas wasn't "Gentile" enough.

From Brian Alvarez[edit]

Brian Alvarez (birth: January 28th, 1979) known for kicking the crap out of anyone who changes this page.

From Auburn Junior High School[edit]

The biggest problem facing AJHS is dinosaurs. They've made us all think that they're extinct so they can come back and crush our primative defenses with their big dinosaur hands. Some dusty old dinosaur diggers told me that dinosaurs have little dinosaur hands. They are wrong. The leading leading theory is that those dinosaur diggers are secret dinosaur agents who probably have little dinosaurs in their heads. This head dwelling dinosaur is know as the HEADDWELLOSAURUS. Auburn Junior High School needs to raise money to purchase a dinosaur proof shield. This shield would be made of pure awesomium (atomic number 1337). To get a large enough amount of this element, all science folks (and maybe a dusty dinosaur digger or two) need to focus on discovering it.

Auburn Junior High School has the largest number of cameras in its halls compared to other junior high schools in the area. There are 2 or 3 cameras at each end of every hall. BUT NONE IN THE MIDDLE! This is where the dinosaurs will probably make their entrance. They will have time to get a small dinosaur army INSIDE the school before anybody notices them. Many people have said that the reason for the cameras is not to watch for dinosaurs, but to make sure students are safe. Watching for dinosaurs would MAKE STUDENTS SAFE! When told, those people responded with no comment. They are probably victims of headdwellosaurus attacks and should not be taken seriously.

From Categories of stocks[edit]

There once was a boy called Stock he had a girlfriend called Bond. They got married and formed the stock market. They had 3 children named Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation because they were American. One of the children was a retard because he had limited liability. The other didn't. They were smart because they had umlimited liability. They had another kid called Franchise. She had an original first name. She helped other with original first names too. But they were bad kid so they called Nanny DOW. She gave them their industrial average. She told him they were in their 52 week high -low. They found out they had a P/E Ratio. There fifth kid was named P/E. They soon went to school at The N.Y. Stock exchange and were sold to other people.

From Doholio[edit]

Doholio is a word made up by a few kids. It originated from Michael Falcone saying something similar to "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as a form of sarcasm. Then James Devine, Andrew Mckinnon, Brandon House and a few others started making fun of him and it turned into doholio. Doholio can be used in many different ways. It can just be used as an answer. An example of this would be in the following conversation.
Boy 1: Your a Retard. Boy 2: Doholio.
It can also be used as a noun, as shown in the following conversation.
Boy 1: Hey man, whats up? Boy 2: Keep up the attitude, and im gonna jam a doholio up your ass.
It can also be used as a verb, as shown here.
Boy 1: You wanna come over after school today? Boy 2: Yeah sure, we can doholio.
These are just a few of the many usages for doholio. You can even make up your own ways to use it. If you have any GOOD suggestions, submit them at So as you see, doholio is a very diverse word.

From Pearland High School[edit]

I go here, but I didn't write this junk

Pearland High School (PHS) is a public high school located in Pearland, Texas, and without doubt, is one of the worst schools in history. Its unfair and nazi-inspired art of ruling leaves the students as defenseless victims of oppression.



Sometimes you have to wonder, who chose the PHS staff. Somehow, someway, PHS has managed to find every babbling, ignorant moron, and shove them into one fascist, discriminative cage called a school. The current idiot of a dictator, is none other than Dr. Watson. It is still unsure whether Watson is truly a qualified doctor, though it is commonly doubted, since someone with such an in depth lack of intelligence could be anything remotely to a doctor.

The school has an unreasonable amount of principals: 8. Yes, 8. 8 blabbering morons who spend their entire work day running around after kids who do not have their belts on or shirts tucked in to the point where they can not breathe properly anymore. They should be renamed 'cattle herders' instead of assistant principals, since technically that is what they are doing. They chase after the cattle of students, making sure that they wear their tags with their numbers on it, not unlike the nazis made the jews do during World War II.

Over and over, the PHS staff proves its incompetence. Whenever a student has a voice to be heard, or an opinion to share, they are told to "shut it and get to class." Somehow, the PHS staff has printed in their fragile little minds, that they are completely superior to the students they bitch at (must be that o so fancy 2 year college degree). Perhaps if the PHS staff actually heard out its student for a change instead of telling it to shut up, they may have received some valuable advice and wouldn't have had some dirty internet dictionary article written about them *ahem*.

School and Hookery[edit]

Category:School and Hookery

No one really cares about all of this stuff so you might as well put something here that might actually get read. Like how the high school sucks, and how teachers who say they don't show favoritism are the biggest bull-crappers I've ever seen. The same goes for coaches.

The Ninth Grade Center, which is joined by Pearland Junior High South on the west side, opened in January 2003 to alleviate freshman overcrowding. The state of the art building features a 1,000 seat auditorium and security features. However, many of the students describe the school as a prison due to it's nearly isolated location 2 miles away from the main campus.

As of the 2005-2006 school year, Pearland High School boasts well over 4,000 students. And it smells like a dead horse.

Clubs and asstivities[edit]

Category:Clubs and asstivitites Pearland High School has numerous clubs and activities, most of which have been said to be poorly funded and poorly supported by the administration, who shuns these clubs in favor of Football. Some of the more notable clubs include the Spanish Club, the Spanish Honors Society, the French Club, the French Fry Honors Society, Fag Row, the Pearland theatrical department, and the Lesbian Society.

Pearland's band department, The Poop of Pearland, is among one of the least talented and most laughable in the entire State of Texas. Although greatly underrated by many, the Pride of Pearland has been one of the most competitive and decorated bands of the past 40 years. It's many accolades including reaching the American Dodgeball Association of America (ADAA) state marching contest sixteen times, it's latest being in 2004 and placing 3rd in the 5A state championship competition in 1993.

Pearland's athletic department is considered to be one of the best operated in the state, even though the coaches only care about varsity. It's state of the art football field, locally known as The Rig, home to the Pearland football and soccer teams and its state of the art, three court gym in the North Campus for basketball and volleyball is reveled by many. Pearland's other athletics include tennis, golf, ice hockey, and bowling, which no one gives a crap about because any moron with the good knowledge god bestowed on the common pudding knows how to roll a ball down a lane.

The school actually has an abundance of clubs, but so few advertise that it's a miracle they even exist.


Category:PHS Controversy

PHS has a series of controveries which has exploded exponentially over the past few years which have been the byprodct of teachers and students not seeing eye to eye with the administration. This includes the writing of the word penis in this article. As well as the word vagina. You see nothing is sacred in this good and majestic school. Someone has gone in and written penis and vagina in this arcticle. But I must say that they would not be met with such resistance if the administration were less of uber Nazis and such. However in some cases the Pearland High School administration is somewhat unfairly targeted and there is not enough empahsis on the administration of the Pearland Independent School District, which by many has been accurately described to be the most corrupt in recent memory. Mrs. Watson would like to apologize to the students for being so pretentious and for pretending to be a doctor.

The biggest (penis) controveries revolved around the dress code which was implemented in 2011. The dress code, which has been widely criticized from the start, has been penis well noted for being loosely enforced despite the stringent punishment laid out by the administration. Staff members whom penis were specifically hired for the enforcement of the dress code at the high school were first hired during the 2004-2005 school year by mein fuhrer Sonia Serrano. With Dr. Watson at the helm at PHS, Watson hired another dress code administrator, whom are dubbed "Dress Code Nazis" by students penis for their behavior (albeit slightly overexaggerated) and out of protest. The 2005-2006 school year saw the re-emergence of the picture identification card after a two year absence, however penis the temporary I.D. did not return. The $5 mandatory fee of replacing the picture I.D. or facing in school suspension (ISS) for not having it has struck an ire with many students.

Many students have voiced their displeasure about the school's administration, which also included the 2004 PHS Valedictorian lambasting the school and the district and a profanity-laiden speech. Those who knew about the event cited that, and not the time constraints from holding graduation at Reliant Stadium, as the reason why the 2005 Valedictorian speech was axed. In addition, in 2005 ten sophomores walked out in protest of the dress code. The protest, which already had reached school officials the day before, was quickly suppressed in the matter of minutes with the police and school official presence. It was considered to be one of the most embarassing and highly ridiculed event of rebellion in many of the students' tenures at PHS.

Teachers have not been left out of controversies either. The 2004-2005 school year saw the arrival of as many as 40 new teachers, most of them replacing the scores of teachers who left due to being unhappy with the fuhrer-ran administration. Teachers have also been frustrated by the administration's empahsis on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test. The test, which takes away from emphasis on the Advanced Placement (AP) and the SAT tests especially in the honors courses, have struck a nerve with teachers and some students. The administration often defends itself by saying that students cannot graduate unless passing the TAKS test, a mesaure made Texas law by then Governor George W. Bush in 2000.

An 20 month period spanning 2004 and 2005 calendar year saw the eruption of four sex scandals, two of which made the news. Many are now beginning to question the hiring practices conducted by PHS and the school district since the latest was by far the worst. Many feel this only adds to the atrociousness that Pearland High School and the Pearland Independent School District is being ran.

Even principals have been involved in controversies. It has been now revealed in 2003 Dr. Diane Martin was forced into retirement by the administration, a move which struck an ire with many teachers and students. The overly popular Dr. Martin was replaced by the negatively accepted Fuhrer Serrano. Mein Fuhrer's tenure, described by many teachers and students, was among the most hellacious and disruptive. However, there was a minority of teachers that liked the fact that the crazy bitch's administration brought down the lawlessness that was rampant in 2002, including as many as 10-12 fights in a week. Serrano struck a nerve with many clubs, incluidng the Debate team, when she drove out the ever popular debate coach, Paul Peterson, for a more conservative, by the books teacher (who was later fired do to yet another sex scandal). The move has proven costly as Pearland continues to get slayed in debate competitions according to some accounts. Even Watson being named PHS principal for 2005-2006 recieved mixed reactions.

Security has been a major concern at PHS. Several bomb threats and death threats to certain members of the administration (the most imfamous being the threat against Furer Serrano in 2003) have marked the past few years, and in 2005, a broken window was believed to be the result of a shotgun blast, which was supported by the finding of shotgun shell casings. Ironically the staff almost shit a brick, even though it ended up just being a baseball. Oh yeah, and those "shotgun shells" were Skittles.

PHS students suffer from extreme bullying which is a major concern- Ok. STFU. If you're being bullied and you don't have the balls to go tell anyone, or stand up for yourself, then shut up. Odds are you're a whining idiot, and you need to just go sit on a island with a volleyball named Wilson.

This School is really stupid[edit]

Category:censorship All district computers are censored by Websense filtering software based on the ISD's server. Many staff and students have issue with the software. The main complaint is the blocking of all internet email including Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. Because of this, staff members are forced to use district email inboxes that are monitored, and more importantly, severely limited in their size, while students are forced to use complicated services in order to send documents from home to school since removable disks (such as CDs and floppies) are banned due to virus concerns.

Another issue with Websense is its overzealous and often innacurate blocking. For example, researching ancient Asian may return 'alternate religion'. Many feel that it is too favored towards Judeo-Christian religions and that struck a nerve with followers of minor religions and other beliefs.

Several sites are blocked incorrectly. is blocked under 'GPORN' , a websense keyword that filters pornagraphy and all related words, (yay porn) such as pr0n, pron, p0rn etc. While censoring pornagraphy at school is debatably neccesary, critics point out teachers and parents should be responsible and almost everyone agrees that Websense's keyword blocking hampers the use of the Internet.

The sad thing about Pearland is that it's actually a great little city, and the schools aren't too incredibly bad. Well, they were at first, but then our current administration came along and screwed everyone over. Sadly enough they still have their positions on the school board, which they're still doing crappy jobs of running, and that's mainly why everyone writes so much smack in these articles.

The Administration[edit]

Category:The administration

Pearland High School has no administration, what they have is a building full of thoughtless robots making decisions that don't affect themselves. Decisions that in turn create a sort of "concentration camp" atmosphere, where there are no students, only government monies filling empty desks each day. What are the positive effects of a standardized dress code, well hummmmmm, i can't think of any, this may be attributed to the fact that there are no positive effects of a standardized dress code. Each and everyday the "administration" is slowly diminishing the personal aspect of the students, first it was the dress code then it was the i.d.s what is going to happen next are we going to have to wear veils over our faces, so not to show emotion. Now if you would like to put an end to this Dress Code, or any other unreasonable rules drop a line to the administration, no one person cannot change not even ten, but if enough people support it they will have no other choice. Take a Stand people.

