The explorations of Kyle and Mikey

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This page is originally from Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense and is licensed under GFDL.

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One day on July 5th Kyle was walking through the dense CANADIAN desert. He was very thirsty, and then he saw a camel. He hugged the camel. The camel then turned into Mikey, who was a genie. Mikey said "LORDY LORDY! Thanks for that, j0. I will totally grant you two wishes." Kyle looked at the genie. "Why not three?" Mikey backhanded the fool. "Three is a lot." Kyle nodded agreeingly. "That's true, I don't want to wear yah out, dude. Okay, for my first wish I would like to be king of all the peasants in Turkey!" Mikey wrinkled his nose all Bewitched style, and so it was. Kyle then made his last wish. "I would like you to be my sidekick, and have to wear funny little scarves, and toes socks!" Mikey stared at him in wonderment. "I love toe socks." Suddenly Mikey vanished, and reappeared right in the same spot, only this time he was wearing funny scarves and his favorite pair of toe socks.

A few weeks passed, and everything was going pretty groovy, when suddenly out of no where an evil dust bunny of doom came flying out of a rock made of cottage cheese, giving Mikey a huge allergic reaction, where the bunny was then blown away in his magical snot. "We should be Computer Hackers!" declared Kyle. Mikey nodded, and wrinkled his nose all I dream of Genie style, and they were both suddenly wearing nerdy glasses, and were in the parking lot of Toys R Us.

"Why are we At Toys are us?" asked Kyle. "They have awesome sandwiches here." replied the genies. Kyle agreed, and they sat down to a nice reuben sub, but before they could take their first delectable bite, Plastic Ninjas who cried out "Wobble Wobble Woo! Ima eat chu!" attacked from nowhere! Like seriously, these ninjas were good, couldn't even see them. Then all of a sudden Giraffe-Elephant hybrids all named Wendy Woo Homecoming Queen saved the day with they're amazing Poopie Power, and the worlds smallest violin. Mikey and Kyle were forever in the debt of these hideous, god forsaken creatures. And they asked how they could ever repay these sins against humanity. "Never say the word Kobble Hemol, an we'll be fine." Kyle and Mikey nodded, they believed this to be quite a fair trade, even if that was Kyle's favorite words. "One more thing..." said the leader of the poopie like creatures, "You must have a tea party with my eldest daughter's roomate's uncle's toe jam."

"Okay...wait...Toe jam?" Mikey asked. "Yes Toe jam!" said the leader " It's name is Arny the Aardvark, and it's very lonely and cold." "Well that makes sense, toe jams don't get a lot of love and affection!" stated Kyle.

So the day of the tea party came, and Kyle and Mikey showed up fashionably early. By early we mean two days in advance. The toe jam finally showed up, FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE! Kyle couldn't help but restrain himself, he couldn't believe his excuse, getting groceries, a likely excuse. Kyle lept forward, a lit match in his hand. Don't ask us how the match stood lit. He caught the toe jam on fire, burning it alive...even if it wasn't alive. He then kicked it with all of his might, sending it seven stories high! It landed on top of the leader's head, which enraged him so. The leader then continued to salsa dance all the way down to the first level of the building, when out of nowhere the plastic poop covered ninjas came out, killing everyone in the building.

They only escaped by pretending to be cactuses, and putting their arms up like cactuses do. It was pretty crazy. After the ninjas left, Kyle and Mikey stood victorious among their slain comrades. In celebration Kyle and Mikey both yelled out "Kobel Hemol!" They both instantly spontaneously imploded.

THE END or is it


(All of this WAS COMPLETELY TRUE! It happened Yesterday, it rocked.)