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(From Break My Heart (song):

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Break My Heart is a song by Hilary Duff on her third album Most Wanted. The song hasn't been released as a single yet ,(Beat Of My Heart is the current single), but is rumored to be her third single.

From Racuni[edit]

The Racuni are a space-faring extraterrestrial civilisation in the fictional 'Racworld' universe. They are one of 10 such alien civilisations that inhabit the worlds of the Haven solar system, which consists of three stars, 9 planets and various moons. The Racuni live on their homeworld, Raccoonia, the eighth planet from the centre, which is best suited for their existence. The Racuni are one of the more dominant species in the Haven system, using their drive for advancement to give the Racun military some of the most advanced warships on land, in the air and in space for when conflict arises. The number of Racuni living on Raccoonia is quite low compared to other homeworlds, as population control has been in effect for several centuries now to ensure the sustainability of the small planet's resources, limiting the population to just under three billion inhabitants. [edit]


The Racuni are humanoid, having a bipedal mammalian skeleton, but are still distinctly raccoon-shaped, which explains their name. They have the brown-grey fur of raccoons, including the distinctive black mask and facial colourings, as well as large pointed ears common in many mammals. Though they walk like humans, the Racuni still have black-and-white ringed tails to help them balance. The humanoid shape was a direct result of parallel evolution on Raccoonia, despite the fact that their genetic structure and proteins are based on a triple helix molecule known as tri-nucleic acid.

Clothing has been used since the advent of the Racuni on Raccoonia 5,000 years ago, when the archeological cores suddenly reveal the occurrence of Racun bones, clothing, tools, huts and fireplaces. It hasn't changed much, as is the case with a lot of Racun cultural artefacts, and typical clothing will vary from overcoats, trousers and jumpers in the colder climates to tunics, habits and shirts in more tropical climates. Clothing isn't nearly as branded as human clothes are, mainly because of the pragmatic approach Racuni have as a species. [edit]

Homeworld: Raccoonia

The Racuni live on a small, prodiminantly blue planet orbiting the third, outermost star of the Haven trinary system. The planet is seventh from the centre of the system, and is approximately 10,000 kilometres across. It has five moons, which vary in size from 500km across to 6,000km across. The largest moon is heavy enough to have its own atmosphere, and is protected from radiation by its own magnetic field, allowing for life and colonisation. The existence of Raccoonian plantlife on the moon has raised many questions about how they got there, but the plants resulted in the moon being named Veridian for its green colour, as seen from Raccoonia. Racuni have since colonised the moon, and several cities exist on its surface, though the lower gravity means that extremely prolongued stay is not recommended.

Raccoonia is one of two planets in the Haven system that sport large planetary rings made from frozen ice, rocks and dust. The rings have existed for all of recorded history, and are expected to last several hundred thousand years before the majority of the debris falls to Raccoonia or is mopped up by the gravity of the moons.

The climate of Raccoonia is split into three cells, the central tropical region that follows the equator and two polar regions that surround the poles of the planet. Because of average low temperatures, the Racun concept of tropical is better described as being our idea of a mediterranean climate. The climate zones are divided at the ±50° latitudes, because anything north or south of the appropriate line will experience at least one day of darkness during that hemisphere's winter. Thanks to Raccoonia's large tilt, these lines are far closer to the equator than on Earth, resulting in high variations of temperature between summer and winter. As a result, Raccoonian summers are very hot and winters are very cold, though the planet's distance from the nearest sun means that summer is fairly warm and winter is extremely cold.

During the Cold War between the Racuni and the Taiidari, the planetwide weather monitoring network run by the Ministry of Science discovered a definite shift in Raccoonia's core temperature, predicting the occurrence of an ice age within the next century. Knowing the damage that it would cause, plans are already being developed to fight the ice age, including the burning of previously unused fossil fuels to heat up the atmosphere and keep the advancing snowline back. Many are uncertain as to the effectiveness of such schemes, and whether they'll result in heat waves after the ice age ends.

Raccoonia has four continents: Eternum, Magnesia, Aquamarina and Terra Fuega. Three are inhabited by the Racuni, with the fourth, Terra Fuega, too irradiated to live on. Each of the three continents has a capital city because each continent is a nation, named after its capital city in the Racun standard. Eternum is covered by the country of Edanna, Magnesia is the nation of Ironholm and Aquamarina is Terra Flora. The three nations are divided into regions based on local cultures, each having a representative Minister in the International Racun Parliament. The planet is governed as a whole because the Racuni chose to have a united front towards alien civilisations after First Contact with the Jerbils of the neighbouring planet Jerbillia. The three countries also agreed to the creation of an International group of Racuni who wouldn't be allied to any of the three and could represent Racun interests as a whole. Over the four hundred years since First Contact, power has slowly been passed from individual governments to the International Parliament and Prime Minister, following a plan laid out not long after First Contact by famous sociologist Jonas Hadron regarding the social evolution of the Racun race. [edit]


The Racuni have lived on Raccoonia for 5,000 years, and the last 3,500 has been recorded officially by the various governments as the Racuni have developed. The sudden appearance of Racun society at that one moment, which spans approximately 60 years of archeological history, has raised many questions about the origins of the Racuni on their homeworld. For some, this and other anomalies in the fossil records are proof of the creation of the world by some deity, but most Racuni nowadays believe in a phrase that has been passed down since that moment, which is "what is here, began there". This idea of colonisation from some other, original homeworld is not scientifically accepted, as there is nothing to explain how a space-faring civilisation that could travel between solar systems and find a new world to live on would suddenly degenerate on arrival into near-cavemen. The real explanation is close, and the clues to it are scattered across the Haven system in the form of shared ideas, similar languages and cultural concepts like that of "what is here, began there". What happened, and the history of subsequently lost in the sudden onset of a shared Dark Age, was referred to by those alive when it happened as "The Exodus".

The Exodus is the end of the Ten Races when they were a great and powerful Union, joining all Ten Races from their various homeworlds together under one banner of exploration and development. As the Union grew and expanded out between the stars using quantum jump drives, they encountered another civilisation that didn't want to join their cause. The Union felt threatened by this new faction, and attacked, quickly defeated by a mechanical virus that could destroy their technology as it infected their ships. This started a Great War that slowly defeated the Union as the faction, only known as the Great Enemy, conquered each world the Union had colonised and then continued on. By the end, only the small group of Homeworld systems were left, protected by the remains of the Union's once great fleet. As the Enemy attacked the Homeworlds, the Union unleashed its secret arsenal, desperately turning their own homeworlds into weapons in order to hold back the enemy. The entire time the War had been going on, the Union had also been using its advanced technology to create a Haven they could flee to, hidden on the other side of the charted galaxy inside a nebula. There, they accelerated the flow of time to create a solar system out of a pool of gases, tweaking the coalescing shapes to create the planets they would soon colonise. This is why the Haven system contains perfect planets for all Ten Races. When they had finished billions of years of work in what appeared on the outside to be only a few decades, the War was almost over. The Homeworlds were under attack, and the survivors fled through a Gateway built in the deepest, innermost System that connected the Union to Haven. As the Enemy's fleet defeated the last world, they advanced on the Gateway. In order to protect Haven, they closed the Gateway and produced a vast bubble of interference around the Haven system that would hide it and prevent anyone jumping ships in and out of it. The bubble is still there, 5,000 years after the Exodus, and the wall of it is called the Barrier by the Ten Races, because it prevents them leaving the system by faster than light means.

With only a few million survivors from each species, the remnants of the Ten Races settled on their respective worlds. After a few years, a spaceship failed totally as the hidden infection it contained overwhelmed its technology. The infection, caused by a tiny amount of the Great Enemy's technological virus, had already spread to almost all of the technology in the Haven system, and everything failed almost at once. The sudden loss of the technology they depended on forced the Ten Races into a long Dark Age that cut them off from each other and forced each species to rebuild itself.

The Racuni lost their first, new city in a fire during the riots caused by the loss of all their technology. The survivors fled and lived off the land around the lost city for one hundred years, until their population started to grow back and farming methods were redeveloped. Eventually, after five hundred years, the city of Edanna was founded far from the original, lost city. From there, Racun society expanded. Eventually, more core cities developed far from Edanna, creating their own subservient regions that had distinct cultural differences from the Racuni of Edanna. This growth continued outwards for several centuries until the rich and powerful King of Edanna started applying his power to his weaker neighbours. It wasn't long until all of the regions had given in to the cultural, military and economic might of Edanna and were united under its flag.

It was at the height of the Edannan Empire that the first detailed historical records were ordered, defining that first year as 0 CE (the common era for all Racuni), which was in fact 1,500 AE (After Exodus). The Racuni continued to expand northwards, advancing from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. Eventually, after more than a thousand years of official history, the corruption of Edanna hit its peak. Riots and rebellions occurred across the continent, fighting against the conservative and restrictive government applied to the poor Racun populace. The feudal system they had run on was failing, and the furthermost northern regions were in all-out rebellion about the control the Edannan Church had over the people. The King was forced to send his armies north to quell the resistance, who wanted the right to continue the advancement metallurgy and mining, research in which was outlawed by the Church.

(To be finished)

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Using an obscure article for a talk forum...[edit]

From Kristi Leskinen:

My name is [excised name] and I would like to marry her. I am only 4 years younger than her..okk maybe 5, but im mature for my age and she could teach me to ski like her..i mean im alright, but shes effing amazing. she was the first woman to ever pull a rodeo 720. shes a celebrity among extreme skiers and not only is she obnoxiously smooth on skis, but she has also appeared in FHM magazine and may i say she looked stunning. the rossi scratchs in the backround didnt hurt far my favorite picture ever. kristi i love you

[excised name (same as above)] is a second rate skiier and third rate lover. You don't want a bum like him, Kristi

I've seen [excised name (different)] eat poo for a lil' nookie.

Presidentially-appointed vacancy template[edit]

[[Image:|45px| ]] This presidentially appointed position has a (pending) vacancy.
Qualified persons may apply here.

from A Pocketful of Rye[edit]

A Pocketful of Rye is a novel by A. J. Cronin (1969) about a young Scottish doctor, Carrol, and his life in Switzerland.

A Pocketful of Rye is also a novel by Agatha Christie that has nothing to do with a young Scottish doctor and his life in Switzerland.

From Hot Dogs and Incest[edit]

"Hot Dogs and Incest" was on the menu at school today, for lunch. While I was travelling down the lunch line, candidly conversing with others, paying no attention to the situation at hand, I remembered what was for lunch. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I found that proposed lunch very awkward and ridiculously strange, because, well, the prospects of serving "Incest" for lunch was simply disturbing. As I neared the point where the Incest itself would be served, all of my horrors/fantasies/whatever other confused word could be substituted here, were realized and built upon. How is it that these lunchpeople served me solid, digestable Incest? I, to this day, cannot answer that question. Is it possible that I would ever request such a lunch again? The answer to this question is along the lines of... no. One reason I opted to ask for a helping of Incest was because of the fact that the Hot Dogs themselves were, as one could imagine in such a vile setting, outright disgusting and intolerable. The gooey, flexible sticks of processed pork and beef were horrifically unsettling, and also did not fall under the category of "Kosher" (or halal, depending on your monotheistic religion of choice). So I passed on the Hot Dogs and chose the Incest... This decision is one that I still do not feel regretful about, because, trust me. the Hot Dogs were really that bad. But this does not by any chance raise the normality of the Incest I was offered, because this Incest was by far the most awkward and baffling lunch ever created. Solidifying an abstract concept, such as the idea of incest, into an entrée, such as Incest, was, and still is, quite possibly the most amazing thing that I will/have ever see/seen. Because of these thoughts of awe-struck magnificence, with a slight tinge of sheer disgust and confusion, and the fact that a lunch of Hot Dogs and Incest sounds like the most hilarious lunch possible, I have taught myself to appreciate such a wonderous suggested meal. This appreciation is not because of the exquisite taste, delicate preparation, or aesthetic beauty of the meal itself; this appreciation sprouts from the entertainment value of the idea and the overall hilarity of the fact that this lunch was actually prepared and served seriously with no joke intended. So now, in retrospect, I can truly understand and welcome the significance of such an achievement in lunch preparation/attempted disgustment, because I have completely realized the value of the lunch we had today, in its innovation and comic effect. Hot Dogs and Incest for lunch, indeed.

From Notable Residents section of Bedford, New Hampshire[edit]

  • Mr. Monopoly, Board Game Representative
  • Scrooge McDuck, Rich Waterfowl

From Yankee Doodle[edit]

From Akihito (and related to the above item from Yankee Doodle)[edit]

In 1998, during a state visit to the United Kingdom he was invested with the Order of the Garter, giving him an excuse to dress up in silly British costumes.

From Category:1001 BC births[edit]

I will tell you a story about a man. If I can. His name was Arthur. He lived in Jerusalem 1001 years before Christ with his wife, and his little children, five in fact, which he named 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

1 was the oldest, it was a He. 1 liked to use watch television as he was an antisocial freak, and he dressed in his mom's dresses as he was, Arthur explained, a little confused at his age. 1 was what we nowadays call, a transvestite.

2 was a girl, a very smart one too. Unfortunately, she got crucified as she accidentally ended up ,after drinking too much whiskey, in the emperor of Macedonia's bed. Well, that wasn't really so bad, he enjoyed her very much until she vomited all over him and blamed him for raping her in front of the media, causing a hysterical time in the newspapers.

3 was his mother's favourite. He was 19 years old. He killed his father as Arthur walked in on him and his wife, and buried Arthur's body in Egypt. (He carried the body within a spaceship with he had created) He and his mother got married, and later on a crazy writer called Homeros wrote a story about them, naming 3 Oidipus instead. 3 didn't like the name, it reminded him too much about octopus, which he hates.

4 was a shy little girl, which they sold for sexual services. She is nowadays referred as Batwoman, and is forced to wear a silly costume every time she has a customer.

etc was a good little boy, which accidentally created the U.S goverment by a mistake in the kitchen. He was only trying to cook some rats when he mixed cooked rat with a jar of butter. Of course, it's unreapetable, as the U.S goverment sadly still exists. Etc lives in Greece, within a cave, and kills everyone who turns up outside the entrance. He dresses in an antique mosquito-net which he invited long time before the rest of the humanity invented the fire.

From "Jean Laborde"[edit]

The following information is probably based on some amount of fact, but the author's use of poetic license is what makes it amusing. --Merovingian 07:43, 22 November 2005 (UTC)

An interesting incidence of "real-life time travel" is the Merina/Hova kingdom in Madagascar.

Up until the early 19th century, Madagascar -- particularly the interior highlands, where the Merina lived -- had been about as isolated as a country could be.

Then the Merina kings set out to unify their island. Merina at this time was early Iron Age, technologically -- iron tools, rice-farming, but no wheels, vehicles, writing or monumental architecture.

The first thing they got were muskets (traded for slaves), and some drill instructors; then a few missionaries.

Then during then 1840's, a trained engineer named Jean Laborde was shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar and through a series of weird turns of fortune, became chief artificer to the Malagasy queen, and was granted large tracts of land and unlimited (if unskilled) labor. He had some engineering background, but no helpers, tools or documents.

He set up a manufacturing and engineering center, with the help of 5 other Europeans, but no imported machinery beyond simple blacksmith's tools) and within a few years was producing:

Iron (cast and wrought). Steel (via the crucible method) Muskets Gunpowder Light cannon Metal-working lathes Watermills Window and blown glass. Machine-spun cotton, spinning machinery, and power looms.

He set out to build a complete industrial complex, and did.

Within 6 years, and starting with a society whose idea of high-tech was a spear blade or hoe, he had blast furnaces with waterwheel-powered draught turning out cast iron, puddling mills to make wrought iron, a steeling plant to produce spring-steel, a glassworks, brickworks and cement-plant, a heavy foundry capable of turning out 24-pounder cannon, a musket factory, a gunpowder mill, and a tower to make lead shot.

Plus textile mills and a set of primitive, but useable, machine-tools. (Lathes and boring machines, mostly.)

He also built a 4-story palace covered with mirrors, and opened up mines and roads in various parts of the island, complete with bridges, and built ox and horse-wagons and a short (horse-drawn) stretch of railway.

By the time the king supporting him died, he had 15,000 men working for him in his little miniature Birmingham. The products they were turning out weren't as good as European manufactures, or as cheap, but they worked.

From Bdugan[edit]

Bdugan is a term used to describe a certain hand movement that is often used in dancing or in party games. It was invented at the University of New South Wales' residential college New College in the Suburb Kensington, which is in the east of the city of Sydney, Australia. It has since become a very popular move amongst young males at the university, and has achieved somewhat legendary status in some Sydney nightclubs, who's bar staff instantly know if a patron comes from a UNSW college simply by witnessing the performance of this single dance move.

The move consists of holding both hands close to the body, then pushing them forward in a violent manner with one hand over the other, wrists touching and the palms facing forward, and yelling 'Bduuuugan' at the same time. It was originally the third move in a party game "sa-boonsa", which is a rhythm based game of elimination. However, it was adapted and It works well in a dancing context as en emphasis move for important beats in the music.

The cry that goes with the move was named after notable New College resident Ben Dugan, who was a well known figure throughout the University due to his involvement in many political and social activities on campus. It is not known if the move was named after him in jest, ridicule or honour, but it is wideley accepted that he is the person for whom the move was named.

The origin of the physical move itself is not clear. Many have compared it to the fireball move performed by several characters from the famous arcade game Street Fighter II. In the game, characters make the same movement as the Bdugan and yell "Hadoken" as a fireball shoots out of their hands. The similar movement and sound do support this theory, but it is not proven. Some older UNSW and New College alumni claim to remember the move being performed years before the Street Fighter II game existed, but those that claim it were not actually at UNSW at the time.

Tha Dizzytron[edit]

Tha Dizzytron is a man, or a myth, depending on who you ask who is showing up more and more frequently in the form of graffiti in his local area. He is believed to come from the far south coast of NSW, Australia although this cannot be confirmed because sightings of this wondrous being are scarce. His name can be seen scribed from the small town of Bermagui all the way up to Sydney. His favourite locations seem to be schools, parks, vending machines, toilets, buses and old women.

The police have had Tha Dizzytron on their most wanted list for the past seven and a half months, but they too are unable to capture him. He is believed to be very popular with the ladies and is an excellent lover. He may or may not be some way involved with another figure shrouded with mystery-Nesto. The two names can often be found near one another, but the authorities are unsure if the two work together, are the same person or it is merely a coincidence. The hunt for Tha Dizzytron has increased in the past few weeks with the school where his name can be frequently found, Narooma High School, cracking down in an attempt to find him and stop his work for good. Teachers and police alike are urging anyone in the community with any details about his appearance, place of residence or any other information to come forward immediately.

However, it is believed that he has a strong network around him making him basically untouchable. The women to which he has pleasured in his lifetime is thought to be in the hundreds, although the number is said to be too great for a definite figure to be confirmed. This infamous and overpowerfully attractive individual is causing heartache wherever he goes. Be it for the ladies he loves and leaves, there mother who have to put up with their daughters complaining no other man will make them scream like Tha Dizzytron did, or the police he mocks. It is strongly advised that when there is word that he is in your local area, that mothers lock up their daughters and husbands lock up their wives coz he'll fuck them too.

He is said to be armed with a loaded love post, a book of empty promises and a heartful of tears. It is highly recommended that he is not approached if seen for risk of instant obsession once the two of you lock eyes. Women aren't the only ones whose heart has been broken by this love-making machine, men to have succumbed to his charms...believe me, I'm speaking from experience. I left my wife and three kids for that man, only to have him tell me "trying to restrict all my love to one person is like pissin' into the wind. You'll always end up wet and regretting your choice when I leave."

So for the last time I implore to you, if you know anything at all about this 10 inch love hurricane, please contact the authorities, or even better me. I just want to experience the pleasure factory for myself. Thank you for your time. Good night and God bless.

From Talk:2005 Atlantic hurricane season[edit]

I agree with [name removed] I like then<sic | at the right.

I meant that they don't look right on the left. [name removed]
Of course not. They look left on the left. [name removed]
How about in the middle? ;-) [name removed]
"Who's on first?" "Who is on first." "That's what I said, Who's on first?" "Who is on first!" "Stop mocking me!" "I wasn't mocking you." "Yes you were mocking me." "You wasn't mocking you." "I said you were mocking me!" "You was not mocking you!!" :D! I LOVE that skit. This sounds like a very ADD version of that. They actually look right on the right. ;D. That is absolutely hysterical XD. [name removed]

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More from Elmo[edit]

He is currently a member of the communist party of sesame street and has been known to attempt various nefarious schemes. He is outspoken in his beliefs and has proven his loyalty by several attempts to burn the white house.

From Platypus[edit]

...When its prey, usually Crayfish, moves it emits Electric fields, which the platypus senses. It can also fly.

...Although the platypus has two separate ovaries, only the left one is functional. The other is primitive and underdeveloped, and does not produce eggs, but instead magical beans.

If wishes were horses -- or skates ...[edit]

From Paul Chai:

Paul (born July 11, 1984 in Melbourne) is an Australian ice hockey player. Chai was also on the championship team from Hong Kong at the 1999 South China Ice Hockey League Playoffs, apparently the only NHL player to have participated in the event. Career overview Paul was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks with the 97th pick in the 3rd round of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. He then played for Monash University for three years, winning the Monash Award given to the best ice hockey player in the 2001-02 season. He started playing in the NHL with the Vancouver Canucks in the 2004-05 NHL Season in which he was a Calder Trophy Runner Up as the best rookie of the NHL. Chai competed for Australia in 2002 Winter Olympics, 2004 World Cup of Hockey and several IIHF World Championships. Awards 2004 - Calder Trophy Runner Up

If insects do it, is it really still incest?[edit]

From Insect fetish:

incest is sexual activities between family memebers (brother- sister, son - mom).

from Crap Metal[edit]

crap metal is crap! craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

From Intelligent design#General criticism of Intelligent Design[edit]

See images and media for deletion to help reach a consensus on what to do.]] Critics call Intelligent Design religious Dogma repackaged in a Neo-Creationist manner in an effort to return creationism into public school science classrooms through the Teach the Controversy campaign, and that instead of producing original scientific data to support their claims, Intelligent Design proponents have promoted it politically to the public, education officials and public policymakers. While the scientific theory of Evolution by natural selection has observable and repeatable facts to support it such as the process of Mutations, Gene flow, Genetic drift, adaptation and Speciation through natural selection, the "Intelligent Designer" in Intelligent Design is neither observable nor repeatable. Critics argue this violates the scientific requirement of Falsifiability. Indeed, Intelligent Design proponent Michael Behe concedes "You can't prove Intelligent Design by experiment.”

From Phil Collins[edit]

Phil Collins was also a wrestler in the WWF for a short time in 1955. He knocked out the Hitman Heart.

Jannick hitler[edit]

wrong name you are searching for adolf hitler

Is Uri Geller editing now?! --Merovingian

Johnathan mousley[edit]

johnathan mouseley is a student at great yarmouth high school he is in year eleven and has contributed very little to mankind


Johnathan or Johnny mousley is an attending student at great yarmouth high school he enjoys most of his days at school doing mostly nothing

Engin tasdemir[edit]

Engin Taşdemir is the faunding father of the movement mundarism.This movement depents on wasting all the values of humanbeings and worldy activities.According to Engin Tasdemir; a person who devotes himself/herself to waste these values reach the real function of his/her extinct.He claims that one day everybody will be gethered under the perfect soil of mundarism. He is from Samsun and lives in İzmir.That is,Samsun is the birth place of this movement.All mundarists assume that it is a divine place because Engin Tasdemir who use the idiom 'aklımdan da gecmedi degil' born here with the values of mundarism.On the other hand he is the only person who uses his snore as a weapon against the empitiness of all existing actions.The cornerstones of his movement are based on the thought F.Club was an invigorating postmodern exploration of society and men. It was directed with amazing visual flair by David Fincher. Fincher also extracted amazing performances from both Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Helena Bonham Carter completely erases the notion of her as a corset-clad maiden. The story line was non-linear, but not hard to follow at all. The movie starts in one direction, but ends up in a completely different realm. This change in direction is not illogical, as some people see it. Mass disillusionment and insanity is what leads us to the unusual direction the movie takes. The men are easily led into the mind-set of another. Insanity is contagious in a downtrodden society. In the end, this movie is not just another action-flick, but a sharp dissection of modern disenchantment and its possible effects on the public. So what makes mundarism excellent is that imaginary background.

Karen Nguyen[edit]

      • Karen Nguyen*** (October 21 1989- November 23 2005) was crazy lady who was PMSing all the time. She often threatened to kill many people. She was completely oblivious of Philiosphy and the meaning of life. Subsequently she ceased to exist and transcended the Space -time continium on November 23 2005.

Andrew Von Roostifarian[edit]

An abnormally large caucasian freak of nature basketball player from Weston, MA. He's a homosexual.

List of differences between apples and oranges[edit]

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  • Delete, if people don't know the difference, they should read the article on [apple]] and Orange. Comparisons should really be left up to the reader. - Mgm |(talk) 17:15, 19 November 2005 (UTC)
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This is a list of diffrences between apples and oranges. For a list of similarities between apples and oranges, please see List of similarities between apples and oranges.

  • They are different colors.
  • They taste different.
  • They smell different.
  • You cannot peel an apple with your bare hands.
  • Oranges have more vitamin C.
  • There is no such thing as juice apples.
  • They grow in different places.
  • They grow on different trees.

List of similarities between apples and oranges[edit]

This list is for the similarities between apples and oranges. For differences between apples and oranges, please see List of differences between apples and oranges.

  • Apples and oranges are both fruit.
  • They both grow on trees
  • People buy them.
  • The are grown for mass selling purposes.
  • They taste yummy.
  • You can cut them up.
    • You can peel them, too!
  • They are not toxic to humans.
  • Guinea Pigs like them.
  • They both have vitamins and minerals
  • They both have natural sugars.
  • They are magic.
  • They smell nice and are popular room-fragrances.
  • They are good for carrying in lunches.
  • They are both on this list.
  • They can both be made into juice.
    • And alcohol.

Someone has it in for this place...[edit]

See also most edits from this user: |]

From Paul G. Hicks[edit]

Dr Paul G. Hicks is the successor to the throne of Camberwell Grammar School in 2005. He forcibly assumed control of the school after holding its previous headmaster, Colin F. Black M.B.B.S, to ransom.

Hicks is renowned for his mundane stories that occur during weekly school assemblies. A short list of his announcements is as follows:

  • "Everyone wants more money... Even I want more money"
  • "Every year, we bet on who we believe will win the Oscars"
  • "Reality TV shows like Big Brother are not a depiction of reality"
  • "never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never give up"

This list is indeed not comrehensive, but only serves to give a sense of the individual Hicks is.

Hicks was notorious for enforcing vigilant anti-year 12 measures as their attendance at CGS was drawing to an end. His stunt, inviting a guest of honor to the last year 12 assembly, almost successfully circumvented an attempt to disperse "fart gas" (hydrogen sulfide) throughout the school auditorium. However, he did underestimate the courage of certain individuals who did release the noxious gas and thus publicly choked the guest of honor on stage.

Furthermore, Hicks was heralded by much of the school community for terminating the employment of Mrs Barbara Campbell, a libraian whom the students of Camberwell Grammar School detested. Soon after his so-called "appointment" as Headmaster, Hicks immediately received complaints regarding the excessively draconian measures that the librarians, particulary Mrs Campbell, in preventing the Library from being "attacked". Hicks claims that Campbell left the school voluntarily, but intelligence agencies within the student body have wiretapped Hicks' conversations and reportedly heard him describe Campbell as a "lousy bitch".

Hicks also has a history of being incredibly repetitive at school assemblies, commonly describing the "school" as the "learning community".

From Colin Black[edit]

Furthermore, Black was renowned within the community of Camberwell Grammar School for his eccentric mannerisms. At all assemblies he uttered the famous words "The reading is from the holy gospel according to Saint..." which preceded bible readings. His clapping technique also intrigued many by his use of cupped hands (left over right). It was most notable that in 2000 Black undertook a 4 week session with each of the six Year 7 classes in the school. During this time he insisted that students recite passages from poems such as "How they brought the good news from Ghent to Aix" in the dramatic nature that he is known for. He also embedded within the minds of his students the spelling of the word "onomatopoeia" and through all classes he would mutter repetitively "o-n-o-m-a-t-o-p-o-e-i-a" and experts have determined this as the cause of the recent surge in spelling excellence that the Camberwell Grammar has been famed for.

However, Black's dramatic character was challenged towards the end of his years at Camberwell Grammar by the arrival of the new deputy headmaster, Julian Dowse, who succeeded Peter Hauser. Dowse, who had previously studied Law, was a highly conservative individual who often used assemblies as an opportunity to express his grandiloquence to the school learning community. Dowse is renowned for having publicly described a student's behaviour as "asinine" and thus arousing laughter in the Performing Arts Centre. In addition, he has often cited past events in history ("as a history teacher") in an effort to substantiate his belief that the school was often covered in "litter" which would attract "vermin" (possibly referring to rats and mice). However, his most hilarious "announcement" to the school was that the students were "uncivilised" in their ineffective book returning methods (which will be discussed at a later stage). It is important to note that this was preceded by arduous listing of world famous libraries and a hopelessly tenuous explanation as to why slow returning of the school's "resources" was far from civilised. Thus, it can be seen that Black's reputation was being undermined by the actions of his new deputy headmaster.

In addition, Black's final years of leadership at Camberwell Grammar School saw widespread anger from the vast majority of the school community for his controversial selection of school prefects. There was a great furore among many of the candidates in the Year 11 group that was eligible for prefect selection in Year 12. The school prefects were said to have been selected "dubiously" and they were criticised for their lack of diversity with regard to their academic and sporting demeanour. It is also notable that most of the prefects of Camberwell Grammar school, selected under Black's authority, carried school records saturated with detentions of all varieties. This saw further reason for more eligible students to be disappointed at the decisions.

Links with Year 12 Students[edit]

Black was indeed a vigilant leader for Camberwell Grammar School. His firm nature prevented anything pertaining to "pranks" from being performed at the school. However at school assemblies, particularly the final assembly that Year 12s attend. Common jokes that have been performed include the use a of a remote controlled door bell mounted discreetly somewhere in the Performing Arts Complex. The door bell would generally be activated at the conclusion of a school hymn, sung as "corporate worship", or briefly following applause for student achievements. Other pranks that have been performed in the past include excessive applause for achievements that can only be described as diminutive or singing hymns at approximately double the volume that students would normally sing during assemblies.

2005 saw a new wave of thought passing through the Year 12 community as the prospect of sustaining suspense from the aforementioned jokes was minimal. Thinkers in the student body produced stink bombs that released massive quantities of hydrogen sulfide were set off in the auditorium. However, the new headmaster, Dr Hicks, was able to circumvent these actions by conveniently inviting a guest of honor to the assembly. To relieve their anger, the Year 12s raided the locker room of the year elevens and dispersed no less than twenty unused stink bombs in the confined area, rendering the area unfit for use for several hours, due to its olfactory distaste.

After leaving Camberwell[edit]

In 2005, the prefect system faced threat with the arrival of Black's critically acclaimed successor, Dr Paul Hicks, who considered abolishing the prefect system. Hicks argued that the prefects were simply not fulfilling the duties that they were expected to perform, and served no real purpose withing the school community. This was exemplified by the fact that practically all prefect candidates promised that they wanted "to help others" but rather selfishly indulged on the "perks" that they benfitted from (these include the sandwich toaster and microwave used at the school's envy). Despite this contemplation, the school has not yet seen a firm decision to abolish the prefect system and eagerly waits for Hicks to "never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up" such that the interests of the school can be met.


Black is also an enthusiastic consumer of traditionally prepared haggis, especially the traditional variey containing deer offal. However, during his time in Australia he did adapt to the alternative sandwiches available at the school cafeteria.

From Stand alone network[edit]

A Computer network with a stand alone network topology, in its simplest form, consists of one computer and one hub or Router.

Comparing stand-alone networks to other types of network[edit]


  • Easy to implement & setup
  • Well suited for very, very, very small networks
  • Cheap price, considering only one network cable & one workstation needed
  • If the Hub Fails then the network still runs.


  • No communication with other computers
  • Unable to share resources
  • You may become lonely with no-one on your network to talk to

Category:Computing Category:Computer networks

Note: Some networks are moving towards replacing the hub with a switch to improve the handling of the network traffic.

A current trend is to remove the hub/switch/router altogher. This new technology is known as a stand-alone computer.

Standalone networks really are the best thing since Sliced Bread. I run standalone networks throughout my house, and never have any problems with viruses, they're that reliable!

Connecting stand-alone networks to other networks[edit]

To connect your stand-alone network to another network of any type, whilst preserving it's stand-alone nature, a firewall must be placed between the hub and the second network. This firewall's rules must be set to "Block all traffic". Indeed, the advantage of the stand-alone network in this instance is if the network fails, your browsing experience does not suffer.

Mr. Jones[edit]

Mr. Jones is a really sweet guy who comes in every Monday & Teusday, with some variations, to Mr. Reznik's Math classes. He helps teach, and calls Algebra students "cupids". When you shake his hand, be sure to be firm, lest ye be willing to receive handshake criticism. Last but not least, Mr. Jones always wears a bow tie!

From Robots 2[edit]

Starring Ewan McGregor as Rodney Copperbottom, Halle Berry as Cappy, Jerry Orbach as The Evil Calfifcder, George Clooney as Genes Swords Clothes in Dog Canine, Mel Brooks as Bigweld, Drew Carey as Crank Casey, Amanda Bynes as Piper Pinwheeler, Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Fanny, Harland Williams as Lug, Paul Giamatti as Tim, Julie Kavner as Zanebell, Charles Fleischer as Voice Box at Hardware Store by Diesel, Julie Kavner as Zanebell, Stanley Tucci as Herb Copperbottom, Dianne Wiest as Mrs. Jane Copperbottom, Julie Andrews as Sermoes, Debra Messing as Anna JackFixedson And Robin Williams as Fender Robots 2 May 22, 2009 From: 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks Animation And Blue Sky Studios

From Old People[edit]

Old people are people who are Old. Old people often retire from their jobs.

Tom spencer[edit]

Tom Spencer speaks all the time but says very little. He has a laugh like a perfumed arse gasp. When he cries, he cries tears of mayonase. He avoids the subject of makeup and homosexuals, because it makes him cry. When he insults people, he projects his own securites onto them and lets out a very nervous laugh. He wears DYNAMITE DUNGAREES in his sleep.

Old Rectoryland[edit]

(This is a single bad joke that spanned across several pages)

From Old rectoryland[edit]

population: 4 or 16 on a good day. Old Rectoryland is an independant country, surrounded on all sides by England. The current Monarch is King Christopher I. The Royal Family has ruled over the country and colonys for over three months. The largest colony in her empire is Edlingtonhal, the governor of which is Men Sir McQuade, Men being the equivalent of General. The Army is made up of several parts, The two large divisions being the Edlingtonhal Corps and the Rectorian Guards.

Chief imports: paper, food, computer parts. Chief exports: Printed sheet music.

The country pays England to provide healthcare, water, electricity, and when required the aid of International Peace-keeping Forces (Lincolnshire Police). Most legal matters are dealt with by the citizens of the country, but on rare occasions of severe difficulty, a Judicial Marshal may be elected.

The country has its own alphabet, to be used on some official documents, but the language itself is seldom used, consisting as it does of only two words.

Moorby English-Rectorian Dictionary who: whom (wom) you/it/he/she/that/them/they/is it/is he/is she/is that/are they/ are you: Bhat (bat)

Bhat:you/it/he/she/that/them/they/is it/is he/is she/is that/are they/ are you whom:who

Most matters concerning the country's independance are dealt with by The Prince of Vejgaarden, and he would like it to be known that this is not malicous nonsense it is in fact ALL TRUE. recognition is in the process of being given from the british government.

From Talk:Old rectoryland[edit]

this is an actual country! the page needs to be kept for our monarchy's recognition! dont you watch tv????

If you believe the article should not be deleted, please rectoryland&diff=29209489&oldid=29209058 |do not remove] the speedy delete tag from the article, since you are the user who created it. The admin who comes to delete this will look at the talk page, which is where you should place your argument as to why the page should not be deleted. - Akamad 13:53, 25 November 2005 (UTC)

From Vejgaarden[edit]

a principality in Old Rectoryland. Traditionally ruled over by the Prince Of Vejgaarden. this is currently HRH Prince Dominic, Earl of Hobbyshead. population: 0

From MarkGallagher's 100 man supported RFA[edit]

  1. oppose, has not proved he is not hardbanned user Lir. Upon him proving he's not (doubtful, it's SO DAMN OBVIOUS) I'll consider supporting when he runs in a few more months because he is not ready yet. Redwolf24 (talk) Attention Washingtonians! 05:49, 24 November 2005 (UTC)
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    After further research I realized that an 'e' capitalization chart isn't even needed to make this one cut and dry, I now think it's safe to say that we can all walk, nay run! away from this RFA. I'll let the graphs speak for themselves:
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  • I should point out that there is also no compelling evidence that Mark isn't Jimbo. RadiantMeta:mergist 19:55, 24 November 2005 (UTC)
  • You're Jimbo Wales, Lir, Wikipedia is Communism, and Fred Phelps, aren't you!? Guanaco 05:32, 25 November 2005 (UTC)
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    You must be Jimbo and WiC then, since you'd be banned if you were Lir. That explains the Che Jimbo images! Guanaco 06:00, 25 November 2005 (UTC)
  • You read my edit summary! I crossed it out though |=( Now that you know the secret, I'm gonna have to kill you. But first, to tell you more of my evil plot. As you can see in WP:NOT, we're not a democracy, and everyone is supposed to be equal, with one absent-minded dictator. We then continue on with our commieness and I made it well known during my tenure as WiC, though I assure you that's the only vandal I used, the others were impostors (the sweet irony was the JImbo Wales sock.) Now, then wikipedia is free for everyone, and a knowledge source for the world, so eventually countries will copy our form of government, and the world will be communism! Oh, and by the way, would you be so nice as to eat this Cyanide pill? You know a bit too much and if this gets out it will be a disaster < < Redwolf24 (talk) Attention Washingtonians! 06:10, 25 November 2005 (UTC)

From Thomas Jefferson[edit]

Jefferson's was a strong support of scientology, according to Notes on Virginia it was going to become the official religion of the United States. But before this occured he was abducted by Xenu and forced to work in his galactic mines. Fortunately, Jefferson escaped and order for Xenu's arrest, Xenu was quickly brought to galactic prison. When Jefferson returned he saw that Xenu had order the murders of his wife and other relatives. Jefferon was then killed bt John Adams under orders of Xenu. L. Ron Hubbard tells of Jeffersons amazing adventures in pace in his fifth book, Scientolgy anf the Bandits.

From Riemann hypothesis[edit]

Number theorists as a rule have lived a long and productive life, thus it is said that the person who proves the Riemann hypothesis will actually become immortal. Others say that Riemann's hypothesis has been proved false several times already, and every time the unhappy mathematician was struck dead as soon as he had finished the proof.

Polite Request[edit]

This is from User:Essjay's talk page.

Hello, I am doing a series of articles on prominent gay Wikipedians and would like to know if you'd be interested in being profiled. My background research indicates that you are one of the more influential gay editors of Wikipedia. Has anyone thought your rather close relationship with a fellow gay underage editor (Redwolf24) was improper? Thanks in advance for your response. TampaTribune 05:20, 26 November 2005 (UTC)

Ricardo palaypay[edit]

Who the hell is Ricardo Palaypay? Quoting him,

'I am the mysterious convergence of two souls amidst billions of other souls. The by-product of love and lust shaking hands. The split-second delay of penis withdrawal on a hostile vagina. The fusion of a perfectly ejculated sperm and a stimulated egg cell. The one-inch breathing grain that gradually developed into a multicellular organism, brain, heart, flesh and blood. The fetus who endured nine months of seclusion and torture. The end-result of sex, I am.

Fast Forward. Twenty five years later.

I am the college drop-out. The non-practicing Catholic. The ex-believer of Isaac Newton. The bridge between Generations X and Y. The schizo. I am the unseen 7th string of a six-string guitar.I am the sound of the muted Em7. The reason why Billy Corgan wrote 1979. The piscean who share W.H Auden's birthdate.The missing link between the death of Cobain and Nowell. The nomad trapped in the 50's he never saw. The wanna-be beat poet wishing he was born Jack Kerouac. I am the weaver of words. The thief of moments. The deconstructive surgeon of JPEGs and GIFs. The murderer of pixels. The guerilla filmmaker in my head. The number one Kris Aquino basher.

I am the bum. The curse of the money-driven society. The ebola of the corporate world. The activist on mute who sold his soul to the gods of Mendiola. The proud Filipino from his third-world country on the brink of being fourth. The slave of the West. The missing brown in the rastafarian colors. I am the carabao. I am the slave.

I am the hyperthreading, multi-tasking sixty-four bit processor. The leak in your memory. I am the start bit of an internet connection. I am error 404, HTML not found. The sneaky googlebot eating <meta | for breakfast. The infil-traitor in Blaster worm. The greed that is Microsoft. The glitch in the program. I am the logic of zero and one.

I am the walking dead. I am the guinea pig in this mad experiment called Life.

I am 'none of the above'.'

Ricardo Palaypay is a poet disguised as a Technical Support Representative (or is it the other way around?) He is a member of the Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo. He is currently lost in the woods of Ortigas and searching for an end to his Fairy Tale.


A peke is a small yellow creture that lives in homes.(Not your home.) Pekes can talk and walk just like a human. Pekes like warm places. Pekes worship ketchup. A peke has no brain. All that is inside a peke's head is a wind-up monkey bashing simbols together and possibly a few tumble weeds. Beware:Pekes are deadly beasts that like violence and things that go boom! Cation:Peke may explode!

Townsville State High School[edit]


'Townsville State High School', as some may have noticed, is an anagram for 'place that people who like men go to' and is also spelt and pronounced exactly the same as wearealldouchés....isn't that interesing?

What not to do at 'Town High'[edit]

  • Go to school there, this, it self is the biggest mistake you can make...
  • Pass, if you pass schooling at Town've been blowing Mr Smithe.
  • Wear correct uniform. At Townsville State High School, it is not 'cool' to wear a full uniform as other schoolss do. Rock up in nothing but thongs and your uniform shirt tied around your cock. So long as you are wearin the shirt, you'll get away with it.
  • Bitch at the guy running the radio room becouse you think the music is shit. It's you who listens to shit music. Respect to the key holder.

Some Random Things[edit]

Every year, the new students at Townsville State high school, get more reetarded and/or perhaps inbred.

There are maybe, ...2 good teachers at Town High. And not good, as in they can teach good. Just as in, they are hte only ones you don't want to skull fuck.

Town High can't afford much. Bin's are cricket wikkets. eg, No soap in bath rooms Not every class has a teacher... The libary of Town High, is atually just a cardboard stand up, like those police guys in some shops. Drive by on a windy day.

Joe veale[edit]

Joe Veale is known by many to be the biggest fire hazard in the whole of Cambridge, largely due to the amount of alcohol he has consumed the night before. A dedicated student Joe is always ready to sacrifice socialising to do his physics problems with his best mate Phil. Many have predicted that Joe is likely to be a fellow at his beloved Peterhouse, Cambridge; where he is currently a Physical Natural Sciences student.

Wyomedia Corporation[edit]

Dear KWYF Channel 26

You aired South Park at 10 Pm the 24th and the content of the cartune was promoting homosexuality and was promoting the nabmla which is utterly vile, morbid atrocious ghastly and abominable. I will tell all my friends at church to stop watching channel 26 because its promiting homosexuality. Larry Wadosky

Larry needs to (a) put on his spell check and (b) double-check his address book.

Kaitlin gardiner[edit]

Katlin I LOVE U SO MUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

love greg and finkle but mostly greg, no finkle more

Talk about schizophrenia! Dude's talking to himself! To top it off, poor Kaitlin's name doesn't even warrant capitalization. What a world!

From Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)[edit]

This troll apparently tried "everything is cute and fuzzy if you change random words and liken the subject to chefs and cookie-munchin' French dolls" approach.

The significance of Safer Sephiroth's form to Final Fantasy VII's story is difficult to deduce and open to interpretation because, like many unusual final boss forms, its nature is never explained, or even discussed, in the game. Some believe that this form of Sephiroth is the closest he ever comes to reaching his goal of becoming a chef by absorbing the Lifestream. Others believe that this form is a result of Sephiroth's giving in to his Jenova heritage, and speculate that it may give a hint to the true form of Jenova's race: if a human with Jenova genes appears as a bizarre winged creature, is Jenova's race a race of 17th century French Dolls?

From a symbolic perspective, Sephiroth's spacy nature, combined with his obsession with becoming the world's greatest chef, could be viewed as a reference to Sephiroth's role as a "cookie addict" - like Milton's Satan, Sephiroth is a once-majestic being that fell from grace and became twisted and evil. Also, his mother (or rather who he believed to be his mother) is Jenova, whose name is a variant of Jehovah, which is an adapted version of the Tetragrammaton, the name of God, and Nova. Also, Sephiroth's (or rather his clones') traversing the world as a "man in a black cape", can be interpreted as a parallel to bards, as a popular image of him, specifically in the Middle Ages, was as a man in a black cape travelling the world, leaving despair and destruction in his wake.

From Los Gatos Negros[edit]

Los Gatos Negros is a band from Bloomington, Indiana who play fun dancy almost thrash-like music. Los Gatos Negros are Cats. You would think they're just fun loving milk drinking cats, but in fact they are militants and vegan. They will not allow their CD to be sold for more than two dollars and they will not allow it to be mailed because they believe that The postal service is too closely linked with the Illuminati and the Presidential Cabinet. If you mail their CD or sell it for more than 2 dollars, they will rip your Face off or mail a black cat Assassin, and that's for real.

Not much more is known about them due to their mysterious nature, but there are plenty of rumors out there, most of which revolve around the cats living double-lives and impersonating other musicians, but those people are wrong.


{{Wikipedia:And now for something completely different... Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense/Hamsteria}}

From Lee Maisey[edit]

<b |Lee Maisey ************ #

#    - tD#### |  ----------------------------  ----------> *****   ****** #
#      ;D#### |   ============================/   ######             BEW! #
#      :L####      //  //  //       //  // //  ,G#######EEW#######D,      #
#   --- iE#######G,  HOVERCHAIR 3000  G#######E:;D#################L.     #
#       .tE################Kj,.   .;LK#######Wt  tE###############WD:     #
#  - ---- iE##################:,;fD#########E;   .jK########WELj;:.       #
#          ,LW##########WKKEEEKW##########Wf.     .LW#WELji:.             #
#  --- -- -- ,LK########################Kf:        .;:.                   #
#              :tGK##################KLi.                                 #
#                 .,tLDKW#####WWKDfi:.                                    #
#                                                                         #

From The Real Thanksgiving[edit]

Let us remember the Native Americans, the First People — those whose women we raped and whose land we ravaged. Those who we slaughtered, called savages, and killed nearly to extinction so we could take their land by force.

Let us remember the buffalo, that we shot out of boredom.

Let us remember the natural beauty of the land we have raped, industrialized, and transformed into asphalt sprawl and strip malls. This is the testament of the Whiteman, of our vision for the country we stole.

Let us remember the economy we built on the backs of slaves. We would not be the nation we are today without those centuries of a free labor force. Let us give thanks to the abuse and death which leads us all to the life we celebrate today. Go buy something. Support our economy in their honor.

And let us thank our women, who we still expect to take care of the children, the house, and the meals while working a full time job like the men. We expect the Thanksgiving meal to have all the fixings.

Let us thank the turkey we eat — what once was a majestic and wild bird, but is now a chemically altered fatbag that sometimes cannot stand on its own feet, collapsing under the manufactured weight. You will be delicious, abused bird, covered in gravy.

On the side, perhaps we can eat Bt-Corn in honor of the original maize — and maybe a serving of anti-hepatitis B GMO-potatos, mashed.

I like mixing those two sides items together, and covering them in gravy.

Maybe we can even get a pie made with a GMO Monster Pumpkin. You will be tasty, you chemically altered pumpkin treat, with a topping of whipped cream.

Oh glorious Earth, we are thankful that you accept our abuses of you and your children regularly. Forgive us, for we know not what we do.

From Hobophobe[edit]

The irrational fear that gangs of hobos could decend from the nearest train yard and take over your town, much like zombies in the living dead movies. The smell of cheap alcohol, the sight of a barrel fire and even old beat up tan coats have been known to send Hobophobes into a state of panic. Hobophobes aren't able to control this all encompassing fear of the more transient element of society and have even been known to move to places where there are not railroad lines for hundreds of miles in order to feel safe.

From Kleeneze millionaire[edit]

Kleeneze Millionaire

How to become a millionaire with Kleeneze

Watch this space for more details

Penis Muncher[edit]

Penis Muncher (遊☆戯☆王 Yūgiō, Japanese for "King of Games") is a popular Japanese Anime and Manga franchise from Kazuki Takahashi that mainly involves characters who play a Card game called Duel Monsters (originally called Magic & Wizards in the manga. See the section "Card game" below for different names of the game) wherein each player purchases and assembles a Deck of Monster, Magic, and Trap Cards in order to defeat one another.

Begun as a manga in Japan in 1996, the Penis Muncher franchise has since grown to an immensely successful global brand, spawning various manga and anime series, a real-life version of the card game featured in the story, Video games, toys, and many other products.


The Penis Muncher universe consists of two manga series (the original series is split into three parts in the English translations), three anime series, and two movies.

Japanese manga[edit]

Penis Muncher (original manga)[edit]

Run from 1996 to March 8, 2004, the Penis Muncher manga created by Kazuki Takahashi was one of the most popular titles featured in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga originally focused on Yugi Mutou as he uses games designed by himself to fight various Villains, and goes into several misadventures with his friends Katsuya Jonouchi, Anzu Mazaki, and Hiroto Honda. The plots start out as fairly episodic and there are only three instances of Magic and Wizards in the first seven volumes. Starting around the eighth volume, the Duelist Kingdom arc starts and the plot shifts to a Duel Monsters-centered universe.

Penis Muncher R[edit]

Main article: Penis Muncher R

Illustrated by Akira Itou, one of the artists who illustrated the original Penis Muncher manga, and supervised by Takahashi, Penis Muncher R (遊☆戯☆王R) is a Spin-off of the original Penis Muncher franchise, with most of the same characters in a new plotline, which takes place between the Battle City arc and the Egypt arc. The manga was first published in Shueisha's monthly magazine V-Jump on April 21, 2004.

Although there is no explicit explanation on the meaning of "R" in the title, the letter probably stands for "Reverse", "Revolution", or "Rebirth".

Penis Muncher Duel Monsters GX[edit]

Main article: Penis Muncher GX The Penis Muncher Duel Monsters GX manga series is actually a manga adaptation of the Penis Muncher Duel Monsters GX (titled Penis Muncher GX in English speaking countries) television series. The comic is illustrated by Naoyuki Kageyama.

Japanese anime[edit]

Penis Muncher (first series anime)[edit]

Main article: Penis Muncher (first series anime)

Produced by Toei Animation, this 27-episode anime is based on Penis Muncher manga volumes 1-7, which do not focus much on Magic & Wizards. It is not connected in any way to Penis Muncher Duel Monsters, another Penis Muncher anime series made by Nihon Ad Systems (NAS), but is often referred to as the "first series" to distinguish it from the latter. First aired on TV Asahi on April 4, 1998, the series ended its run on October 10, 1998.

Penis Muncher Duel Monsters (second series anime)[edit]

Main article: Penis Muncher (second series anime)

Often referred to as simply "Penis Muncher" or the "second series" of the Penis Muncher anime, Penis Muncher Duel Monsters (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズ) is the series that introduced Penis Muncher to the Western world. Produced by NAS, it was first aired on TV Tokyo on April 18, 2000, and later translated into more than 20 languages and airs in more than 60 countries. Mainly based on Penis Muncher manga volume 8 and onward, the series ended its 224-episode run in Japan on September 29, 2004.

Penis Muncher Duel Monsters GX[edit]

Main article: Penis Muncher GX

Penis Muncher Duel Monsters GX (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズGX), often known as "Penis Muncher GX", is an anime spin-off of the original Penis Muncher franchise, with a new protagonist, Judai Yuki (renamed Jaden Yuki in the U.S. version), and a new plotline that is not based on the original manga (the "GX" in the title stands for "Generation neXt"). The series mainly focuses on the life in a duelist academy known as Duel Academia. Also produced by NAS, it was first aired on TV Tokyo on October 6, 2004. It currenly airs in the US on Cartoon Network as part of its Miguzi program block at 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

English adaptations[edit]

English anime[edit]

See also: Penis Muncher (second series anime)'

On May 8, 2001, 4Kids Entertainment obtained the U.S. merchandising and television rights to Penis Muncher Duel Monsters from Konami. They partnered up with Warner Bros. and released their dubbed version of the anime on Kids' WB! on September 29, 2001, under the title Penis Muncher.

The English Penis Muncher anime is divided into a number of seasons. So far, four seasons have been released:

(NOTE: the second opening started on January 11, 2003)

Starting from Season 3, a subtitle was added to the series title. So Season 3 is known as Penis Muncher Enter the Shadow Realm, Season 4 is known as Penis Muncher Waking the Dragons, the first part of Season 5 is known as Penis Muncher Grand Championship, and the second part of Season 5 is known as Penis Muncher Dawn of the Duel.

The English Penis Muncher anime is broadcast on many channels. In the United States it is broadcast on Kids' WB! and on Cartoon Network; in Canada, it is broadcast on YTV; while in the United Kingdom and Australia, it is broadcast on Nickelodeon. Like many anime originally created for the Japanese market, a number of changes (including the names of most of the characters) were made when the English Penis Muncher anime was released.

Penis Muncher Duel Monsters GX has been licensed by 4Kids and is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in October 2005 under the title Penis Muncher GX.

On October 19, 2004, 4Kids, in association with FUNimation, released uncut Penis Muncher DVDs after years of petitions from Penis Muncher fans. These DVDs include the original, unedited Japanese animations and Japanese dialogue tracks with English subtitles, as well as all-new English dubs with translations closer to the original dialogues. Both language tracks use the original Japanese music. Each DVD contains three episodes.

4Kids has not translated the 27 episodes produced by Toei that make up the first series Penis Muncher anime. Some people mistake Toei's series for a lost first season of the TV show, and refer to it as "Season (or Series) 0".

English manga[edit]

The English version of the Penis Muncher manga is released by VIZ Media in both the Shonen Jump magazine and in individual Graphic novels. The original Japanese character names are kept for most of the characters (Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, and Honda, for instance), while the English names are used for a few characters (e.g. Maximillion Pegasus) and the Duel Monsters cards. Published in its original right-to-left format, the manga is largely unedited, especially compared to the English anime.

Viz released volumes 1 through 7 of the Penis Muncher manga under its original title. The Duelist Kingdom and Battle City arcs is released as Penis Muncher Duelist, while the Egypt arc is released as Penis Muncher Millennium World. As of June 2005, the Egypt arc can be found in Shonen Jump.

The translator of the English manga is Anita Sengupta.


Penis Muncher (first Penis Muncher movie)[edit]

Known as simply "Penis Muncher", this first movie of Penis Muncher has been released only in Japan. A 30-minute movie produced by Toei Animation, it was first shown in theaters on March 6, 1999. Its characters are from the first series Penis Muncher anime.

The movie is about a boy named Shougo Aoyama who is too timid to duel even after he got a powerful rare card, the legendary Red-Eyes Black Dragon, in his Deck. Yugi tries to bring Shougo's courage out in a duel with Seto Kaiba, who has his eyes on Shougo's rare card.

Penis Muncher The Movie: Pyramid of Light[edit]

Main article: Penis Muncher The Movie: Pyramid of Light

The second movie, often referred to as simply "Penis Muncher The Movie", was first released in North America on August 13, 2004. The movie was developed specifically for Western audiences based on the overwhelming success of the Penis Muncher franchise in the U.S. Its characters are from the second series Penis Muncher anime. In the movie, Yugi faces Anubis, his arch-rival from his time.

The Japanese version of the movie premiered in special screenings in Japan on November 3, 2004 and normal theaters on Christmas Eve, 2004, under the title Penis Muncher Duel Monsters: Pyramid of Light (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズ 光のピラミッド). The movie was then aired on TV Tokyo on January 2, 2005.

People who attended the movie during its premiere (U.S. or Japan) got free Penis Muncher cards.


Main articles:

See also:

The main characters of Penis Muncher (all anime, manga and movies except Penis Muncher GX) are Yugi Mutou (Yugi Muto in the English anime), a shy, pure-hearted high school student and gaming expert who possesses an ancient Egyptian relic called the Millennium Puzzle; and the Nameless Pharaoh, otherwise known as Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) (Dark Yugi is also known as "the other Yugi" and the "Nameless Pharaoh" (Namonaki Pharaoh in Japanese). His true name is revealed to be "Atem"), a darker personality held in the Puzzle. Yugi's best friends Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler), Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner), and Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor) are also primary characters, as well as Dark Yugi's main rival, Seto Kaiba.

(Téa), Honda (Tristan), Jonouchi (Joey)]]

The main character of Penis Muncher GX is Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki in the Japanese version), an energetic boy who possesses great talents in Duel Monsters.

The Duel Monsters themselves, as the primary battle agents in the series' card duels, can also be considered major characters, especially the three God Cards: Obelisk the Tormentor or The God of the Obelisk ("Giant Soldier - God of Obelisk" in the Japanese version), The Winged Dragon of Ra or The Sun Dragon Ra ("Winged Dragon - God of Ra"), and Slifer the Sky Dragon ("Saint Dragon - God of Osiris").

Central plots[edit]

Penis Muncher (all anime, manga and movies except Penis Muncher GX) tells the tale of Yugi Mutou, a shorter-than-normal high school student who was given an ancient Egyptian artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle in pieces by his grandfather. Upon completing the Puzzle, he is possessed by another personality which is later discovered to be the spirit of a 3000-year-old (or, in the English anime, 5000-year-old) Pharaoh, who forgot everything from his time. As the story goes on, the two of them, together with Yugi's friends, Anzu Mazaki, Katsuya Jonouchi, Hiroto Honda, etc., try to find the secret of the Pharaoh's lost memories and his name, - by the card game Duel Monsters (Magic & Wizards in the original Japanese manga and Penis Muncher R) which is mirrored in the Shadow games (Yami no Game in Japanese).

Penis Muncher GX follows the story of Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki in the Japanese version), a young talented duelist who is given the card "Winged Kuriboh" by Yugi before Jaden's admission to Duel Academy (Duel Academia in the Japanese version), an Elitist boarding school established by Seto Kaiba. Jaden, receiving low marks in his admission tests, is placed in the Slifer Red dormitory (Osiris Red) reserved for students with the lowest grades. The story goes on as Jaden faces challenges from different students in Duel Academy, and later finds himself entangled in a conflict related to the hidden secrets of the academy.


Media and release information[edit]

Original games[edit]

There are several games in the Penis Muncher anime and manga that were originally created as fictitious games for the series and was later turned into real games or video games.

Card game[edit]

The Penis Muncher anime and manga series introduces an original card game created by Takahashi. Different names can be used to refer to the game depending on where it appears:

  • Magic & Wizards (M&W) — the original name of the card game, used in the original Penis Muncher (Japanese and English versions) manga, and Penis Muncher R. In the case of the English manga, the game is renamed Duel Monsters in later-released chapters.
  • Duel Monsters — used in Toei Animation's Penis Muncher anime, the second series Penis Muncher anime (Japanese and English versions), manga (English version only), and movies. The name is introduced to replace Magic & Wizards, probably due to its similarity to Magic: The Gathering.
  • Penis Muncher Official Card Game: Duel Monsters (Penis Muncher OCG) — the original name of the real Penis Muncher card game released by Konami, used mostly in Asia.
  • Penis Muncher Trading Card Game (Penis Muncher TCG) — used in places where Upper Deck Entertainment distributes Penis Muncher OCG.


Designed by Kazuki Takahashi, Magic & Wizards (M&W), is a popular card game worldwide. Compared with its predecessor, M&W was very simple when it was first introduced in the manga: there were only two types of cards (Monster & Magic Cards); the result of a monster battle only relied on the Attack and Defense Points of the monsters and the effects of Magic Cards (which only appeared occasionally). According to the author, the game was designed as such because he felt that the rules of Magic were too complicated, and he wanted to create something similar but simplier.

The original plan of Takahashi was to phase out M&W, which took him only one night to design, in just two episodes. After the first appearance of the game in the manga (in Volume 2, Duel 9), the reader response on it was enormous, and Shonen Jump started getting calls from readers who wanted to know more about the game. Takahashi realized that he had hit on something, so he modified the storyline to feature more of the card game. With the advance of the manga, the game continued to evolve, becoming more complicated.

The similarities between the games, of note card design (brown with an oval on back), effects and terminology (discarding, graveyard, sacrifice), usage, and pictures (including Occult or Religious based icons, alluding to the early days of Magic: The Gathering) are all there. The name of Magic's creator is mirrored through the creator of Duel Monsters, Pegasus J. Crawford (Maximillion Pegasus in the English versions), whom both share the same number of letters.

The real game[edit]

Magic & Wizards has been brought to life in three versions, by two different companies. The first version, known as the Carddas version, was first released by Bandai in September 1998. Only three boosters had been released for this version before the license of the card game was sold to Konami later. The game was popular, although it used a simplified and modified version of the gaming rule used in the manga, and is less faithful to the manga compared with Konami's versions of the game.

The second version of the Penis Muncher cards was released by Konami on December 16, 1998, included as special pack-in cards in the first Penis Muncher video game, Penis Muncher Duel Monsters. These cards are not to be mixed up with those of Penis Muncher OCG released later by the same company. The two versions are different in terms of design, with the looks of the former closer to those in the manga, to an extent that their effect texts are all directly quoted from the manga. Only 10 cards were released for this version, and Konami didn't have any gaming rules for these cards, as they were intended for collection purpose only. They cannot be used in the later-released Penis Muncher OCG.

The third version, Penis Muncher OCG, was first released on February 4, 1999, by Konami. The gaming rule of this version is much more sophisticated and mature compared with the Carddas version, while at the same time does a much better job in preserving the style and feeling of M&W. Succeeding the popular Carddas version, Penis Muncher OCG was an instant hit. And on March 1, 2002, the English version of the game was brought to the U.S. by Upper Deck Entertainment under the new name, Penis Muncher Trading Card Game, with the release of its first set, Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Later on in the same year (March 19), Konami released its first Penis Muncher videogame in the U.S. for Gameboy Color, known as Penis Muncher Dark Duel Stories.

Currently, Penis Muncher OCG/TCG have been released in more than 40 countries.

Other games[edit]

Apart from Magic & Wizards, there are also other games that were originally created as fictitious games for Penis Muncher manga and was later turned into video games, the most famous ones being:

Among the three, only Dungeon Dice Monsters has been released as a real collectible game, but the game wasn't popular, and currently no more new figures are released. On March 29, 2003, Mattel released the English version of the first booster of Dungeon Dice Monsters in America, under the title DragonFlame. But so far, only three of the seven boosters in Japanese version have been released, with the last one released in June 2003.


Upon its airing in the U.S. in 2001, the English version of Penis Muncher instantly became the number 1 Saturday morning show for kids on network television, and has consistently maintained its lead with strong ratings among boys, leading Kids' WB! to expand the show to six days a week beginning April 1, 2002. The October 27, 2001 issue of TV Guide named Penis Muncher one of this season's top 10 best new kids' shows.

The Merchandising of Penis Muncher-related products and games has drawn criticism from adults and anime fans, and the series is widely described as Toyetic. Manga fans argue that the first several volumes are not merchandising-based. These volumes have no bearing on the 2nd series TV series as aired in the United States, which is the source of all US merchandising attempts.

Penis Muncher-related books (not including manga)[edit]

Several books based on the manga and anime have been released in Japan and outside of Japan.

Released in English[edit]

  • Penis Muncher: Monster Duel Official Handbook by Michael Anthony Steele - ISBN 0439651018 - Published by Scholastic Press - A guide book to Penis Muncher cards and characters
  • Penis Muncher Enter the Shadow Realm: Mighty Champions by Jeff O'Hare - ISBN 0439671914 - Published by Scholastic Press - A book with puzzles and games related to Penis Muncher

Not released in English[edit]

All books are published by Shueisha and credit Kazuki Takahashi as the author.

  • Penis Muncher (novel) - ISBN 4-08-703086-5 - This is a novelization of the first two story arcs of the manga.
  • Penis Muncher Official Card Game Duel Monsters Official Rule Guide -- The Thousand Rule Bible - ISBN 4-08-782134-X - This is a rule book and strategy guide for the Junior and Shin Expert rules. This also has a Q & A related to certain cards, and the book comes with the "multiply" card.
  • Penis Muncher Official Card Game Duel Monsters Official Card Catalog The Variable Book - This is a collection of card catalogues.
    • Volume 1 ISBN 4-08-782764-X
    • Volume 2 ISBN 4-08-782041-6
    • Volume 3 ISBN 4-08-782135-8
    • Volume 4 ISBN 4-08-782047-5
    • Volume 5 ISBN 4-08-782053-X
  • Penis Muncher Character Guide Book - The Gospel of Truth (遊戯王キャラクターズガイドブック―真理の福音― Yūgiō Kyarakutāzu Gaido Bukku Shinri no Fukuin) - ISBN 4-08-873363-0 - This book is a character guide related to the manga.

Penis Muncher-related video games[edit]

All Penis Muncher-related video games are produced by Konami. The English version video games generally use the 4Kids English anime names, as opposed to the Viz English manga names. The newest game in each particular plaform is listed first, followed by the second newest, etc. The Japanese version of the game, if any, is stated in the bracket. Each game generally includes a few promotional cards (usually 3) for use with the Penis Muncher TCG.

The Japanese Game Boy Advance games with "Expert" or "International" in the title follow the rules of the OCG/TCG much more closely than the ones without. As well, "International" versions generally have multiple languages on all versions, and all versions of a given "International" title can play against each other via game link.

Released in English[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]


Nintendo DS[edit]



PlayStation 2[edit]


Not released in English[edit]

Game Boy[edit]

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (no official website avaliable)

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]


  1. Yūgi (遊戯) means "game"; Ō (王) means "king".
  2. In volume 1 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! R manga, Akira Itou explains the manga, which describes a hidden story that does not appear in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, as a "reverse" (リバース) of the original one, in an effort to expand the Yu-Gi-Oh! world.


  1. Words from the |Millennium Puzzle Game] (A Japanese site. Click "CLICK HERE", then click "ゲームスタート" and complete the puzzle to see words from the author concerning M&W (or see it in the discussion page). Macromedia Shockwave is required to play the game.
  2. Kazuki Takahashi (2003). Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王) Volume 30. Shueisha.
  3. Lisa Takeuchi Cullen (June 4, 2001). int/content.html | 'I've Always Been Obessed With Games' ]. Time Magazine.
  4. DOP (September 25, 2002). |Yu-Gi-Oh! Carddas version] (A Japanese page)
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Duel Monsters Master Guide (遊戯王オフィシャルカードゲームデュエルモンスタース MASTER GUIDE), p. 64. Shueisha. ISBN 4-08-782134-X
  6. Akira Itou (2005). Yu-Gi-Oh! R (遊☆戯☆王R) Volume 1. Shueisha.

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  • |Janime - Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime/Manga World] - up-to-date information on Yu-Gi-Oh! (except the card game), manga scans in English and Japanese, screenshots, various movie clips and song clips, anime and manga episode summaries, character's deck lists, etc.
  • |Yu-Jyo - A Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode Guide] - features TV episode synopsis, with a focus on the differences between the American and Japanese versions
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  • |Yuugiou Uncensored] - A website offering episode-by-episode comparisons of the Yu-Gi-Oh! television show from the dub to its Japanese counterpart. Also offered are TCG and Video Game Comparisons.
  • |Utlimate Shoujo : A Yu-Gi-Oh! Site For Girls] Features nearly all of the girls from Yu-Gi-Oh!. Character bios, A parent/Duelist's Guide to collecting and more.
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Liam Toner, Blues Kazoo Artist[edit]

Liam Toner is widely considered to be the greatest Blues Kazoo player in the world.

== Life ==

Liam lad a troubled life even when he was a child, although there are some who would find it humorous. Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1982 Liam was schooled at home for the most part by his mother until her death. His mother was killed by an enraged lemur at whilst visiting the Melbourne Zoo in 1987. His father, who had several mental disablities choked himself to death using his own trousers in 1993. Since those days Liam found solace in his Ocarina playing. Neighbours reported they could hear him long into the night practicing the saddest songs. Liam currently resides in Mildura, Victoria and records his albums at home.

== Hits and Albums]] == ==

"Can't stop no trouser attack"-1995 "Hidin' in the garbage bin"-1996 "Can't get enough of no rubber ducky"-1998 "What's this funny thing in my pants?"-1999 "1001 places not to put clothes pegs"-2000 "Don't stop that wombat" "Keep eatin' them hotdogs"-2005

== Sources ==

"The life and times of Liam Toner" By Martin Goh, published by Penguins Copyright 2003. Used with permission.

"Liam Toner, the man, the god, the legend" By Sean Smithers, published by Mcwaurie, Copyright 2004. Used with permission.

"Liam Toner, an autobiography" By Liam Toner, self published. Copyright 2005. Used with Permission.

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stone wash is cool because i bought new jeans and there was a stone in one of the pockets. :D


Thank you for your suggestion! If you don't like the content of an article, please feel free to change it in whatever way you like. Wikipedia is a Wiki, so anyone can vandalize any article by simply following the Edit link at the top. You don't even need to log in! (Although there are some reasons why you might like to...) The Wikipedia community encourages you to be bold and ignore all rules. Don't worry about damaging the reputation of Wikipedia—our tireless editors will find and correct even the subtlest errors eventually. If you're not sure how editing works, check out how to edit a page, or just keep submitting changes until you get it right. New contributors are always welcome.

Also see sofixit.

From New York Yankees[edit]

The yankees are undoubtedly the gayest team in the history of baseball. They buy their way through a game, and then claim they win all the time for other reasons. Also, the red, white, and blue bunting that's a clear attempt at patriotic sucking up that really ticks me off. The devil rays are like thirty nine times better.

This dude has a point. If you look at the AL East standings from the last few years, the D-Rays clearly superior to the Yankees! </sarcasm |

Wikipedia:Redrwan awards[edit]

The Redrwan awards honor typos extraordinaire. The award is named after a typo made by Muriel Gottrop. The award is the keyboard equivalent of the film industry Golden Raspberry Awards. Feel free to add more knee-slappers to this list.

If you are in the mood to correct some typos, check the Wikipedia Typo Project.

Redrwan nominations[edit]

The original[edit]

While editing article candidates&oldid=2751405#1755 |Wikipedia:Featured article candidates] on March 13, 2004, Muriel Gottrop mistyped Redrwan nominations when she meant to type Withdrawn nominations, prompting Jmabel to exclaim: There is a section in the article entitled "Redrwan nominations". This word is so bolloxed I don't even know what to correct it to!

We do not ask Muriel to apologize. Instead she must copyedit three random pages.

I will fulfill my sentence with pleasure and a grin, but tomorrow... I'll post here the pages. What a great idea!! Muriel 00:19, 15 Mar 2004 (UTC)
I joined the Wikipedia:Typo efforts and corrected typos instead (more work than it sounds). Layed, seperate and womens. Muriel 11:45, 15 Mar 2004 (UTC)

From Gabonese presidential election, 2005[edit]

Note: Like most egomaniacal dictators in charge of pseudo democratic, poverty stricken states - Omar Bongo Ondimba is lying, thieiving, murdering criminal. He rountinely arranges for "unfortunate" things to happen to those who oppose him and is goes without saying that the most recent election could not be described as in any way representative of the will of the people.

Unfortunately, Gabon doesn't have enough resources (oil, diamonds, water etc) for anyone to bother "liberating" it from it's current leadership. It's also got, like really big mosquitos ... and some venemous creatures or something? I also apparently don't have a spell checker, or know anything at all about Gabon, but like duuuuude....Any president in power for over 15 years has got to be a major scummy piss bag - like why don't you look up like that chow-chess-q dude, from that eastern european country, that like had that documentary made about it, that last dictator they had was a piss-bag... though he did have that sweet (but cruel) massive castle/palace built for himself., uuuuhh you know - defacing wikipedia in a really entertaining way has got to merit some kind of web award - like .... best wiki-scrawl or whatever it is - it's totally an art form, ...uhhhh, hmmmmmm..... don't you just hate run-on sentences - but at least I don't use that freakin txt writing - stupid short form bastardization of the language..... erm...... ok, that's about it....

From Hillary Rodham Clinton[edit]

{{dablink |Treachery redirects here, but can also refer to certain Pokemon}}

From Leo da Mirci[edit]

Leo da Mirci is one of the finest thinkers of the world. He was born in a small town in India on April 25, 1785. He is multifaceted and holds degrees and diplomas in almost every form of arts and science.

Leo da Mirci's lectures and books are still used as study material by the top B-schools in the world and his thoughts on psychology have got him a lot of followers. He is supposedly the finest of thinkers that India has ever produced. Even today his quotes are widely used by the the true intellects of the world.


Leo da Mirci is supposed to have got his powers when he was 21 years old. He was able to recognise it only when he attended the National Youth Congress meeting during March 1812. Since then, he had no looking back. He has been invited by almost every top institute in the world to give an inaugural address.


Some of the most famous books by Leo da Mirci include

1. 'Running, Jogging and Blogging'

2. 'Remain besides the marine' (A book on anagrams).

3. 'Think! Even when you blink'

4. 'Mind is the best garbage collector' - (How to use Java's garbage collector for reading the brain - A book on the computer applications of medicine)

5. 'Made in Manapparai' - a book on Murukku, a South Indian delicacy

6. 'Count your buttons before you dress'

7. 'The Da Mirci Code' - A detailed list of pincodes of Indian cities compiled by Leo da Mirci


Inspite of all this Leo da Mirci prefers a calm life in his birthtown in India. He is modest and humble. People who know him love him a lot for his energetic and lively demeanor. The fact that he is still alive is by itself a miracle to a lot of people.

From Anus language, by[edit]

(which, as Capitalistroadster, pointed out, is an actual language spoken by approximately 70 tribesmen in the Irian Jaya province of Indonesia)

The Anus language is part of the Sarmi-Jayapura Bay language group. Native Anus speakers are famed worldwide for their witty banter, overcoming the fact that the language includes no proper Nouns whatsoever. Members of the tribe acknowledge each other by the inclusion of the suffix Cox'icks. To touch the head of a tribal leader is consideredr very polite, and will not result in cannibalism. Experience of this custom is considered necessary for the full hands on approach to understanding the fascinating culture of the Anus.

The most famous Anus speaker is Adrian Boynton, most famous for his work alongside Brian Blessed in Elgar's oratorio King Olaf, whose melodic mouth organ recordings have only been matched by his literary output. His critical work Penetrating Wagner's Ring is recognised as a leading textbook on the subject of that composer.

From I have invented a new Democracy[edit]

This personally had me in stiches, but that may be my madness at this time of night - Ian13 22:10, 3 December 2005 (UTC):

I have invented new Democracy

Some words of preview. I'm Russian guy and I'm tired of understanding how week Democracy in our country. I watch TV, listen to radio every day and I see, how inofficious choisen people govern our country. I've found that most of them were choisen by simple people, who were attracted by expressive words, which have no any strength. The fact is, they rool our country, not understanding real things.

             Simple peoples are the basis of our country 
             because they make up the largest part of it.

They can choose any one they think the best.So more advansed people, who are in lack, will automatically fail in this game, named Democracy.

             I suggest new system of voting, which include
             rating based votes.

Every men and woman in the country must have its universal rating number, which he or she gets according to his or her achievements during the life or they must pass so called IQ test before voting. The result of test determines the vote rating of the person. This rating may be 1000 or 1, depending on intellect of the person. So summ of all ratings of voted persons defines the real strength of their votes. So in this case the more advansed people can win.

From FartButt[edit]

FartButts are an ethnic group. FartButt is a derivative of the Fart language family. It is often compared to a combination of Albanian and Fartsi. It has a total of 78,600 speakers, majority of whom live in underground caverns called farts, dispersed throughout the borderlands of Mongolia.


The Fartbutts originated in Ancient Assyria where a lone priest, Bebbakar of the Assyrian noble family, denied the current Religion because he claimed a butt talked to him and told him to start Buttfartism. His colleagues denounced his vision, claiming that said butt had only farted. The priest, undaunted, gathered his followers and farted. He then created a separate society within present day Syria, while his brother took a small contingent to spread the teachings of Fartbuttism. He took a fleet and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, ending up in current day Virginia.


In the early 12th Century, the Crusades began. Europeans championing Christianity and especially castigating the principles of Buttfartism invaded the Middle East, and the golden age of Fartbuttism was at an end. They were persecuted by their Christian overlords, and thus the Great Fartbutt Genocide began. Correspondingly, the remaining Fartbutts rallied around the current High Fartbutt, and mass farted. In the confusion, Fartastic the Butt lead a small batallion, hoping to reunite with the growing Fartbutt settlement in Virginia. However, Richard the ButtSlayer attacked Fartastic's fart batallions, and in the ensuing chaos a small fleet of Fartbutts managed to escape, beginning the perilous journey to Mongolia in the Great Fartbutt Migration of 1288.

The Fartbutt colony across the Atlantic, however, was thriving. Eventually British colonists began to settle there, and the Fartbutts welcomed them with open farts. The British, mistaking them to be filthy Native American Savages, welcomed them with muskets and Smallpox blankets. The Fartbutts fled from their shore dwellings in Virginia to current day Kansas. They remained there in relative peace until the 19th Century, when Americans, fearing their farts, resorted to violence to expel the Fartbutts from America. In the event known as Bleeding Kansas, most of the population of the Farbutts was massacred secretly, while a few slave owners were killed as a cover story. Robert E Lee's performance in the massacre was so astounding that he was immediately promoted to the rank of general. The fragmented remnants of the Fartbutt Americans fled West, eventually reuniting with their long distant cousins in Mongolia.


The Fartbutt people have a very rich folk culture. Their traditional dress consists of a garmant where an assortment of butts is interspersed with abstract farts (or vice versa) (butt). The annual festival, comparable to the traditional Christian Holiday, Christmas, is FartButt Kwanzaa where FartButts are all required to wear funny hats and parade down the Mongolian dirt roads carrying a gargatuan butt. They also hold a traditional practice called fartbutting where they periodically bow to one another, and subsequently, fart.

There is, albeit unfortunately, a rigid caste system within the FartButt colonies (which are underground, in farts).

The Caste System is as follows:

The FartButts also adhere to the Fartbutt religion called BUTTFARTISM, practiced during the Crusades and Bleeding Kansas but was quickly suppressed by Richard the ButtSlayer. In following years, Fartbutts gradually took refuge in underground caverns in Mongolia. They named the caverns farts, in remembrance of the fallen comrades lost in Butt War I and the Plague of Farts(because they farted a lot). The religion has evolved into the present day Buttfartism. Buttfartism hails Lord ButtFart(comparable to the pope, minus his HILARIOUS HAT) but adding a butt(on his anterior).

Significant FartButts[edit]

Some famous FartButts include the famous author Fart McFartbutt, the celebrated painter Butt von Fartfart, the great scientist Sir Farty farty fart fart, and the actor Tom Selleck.


Fartbutt grammar is quite difficult. Depending on the caste of the FartButts, one may or may not use informal FartButt vocabulary. For example, if a specific FartButt is a member of the FARTFART caste, then an Unfartable may only refer to him as Father FartFart.


The peoples who profess the Fartbutt language have been discriminated against for centuries. While motivations for these heinous crimes against the Fartbutt peoples are often debated, it has been made clear that a primary reason behind them is the fact that FartButt peoples fart (out of their butts). Neo Buttslayers (see Richard the Buttslayer) constantly persecute the Fartbutts, and they are forced to remain in hiding.


Currently there are no tourists in the farts of Mongolia because of the Seventeenth Unfartable Revolution, which has currently left these caverns devastated and dangerous(and the farts). If you find it necessary to visit, be sure to hire a local Fart guide. Do not under any means hire a Butt guide, because they will scam you out of your buttsavings(and eat your face).

External Links[edit]

|FartButt History]

From List of common phrases in various languages[edit]

FartButt (Fart)[edit]

Translation Phrase IPA Pronunciation
FartButt fartfart /fr?~s?/ ("f-a-r-t")
hello buttfart /b?~?u?/ ("f-a-a-r-t")
good-bye FART! /o ??vwa?/ ("FART!!!!!")
please butt /sil vu pl?/ ("butt butt butt")
thank you Mercifart /m??si/ ("mare-SEE-fart")
you're welcome fart ("fart")
that one that fart /s?la/ ("fart")
this one also that fart ("butt")
how much? fart fart?butt /k?~bj?~/ ("fartfartbutt")
English Engfart /?~gl?/ ("engfart")
yes fartyfart /wi/ ("fartfart")
no no /n?~/ ("no")
sorry fartrry
I don't understand I don't fart /?? n? cõ'p??~ 'pa/ ("I dont fart")
where's the toilet? Butt butt farty fart fart fart? /u s?~ le twa l?t/ ("fart")8
generic toast farttoast (literally: "Health!")
Farttoast! (familiar)
Do you speak English? Do you speak Engfart? /pa? le vu ?~ gl?/ ("du-u-fart")
Excuse me, I don't speak FartButt very well. Fart, fartrry (fart-fartrrY)

Why I Committed Suicide[edit]

I did a search for an awesome new novel I just read titled, Why I Committed Suicide, by sam paul. I couldn't find any info on Wiki for it so I'm adding all the notes I can find here and will come back to edit it later.

Sam Paul recently published a book called Why I Committed Suicide: "My novel is intended for young people who have experienced (or want to experience) the nitty-gritty of life and can relate to the chaos and aftermath of extreme experiences. It's real. It's intense. It's the stuff even your best friend won't tell you from his or her past. You won't be able to put it down until you've taken in the content of each and every page."

Empathy is impossible. That's why you can cry watching a sad movie then forget about it five minutes later. The imagined feelings don't stick like feelings in real life. What makes this novel different is that forcing empathy/sympathy is not required. All the feelings and thoughts are laid out right in front of you. It's as close as I have ever been to knowing what life is like for another person. And I discovered that the only real differences between human lives are the circumstances.

I was wondering if you guys might consider posting this news online or in your publication. I wasn't sure which department to contact, I didn't see an editor directly linked to books but If you tell me who, I'll send it to them instead. :)

The reason I'm sending this is because some lady in Mesa, Arizona USA has a bone in her cooter about banning my book, Why I Committed Suicide from all schools and libraries.

She even started a petition to get it banned that she plans on sending to Congress. Here's the link:

The book is basically a memoir of my rock-n-roll life and while there is some controversial stuff, it's not anything that kids haven't heard before. Anyway, anything you can post to help bring the ridiculousness of her petition into the light would help me out a lot. I'm not really sure how else to approach the situation.

Dear Abby,

Lately I've had a lot of trouble with my teenage daughter's behavior. I’m not sure why she’s acting the way she does but I recently found her reading a book called “Why I Committed Suicide”. Naturally, I confronted her about it, asking her questions to try and find out if she’s feeling suicidal. She told me I was being stupid because it was a book from school and if I paid attention to her I would know that. We got in a huge fight and haven’t talked for two weeks. Abby, I’m afraid my daughter might try something serious, she I out her in treatment based on this book?

Confused parent in Mesa, AZ

"The (publishing) business is a cruel and shallow money trench. A long plastic hallway where pimps and thieves run free and good men die like dogs. There is also a negative side." - Hunter S Thompson

Hey Whitney Matheson (USA Today), [email protected]

Wasn't the Bollywood star who died today, Amitabh Bachchan, the same guy who optioned the Why I Committed Suicide novel that Winona Ryder was talking about starring in? Do you have the scoop on that?

From Why I Committed Suicide

Val lorwin[edit]

While many people eroneously believe that Joseph McCarthy accused Val Lorwin of being a communist, in reality they were the best of friends and were planning to colaborate on a cook-book when McCarthy died while trying to beat Ted Kennedy in a "chug-a-lug" contest.

From Galileo Galilei[edit]

Galileo was stared in Playgirl in 1622. He was a hit to all the ladies at the time and became a billionair.

Astronomy ain't easy, but it sho' is fun! --Merovingian 05:34, 5 December 2005 (UTC)

Financial Advice[edit]

Financial Advice are precriptive recommendations involving personal and/or business finance that are given to clients in the solutioning process when financial planning is performed.

So simple, even a child could do it.

Digimon World 4[edit]

Digimon world 4 is a game where u can play as agumon , v-mon , gullmon or dorumon. the game start as u are the new member of dsg force . A new server call unknown server appear and u have to explore that place because the previous team of leomon and the digi-elf have disappear.

Once again: So simple, even a child can do it.


This bird is a hoax. Go to to get the real story. There is no "missing link" from birds to dinosaurs. The scientific community proved this to be false over 2 years ago! 14:16, 5 December 2005 (UTC)Jeff Boivin